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I am sorry there have been so few posts lately. I am terrifically busy. Yesterday I was up before dawn and back after midnight, having spent the day in Wales. Regular readers will realise that I am working on something I shan’t be able to blog about until it has come to fruition. I was most amused recently by a commenter who called me an “armchair critic.” I shall be in Germany, Brazil, Afghanistan and Ghana in the next two months.

Also I continue to dig into the extraordinary case of Adam Werritty and just why he was holding all those meetings with Matthew Gould, while Gould was Private Secretary to Miliband and then while he was Private Secretary to Hague, and then while he was UK Ambassador to Israel. I have new information, but as I am working on it with someone else quasi-mainstream I shan’t break it before they do. It is a story that really ought to be a television documentary, but given the mainstream media blackout, I was considering whether a podcast format might be a good way to get it further out there. But I need someone who can film it in a reasonably professional way, cutting in pictures, document extracts and interviews in a manner that looks good.

Any ideas or volunteers out there?

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  • crab

    Problem is Jon, if you keep removing Fedups trantrums, you make him appear more sensible than he is not. He can be provoked into flames and bluster, by just returning to him a little of the disrespect and self importance which features in most of his comments. Just “bowing out” and leaving poor quality comment flooders be suites them fine (especially in this suitably out of the way and very ot side thread).

  • Alan

    Hi Craig,

    it’s Alan from Norwich here.

    I know this is a little late, but if you need filming, editing, presentation, etc, get in contact. Should be able to provide all or most of this for free.

  • Fedup

    The stocks of plutonium highlight the extent of dishonesty and disinformation that is currency in the field of nuclear scaremongering. The megadeath industry offshoot of the nuclear industry as you rightly put is sixty years old.

    We now both agree; there is an urgent need for proliferation of civil nuclear power production. This proliferation ought to take place, under a regime of concurrent construction of PWR reactors, as well as research, and development of nuclear reactors construction, that could yield minimal/no waste, and to be capable of using the existing and disposed of spent fuels of the legacy reactors, which currently are classified as hazardous waste.

    The era for nuclear armed dick swinging is over, and nuclear arms the resultant of the mindsets of the generals who won/lost the last major war is well and truly past its usefulness. Therefore, in the brave new world, which we find ourselves in the mercy of corporate gouging practices, it is high time for the introduction of cheaper power to enable the human societies to advance in the various fields of technology/food/medicine/leisure/transportation/etc, which without access to cheap power would be improbable.

  • Other Mod

    I’m with Jon on this, Fedup, look at this:

    Crab you can fucking take it any which way you like included with Vaseline.

    And this:

    I may have given the wrong impression that I give a rats arse about your fucking brain farts. Nah I don’t.

    That’s not “robust”, it’s way more offensive than what you were responding to, and you’re out of order. Cut it out, or one of us mods will cut it out.

  • Jon

    @Fedup: @Other_Mod is saying that offensive messages will be removed. I’ve said it before but, given that we have a very liberal and free commenting policy here, it’s worth remembering that a little moderation provides for freer speech than promising not to delete anything. We should all be keeping our heads rather than abusing each other – even amongst well-meaning people there is a good deal of disagreement about how best to uphold truth and justice.

  • Jon

    @Alan – good on you for volunteering! I’d recommend you drop Craig a line, since he doesn’t always read to the bottom of each comment thread 🙂

  • Fedup

    Crab Said;
    “Sure edup, more dictation and piss taking from your incredible imagination. So do i take an “ordinary” punter’s uncomprehended, unreferencale techno blagging seriously? Or for example, “The Union of Concerned Scientists” literature?”
    edup = Fuckedup,

    Fedup Said;
    Crab you can fucking take it any which way you like included with Vaseline.

    Crab said
    vaseline ho ho. We will see how this not giving a shit will pan out on the blog…
    ……………………Obviously ive got my own mood. But that silly windbag deserves all the ridicule he has been getting and i dont see the worth of pretending to have sensible conversations with him.
    What gives is here?
    Is there some kind of secret circle of sorts operating here, for two mods to start laying the law down, with one of them going so far out as threatening to cut me out?

  • crab

    You wont realise anything if you just cut and paste to make yourself seem wronged fedup.

    Also lookout mods, because the 2 promising offers to Craig’s request in this thread could easily be lost to the busy man.

  • Fedup

    “You wont realise anything if you just cut and paste to make yourself seem wronged fedup.”
    Resistance is futile for Crab is the head of the secret circle, and its directions are not to be disobeyed.
    Well, chop, chop mods the pet Crab it say;”2 promising offers to Craig’s request in this thread could easily be lost to the busy man.”
    Best hurry and do as it says. (although Jon has already acknowledged but hey, Crab had not ordered and it don’t count)

  • crab

    I hadnt noticed Jon acknowledge Alan. Ive been a bit concerned about the situation because Craig has been hard to email, and could easily miss Tony and Alan’s and Stevie P’s responses here.

  • crab

    The grand fedup – Ive never assumed to know what mods should do about your, or my comments. You read my “see how this plays out” comment wrong. I just dont think you will last, posting lots of the type of thing you have been while not being able to take criticism the way you send it out.
    Regard Marys amazing output of relevant links, with almost none of her own pecadillos, and Writeons brilliantly composed, clarifying pieces go almost unnoticed. There are brilliant comments in these threads and there are ******s like you and i shouting our latest assertions over the top of them. Its a situation i am glad i dont have to moderate overall, just my own crabby avatar -if all too loosely.
    [Other Mod – offensive term removed]

  • Fedup

    “..and there are [O-Mod – Removed here, too] like you and i shouting our latest assertions over the top of them.”
    I am no grand or head of any sorts mate, you are the one sitting at the head of the circle, wearing your garb, and dabbling in the dark occults too; spurting divination here and there, and sucking up to the blog owner.

  • crab

    Fedup, there was your “meet the faulkerseque” “circle of the knowing”, and now a “secret circle” and i am “sitting at the head of the circle, wearing your garb, and dabbling in the dark occults”… im not in any circles, im a long time lurker who circulates poorly. Im a net addict who comments while lurking, a bit. I can see how ridiculous my words are and yours moreso! I think you at the very least need some original metaphors, too many circles now and wizardry is outdated.

  • Clark

    Fedup, thanks for the Tupolev Tu-119 link. It seems that the USSR attempts at nuclear aircraft reached about the same level of development as the similar US programme, before missiles rendered the whole concept redundant.
    Pity the crew:
    “…We’d all been irradiated, but we ignored it. Of the two test crews, only three men survived: a young navigator, a military navigator, and me. The first to go — a young technician — took only three years to die…”

  • Clark

    Fedup, regarding your 29 Jan, 9:07 pm comment, one hopeful outcome of molten salt reactor development would be the ability to burn decommissioned nuclear weapon cores for power – truly “swords into plough-shears” technology.

  • mark golding

    Put these in your pipe Mr Hague – and smoke it!

    US Vetoes of Resolutions Against Israel, 1972-2011.

    “…condemned Israel‘s attack against Southern against southern Lebanon and Syria…”
    “…affirmed the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination, statehood and equal protections…”
    “…condemned Israel‘s air strikes and attacks in southern Lebanon and its murder of innocent civilians…”
    “…called for self-determination of Palestinian people…”
    “…deplored Israel‘s altering of the status of Jerusalem, which is recognized as an international city by most world nations and the United Nations…”
    “…affirmed the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people…”
    “…endorsed self-determination for the Palestinian people…”
    “…demanded Israel‘s withdrawal from the Golan Heights…”
    “…condemned Israel‘s mistreatment of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip and its refusal to abide by the Geneva convention protocols of civilized nations…”
    “…condemned an Israeli soldier who shot eleven Moslem worshippers at the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount near Al-Aqsa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem…”
    “…urged sanctions against Israel if it did not withdraw from its invasion of Lebanon…”
    “…urged sanctions against Israel if it did not withdraw from its invasion of Beirut…”
    “…urged cutoff of economic aid to Israel if it refused to withdraw from its occupation of Lebanon…”
    “…condemned continued Israeli settlements in occupied territories in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, denouncing them as an obstacle to peace…”
    “…deplores Israel‘s brutal massacre of Arabs in Lebanon and urges its withdrawal…”
    “…condemned Israeli brutality in southern Lebanon and denounced the Israeli ‘Iron Fist’ policy of repression…”
    “…denounced Israel‘s violation of human rights in the occupied territories…”
    “…deplored Israel‘s violence in southern Lebanon…”
    “…deplored Israel‘s activities in occupied Arab East Jerusalem that threatened the sanctity of Muslim holy sites…”
    “…condemned Israel‘s hijacking of a Libyan passenger airplane…”
    “…deplored Israel‘s attacks against Lebanon and its measures and practices against the civilian population of Lebanon…”
    “…called on Israel to abandon its policies against the Palestinian intifada that violated the rights of occupied Palestinians, to abide by the Fourth Geneva Conventions, and to formalize a leading role for the United Nations in future peace negotiations…”
    “…urged Israel to accept back deported Palestinians, condemned Israel‘s shooting of civilians, called on Israel to uphold the Fourth Geneva Convention, and called for a peace settlement under UN auspices…”
    “…condemned Israel‘s… incursion into Lebanon…”
    “…deplored Israel‘s… commando raids on Lebanon…”
    “…deplored Israel‘s repression of the Palestinian intifada and called on Israel to respect the human rights of the Palestinians…”
    “…deplored Israel‘s violation of the human rights of the Palestinians…”
    “…demanded that Israel return property confiscated from Palestinians during a tax protest and allow a fact-finding mission to observe Israel‘s crackdown on the Palestinian intifada…”
    “…called for a fact-finding mission on abuses against Palestinians in Israeli-occupied lands…”
    “…confirmed that the expropriation of land by Israel, the occupying power, in East Jerusalem was invalid, and called upon the Government of Israel to rescind the expropriation orders and refrain from such action in the future.”
    “…called on Israel to abide scrupulously by its legal obligations and responsibilities under the 1949 Geneva Convention” and to refrain from it’s policy of settlement expansion which “alter facts on the ground pre-empting final status negotiations, and have negative implications for the Middle East Peace Process;”
    “…demanded that Israel immediately cease construction of the Jabal Abu Ghneim settlement in East Jerusalem as well as other Israeli settlement activities in the occupied territories.”
    “… requested an unarmed UN Observer force to be sent to the West Bank to help protect Palestinian civilians.”
    “…requested the sending of a human rights monitoring force to the Occupied Territories and condemned all acts of terror, extra-judiciary killing, excessive use of force and house demolitions. Also expressed it determination to contribute to ending the violence and to prompting dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian sides.
    “…condemned the killing by the Israeli occupying forces of
    several UN employees” and demanded that Israel, complied fully with the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War” and “refrained from the excessive and disproportionate use of force in the Occupied Palestinian Territory;”
    “…demanded that Israel ceased threats to deport or harm Yasser Arafat, the elected President of the Palestinian Authority;”
    “…decides that the construction by Israel, the occupying Power, of a wall in the Occupied Territories departing from the armistice line of 1949 is illegal under relevant provisions of international law and must be ceased and reversed;”
    “…condemned Israel for the extra-judicial executions that killed Sheikh Ahmed Yassin along with six other Palestinians outside a mosque in Gaza City and calls for a complete cessation of extra-judicial executions by Israel
    “…condemned the military incursion into Gaza and demanded the immediate cessation of all military operations in the area of Northern Gaza and the withdrawal of the Israeli occupying forces from that area;
    “…condemned all acts of violence, terror and destruction during the Gaza conflict including rocket attacks by Hamas into Israel and the military assault being carried out by Israel.”
    “…called upon the Palestinian Authority to take immediate and sustained action to bring an end to violence, including the firing of rockets on Israeli territory. Called upon Israel to immediately cease its military operations within Gaza and to immediately withdraw its forces to to positions prior to 28 June 2006, and expressed grave concern about the dire humanitarian situation of the Palestinian people.”
    declared Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories were illegal and a “major obstacle to the achievement of a just, lasting and comprehensive peace”.

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