The Happiest of Days 267

I cannot tell you how happy I am at Julian’s release. It is 4.00am and I haven’t been to bed yet. I have spoken to John Shipton but everyone else is on a plane en route to Australia.

The guilty plea is of course coerced in the extreme and nobody should take it seriously. It gives a chance to claim hollow victory to the odious Biden regime, at the cost of a terrible precedent in law classifying journalism in espionage. But the precedent is only in a court of first instance so is not binding.

I should be plain I have always advised Julian and Stella to take a plea deal if offered and get out of jail. I have no doubt this was a life or death choice. I also believe we will be grateful for the still greater contributions Julian’s immense intellect and capacity for radical thought will make to human development in the future.

The Justice Department were further motivated to offer a deal by the fact that they appeared to have painted themselves into a very difficult corner at the next UK extradition hearing in a fortnight, over Julian’s ability as a foreign national acting outside the US to claim constitutional protections, and could have lost the extradition case altogether.

There is so much more to say but if I don’t get some sleep I will not be alive to say it. I am crying with happiness.

Meantime my election campaign in Blackburn continues. We are very seriously out of money. If you can channel your elation into a donation that would be very helpful.

Paypal address for one-off donations: [email protected]

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Account name
Account number 3 2 1 5 0 9 6 2
Sort code 6 0 – 4 0 – 0 5
IBAN GB98NWBK60400532150962
Bank address Natwest, PO Box 414, 38 Strand, London, WC2H 5JB


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267 thoughts on “The Happiest of Days

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  • vin_ot

    Great news indeed, in which you were instrumental. JA pleaded guilty in a plea deal, but all he is guilty of in reality is exposing murder and war crimes by the US, UK and private military companies in Iraq and Afghanistan; and also the two-facedness and corruption of political elites like Hillary Clinton. I am delighted he is free again and hope he will soon return to committing these “crimes”.

  • Wilshire

    Correction. The happiest of days will come very soon, presumably day after tomorrow, when our gracious host finally becomes the new MP for Blackburn.
    And this despite all the traps and disingenuous maneuvers of despicable competitors. Since when is labour an enemy of the workers?
    And as happy outcomes often arrive in pairs, I bet Julian Assange will be the first to send his congratulations, together with a well deserved invitation to Australia.

    • nevermind

      Julian is at an undisclosed private location near the coast somewhere. He might not get to know it, he needs well deserved rest.

  • nevermind

    Roger Waters has just landed at Stanley House hotel. He will be visiting a flower shop of a dedicated lady who had a Palestinian display in her window for month complete with a flag. That should cheer him up.
    He will then go for a tour around the town centre of Blackburn, with a following press conference at this afternoon’s venue.
    At 4 pm he will give a talk about his campaigning for Palestine and beyond.

    This is real news from Craig Murray’s campaign staff – news the MSM and BiBiC has so far ignored. I hope this helps.

    • Allan Howard

      Funnily enough I just did a search for >blackburn local papers< (prior to coming on here) and the Lancashire Telegraph was top of the list of results, so I clicked on it and then did a search re craig, and the following is the list of results/articles that came up in relation to him, with one about Roger flying into Blackburn by hellicopter to give Craig a 'rockstar boost' top of the list (at the time of typing)


    • Allan Howard

      And talking of flags – ie the Palestinian flag – I just happened to come across the following yesterday, from a few days ago:

      ‘ Heathrow hit by Palestine flag badge row’

      Jewish passenger questions why staff member wears Palestine flag insignia despite rules not allowing wearing of religious or political items

      Heathrow officials responding to a complaint about security staff wearing Palestine flag badges claimed that employees wore them to let travellers know they spoke Arabic.

      Heathrow’s passenger customer support department responded to the passenger’s complaint saying: “We can confirm that no nationality, religious or political items can be worn by any Heathrow staff whilst present on duty as part of our uniform standards.”

      “The exception is that if a person speaks a language or dialect from a certain region as a secondary/tertiary language, a flag representing the region or country would be present which is provided by Heathrow.

      “This is not a compulsory requirement to display this information and is at the staff member’s discretion, so that foreign travellers may know who to approach should it be easier to communicate in their own language. The flag is used to be more easily identifiable from a distance than for the language to be written in script.”

      Caroline Turner, director UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) said the explanation “defies belief”, adding that people would assume the staff were Palestine supporters amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza following Hamas’ Oct 7 attack……

      I just checked, and the story appears to have received quite wide coverage. The only thing that surprises me is that the Zionist Police Watchdogs weren’t on to it months and months ago. Or even years ago!

      • Stevie Boy

        Somethings never change …
        “The Jew truly solicits anti-Semitism with his readiness to scent out anti-Semitism everywhere.”
        Carl Jung, 1934

        • M.J.

          Did not the events of the next 11 years in Europe show the ‘scent’ of European anti-semitism to be that of something real?
          Just as the Hollywood phenomenon of ‘Reel bad Arabs’ (Youtube documentary and book by Jack Shaheen) and novels by Leon Uris such as The Haj are pointers to real and harmful anti-Arab racism?

      • Allan Howard

        Afterthought: I can only assume that there will potentially/possibly be staff wearing Israel flag badges because they speak Hebrew…. I wonder if any Palestinians flying into Heathrow complained about it, as opposed to just asking why they were wearing such a badge. But then THAT wouldn’t be worthy of coverage by the MSM, now would it.

        PS I wonder if any staff are wearing a Russian flag badge??

  • AG

    In Austria criminal lawyer Astrid Wagner together with other groups has founded a new party:
    “List Gaza – A voice against genocide”.

    Wagner said: “There is no party that clearly opposes the genocide in Gaza”

    She wants to run in the national elections on September 29th together with the “Palestine Solidarity Austria” (PSÖ).

    This is a big thing considering that Vienna like German major academic hubs was suppressing free speech on this issue since Oct. 7th.
    Was this possibly inspired by Craig?

  • Darío

    Craig Murray’s Campaign Against Empire
    Chris Hedges • July 1, 2024

    “Blackburn, England: I am standing with Craig Murray who is running for Parliament in this gritty former mill town. We are on a narrow street with brick row houses that jaggedly descend down a hill. The sky is overcast. There is intermittent rain.

    Chris Hedges: Craig Murray’s Campaign Against Empire (1 Jul 2024)

  • Jack

    And just like that the focus is gone in the west on Assange, it last like half a day. Amazing.
    If Assange was a russian/chinese/cuban/syrian/iranian/belarusian whistleblower having exposed warcrimes oh such a person would have recieved the western Nobel Peace Prize 1,2 and 3 times by now.

    • Mr Mark Cutts


      Yes – it didn’t last long because Julia Assange reminds them of the real journalism they should all have been doing since leaving University.

      It is an embarrassment to their alleged trade – fact finding and truth digging..

      It’s much easier picking up stories on X – Facebook – Youtube – Associated French press -Reuters and of course from the Israel Lobby and politicians.

      Add to that the Parliamentary Lobby and the anecdotal evidence of The Bloke Down the Pub ( Vox pop ) as well as reporting whilst leaning against a wall or standing on a rooftop in Kiev or on the side of a hill in Jerusalem ( Tel- Aviv is rarely visited by the BBC and I don’t know why?) the that’s their curious minds sated.

      Mea Culpa?

      You never hear it from the MSM and never will.

    • Pears Morgaine

      ” If Assange was a russian/chinese/cuban/syrian/iranian/belarusian whistleblower having exposed warcrimes oh such a person would have recieved the western Nobel Peace Prize 1,2 and 3 times by now. ”


      He’s just spent five years in prison confined to a tiny cell 96% of the time prior to which he was holed up inside the Uruguay Embassy for even longer. Anyone who could endure that without suffering serious mental problems has to be made of concrete. Give the guy some peace and time to get his head back together.

  • Clark

    The BBC has interviewed Anna Ardin:

    The BBC hasn’t said why it’s now OK to name her, nor why it wasn’t before:

    According to Ardin, there was nothing unusual about Julian Assange’s behaviour with her; all and any men might need to be reported to police:

    “I want him to be seen as a normal guy. That’s what normal guys do sometimes. They cross other people’s boundaries.”

    So there you go; any man might be sent to Belmarsh for five years.

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