The Happiest of Days 267

I cannot tell you how happy I am at Julian’s release. It is 4.00am and I haven’t been to bed yet. I have spoken to John Shipton but everyone else is on a plane en route to Australia.

The guilty plea is of course coerced in the extreme and nobody should take it seriously. It gives a chance to claim hollow victory to the odious Biden regime, at the cost of a terrible precedent in law classifying journalism in espionage. But the precedent is only in a court of first instance so is not binding.

I should be plain I have always advised Julian and Stella to take a plea deal if offered and get out of jail. I have no doubt this was a life or death choice. I also believe we will be grateful for the still greater contributions Julian’s immense intellect and capacity for radical thought will make to human development in the future.

The Justice Department were further motivated to offer a deal by the fact that they appeared to have painted themselves into a very difficult corner at the next UK extradition hearing in a fortnight, over Julian’s ability as a foreign national acting outside the US to claim constitutional protections, and could have lost the extradition case altogether.

There is so much more to say but if I don’t get some sleep I will not be alive to say it. I am crying with happiness.

Meantime my election campaign in Blackburn continues. We are very seriously out of money. If you can channel your elation into a donation that would be very helpful.

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Account name
Account number 3 2 1 5 0 9 6 2
Sort code 6 0 – 4 0 – 0 5
IBAN GB98NWBK60400532150962
Bank address Natwest, PO Box 414, 38 Strand, London, WC2H 5JB


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267 thoughts on “The Happiest of Days

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  • Surfer Dave

    I must thank you again, you kept me so well informed.
    I read all your Assange reports, those court days, prison visits.
    I am sitting here in Australia watching the national broadcaster’s live coverage. It is such a huge event here, and the Government unusually seems to have done such a clever complex operation over months that it quite impressive. So happy he’s home and free!
    I watched his flight on FlightRadar, along with 54,000 others! Huge.
    Thank you so much.

    • Surfer Dave

      Smh editor claiming JA didn’t do publishing, didn’t do name suppression, etc. Bullshit.
      When can we start talking about Luke again?

      • Clark

        Shameful lies from Sydney Morning Herald International and Political Editor Peter Hartcher.

        But what do you expect?

        He is also a visiting fellow at the Lowy Institute, a Sydney-based foreign policy think tank. […] …went to the US for three years, where he was the Washington DC correspondent. In 1998, he was the recipient of the Citibank Award for Excellence in Journalism.

        The institute has been described as “neoliberal”, “centre-right” leaning and “reactionary”. […] The institute receives funds from the Australian government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Department of Defence, and the Department of Home Affairs. Companies which provide funding include BHP [multinational mining and metals], Capital Group [“As of 2019, Capital Group held 5% of BAE Systems, 9% of British American Tobacco, and 15.28% of ASML Holding.”], Rio Tinto [“Rio Tinto Group is a British-Australian multinational company that is the world’s second largest metals and mining corporation (behind BHP).”], and Rothschild & Co. [no introduction necessary].

        – – – – –

        Extractivist war-mongering death cult.

    • Stevie Boy

      He’s free which is great, but no injustices have been corrected.
      Seven years in the Ecuadorian embassy and over five years in Belmarsh. That’s 12 years of his life he’ll never get back – and all for reporting on proven USA War Crimes.
      Injustices may be corrected if he is suitably compensated and American war criminals are prosecuted.

      • Mr Mark Cutts

        Stevie Boy

        Exactly. Julian Assange has had to plead guilty to something he wasn’t guilty of. He knows that – we know that, and those who don’t live in fear of the US’s childlike sanctions and overseas lawfare know that – he was forced to plead guilty under severe pressure.

        This is the rule that pervades the world: if the US doesn’t like something being done that exposes them as villains and warmongers (by proxy these days) then the acquiescent countries (AUKUS plus many others) have to bow to their bidding. It’s utterly cowardice from the quivering grovellers to the US.

        The BBC as usual is still joining in the sycophancy – Julian is spitefully referred to as “Assange” and only a grudging strapline refers to him as Julian Assange. This is all just in case the US politicians are watching the BBC.

        So, Julian Assange should read out a roll of dishonour – namely all the politicians (including Starmer) and all the Seekers and Defenders of Truth that are purported to exist in the UK and the US who did zero – diddly squat, nada, zilch to fight to release him.

        That could have been a fight for themselves and not just Julian. They utterly bottled it out of fear and cowardice Unlike Julian who stuck to his guns.

        The bad news for these cowards is that the US will continue to do this across certain parts of the world so nothing is over or finished. They will still report ‘truth’ in fear, meaning they won’t report anything that damages US interests.

        For the idiotic US politicians who are mouthing off about putting American lives in danger: No you idiots – it was you who sent US troops into ‘harm’s way’ when you sent them to invade and create a ‘Regime Change’ in a disarmed Iraq on a massive lie, viz Weapons of mass destruction. Therefore blame lies with the US not Julian Assange – he reported on your invasion.

        And the same crackpots wonder why Iran, China and Russia are doing what they are doing. These people are in charge of the World, which is extremely scary – but don’t expect the BBC to ask any questions.

        p.s. Not sure but it looks like the Australian PM has done a lot of work on this. If so, well done, as his predecessors didn’t do a tap.

        Anyway very pleased that Julian Assange is free.

  • Giyane

    Good luck to Julian and his family and to all those who supported him in the courts for so long and to PM Albanese who has helped to broker a new deal for them.

    For Craig, as with Alex Salmond, patience is its own reward. Justice is seen to be done. Blessed are the peacemakers , both in the Gospels and Islam.

    • AG

      Correct but the case appears to be more complicated than that, the CN text ends:

      “A lot remains unclear. First, what information is being referred to? Is it even technically possible to do, given that WikiLeaks is mirrored on many servers around the world? So many documents have also been copied and written about for more than a decade now.”

      And a few other things.

      I am no expert. But it would be delusional to assume the info once out can be removed again.
      The question e.g., what is happening if others use the info for publications, seminars etc.

      With the Pentagon Paper principle still valid (or is it?) Supreme Court would have to order a remarkable change to First Amendment regulations. And other courts, as ridiculous as they might have become, outside the US but in the West, would have to rule likewise.

      The question over what is journalism and what is freedom of speech will become subject of some major battles in the future.

  • Mark Morton

    In the US plea bargains cannot legally be used as precedent so do not worry
    Of course justice would have freed him unconditionally and jailed Pompeo for a start
    But it is such a relief

    • Clark

      I am now prepared to breathe a sigh of relief. Had Julian been arrested as he disembarked, I would have expected the Australian government to continue the US/UK lawfare. From my Wikipedia link above:

      On 2 September 2011, Australia’s attorney general, Robert McClelland released a statement that the US diplomatic cables published by Wikileaks identified at least one ASIO officer, and that it was a crime in Australia to publish information which could identify an intelligence officer. McClelland said that “On occasions before this week, WikiLeaks redacted identifying features where the safety of individuals or national security could be put at risk. It appears this hasn’t occurred with documents that have been distributed across the internet this week.” According to The Guardian and Al Jazeera, this meant “Julian Assange could face prosecution in Australia.”

      Some commenters here dismiss Wikipedia, but to its credit it does (at present) report the truth of the release of the unredacted cables:

      In August 2010, Assange gave Guardian journalist David Leigh an encryption key and a URL where he could locate the full file. In February 2011 David Leigh and Luke Harding of The Guardian published the encryption key in their book WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy. […] When WikiLeaks learned what had happened it notified the US State Department [note – there is a recording of this telephone conversation on YouTube]. On 25 August 2011, the German magazine Der Freitag published an article giving details which enabled people to piece the information together. On 1 September 2011, WikiLeaks announced they would make the unredacted cables public and searchable.

      The Guardian wrote that the decision to publish the cables was made by Assange alone [my emphasis], a decision that it and its four previous media partners condemned. Glenn Greenwald wrote that “WikiLeaks decided—quite reasonably—that the best and safest course was to release all the cables in full, so that not only the world’s intelligence agencies but everyone had them, so that steps could be taken to protect the sources and so that the information in them was equally available”.

      – John Young, the owner and operator of the website Cryptome, testified at Assange’s extradition hearing that the unredacted cables were published by Cryptome on 1 September, the day before WikiLeaks, and they remain on the Cryptome site. Lawyers for Assange gave evidence it said would show that Assange was careful to protect lives.

      – – – – –

      This most pernicious lie is currently being vigorously promoted by the warmongering establishment – that Julian is “not a journalist” because “proper journalists act responsibly”. Had Julian been arrested as he got off the plane I would have expected continued abuse of legal processes by the Australian authorities. That they did not do so is very encouraging, and if this matter is brought to court it could serve to establish legally that Julian indeed acted with complete journalistic integrity.

      • Goose


        Wonder why all these anti-disinformation outfits, US News and BBC Verify are so reluctant to explain this absolutely critical timeline of events; a timeline which goes a long way to exonerating him and WikiLeaks?

        The ‘reckless man, releasing unredacted cables’ narrative, is the main reason so many claim to be ambivalent about him today.

      • Jen

        On the contrary, what you’ve re-posted from Wikipedia shows that David Leigh and Luke Harding, indeed their employer The Guardian, did not practise “proper journalism”. Assange was extraordinarily naive in placing any trust in The Guardian or its minion writers to use the encryption key responsibly.

        • Squeeth

          I thought that Wikileaks were damned if they did, damned if they didn’t; they gambled on the revelations affecting public opinion before the duplicitous bastards at the Grauniad betrayed them. I also thought that he was a bit reckless with the Swedish women, given that American Caesar would have busted him for lack of deportment on a bicycle if he could.

          • Emma M.

            How is it that he was reckless, when there’s basically nothing he could have done more carefully?

            All Assange did was have consensual sex with a woman who wanted him to take an STD test. Wanting results immediately, she went to the police, which is apparently not uncommon or strange in Sweden. She claimed police “made up” the rape allegation, that she was “railroaded,” and insisted she had not been raped by Assange. There was also another woman who made a similar allegation, and the evidence she presented to police was a condom that had never even been worn.

            It is hard to imagine what he could have done better. Even if Assange had avoided sex completely, the latter allegation could still have been made up. It is not he who did wrong to anybody, but states that did wrong to him in this matter, too.

            The case was fabricated and pursued at the behest of Swedish politicians at the bid of the UK and US. Much has been written on it, but I’ve very rarely seen it reported accurately; even Assange supporters often misreport or misunderstand it, and the media of course misreported it on purpose, including also by mistranslation and ignorance of Swedish law. So most people think it was somehow worse or like there was more to it than there was when it was fabricated entirely by police and politicians.


            ‘On July 28th [2019], Women Against Rape wrote, “Once again women’s fury and frustration at the injustices we face is being manipulated by governments for their own purposes… We cannot condone the way rape allegations against an individual continue to be used to pursue a political agenda intent on hiding rape, torture and murder committed by the state.”’

            One of the worst injustices of the smear campaign against Julian Assange has been states’ efforts to try to turn him into a rapist, sex offender, and creep in the eyes of the public, when the reality is that he is someone who exposed sexual violence—among every other kind—inflicted *by* states, someone who stood up for the many victims of the state crimes he exposed at great personal cost to himself.

          • Squeeth

            Did you miss the bit about deportment on a bicycle? Assange is no fool but to antagonise American Caesar by depriving him of the denial of the facts with the collusion of the corp-0-rat media and the state broadcasters and then set himself up like that was the height of folly. He could have been cautious and kept it in his trousers but he didn’t. As bimbo behaviour goes, it’s little short of Michael Jackson’s foolhardiness.

  • AG

    Less dramatic, but it´s an original thought, Alexander Mercouris compares Assange to Dreyfus.

    The battle over the truth of what and how Wikileaks operated will be a permanent one.
    This shouldn´t surprise us considering the ongoing falsifications over the Iraq War.
    It is astonishing how disinformed members of the US political and media elites are.
    Assuming Bush´s conduct was a “misunderstanding” (oops, accidentally getting, 1.5 mio. killed.)

    On the other hand the dire state of things might help Julian Assange to find the energy to one day take up a project related somehow to what he has been doing.
    Of course being careful with all the caveats of his situation and those crosshairs on his back.

    But his legacy is alive more than ever.
    And to make that undeniable point was of such an importance it cannot be overstated.

    • glenn_nl

      Out of interest, where do you get this abbreviation ‘mio’ from (as in “.oops, accidentally getting, 1.5 mio. killed”) ?

      I’ve never seen this used anywhere else. M, MM, m, or even ‘mil’, sure, but ‘mio’ ??

      • AG

        Mod had already asked me to not use abbrevations if they are wrong. I have tried to keep that in mind.
        I assume this one is simply an incorrect transfer from German which knows “Mio.”, another “false friend” which I have overlooked.
        I try to keep it in mind.
        1,5 M/m then?

        • glenn_nl

          Oh, it’s German? Sorry, didn’t catch that, even though I’d worked there briefly a few times.

          I’d stick with M – as in 1.5M, everyone should understand. Some use ‘m’, but the meaning is clear enough.

          • AG

            I hope I can remember that.

            What about billion and trillion? Since we are at it.

            (After reading my news mostly in English for 2,5 years now I have started to incorrectly spell German words! Mixing them up with English and French from my high school memory…argh)

          • glenn_nl

            AG: That would be B and T, it’s reasonably straightforward:

            eg £42B wasted on Track&Trace, estimated $3T wasted on the Iraq adventure of Blair and Bush, £1T deficit ran up by Tory incompetence and cronyism…

    • Calgacus

      Here is Dreyfus on the occasion of his pardon and release on September 19, 1899. Assange might consider such a statement:

      “The government of the Republic gives me back my freedom. It means nothing to me without honor. From today on I shall continue to seek reparation for the atrocious judicial error of which I am still the victim. I want the whole of France to know by force of a final judgment that I am innocent.”

    • Greg Park

      Frauds. They also suppressed all the outrages and discrepancies in his extradition trial, if they even reported it at all. Now they show up pretending they care.

  • DunGroanin

    “It was the media, led by the Guardian, that kept Julian Assange behind bars”

    Let’s bash the DS stenographers of the zionazi warmongering supporting Obsessive Grauniad. JA outed their true wizard self’s by playing with their ‘reputation’. for me It was the final straw in any respect for the paper I had worshipped for decades since a youth. Well before Skripal and JC propaganda they spew into the supposed ‘Leftist readership’

    Jonathan Cook has done it better so here it is

    “It was the media, led by the Guardian, that kept Julian Assange behind bars”
    26 June 2024

    Named but they have No shame to be shamed by.

    • Frank Hovis

      Excellent piece by Jonathan Cook exposing the Guardian’s shameless complicity in Julian Assange’s misfortunes in forensic detail – well worth a read.

    • AG

      Sharing responsibility is also German Foreign Office, i.e. Baerbock´s ministry.
      Fabio De Masi, former legal expert of THE LEFT, now Alliance Wagenknecht, and member of the EU parliament, has announced on his Twitter account to publish documents showing how German FO participated in blocking Assange´s release. Documents acquired via German FOIA.

      More honest: Mrs. Hillary Clinton: “Can´t we just drone this guy?”
      May be someone should drone her.
      ISIS are at least so brave as to take up the gun and kill people in person.

      • Mr Mark Cutts

        Yes very good as usual from Jonathon Cook.

        Re: redactions

        Wasn’t Luke Harding and his book writing acolyte responsible for un-redacting a lot of names?

        Or within their book did they not reveal the website where all the unredacted files were?

        If either one or both of the rumours were/are true shouldn’t the US and the UK be interested in extraditing those people for putting US soldiers in harm’s way?

        You could extradite many US government operators on the basis of putting US Citizens and Armed forces in harms way in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let’s start at The president and work our way down.

        Won’t happen obviously.

        You have to have your dreams though – don’t you? – otherwise you could go mad.

        • AG

          “You have to have your dreams though – don’t you? – otherwise you could go mad.”

          There is this “thing” which I am looking into from time to time for, I guess, sadomasochistic reasons – CIA´s Substack “Spytalk” – to see what those people in the mill are thinking or claim to be thinking. This one by Seth Hettena:

          The self-righteousness of these folks is either breathtaking or mortifying or breathtakingly mortifying.

          I however never heard him complain about Harding…

  • SaorAlba

    Congratulations to the author and to the Assange family…on another subject; Scottish independence (remember that?).
    ‘…they will not stand anywhere against the Alba Party, which would render my own position impossible.’ (Craig Murray16/4/24).

    • SaorAlba

      ‘In December 1980 I stood alongside George Galloway in Caird Square…’ (Craig Murray 29/5/24)
      If the author found himself in central Dundee today, who would he be supporting, Raymond Mennie of the Worker’s Party or Alan Ross of the Alba Party?

  • will moon

    George Galloway interviewed Mr Murray last night on MOATS; I think he mentioned Saipan and its liberation.

    I read a book that spoke about the political situation on Saipan in the 90’s It is apparently some kind of slave colony. There are many manufacturing facilities there that employ imported labour, a majority from China. The conditions that these people work in, are criminal in nearly all jurisdictions in the world – forced abortions, living and working in locked facilities and all rest of “dark satanic mills” stuff. It takes place because Saipan is a real 19th century colony – local compradors “sweating the assets” to service Capital

    Maybe the flight landing there will increase peoples awareness of what is happening in this American colony

    • Clark

      Will, Wikipedia has a section on the virtual slave economy of Saipan:,_Northern_Mariana_Islands&oldid=1231231141#Labor_controversies

      Short excerpt:

      In 2005–2006, the issue of immigration and labor practices on Saipan was brought up during the American political scandals of Congressman Tom DeLay and lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who visited the island on numerous occasions. Ms. magazine published an exposé in their Spring 2006 article “Paradise Lost: Greed, Sex Slavery, Forced Abortion and Right-Wing Moralists”.

      • will moon

        Clark , I read a report of a DeLay-led Congressional visit in the nineties, it made my eyes water. The euphemisms being used were beyond insanity, abuse described as “lifting up”, inhuman rapacity described as “entrepreneurial spirit”

        I read a bit about DeLay, who revelled in the nickname of “the Hammer” when House Leader.

        He came from a dysfunctional and probably abusive family background. He was quoted as saying “I’ve been an adult all my life”. He was a pest exterminator before the siren song of billionaire funded lobbying and politic activity swept him to the apex of Congressional power. His methods were considered unsound by many observers, almost film gangster – certainly brutal and coercive. Abramoff was obsessed with film gangster imagery in his private communications. His correspondence with associate Michael Scanlon amongst others is bizarre, jarring and racist – legendary in the worst sense

        I believe one of the families who own factories in this beknighted protectorate also own a big football club in Britain. Are these individuals fit and proper people to own footie clubs in Britain?

  • Not 4BwD

    Four years ago the US government told a British court that Assange was so dangerous he could be locked up for the rest of his life, confined to a cell for 23 hours a day, with only 1 hour of exercise indoors in an identical cell. No contact with other prisoners, and only 30 minutes of phone time per month which would be monitored by the FBI.

    Now he’s free to wander around Australia with no supervision or restrictions.

    Where’s the accountability for the people who lied to the court?

    • Stevie Boy

      C’mon, you know how it works !
        •  Iraqi WMD
        •  David Kelly
        •  White helmets
        •  Brexit
        •  Novichok
        •  Skripals
        •  Covid
        •  Ukraine
        •  Gaza
        •  Climate change
        •  Assange
      The list is endless, as are the lies. They can say and do what they like and know there never will be any repercussions – for them.

        • will moon

          You’re not one of these conspiracy theorists who believe it’s a sphere floating in “space” are you Glenn? – now you have let this slip, I am going to start a thread on flatist denialism and challenge you everytime you refer to this lunacy lol

          • glenn_nl

            I’m not worried, Will!

            All I need to do is follow the shining example of the shy climate change denialists here (Stevie Boy, Bayard, Tom, to name but a few) – boldly make an assertion, and then run away like the worst sort of coward 😀

          • James

            But that’s not what happens, glenn, is it?
            What happens is, someone mentions eg climate change, then you pile in, then the mods say “take it to the forums”, before any debate can be had…

          • James

            I see you’ve, so kindly, opened a discussion for “climate change deniers” – well, there on the first line, anyone who joins in is automatically labelled a “climate change denier”. The very title of the thread is pathetic. How about “A discussion about the Earth’s climate”? Isn’t that better?

            I’ll post a comment there anyway…

      • Clark

        Stevie Boy, I caught covid again just over two weeks ago, which is why I haven’t gone to Blackburn to help Craig with his campaign. I’m testing negative now, but I’m still not well. I hope I do get better because not everyone does; there are more people with long covid than people who have died of it.

        If you were a farmer in Bangladesh you’d find yourself retreating from the rising seas. You post some good comments here; not sure why you’d want to discredit them with the “I’m all right Jack” bullshit.

        • Stevie Boy

          Clark, I’m sorry for your affliction, however.
          How do you know you caught Covid ? You got tested right, doh ! What did you do before Covid ?
          Those vaxed up to the eyeballs as part of the gene experiment have had their immune system seriously compromised, they will be constantly sick, sorry, it’s not their fault but they’e taking the hit.
          Bangladesh is, badly, located where major rivers outflow from the Himalayas. Also, recently there has been serious deforestation that has removed natural flood mitigation. Bangladesh has always suffered from floods – Remember George Harrison’s ditty ? Attribution is not cause.

          • Clark

            If you were a scaffolder in Texas, you’d find yourself with no employment laws to protect you against excessive heat, as each summer becomes hotter than the previous one. If you were a climate scientist, you’d be tearing your hair out and getting yourself arrested because governments take no notice of your data.

            You’re confusing deception in foreign policy, where ‘information’ comes from spooks and secretive think tanks, with science, in which methods and data are presented and debated by equals in public. Get to the forums (climate, covid) or STFU; you’re making me angry.

          • glenn_nl

            Steve, you’re off your chump, mate. Plenty of people – the majority – who died of covid weren’t vaccinated. If you want to discuss this and your silly notions on the climate, man up and do so in the forums.

            It’s pretty disgraceful, in fact, shame on you for lumping your fringe conspiracy hobbies with serious and real causes. Pleasure yourself elsewhere with them.

          • ET

            @Stevie Boy
            “Those vaxed up to the eyeballs as part of the gene experiment have had their immune system seriously compromised, they will be constantly sick…”
            Attribution is not cause. Double edged sword there.

            Stevie, you make some very astute comments on other issues. Why are you so determined not to engage on this issue in the appropriate forum. I have to ask what do you mean by “gene experiment?” Can you give a physiological/biochemical explanation for that view point?

  • Justin

    Here’s an interview with Craig Murray on the Judging Freedom channel with Judge Napolitano, covering the legal implications of the Julian Assange case for freedom of speech, the UK politicians’ complicity in the genocide in Gaza, and the risks of Western involvement in the Ukraine war:
    Judging Freedom: Stop the Genocide (27 June 2024) – YouTube, 29m 53s

  • AG

    Funny, in the 5 hour youtube program “Freedom Flight” Chloe Schlosberg mentions a few supporters who were wondering “What are we going to do now?”

    Well, enough to do for 100 lifetimes!

    See minute 49:00. Schlosberg is great to listen to anyway, she begins at 34:00

    “Assange’s Freedom Flight”

    Well the entire program was 5 hours long, with Stella Assange, Greenwald, Kennard, Maurizi, Hoh, and many many more wonderful, excellent people (many of whom being Australian of course are scarcely known in Europe.)

    Extraordinary event.
    A must for everyone!

    p.s. Just today The Intercept had a text about the CIA torture report from 2014 still not declassified entirely. So the author wants to press for that.

    “More Than 10 Years Later, the Senate Torture Report Is Still Secret
    I filed a lawsuit to obtain the 6,700-page report with “excruciating detail” about CIA’s abuses.”
    by Shawn Musgrave
    (However Intercept has started to restrict access. I am not yet sure how it works. But apparently is no more.)

    And a billion other things to fight for.

  • Peter Mo

    An area given little attention.

    UK Bail law.
    If any case is in the murky category without much precedent and is likely to take time prosecuting then the defendant must be given bail if not a danger to society.
    If no charges are ever made then any bail skipping cannot be brought up in the future as reason for denying bail.
    It’s the UK laws that need attention not so much the US spying.

    • Stevie Boy

      Murderers, Rapists and other crooks have been allowed back into the community on bail, albeit tagged, but not Assange the journalist.
      The UK gagged, imprisoned and tortured Assange. That was their explicit choice, they didn’t need to.
      Now Assange is free we will, eventually, get to hear the full horror of his story. And the UK can’t stop that.

  • AG

    Have rewatched the Katharine Gun whistleblower movie adaptation “Official Secrets” with what I had learned from this blog in the past 2 years in my mind. Reading about Martin Bright who was then writing her story for The Observer it struck me that he had worked for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation in 2015 for 5 months before resigning.

    How could he even start doing that after everything that had happened?
    With this turn of a life story I am not surprised about journalists denouncing Assange.
    People seem to completely lose their principles over the decades.
    May be that´s another reason why they hate Assange.

    When I first watched the movie in 2019 I found some parts clumsy. Trying too hard to deliver the message what true journalism is. In the light of the events since they however sound more true than could be desired by any screenwriter.
    (For that see the actor Rhys Ifans as reporter Ed Vulliamy.)

    Vulliamy of course being in no way extraordinary in real life I guess. (Just like Martin Bright probably as much as his work with Gunn was important back then.)

    Wikipedia ends on Vulliamy: “He is currently working in Ukraine, on resistance – military, musical and cultural – to the Russian invasion.” Well he has given up journalism officially having switched to writing literature.

    • Allan Howard

      It’s probably six/seven months since I last thought to check if the Berlin police had completed their investigation of Roger Waters and, as such, did a search and found nothing to that effect. So anyway, on account of a Telegraph article I happened to come across a bit earlier I was reminded of the investigation and did a search and, yet again, found nothing (and it looks as if Roger has closed his website where he posted about such matters). Do you know if the Berlin police ever released a statement (in German) about their investigation AG?

      Given that what they were supposedly investigating was ludicrous beyond words, maybe they just quietly dropped it after 5 minutes and hoped no-one would notice and Jo/Joe public completely forget about it. As for the Telegraph article (and I can only assume it’s getting a lot of coverage in the German media):

      German woman given harsher sentence than rapist for calling him ‘pig’

      ‘Maja R’ jailed for ‘defaming’ gang-rapist by messaging him with her views after he avoided prison

      It’s hard to believe, but the German fascist elite are so far down the rabbit hole that calling someone an idiot is regarded as defamatory. WtF!

      And here are their US counterparts at work, as reported in The Intercept a few days ago:

      62 Democrats Join 207 Republicans in Vote to Conceal Gaza Death Toll

      The House of Representatives has voted to effectively conceal the death toll from Israel’s war on Gaza.

      On Thursday, lawmakers voted 269-144 on an amendment to prohibit the State Department from citing statistics from the Gaza Health Ministry……

      • Republicofscotland

        Allan Howard.

        The English government is bending over backwards to defend those who are committing Genocide in Gaza. Thank F*ck I’ll never identify as British. Of course the ICC isn’t fit for purpose either.

        “Judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) have postponed a decision on whether arrest warrants should be issued against Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant over alleged war crimes in Gaza.

        The delay came after the I-CC allowed the UK to submit legal arguments against the jurisdiction over the issue.

        According to court documents made public on Thursday, the UK filed a request with the ICC on June 10 to provide written observations on whether “the court can exercise jurisdiction over Israeli nationals, in circumstances where Palestine cannot exercise criminal jurisdiction over Israeli nationals (under) the Oslo Accords.”

        • Allan Howard

          RoS, Yes, and not only defending those committing genocide (and trying to starve many of them to death etc), but also of course attacking and demonising those marching for an end to the death and destruction and the hell that BN and his fascist buddies have inflicted on the people of Gaza, and ditto the students on campus. I just happened to come across the following Telegraph article last night, which is just building on the falsehood that Biden and Blinken set in motion a couple of weeks or so ago, posted four days ago:

          These sinister ‘pro-Palestinian’ protests are a warning to us all

          If people care about innocent Palestinians, why are there not tens of thousands on the streets demanding Hamas accept the ceasefire?

          It is now over two weeks since the terrorists of Hamas were offered a ceasefire which would end the war in Gaza.

          According to US secretary of state Antony Blinken, the terms of the deal had been approved by Israel’s war cabinet and the governments of Egypt and Qatar, who acted as mediators. Yet the proposal has not been accepted by Yahya Sinwar and his partners in terror.

          The leadership of Hamas do not care about the lives of ordinary Palestinians. For them, casualties of war are a price worth paying for their genocidal aims. Hamas wants to maintain its military capability at all costs so that it can attempt to kill more Jews in the future. An interview this month with Hamas representative in Lebanon Ahmad Abd Al-Hadi should leave no one in doubt of this. “We would do it again,” he declared to the Annahar newspaper. In other words, if given the chance, Hamas would repeat the rape, kidnapping and slaughter of October 7.

          Murderous ambition is what we must expect of Hamas, but what of others? What of all the people in Western countries who have expressed such anger about the war in Gaza and who have placed huge pressure on Israel to end it? Why now is there no popular protest against Hamas to do the very same thing?

          If people cared so much about innocent Palestinians caught up in the fighting, why are there not tens of thousands on the streets of London every Saturday demanding that Hamas accept the ceasefire? As yet, I have seen no marches organised for this purpose, nor have I seen any university campus protests demanding that the terrorists agree terms to end the war…..

          And so it goes on (and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if other rabid right-wing rags have posted much the same). Needless to say – as the author of the piece is no doubt well aware – Hamas have been saying for months now that if Israel agrees to a permanent ceasefire, they will release all the hostages. But the vast majority of people don’t know it because the MSM deliberately keep schtum about it AND, as such, deceive and dupe their collective millions of readers and viewers and listeners.

          And Hamas WEREN’T offered a permanent ceasefire of course. But most people will have been mislead to believe they WERE.

      • will moon

        “ It’s hard to believe, but the German fascist elite are so far down the rabbit hole that calling someone an idiot is regarded as defamatory. ”

        They are the same as any country where criticising Nethanyahu and his band of killers is classed as “antisemitism”. Like Assange punished for reporting while the killers walk free.

        And the same as the Establishment in Britain, where a campaign to call Jeremy Corbyn a racist in order to prevent him becoming PM was heralded by “Murder Inc” Mike Pompeo as “running the gauntlet” The CIA chief clearly had been briefed about was being done to Corbyn. He had said that it was better to get rid of Corbyn before he was elected otherwise he would have to “be removed” – whether that means killing I don’t know

        It’s always terrible to hear a story about rape. I was reading of all the sexual assaults and rapes being done in Israeli detention camps against the incarcerated. It is now claimed the Israeli jailers are using dogs to assault prisoners – it made me sick. If only one tenth of these allegations are true what does this say about Israel. I think there are maybe 9000 prisoners in Israeli detention. I fear for them all, in view of Israel’s bestial conduct – a prisoner under the threat of rape or torture is helpless

        I find it hard to believe that you find it hard to believe that this would go on in Germany.

      • AG

        Allan Howard

        I haven´t looked into Waters explicitly but as the attempts to ban his concerts in Germany were concerned those were turned down by the courts. All of this wound down before ICJ´s ruling. However allegedly German law enforcement had been looking into allegations of defamation and antisemitism as late as this year. I am not in the picture about those.

        The fact that I cant´t find anything on latter would prove nothing came from it. Wouldn´t surprise me since even German lawyers have learnt about ICJ and ICC and everything else “going on”.

        Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG) obviously however fired Waters.
        He won´t care much. Too many people know the truth by now anyway.

        p.s. As horrible as the US House vote on Gaza Health Ministry is – Mearsheimer points out correctly I think, that this doubling-down on genocide and pro-genocide PR – billionaire Miriam Adelson just put $100 M into Trump´s pocket
        – is a safe sign for how deep in trouble Israel truly is. If this will lead to its “downfall” as Illan Pappé has been saying since Oct. I, however, doubt it.

    • M.J.

      To be honest, that interview contained something I’ve heard before which IMHO could cause problems in Blackburn. I’m not quoting verbatim, but it was something like this: ‘You Muslims voted for Straw in 2005, even though he supported torture. You’re a disgrace! You must redeem yourselves and vote for me!’ GG seems to have spoken similarly.
      The problem is that many people who voted for Straw in 2005 might have had their reasons. It may have had to do with his willingness to solve their local problems. Their reaction to your ‘prophetic exhortation’ might be to vote for Labour again, for the same reasons as last time.
      As for Adnan, much depends on how voters react on your telling of your sky-high ability and accomplishment compared to other candidates. I’ll leave that assessment to others better able to judge.
      So doing better than your rivals is by no means certain.
      Another week, and we’ll know!

      • Greg Park

        What is Starmer promising that makes you so willing to overlook his support for genocide (or “Israel’s right to defend itself”)? All he is publicly offering is Osborne-level austerity and NHS privatisation. And that is just what he is saying to the cameras. Yesterday I discovered that the rules for Rachel Reeves’s National Infrastructure Council – her so-called green transition – are to be written by vulture capitalists Black Rock, kings of financial extraction. If you’re trying to make a case for supporting Labour (or a Labour surrogate like Hussain) over Mr Murray you will need to be more specific, because from what I can see all that is in offer is more of the same and worse.

        • M.J.

          I don’t plan to vote for Labour, and don’t live in Blackburn. My point in my second para was about Blackburn Labour voters in 2005 doing likewise on the 4th, for local reasons of their own.
          But Hussain seemed quite impressive to me in his own interview with Billy and Tiz, as it happens.

          • Greg Park

            You know quite well what Labour is promising though and also who controls Hussain. Your signal is very clear.

          • M.J.

            Having listened to his interview with B&T (have you?), I am not at all sure that Labour controls Hussain.

    • will moon

      Yea MJ a fascinating watch. The two interviewers were good, they asked a lot of the questions I would have asked and I appreciated the rapport that developed. Whatever one thinks of Mr Murray’s performance here, it surely demonstrates he is not a “party hack”, falling much into his “own person” category

      I would say this a fair interview, some softball, some hardball questions. The dynamics in Blackburn are much clearer now thanks to watching this

      I thought Brother Billy and Tiz performed to a higher journalistic standard than most professional reporters do these days, I learnt more watching this than Media and News can tell. I will watch some of their back editions

  • Jack

    Did the upcoming presidential election in the US played any role in Biden’s “release” of Assange / to win votes you guys think? Did Biden ever spoke on Assange, ever? Any one heard if Hillary Clinton have reacted to Assange being “released”?

    • Alyson

      The clips of the presidential debate, which I watched, make it seem possible that Biden himself could have granted the outcome to end the extradition demand in a way that achieved a moratorium on investigative journalism, Much has been made of Biden’s manner of speech, and errors in detail, but over all I considered that the speed of his delivery of mostly factual, and positive detail about the benefits of the Democrat government for ordinary Americans, to be much more reassuring than Trump’s soundbite scare-mongering untruths, his blatant misogyny, and his blunt view on ending the genocide in Gaza with the complete eradication of the problem.
      To see Democrats clamouring for a change of president in the run up to the American election is extremely destabilising. That Bernie would have defeated Trump, had he been given the nomination in 2016 which he had won in the primaries, is a chance that has been lost to history.

    • Bramble

      Mr Assange’s release came at a convenient moment for Starmer. His role in the whole atrocious affair has been consistently overlooked anyway, but now there will be no questions about why his government are continuing the abomination.

  • Alyson

    That Assange is free is in no small part the result of your dedication and expertise, Craig, in enabling him to work with the hand of cards he had been dealt, to make the best of the choices that were possible. As a journalist, Rusbridger expresses concern about the precedent risk for proper journalists which this plea bargain requires, and notes the toll which this outcome may exact on whistleblowing journalism, and those who would hold governments accountable.

    • Allan Howard

      It is of course not an impossibility – and I don’t mean to take anything away from Craig and all he did (and Chris Hedges and Caitlin Johnstone and Roger Waters et al), and John Pilger, of course – that the US mafia elite never intended to get Julian extradicted to the States, and the intention/plan was to keep him holed up for X amount of years (along with the prospect of spending the rest of his life in a maximum security hell-hole) so as to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget AND deter Him and any other journalists from ever divulging their crimes/secrets again.

      That said, they were probably hoping he would end up dying in Belmarsh, and if I’m right (and we’ll probably never learn if I am – ie that said scenario was always the plan), I have no doubt that Craig and Caitlin and Roger and John et al helped to keep him going, and kept hope alive for him, along with Stella and his kids, of course. The fact that everything was dragged out as long as possible once he was extricated from the embassey seems to fit with that scenario. As for Genocide Joe and his predicament, well ‘they’ could easily have dragged it out until after the election before extradicting him if they’d wanted to, as many of us thought they would..

  • Jon

    What an excellent turn of events. The plea bargain is a necessary evil, both for an embarrassed US administration as a final insult to their class enemy, and for Julian in being coerced into a dangerous precedent for journalists. But given the facts on the ground it is still the best situation we could have hoped for.

    While I don’t want to rain on the parade, I do have something of a financial question. The final flight for Assange to Australia cost over $500k, and there is a separate fund for Julian’s undoubtedly necessary recuperation. I recall it being said, I think on this very blog, that the “Julian Assange Charities” had rather become a global industry, and they were not short of cash. The groups controlling these funds surely won’t want to disband, but should they not disperse their funds to this final (very worth) cause?

  • Brianfujisan

    I Listen to Mongolian Music on Youtube
    Why are Labour being Promoted in adds ..all the time ..Sickening Genocide party

    • will moon

      That’s why it’s called the Uniparty Brian

      Clark showed me Invidious recently – you can listen to your Mongolian music there without the Uniparty trying to mess with your head.

      Go there and search. It has the same content as Youtub but no ads. It is not as swanky but I had stopped listening to music cos of the ads on Youtub. Sometime your song won’t play but it is easy to fix if you spend a couple of mins working it out – think of all the time you’ll save and the peace of mind of no ads lol

      ps Iistening to some Indonesian Gong and Gamel music by Degung Sangkala – wild and free the sound of wind and sea lol you might like. I’ll put utub link till I know you are using Invidous.

      If you like that track the whole Degung Sangkala album is here

      and of course on Utub here

        • will moon

          World is changing Brian – youth, new visions layed on top of the old

          I saw a great film thirty years ago or so: “Urga” which has been renamed to “Close to Eden”, which is a discussion of the collision between modernity and Mongolia, old Mongolia. A co-Mongolian/Russian production, it is a lovely film, with most of it being shot in the endless grasslands of Mongolia. A bitter sweet story of tradition and change, of what is lost and what is gained as the relentless spread of technology reaches the most remote of places. The film received critical acclaim both at home and abroad and I see an echo of the visual imagery employed in the film, in the video you suggest

          Plot summary from IMDB
          “A curious friendship develops between Gombo, a young Mongolian shepherd living with his wife and family in a hut, deep in the wilderness of the steppes, and Sergei, a Russian worker whose truck breaks down not far from Gombo’s hut”

          • AG

            …however it is still among the best known European cinema titles among art film lovers, I believe (nominated for Oscars in 1993, in case that´s worth anything.)

            Director Mikhalkov, as gossip goes, himself is worth a “movie”. He even was prominent enough to be regarded as presidential candidate, at least in some circles. He later in life had a falling out with his half brother, Andrei Konchalovski, also a movie guy, even in Hollywood with a couple of flicks, who now himself is an outlaw, since 2022 in the West (which might pose a problem because he used to live in Paris mostly. Which gives you a hint of how serious these “revolutionaries” are coming from highly privileged families – it´s mostly about “me, me, me”. Egotistical to the insufferable. Which shall not stop us from engaging with their work. But I deeply believe the contrivancies of personality are palpable in all these products of “auteurism”.)

          • Kodlu

            The director Mikhailov also directed “burnt by the sun”, a beautiful film about Stalinism.

  • will moon

    Have to draw reader attention to this video on Gordon Dimmack’s channel on Rumble

    It is a recording of an open meeting that took place as part of Craig Murray’s election campaign in Blackburn, but is of much wider relevance. It concerns the future of the NHS and as well as the candidate it features two speakers who are knowledgeable concerning the current state of the NHS. Dr Bob Gill and Mary Whitby speak with both expertise moral and authority and they need to be listened to

    The NHS is the the best thing about and most unifying symbol in Britain. Listening to Dr Bob Gill and Mary Whitby has changed things for me and I am going to learn about the issue. Dr Gill has a YouTube channel which has more info

    Watch the hour vid on Rumble and you will learn more about the attack on the NHS than you have from the propaganda sources in twenty years

    • Mr Mark Cutts

      will moon
      Read this interesting article:

      And we might find out why Lucy Letby could continue to do what she did.

      Lack of ‘supervision’

      The Trusts have been sued up to the eyeballs due to lack of supervision over the years; physician associates will not improve that performance – proper doctors and nurses will.

      No doubt Wes will welcome this stopgap as a PR Panacea.

      Apparently 1/8 NHS Trusts are using these associates.

        • will moon

          MJ that is a very difficult subject. I have browsed the report – might even read it.

          Though no kind of statistician or indeed a mathematician, this is an area that reading technical generalities can be of benefit. Headlines are easily written, indeed it is often claimed they write themselves. Be that as it may, the collapse into tabloid thinking is less than helpful in such cases.

          “ While history has shown that humans are capable of such behaviour, and there have indeed been cases in which, for example, physicians have murdered multiple patients, nevertheless proven instances are thankfully extraordinarily rare – a mere handful of documented cases, perhaps a dozen or so per year, among the many millions of healthcare professionals worldwide.”

          The report discusses several examples of healthcare professionals who were acquitted after criminal charges were brought against them and of course some examples were the charges led to guilty verdicts.

          The report summary is worth a look – decent prose and some important points about bias and interpretation, it’s here

      • will moon

        Yea Mark I saw one last month, it was not inspiring. After giving a description of the skeletal problems I am having, of some detail and length, I was parked for an hour so, before having to repeat the whole thing to the doctor I was eventually seen by. It seemed pointless at best. Previously I would have seen the doctor without seeing this assistant. Looks like a racket to me – patchy consultation, massive change – the usual story atm

        As I say the talk by Dr Bob Gill cuts through the fluff and points out the motive behind the change in the model of care offered by the NHS

        • Mr Mark Cutts

          If you remember the ad hoc hospitals at the start of the Covid Crisis I think it is more of a PR exercise than of an actual practical purpose.

          Of course the constantly credulous MSM (TV and media) are always obligingly on hand to present the lies to an audience.

          Boy Scout Surgeons next? One for Akela Starmer.

          MJ as far as I know Letby is on trial for an extra charge. She has stood trial for thirteen so far – 6 murders and six attempted murders, and been found guilty. (She is appealing I think.)

          My point was about supervision of staff in the NHS. If you are running around like a headless chicken as a Senior Doctor you can’t have much time to train and supervise your team.

          Unfortunately that may be something in the Lucy Letby case(s) that the Trust doesn’t want to dwell on.

    • M.J.

      Worthwhile and shocking video. At the end of the talk Craig explains one way in which the political class is bought and paid for, by the private health “care” lobby in the UK. (£175,000 pa for a health secretary apparently)
      Dr Bob Gill also referred his listeners to a full-length film that is on Youtube, The Great NHS Heist:
      Here’s a question. Which parties are willing to re-nationalise the NHS and other public utilities? The Workers Party in Blackburn Yes, but what about other constituencies?
      Maybe we need an internet register of political parties with re-nationalising policies, for the use of voters, both local and national, and a series of hard questions that we can put to candidates such as Mary Whitby referred to.

      • Stevie Boy

        I’m all for renationalisation of the NHS, and other strategic areas, however; The major problem is management bloat and renationalisation could make that worse.
        The tories have had 14 years in which they’ve underfunded the NHS and brought in their private healthcare chums. Jeremy Hunt and Simon stephens are the primary culprits, however; they’re all at it.
        Get rid of competing trusts, return to management by medical staff and get rid of ALL private heallthcare in the UK.
        Unfortunately, the NHS that we grew up with is no more, RIP. None of the mainstream parties are going to change or stop the decline. Don’t get sick.

          • will moon

            The NHS was fairly free of management bloat until fairly recently

            If you don’t believe me watch Dr Bob Gill speaking in Blackburn the other day.

            He presents a set of conceptual ideas alongside the historical structural changes in the NHS, every change being done to move health care provision to an insurance based system, like they have in America. It is pretty eye opening Bayard and pretty simple the way the Doc explains it. His story fits with my memory and I think could be more widely applied to the various nationalised industries

  • AG

    I would like to cite a few translations from German papers, sorted out by the tiny daily “Junge Welt”.
    They are outrageous.
    The German journalists quoted are among the best known in the country:
    Junge Welt correctly condemning her peers: “Defamation, discrediting, delegitimization is their business.”

    -“(…) Julian Assange was a “dark charismatic,” say Andrian Kreye, Georg Mascolo and Michael Neudecker of the SZ . The supporters of the countless Free Assange initiatives are a “community,” “supporters” who “always travel from everywhere,” “many from Germany too.” For the “whistleblower and savior of the world.” All that’s missing is “self-proclaimed.” (…)”

    (Mascolo was or still is a senior editor of the investigative branch of the SZ-Süddeutsche Zeitung, located in Munich, South Germany, one of the wealthiest parts of this country. He made a name for himself among others by jumping on the gravy train of reports about the terrorist group National Socialist Underground at a time when small NGOs had already broken the story, as is usually the case with such contrived research. Needless to say he is member of the Atlantic Bridge. Why do reporters have to be members of any such political lobby groups?!)

    -“(…) In the same paper, noble pen Kreye pays tribute to the “pioneer of journalism,” only to then hand him the full cup of poison: “Now Assange was always a controversial figure, an egomaniac and radical,” whose practice “was characterized by a fundamentalism that often caused more damage than enlightenment, regardless of whether he endangered intelligence sources, allowed Wikileaks to be instrumentalized by the Russian secret service, or promoted Donald Trump’s election victory.”(…)” – wow.

    Andrian Kreye was NY-correspondent among others, and has carte blanche as content is concerned.
    These are folks whose main skill is to always end up on the right side of the game. Of course all these people know each other and share main political views.

    -“(…) The SZ and DIE ZEIT also lie to adults about Julian Assange “hiding” in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, which is under constant surveillance by the CIA.(…)”

    -TV kids´ pogram “logo” (from logical) describes it as a case of “espionage”. But so does Berlin right-wing daily TAGESSPIEGEL addressing adults.

    -Assange´s former colleague Domscheit-Berg, also in the weekly DIE ZEIT:

    “(…)In the Hamburg weekly newspaper, the former companion Daniel Domscheit-Berg is once again the key witness against Assange, who has “gotten further and further into a dead end” and has not met journalistic “minimum standards”. It is probably good, then, that “we have nothing more to say to each other” (…)”.

    -However topped by the formerly left-wing FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU (as opposed to the bank-loving conservative FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG, flagship of Germany´s capitalist lobby):

    “(…) In the SPD front paper Frankfurter Rundschau, Peter Rutkowski mobilizes against the war critic and warns: »Forget Wikileaks!« (…)
    »For years, we had to endure a generation of ‘media workers’ worshipping Julian Assange as a Jesus figure of the digital age and as a martyr of journalism and/or freedom of expression. Mind you, they expressed this opinion as freely as their idol did – based in principle on the feeling that there is good and evil, and that evil is always in the West. Opinion without a clue is just cheap. In this respect, Assange remains a shining example for all those who are constantly agitated. But at least over the absurdly long years of unfreedom, he and those around him have obviously developed an idea of ​​how far one can go astray, even slowly destroy oneself, if one insists on a friend-enemy scheme.«(…)”

    Dear Julian, welcome to Germany!

    p.s. see the entire (short) piece

    • Stevie Boy

      It’s funny how all these MSM scum always attack the man and never address the atrocities that he exposed.

    • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

      I have pretty well given up on the German press other than those with very local coverage since the “unexpected death” of Udo Ulfkotte, who exposed the extent of CIA involvement in the FAZ and other leading German newspapers. Generally I find that coverage of German affairs is better in the Swiss NZZ((New Zurich Newspaper) and on Weltwoche Daily( in both the Swiss and Austro-German editions . It recently
      broadcast an excellent half hour interview with Serbian President Vucic,warning how close we are to a major European war, which was picked up by major news outlets in few days later but without giving credit to Roger Koeppel

    • Stevie Boy

      The media are just a pack of hyenas working for ‘the blob’ to keep us in line, we are the enemy !
      We now live in a regime where the military and security services openly spy on us and will, and do, arrest and destroy innocent people for ‘thought crimes’. Consider:
      “Another panellist praised Britain’s ability to pre-emptively arrest people for public order offences at demonstrations and target them for terror offences further down the line. ”
      ‘Dom Murphy – the Met’s counter terrorism commander – told delegates he was monitoring “legal but harmful” protests and the risk of “low-sophistication” attacks by people radicalised online or at university since October 7th.’
      Protest against the regime and you may become a target, be aware.

      • Brianfujisan

        Thanks for that Link…
        Seen it a few times…Last one was Greenock Police acting as reporters..cos I had a Palestine flag..They think we are Stupid.

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