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I guess we are in for a full three years of anti-Scottish lies from the mainstream media. One of the most common unionist lies is that Spain would veto Scottish independence, as claimed in today’s Independent. This canard has been about for years and is assiduously spread by unioinists. I have discussed it in the past with senior Spanish diplomats, and they have been unanimous that it is impossible that Spain would seek to veto Scottish membership.

Firstly, nobody in the EU has ever left the EU voluntarily, let alone been expelled, and the idea that 5 million EU citizens in a stongly pro-EU country would be thrown out against their will is not in the realm of practical politics. The whole dynamic of the EU is expansive, with countries continually accepted into membership who technically should not be. Everybody knows, for example, that Romania and Bulgaria were not remotely close to compliance with the acquis communitaire when they were admitted. There is no appetite anywhere in the EU to argue that an EU member successor state would have to re-apply.

Secondly, Scots are much liked internationally. There is a strong popular understanding throughout Europe of Scottish desire for independence – bagpipes, Braveheart and a separate football team are an intrinsic part of this strong Scottish popular recognition. There are no votes in Europe in being beastly to the Scots, and that includes Spain. The Spanish government are not stupid. It would be very unpopular in Spain to act against the Scots, and would infuriate the Catalans and actually boost the independence movement there. Tactically, there are times when it is best to pretrend to be relaxed about self-determination, as Cameron is doing.

Thirdly, there is a real difference here with the Kossovans. Spain does not oppose Slovenia, Croatia or other parts of the former Yugoslavia from EU membership. It did not oppose the Czech Republic or Slovakia. Spain does not automatically argue against EU membership for splitting states – that is a lie spread by English unionists. Unlike Kossovo, the Scottish state is not inextricably linkes with organised crime, and is not outside the EU.

Finally, as an example of Unionist lies and tricks, read the Independent article very carefully. You will see that the anaonymous “source” of the claim that Spain will veto Scottish EU membership is not anything to do with the Spanish government, but a Whitehall official.

The actual headline of the article should be:

“Whitehall Official Lies that Spain Would Veto Scottish EU Membership”.

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153 thoughts on “Anti-Scottish Propaganda

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  • John Stack

    Scotland WAS a Nation State.
    300 years of skilled assimilation techniques by England pulled it into a group called Britain.
    Is anything really gone for ever? Must Balance Sheets, colonists and shallow cynics rule?
    What value Pride? What price a Scottish soul? What is unacceptable or unthinkable?
    Good Proud Englishmen would die for ENGLAND. Scots have the same love for SCOTLAND.
    Those days are gone now, and in the past they must remain, –Who says ??

    For an independent state to exist, like Ireland , compromises will be necessary. It is not possible or desirable to remove emigrants, Colonists, and scared people who now exist in Scotland in large numbers. Many will sacrifice independence to be part of a big picture, like Britain with the USA
    The fear of Protestant Scottish Nationalist control would drive many minorities to feel safer in Governance with outside control. The compromise necessary will have to be a comfortable, better, place for Catholics, Muslims, Colonists, Immigrants, Fearful people, as equal Brothers and Sisters. Why should they accept a change? They have no gut wrenching feeling for a nationalist Protestant State. Their worst nightmare is of everyone forced into Kilts, playing Bagpipes, attending Kirk, eating haggis. Of course this is exaggerated. But……
    A successful, inclusive, Proud, new, Independent Scottish State could provide its own morally strong world view and a local intelligent control.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Good last sentence, John, if I may say! But to whom do you refer when you refer to ‘Colonists’? Do you mean those who serve the interests of empire (previously the British Empire, now the American one), or are you referring to English people who have made Scotland their home? There are abroad range of people as with all groupings. As you’ll know many of those people have been very active in a positive way in Scotland’s communities and hhave contributed hugely to the revitalising of many local economies. They also tend to be progressive, politically (this is broad-brihs, of course). I am aware of the house price problems, though wrt eg. Londoners (for example) buying up houses in rural Scotland. But I do not agree with the xeonphobic pejorative term, ‘Great White Settlers’ that some ascribed to these people.
    Incidentally, this is the first time I have become aware of any issue wrt ‘fear of Protestant Nationalism’ in relation to the SNP. Is that still a perception among some? I always thought the less tolerant Protestants in (at least the West of) Scotland tended to be very much ‘Queen and Country’, Orangeist, working-class Tories and so on. But this clearly is your field, so feel free to expound.
    Again, please understand that I am not attacking you, merely seeking clarification and exegesis.

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