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I apologize to all of you, I’m just translating!
Georgy Gabunia says he is a TV host of the main georgian tv channel Rustavi-2

“I want to send my greetings to our friend, the Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Vovochka, you’re a bitch, a dog’s shit, a walrus’s p*ssy, on our beautiful earth there is no place for such a pathetic creature, such an ugly as you. You’re a stinking invader. F*ck you, Volodya. F*ck you and your slaves. I f*cked your mother. Oh, your mother’s dead. Oh, it’s a pity, don’t tell me. May she burn in hell with you and your father. I shit on your grave. Amen.”

The director of the channel says he don’t approve using the obscene words, but in general he agrees with the position.