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Following a recent post mentioning that recently my financial affairs have not been good, a number of readers were kind enough to place orders for The Catholic Orangemen of Togo using the button on the right. I know this because several emailed me about signatures and dedication messages.

Unfortunately I can see no sign of any of these orders in my Paypal account and no money has been received. This is very strange as plainly my correspondents were under the impression they have successfully placed orders and paid. I am worried lest the account has been hijacked in some way I don’t understand.

I recently updated the email address on the account, and that may be the cause of the problems. But I can still enter the account and the details of historic attractions are all still there.

Can anyone who thinks they have ordered check their paypal accounts to see if the funds have indeed gone out, and if it gives any more info on the account to which they went?

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24 thoughts on “Catholic Orangemen Orders

  • craig Post author

    I hope not. If the money had come to me through Paypal as it should, I would not have received any credit card details.

  • Azra

    Craig, I want to order a book . Do I order it via your page or Amazon? I have a paypal account, and it takes the fund right from my bank account. I know when I opened my paypal my account was at, then one day strangely enough I could not even log into my account. I had to call Paypal, and they told me my account was at! I had not changed my account details so it was very weird, specially as some of my incoming e-mail would arrive in my in box and some would not!

  • Chezzy

    My PayPal account says that my payment to you is “unclaimed” and there is the option to “cancel”. Please see my email to you.

  • Azra

    Craig, what about sending cheques, Paypal cost, clearing a cheque does not cost anything, it involves of course a trip to the bank, but if Paypal is going to play up maybe you could let us have instructions as to where send a cheque??

  • Jean

    Like others above, I’ve made a PayPal payment to [email protected] (and this has been debited from my account). I don’t know whether this makes me one of your phantom payments or not – I can forward the PayPal receipt if this would be helpful / and if it will reach you at that address!

  • Edo

    Craig, you need to process the order in Paypal. I noticed this on an e-commerce site I worked on recently. Orders were piling up and it took a while for my client to notice there was a backlog in PayPal… Apparently that didnt use to happen… but did after a change was made to the setup.

    That would correlate with the “unclaimed” status of the people placing orders.

  • Andy

    Same as Chezzy the payment is unclaimed. Paypal site has following explanation for the ‘Unclaimed’ status


    Payments Sent: A payment may be unclaimed for several reasons:
    The recipient has not signed up to PayPal and has not yet received your payment
    The recipient has a PayPal Personal account (which cannot receive more than five debit or credit card-funded payments a year)
    The recipient hasn’t accepted the payment
    The recipient has chosen to individually accept or decline payments from customers who don’t have a confirmed postal address.
    The money has been deducted from your PayPal account. You can cancel this payment by clicking “Unclaimed” and then “Cancel Payment”. After 30 days unclaimed transactions are automatically cancelled.

  • Franz

    I avoid PayPal like the plague. I have heard various bad things about it.

    I ordered the book via an Amazon seller (liberallearning).

    I do recommend the book. I would say it’s shocking but nothing shocks me about our leaders any more. Funny and blunt too, as you’d expect.

  • Abe Rene

    I don’t like Paypal, having read cmplaints about it on the internet. Why not offer your books via amazon marketplace?

  • Azra

    Franz, I was going to order it through Amazon, then read what Craig said, that for every book sold through Amazon, he gets 0.80 , but if he sells the book he will get £ 3.50 for every book, more than 4 times! so will wait for his instruction, I think a cheque would do the trick, although most people do not use a cheque book any longer!

  • Franz

    Azra: darn it, and sorry Craig for depriving you of your rightful earnings.
    I assume the same is true of “Murder in Samarkand”. I bought this as a Christmas present for someone, again from Amazon. (I will probably buy another copy as I flipped through it and found it compelling: if so, I will order direct from Craig.)

  • can't read

    Please add a new post when you’ve sorted it out Craig. Been meaning to buy both books for a while.

  • glenn_uk

    I bought a couple of them via post using a cheque. Worked perfectly well, got the books (dedicated and signed) within a few days. Can’t understand why so many people think that spending a couple of minutes putting pen to paper is too much effort these days.

  • Little Bat

    Dear Craig,

    I am a regular reader and appreciate your blog. It seems to me that there should be a contribution button, where readers who wish can put in. I pay small but regular voluntary subscriptions to a number of good news sites and blogs.

    Usually I use paypal and it works well, but I do hear others saying there are issues.

    I could not send a chq because I don’t live in the UK.

  • Azra

    @Glenn, I agree, specially as paypal will charge the recepient of the money. Sadly cheques are not accepted in many places any more and electronic transactions is the norm.

  • Azra

    @Glenn, I tried to order, but there is no provisions for that! have e-mailed Craig , hopefully should receive a response..

  • Sam

    It might be worth removing your email from the comments posted here to stop it receiving too much spam

  • Azra

    John Goss: they are not particularly good value for money either!
    I remember when they decided to switch my email account without telling me, they just switched it from to, had to call them to see why I cannot log in, and of course had to spend half an hour waiting on the phone!

  • glenn_uk

    Craig: If sales are going well and you’re going for a second printing, may I respectfully ask whether you caught all the typos in the first printing? My edition has about 5, but I didn’t note their exact positions. If that’s about the number you have taken out since, it’s probably about right.

  • ChebaCow

    I wanna bugger someone. Whatever happened to that cute but dumb Irish colleen?

    I bought Catholic Orangemen and never had to pay.

    Got no shame.

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