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Paul Barbara

@ Tatyana June 17, 2019 at 16:22
You still seem to miss the point re Syria. The point is, ex-French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas clearly states he was in London about two years before anything kicked off in Syria, two years before the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, where high British officials told him Britain was planning to overthrow Assad with the use of mercenaries. That is a clear-cut War Crime, and the other players who got involved does not make the clearly black and white situation grey.
Indeed, the US set up a secret base in Jordan, also in 2009, to train mercenaries, and France was also involved in the plots. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf regimes were asked to fund and provide the mercenaries, and Turkey to provide facilities for bases in Turkey from which the mercenaries would pour over the Syrian and Iraqi border.
More recently, the Turkish Security Services actually admitted to have sent 2,000 truckloads of arms and ammunition into Syria.
As for Assad’s forces ‘firing on peaceful demonstrators’, the demonstrations were set up by the West, and infiltrated with snipers, like in Maidan. Many Syrian policemen were killed.
Black and White!