Werritty/Miliband: They Were All In It

by craig on January 5, 2012 10:42 am in Uncategorized

David Miliband and William Hague are implicated in three entirely new Adam Werritty/Matthew Gould meetings admitted by the FCO in response to one of my FOI requests. Gould’s meetings with Werritty, in his capacity as Principal Private Secretary to first Miliband and then Hague, were entirely left out of Gus O’Donnell’s “investigation” into Werritty’s activities.

I have now received the following FCO response to my Freedom of Information request on Gould/Werritty:

Thank you for your email of 24 November 2011 asking for “all communications in either direction ever made between Matthew Gould and Adam Werritty, specifically including communications made outside government systems”. I am writing to confirm that we have now completed the search for the information which you requested.

I can confirm that the FCO does hold some information relevant to your request.

There are entries in diaries indicating that there were two meetings at which Mathew Gould and Mr Werritty were both present while he was serving as Principal Private Secretary to the Foreign Secretary on 8 September 2009 and 16 June 2010.

Since Mr Gould was appointed as HM Ambassador to Israel on 11 September 2010 there were three further instances on 1 and 27 September 2010 in London and a dinner on 6 February 2011 in Tel Aviv. The meeting on 1 September and the dinner on 6 September are already matters of public record as they are included in the report by the Cabinet Secretary “Allegations against Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP” published on 18 October 2011. Mr Gould attended the Herzliya Conference in his official capacity. Mr Werritty was also a participant. This is already a matter of public record.

The FCO holds no information relating to written communication (either electronic or mail) between Matthew Gould and Adam Werritty at any point.

So Gould attended one meeting with Werritty as David Miliband’s Principal Private Secretary, and one as William Hague’s Principal Private Secretary. Private Secretaries in the civil service do not hold meetings on their own account. It would be very peculiar indeed for a Private Secretary to meet an outside lobbyist on his own, or to formally meet on business anyone outside the civil service without his minister’s permission. Even then, I cannot stress too much how rare this would be; the FCO has batteries of civil servants covering all subjects and geographical areas; private secretaries do not normally meet outsiders except when accompanying their minister.

What was Miliband’s business with Werritty? Does it relate to the later meeting between Werritty, Gould, Fox and Mossad at the Tel Aviv meeting? Does David Miliband’s involvement with Werritty explain the ludicrous charges of anti-semitism levelled at Paul Flynn from within his own party when he tried to dig deeper into what Gould and Werritty were up to?

Those who can count will realise that the FCO letter refers to two instances where Gould met Werritty before he became Ambassador to Israel, and three after being appointed Ambassador, but actually lists four not three – 1 and 27 September 2010 and 6 February 2011, plus the Herzilya Conference from 4-6 February 2011 (this is not the same event as the Tel Aviv dinner as it took place in a quite different town).

Either the meeting on 1 September or 27 September is a new admission. The O’Donnell report refers to only one September meeting, the infamous “briefing meeting” for Gould in the MOD between Gould, Fox and Werritty. Just before Christmas, Caroline Lucas obtained a parliamentary answer that stated there was no MOD official present at that meeting and no record was taken. The FCO letter above is the first admission of a second September meeting.

The FCO list omits the “social occasion” in summer 2010 to which Fox invited both Gould and Werritty, despite the fact that this had already been revealed in a parliamentary answer to Jeremy Corbyn. Presumably it is omitted from this Freedom of Information request because there is no written record of it within the Foreign Office. That might also explain the extraordinary omission of the “We Believe in Israel” conference in London which Fox, Gould and Werritty all attended shortly after the Herzilya Conference in Israel. In this context, am I the only one to find the formula: “The FCO holds no information relating to written communication (either electronic or mail) between Matthew Gould and Adam Werritty at any point” somewhat unconvincing. Have they even asked Gould about communications outside the FCO system?

We now have these Gould/Werritty meetings:

1) 8 September 2009 as Miliband’s Principal Private Secretary (omitted from O’Donnell report)
2) 16 June 2010 as Hague’s Principal Private Secretary (omitted from O’Donnell report)
3) A “social occasion” in summer 2010 with Gould, Fox and Werritty (omitted from above and omitted from O’Donnell report)
4) 1 September 2010 in London (only one September meeting in O’Donnell report)
5) 27 September 2010 in London (only one September meeting in O’Donnell report)
6) 4-6 February 2011 Herzilya Conference Israel (omitted from O’Donnell report)
7) 6 February 2011 Tel Aviv dinner with Mossad and Israeli military
8 15 May 2011 “We believe in Israel” conference London (omitted from above and omitted from O’Donnell report)

Only two of these eight were recorded by Gus O’Donnell in his pathetic “investigation” into the Fox Werritty affair.

It is simply impossible that Matthew Gould, a senior British diplomat, attended all of these meetings and events, yet no formal minute or note of any of them exists. Yet that is what the FCO appears to be claiming. In particular the meetings as Principal Private Secretary on 8 September 2009 and 16 June 2010 simply must have been minuted. The FCO admit they hold diary entries detailing participation, but so far have not responded to my request to release them.

I have no doubt that the near total blackout on serious media investigation into what Werritty was really up to, relates directly to the fact that he was meeting with Gould as Private Secretary to both Miliband and Hague, in this sense. There is a silent cross-party agreement among the political establishment to ally the UK strongly with the interests of Israel (and thus against the interests of the Palestinians). Werritty’s activities were therefore countenanced by both New Labour and Conservative leaderships, and the nebulous “Establishment”, including the mainstream media, have closed ranks around this.

My sources within the civil service remain adamant that the purpose of all this activity was diplomatic preparation for an attack on Iran. When those sources first contacted me, and told me to look at Gould Werritty, I genuinely had no idea that Gould and Werritty had any connection. Getting the information has been extremely difficult, but I have proven that the Gould/Werritty connection was indeed far more extensive than the Establishment were prepared to admit, and directly implicated Miliband and Hague with Werritty. It was deliberately underplayed by Gus O’Donnell’s report, in a blatant act of political lying by the then Cabinet Secretary.

I still do not have positive evidence that the purpose of this activity is an attack on Iran, but I trust my source and his or her tip-off that the place to dig was the Gould-Werritty relationship has proven to be entirely accurate. It ties in with information I have received from another source, this time a senior journalist whom again I trust, that Werritty met with Robert Gates on two occasions. I would be grateful if any of my US-based readers could try to track that down using FOI.

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  1. Good morning Craig, my good friend Roy tells me there is a media blackout in the States with news thousands of American soldiers are heading to Israel.


  2. Rocki, this was also reported on press tv website. troops heading to Israel…

  3. Thank Craig,
    Craig you marvellous sleuth, you have been digging for Gould there, and it appears the whole stinking lot of the bastards are implicated to a lesser or greater degree, in this sordid and squalid affair.
    Fact that David Milliband was/is involved too, can help clarify/shape the questions to be asked.
    “the big mistake of the century” “If this rhetoric spins out of control, if there are incidents in the Persian Gulf or the Strait of Hormuz that lead to wider hostilities, as night follows the day, this could spin not only into a regional war but even farther; and… of Israel, I fear, may cease to exist,” Ray McGovern told Press TV US Desk.
    The above interview clarifies some of the potential scenarios.
    So far as troop movements to Isreal goes, this could be in preparation for operation Libyaing Syria, which itself is coming apart in the seams.
    we need to get busy digging more now.

  4. “This is insanity!”
    What is not in this world!.

  5. Excellent Craig! Your persistence is starting to bear fruit. I’m not surprised about the Milliband involvement after the way a decent MP, Paul Flynn, was pulled over the coals and more or less made to apologise to that right-wing neo-shit, Robert Halfon. It strikes me that we get the same whatever we ask for. Who pulls the strings and what money is behind a party that gives a choice of one or the other of two Millibands? It has to be Zionist money.

    Rocki, I got that message last night about the US sending a fleet and soldiers to Israel. It’s very worrying. At the same time the Israli’s were talking about shutting down a nuclear power station to prevent an attack. Could this US threat have anything to do with South Korea buying oil from Iran despite sanctions.


  6. http://theoccupationofpalestine.blogspot.com/2011/09/iran-how-would-us-led-iran-war-begin.html

    Video :Well worth sitting up and listening to how a U.S. invasion of Iran would kick off

    Thank-you Craig for your great work.

  7. Well done Craig! You point out that “There is a silent cross-party agreement among the political establishment to ally the UK strongly with the interests of Israel (and thus against the interests of the Palestinians). Werritty’s activities were therefore countenanced by both New Labour and Conservative leaderships, and the nebulous “Establishment”, including the mainstream media, have closed ranks around this”.

    In other words, here is a specific – and very important – example of a situation in which citizens of the UK have no say whatsoever in their government’s policies. For regardless of whether one votes for Labour or Conservatives (and I have little doubt Liberal Democrats either) one will get exactly the same outcome: alliance with Israel, right or wrong, and aggression against Iran.

    Democracy? What “democracy”???

  8. David Miliband denies visiting family in West Bank settlement

    By Bernard Josephs and Simon Griver Tel Aviv

    The Jewish Chronicle, 22/11/2007

    A report that Foreign Secretary David Miliband took time out to dine with relatives at a Jewish settlement in the West Bank threatened to overshadow his visit to the region this week.
    The report, strenuously denied, was broadcast on Israeli Army Radio and comes in the run-up to the Annapolis peace summit next Tuesday. The British government has made clear its opposition to the building of settlements in the occupied territories, and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has pledged a settlement freeze.

    A spokesman for the British embassy said that, although Mr Miliband had relatives in Israel, he dined with them in Tel Aviv. “The Foreign Minister was in Jericho on Saturday to meet Palestinian Authority leaders. He certainly was not at any West Bank settlements.”
    One of the relatives, David Landau, an insurance agent, said he was at the Tel Aviv dinner. “We are very proud of the Milibands, even if we do not always agree with their political positions on Israel,” he said.
    Mr Landau added that most of Mr Miliband’s relatives in Israel are Orthodox, including some West Bank settlers. “But he has no direct connection with them,” he insisted. Both British and Israeli officials declared that Mr Miliband’s visit — the first since he became Foreign Secretary — had been productive.
    After meeting him, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni described talks about the summit and on the threat posed by Iran as “very fruitful”.
    Mr Miliband said that the opportunities presented by the summit “don’t come along very often”, and that it was very important that the international community provide “practical and political support for the two parties”.

    EX http://radioislam.org/islam/english/jewishp/britain/miliband_jewish.htm

  9. Simon Jenkins.
    Why is Britain ramping up sanctions against Iran?
    Sabre-rattling at Washington’s behest is an idiocy, and likely to do little other than escalate the steps to open conflict

    Comments (743)

  10. Why the surprise?
    80% of Tories are openly members of Friends of Israel.
    That means 80% of the ruling party and a substantial slice of the opposition take their orders from Israel.
    This is known, so what is the new information.
    It just tells us what we already know using other words.

  11. Yes, the media blackout has been alarming, but I managed to get Private Eye and the Morning Star to do a piece. I seem to remember someone on another thread saying that Red Pepper (a left/socialist magazine) had covered it. And of course the Indie, probably the only MSM outlet to cover it. Any others that come to mind?

  12. An indightment of democratic values as they exist, a sad day for main party politcs. My thanks to Paul Flynn and caroline Lucas for baring the wrath of the purporters of israely foreign policy, for defending the real interest of the realm, whatever that entails.

    I shall now take a five second break, stand up and salute your principled actions in support of Britains interest, for visualising the smeary relationship Labour and Conservatives keep behind their playfull sharade of playing opposition and fooling voters.

    This is the most powerfull case one could ever make for the rise of Independent MP’s, the nail in the coffin for these self serving puppets who front dogma at us but are really leaving foreign policy and decisions as to what amounts to British interests, to Israel.

    The FCO would have forseen this article and informed the MSM about it, the Guardian will still lick backsides, not so sure about the Independent, so do not expect them to fall over themselves.

    Where is Adam Werritty? If he has anything to say and if there is nothing behind this story, why does he not speak out? Why be frit, why hide if you have nothing to hide? Not that any newspaper seem to care what happened to one of the most important political interlopers and neocon adjudants. He has disappeared for month and nobody raises questions?

    what if Jeremy Paxman disappears for three month, or that other Jeremy, him with the big piston type head and nothing in it? would they equally not care?

    How about an old fashioned Hyde Park Corner event Craig, I think you have earned a good hourly spot with this exposee?
    I would compare this scandal to the profumo affair, indeed the revellations will make for far more damage, imho.

    look after yourself.

  13. Ronert Gates, is he the CIA guy?

  14. “There is a silent cross-party agreement among the political establishment to ally the UK strongly with the interests of Israel (and thus against the interests of the Palestinians).”

    And thus, of course, against the interests of the UK. Let us not forget that. Israel’s enemies are NOT our enemies despite what the cretin Fox would have us believe.

  15. larry Levin

    5 Jan, 2012 - 1:01 pm

    Didn’t some ex KGB guy buy the independent newspaper?

  16. This looks like the nuts and bolts of the UK end of a political/diplomatic fix on war with Iran, for when it is finally precipitated. Iran’s refusal to be provoked thus far demonstrates monumental restraint, but there must come a point where they feel compelled to defend their interests. I wonder what casus belli we will be presented with?

  17. Luverly!
    And on Twelfth Night too!
    You made my Christmas.

  18. yes he does, Larry, whats your point? Robert Maxwell spoke seven languages and some say he was a engaged with secret services, the MSM and intelligence services have a symbiotic relationship, always had.

  19. The reason why we don’t see this stuff in the media, is they own the media. And what they don’t own, they control. The little they don’t control they censure. The few that aren’t censured are sidelined.

    The solution is to make our own media, and to promote it.

  20. Our internet media.

  21. Wikispooks, we now have to expect an escalation, not just in words but in actions. The gulf of Hormutz, the Gholan heights, in Gaza, and in Syria, the latter by an ‘accident’of sort.

    I’m also impressed by the massive restraint shown by Iran in the face of all this readying for manouvres. Russia’s Black sea fleet is taking part in a manouvre in the Ionian sea this Thursday.


  22. Nothing like getting it straight from the horses mouth, some interesting links to follow. I noticed also on this blog under another article Blair is mooching around down there on a ‘peace mission’

  23. I just wanted to acknowledge how very helpful it is when readers post a link to articles here into RELEVANT and current comment streams in mainstream media sites. The link from the comments section of this Indie article http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/adrian-hamilton/adrian-hamilton-the-more-we-talk-of-war-with-iran-the-more-likely-it-becomes-6284980.html has brought several hundred readers already. It is a great way to attract new readers.

  24. So well done, Jeni Parsons.

  25. Congratulations, Craig. I suspect the Miliband meeting may be key to extracting more details: I can understand Hague wanting contact with Fox’s man, but Miliband?

  26. ‘Werritty/Miliband: They Were All In It’
    I suppose it could be said that ‘they were all in it together’.

  27. Re.Woody above. Craig has defined with great care the covens of traitors. Their venomous words are yet to be seen in print – if ever. We have become inured to treason, but treason it is.

    On the way to the 1936 Olympics with its legacy of concrete and regiments of security guards, visitors should pass the Tower wherein will be ensconced the trio plus a Miliband. No Beefeaters outside, but SO19 instead with sub-machine guns slung.

    And these creatures gather at war memorials to honour the selfless dead. There are no words.

  28. Craig, is it possible that a D-Notice has been issued to the media? I guess since the Indie has published, that would be a no – but if that is the case, one would hope the Guardian would have followed with its own report. Perhaps they’re still mad at you 😉

  29. deepgreenpuddock

    5 Jan, 2012 - 3:17 pm

    Somehow it is a somewhat underwhelming thesis that the Fox and Werrity. (Seriously- does anyone imagines that someone of the calibre of Werrity is anything but a compliant nark, pimp and gopher), and that the policy is ‘contiinuous’ regardless of the party that provides the faces that occupy the nominal positions of state.
    The great merit of Nulabour was that they could not do the ‘pretence’ thing as well as the Tories, and succumbed to the kind of contorted mental processes that led to Blair’s tortured adoption of supernatural explanations of the world by an organisation so irredeemabley discredited as Church of Rome, and who cannot be aware of the unspoken cynicism, etched on their faces, that others like Straw and Reid unwittingly reveal. A matter of style is all that defines our political choices.
    We are all no doubt, watching, if in some desultory way, the ‘ongwangs’ of the Republican party in Iowa and who could imagine for a a moment that any of these comedic craturs holds the kind of personal qualities that would allow them to change policy direction in the face of the kind of entrenched pre-existing interests that exist in Washington. I was thinking of Ron Paul-but it applies to all of the candidates. It is a side-show-it may even be a game that is taken seriously-in the same way that football is a game taken seriously by so many. (Fun is serious after all ad we can all admire and enjoy the slick or deft moves tha mark a good game.
    When we look at the charade that the US democracy has slid into, with religious crackpots, glorified office administrators, and shrill, harping mediocrities vying for the pole position, what can it mean? Can it mean that there is any substance to the idea of an independent parliament in the UK, except perhaps on the outer edges. Can it mean that our politicians are just simple people who, at the highest level, makes decisions, having already been screened and moulded and bought into the system of rewards and status that ensures compliance to an established value system. independence of thought is actively and progressively eliminated as the jokers pass their tests.
    How can anyone imagine for a moment that an individual such as the President /PM is anything but a symbol who represents and articulates the power of the state or gets destroyed. Why are we so surprised by the absurd volte-faces of Obama and the bare faced invention that preceded the Iraq war. I am pretty sure that there is a moment in the lives of all those who pass to positions of nominal power, where they realise, or are informed in no uncertain terms , that the guillotine, bullet or a premature terminal disease awaits anyone with the idea of acting independently.
    Is it a surprise that Cameron had a training in PR. is it a surprise that Brown’s ‘failure’ was defined in terms of his personal relations deficiencies- and Blair’s ‘success’ was defined in terms of his oleaginous ability to summon up and ‘persuade’ the kinds of people who would comply with his ‘understanding’ of his role.
    is it a great surprise that his closest confidante was a PR man. i.e. Campbell.

    For anyone prepared to follow the story it has been clear for some time (years) that Iran is a strategic target of the west.
    The discovery of the furtive machinations of the alley runners and creeps who do the gophering, is really probably irrelevant at this point interesting though it may be. The arrival of US troops in Israel is rather obviously to neutralise Hezbollah. With retrospect, the last engagement with Hezbollah has revealed that such a strengthening was necessary and it may even be the case tat it was decided to postpone the Iran action from Bush’s time because Hezbollah turned out to be too hot to handle and might inflict serious damage on Israel.
    What about Egypt? Well it seems likely that urgent action is necessary , while Mubarak’s military are still in control and before some MB dominated entity comes to power, the actions of which are not predictable.

    Unfortunately there is a strong whiff of the same kind of fevered perspective that perceives Jews at the epicentre of some sinister and evil grand plan for destruction and domination of innocent and righteous people. (The Protocols of the elders of zion etc) I think it is important to understand that Jews are no better (or only slightly so) at plotting and manipulating, than anyone else, and that Christians and Moslems are no more righteous than Jews, or any other group for that matter. Secret societies, elitism and manipulation are prevalent in all of human activity.

    The essential nature of career progress with the parliamentary system ( by being a Friend of Israel) is a way of signalling that the person has understood the pragmatic nature of plotting, alignment, lobbying, manipulation, and the dirty process of policy development, connections to the past and to cultural definitions and its incremental possibilities and limits, and has rejected the kind of quasi-religious affiliations and sensitivities and prejudices that was so prevalent in the late nineteenth century and early 20th century that led to the nightmare of the holocaust. In many ways that is certainly right, as it is an indicator of immaturity. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t a plot or conspiracy.

  30. About 10 minutes ago I put a link to this blog on Peter Oborne’s article about the left losing the plot. Comments are moving very fast so it might not be seen.

  31. Ah, here is Martin Bright in miserable form. I suspect this indicates why the JC didn’t take your article, Craig!

  32. Thanks for that link Jon. I love the paragraph:
    “But one political event above all others will continue to have consequences for the Jewish community and supporters of Israel, and that is the Werritty Affair. When it became clear that the activities of the self-styled adviser to Defence Secretary Liam Fox had been funded by pro-Israel Tory businessmen, the spectre of Jewish conspiracy theory loomed over British politics. Jewish businessmen Mick Davis, Poju Zabludowicz and Michael Lewis were known to be furious that they had been represented as “lobbyists” when their donations had been solicited by figures at the highest level of the Tory Party.”

    My question about figures at the top-level of the Tory party, as with the Milliband brothers in an earlier comment, is: Who put them there? And Peter Oborne is right.

  33. Bright is so deep in the mire, he cannot or will not see the treason. Instead the old cry of ‘anti Semitism’ comes forth from the JC.
    …But one political event above all others will continue to have consequences for the Jewish community and supporters of Israel, and that is the Werritty Affair. When it became clear that the activities of the self-styled adviser to Defence Secretary Liam Fox had been funded by pro-Israel Tory businessmen, the spectre of Jewish conspiracy theory loomed over British politics. Jewish businessmen Mick Davis, Poju Zabludowicz and Michael Lewis were known to be furious that they had been represented as “lobbyists” when their donations had been solicited by figures at the highest level of the Tory Party.
    And so we return to the comments of Labour MP Paul Flynn, who tried drag UK envoy Matthew Gould into the scandal by suggesting that meetings he held with Mr Werritty and Dr Fox in some way sinister. Why sinister? Because Mr Gould is Jewish and must therefore have been in league with Mr Werrity’s neo-Con and Zionist backers to bomb Iran. Sadly, 2011 will be remembered as the year in which the ancient poison of antisemitism bubbled up into mainstream British politics.

  34. Snap, Mary.

  35. Jon,
    I think you are totally wrong, and you know it too, admit it now.
    Craig just cannot string two sentences together that is worth publishing, bu such august publications.
    Irony pips.
    Thanks for the link Jon.
    PS Note Halfon seems to be the point man/witch finder pursuivant.
    PPS Janner in All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia, now that is really funny.

  36. Passerby : There is surely no Islamophobia in UK.Well at least not amongst the politicians!

  37. @arsalan – yes to internet media, but it is not enough – not yet anyway. Most opinion-forming is done offline, both on the box and in dead-tree format. Pressure must be brought to bear on those outlets, either by the few decent journals out there (Private Eye) or via pressure groups (Media Lens).

  38. @David Halpin. How can one fail to extract DNA from abody that has been dead for approx. 4 month? There seem to be some reluctance to identify the body found on the Sandringham estate.

    I wonder whetehr the person was in any way involved with the household there.

  39. Uzbek in the UK

    5 Jan, 2012 - 4:47 pm

    @ Jon
    Considering that most of British public watching either BBC or Sky (including me apparently) and read Sun and Daily Mail it would be hard to imagine what impact few decent journals or pressure groups can do. Let us face this that in case there are parliamentary elections tomorrow either of two main parties will form a government (in the best case with the help of third party).
    Lets look at Mr Murray himself. He has been cut off virtually all mainstream media. I have not seen him for ages commenting on anything, although in the last few years there clearly have been number of issues on which his comments would have made at least interesting contribution. And he is no exception. Everything you can see or read on the mainstream media (mind you the main opinion making and election scenario directing sources for most of the public) is in tact with what our establishment needs. Yes, sometimes crooks like Fox are sacrificed to make us feel that we live in fare and free environment. But this is one big illusion.

  40. @Uzbek – yes, I agree with that in the main. However I don’t agree that Private Eye exerts no pressure at all – that may have been the reason, along with Craig’s blogging, why the Independent felt able to go ahead. Ditto pressure groups – I think ML has had some positive effects, with insiders in the media saying that liberal journalists/editors were “looking over their shoulder” a bit more.
    I think some intelligently directed funding towards media activism would pay dividends over the long run, in terms of progressive wins.

  41. This should be compulsory reading for all of the warmongers contemplating more warfare.
    The Plight of Iraqi Children
    by Adnan Al-Daini / January 5th, 2012
    The sectarian and ethnic divisions among Iraqi politicians have now become so deep that trust across the sectarian and ethnic schisms, Shia, Sunni, Kurdish, is now practically non-existent. Any action or statement by any politician, whether well-intentioned or not, is viewed through this destructive prism. Where do we go from here? Is there any action that all politicians could agree upon that could not possibly be interpreted as suspicious?
    Of all the statistics that describe the devastation wreaked upon Iraq by the illegal war, I find the figures describing the plight of Iraqi children the most troubling and heart-wrenching. These children are the ones who will determine what sort of future Iraq will have. Their well-being, or lack of it, will impact on the lives of all Iraqis regardless of sect, religion, or ethnicity.
    A study by the Iraqi Society of Psychiatrists in collaboration with the World Health Organization found that 70% of children (sample 10,000) in the Sha’ab section of North Baghdad are suffering from trauma-related symptoms.

  42. Alltogether now…
    Have one comments ‘awaiting moderation’ here. Simon Tisdall is raising the issue of war with Iran just now.

  43. Deepgreenpuddock,
    Deception has always been a precursor to power since Hebrew Egyptian Pharaohs inscribed the Testament scrolls and changed Canaan to Israel.

    While Abdul Halim Khaddam remains frustrated with the Arab League’s mission in Syria, America is attempting to strangle Iran’s economy past a tipping point designed to undermine her restraint. EU officials have reached a preliminary agreement, backed by the United States, to impose an embargo on the Iranian oil exports that make up 60 percent of the country’s revenues.
    Khaddam is considered an opposition leader to the current Syrian regime by the United States and the EU. In an interview on Israel’s channel 2 TV, Khaddam acknowledged that he received money and help from the U.S. and Britain in order to overthrow the Syrian regime.
    The oil embargo may leave Tehran without its second largest market since the EU states buy 450,000 barrels of Iranian oil per day (bpd). China, the main customer of Iranian oil, has already cut its orders by more than half this month.
    Starving an entity or country is a well proven tactic of warfare that precipitates fight or surrender.

  44. Spot on arsalan
    5 Jan, 2012 – 12:42 pm

  45. Methuselah Now

    5 Jan, 2012 - 6:15 pm

    HI craig,

    I know it’s slow and takes more effort, and in no way is it a suggestion to not continue your existing single-minded focus, but as a dual path, you might want to pursue here:


    As an example of the hill to climb, remember how many years it took for Heather Brooke’s to achieve her most important work, the hurdles and constant challenges, as well as the whole murdoch-hacking affair, which is still playing out, but eventually, you have to know, as long as you stay you, you will prevail……………

    Yours kindly,


  46. Ingo – I have also placed a link to this article on Simon Tisdall’s piece – but if it hasn’t been moderated within a very few minutes I shall be very surprised. They don’t like Craig – probably because he gets closer to the truth than their hacks do.

    Jeni Parsons (alias havantaclu)

  47. Thanks Havantaclu, I have not been back there yet but don’t expect them to let it go through.
    But, I posted under my pseudonym on the political parties Independent thread of politcs .co.uk and added the link, see what happens.
    Politics co. uk is quiet lame and they do not like hard issues much. Anything they can’t read up about is a little hard to comprehend for some over there it seems, early days yet.

  48. Just been denied access and chucked out by the Guardian, not even with signing in was I able to get on to the thread, they must have some powerfull electronic measures at their hand.
    Will try again later.

  49. Good stuff. This will make a nice footnote to the History of the Third(?) Anglo-Iranian war.

  50. The media reports were all that Gates was opposed to an attack on Iran.

  51. I’ve just made what I consider to be quite a clever response to somebody called Leo999, who is clearly in favour of an attack on Iran.
    Response to Leo999, 5 January 2012 06:11PM
    Your attitude itself is belligerent and your knowledge of history warped. I know the human rights records of Iran leave much to be desired and I’ve written to the Iranian Embassy probably on more occasions than you. but I don’t denigrate a media report because it isn’t Reuters. Reuters and our own press and government are biased and only let us know what they want us to know. For example, where would you learn about news stories like this.
    Wouldn’t it be supressed by the neocon-Zionist warmongers of whom you clearly approve?”
    It’s clever because if it stays up it gets the link to this blog in the public eye, but if it is taken down it proves my point.

  52. So now we’re heading for war with Iran. The West’s on a militaristic roll after the thrilling success of the Libyan campaign. Oh, how the ordinary Libyans must be intoxicated with the sweet air of freedom once more after the long, dark, years of tyranny.

    Can the juggernaut of war against Iran be stopped now that it’s gathering momentum? I seriously doubt it, as there is no opposition any longer, and this is linked to the demise of meaningful democracy. A few of the trappings are left, but, in reality, precious little substance. The people the demos, their views mean next to nothing, and anyway nobody is asking them or really cares what they think. As long as they stay off the streets and remain passive the ruling elite are happy and firmly in charge, and can do almost whatever they please, as Libya proved, and this is after Iraq!

    Obviously the US/UK/Israel can attack Iran with close to impunity. Iran cannot really fight back because that might trigger an even more brutal, bloody, and destructive response from the West, perhaps even the use of nuclear weapons, which would act as a terrible lesson to the rest of the world about the consequences of provoking the empire. Iran could stand as a truly terrible example to the world of what the empire is capable of, like destoying Carthage.

    And Obama can “get away” with attacking Iran, something some Republican, after Afghanistan and Iraq would have difficulty with, which is probably why Obama was elevated to the status of Caesar by the empire’s leading families.

    The question isn’t whether Iran will be attacked and destroyed, but how and when. There’s also the little matter of the Russian and Chinese reaction. Do they just sit back passively and let the US crush Iran, don’t they understand they are also in line for regime change and democracy too? Surely they are going to begin to feel lonely as one by one those nations that remain independent of the Western empire are picked off one by one?

  53. I should have added my previous comment was a response to:

    “Iran could be bluffing in the strait of Hormuz – but can US risk calling it?”

    by Simon Tisdall at the Guardian.

  54. A pretence here that Gould was speaking out against the settlements.
    UK Embassy in Israel
    UK envoy slams, retracts criticism of J’lem building
    01/03/2012 20:33

    The only problem is that there was no new announcement of a new construction project beyond the Green Line.

  55. some points on the Werrity/Gould fiasco and the blog comments
    – that “traitor” is raised as an issue but who will try that one out in a UK court or at the European Court or at the UN..?
    None/ ingenting /nada / rien was the reaction in media or anywhere to Blair standing on the Speakers podium at the Congress of the United States of America and pledging on oath “his country..(!!)to the american cause
    – the american (pnac) cause at the time pre-bombing Baghdad was and then effectively became the result to halt Hussein getting Euro’s for the UN permitted “humanitarian” oil
    – pity the Euro folks didn’t wake up to that move quickly enough to save on the obvious complete collapse of money economy designed by the fed courtesy of Milton Friedman all those except the cheese eating monkeys who now seem quite content to be part of the Quartet – playing on the fiddle?

    Craig – if you want to follow up on the “The Catholic Orangeman” I’ve got a piece ready to go about the recent “discovery” about goings on in a community in the west of england.. + lots of about ongoing Petitions at Parliament to put a stop to the money spinning activity of certain Roll A parliamentary agents.. + do you know any good pro bono type media lawyers that will help out with undoing part of confusion at the BBC..?
    email address as posted

  56. Mary, I read that article and agree it was a pretence. It’s just so he can say I nearly went against Israel on this one.
    As regards my link to this blog in The Guardian as a comment to the Simon Tisdall piece it is still there, I’m happy to say. I’m quite pleased with The Guardian publishing my epetition last week calling for the resignation of Dominic Grieve over the Dr David Kelly death.
    Perhaps Craig could heal any rift, if there is one, with a measured approach. I don’t know but might be worth a try.

  57. Yes, I know the source isn’t exactly impartial, but it gives Russia’s view of Western foreign policy. Sometimes it’s good to get a different perspective.

    If true, it’s something to keep an eye on.

    If someone can re-assure me that the pieces of a big nasty aren’t being slipped into place, I’d be mightily relieved!

    Given the location, I would say Syria is the first target, although I wouldn’t rule out intervention of some sort in Egypt. The Arab Spring has forced the Empire’s hand: it needs to act to secure the remaining markets and oil supplies. Afghanistan was chapter one, but the unstable situation in Egypt, also in Bahrain and Yemen, and to a lesser extent Tunisia and even Saudi itself, has meant a rush to Chapters Libya and, as I say, probably Syria, in the first instance. I think the Iranian coda is a while off yet, although with neocon/Zionist psychopaths, you never know.

  58. so far i’ve emailed my mp 3-4 times about this whole can of worms. no reply.

  59. Thеу [Adam Werritty аnԁ Liam Fox] wеrе both guests аt a fund-raising dinner last year аt thе Mandarin Oriental hotel attended bу U.S. defence industry lobbyists аnԁ military officials, thе Daily Telegraph revealed.
    A spokesman fοr Dr Fox ѕаіԁ thаt hе hаԁ bееn attending thе event іn a ‘private capacity’ during a period οf annual leave аnԁ thаt thе visit ԁіԁ nοt involve thе υѕе οf taxpayers’ money.
    Thе event іn Washington wаѕ organised bу US Atlantic Bridge – thе sister organisation οf thе now defunct charity whісh Mr Werritty used tο head іn London.
    Thе chief executive Amanda Bowman tοƖԁ thе Telegraph: ‘Adam wаѕ wіth hіm (Dr Fox). Hе ѕhοwеԁ up thаt night bесаυѕе hе wаѕ travelling wіth Liam.
    ‘Hе wаѕ Liam’s mοѕt trusted friend, аnԁ wаѕ аt one οf thе top tables talking tο οthеr guests.’
    Othеr guests аt thе dinner wеrе ѕаіԁ tο hаνе included General James Mattis, commander οf US Central Command, several senators, аnԁ Jeffrey Gordon, a lobbyist whο served аѕ a spokesman fοr thе thеn US defence secretary Robert Gates.

    Another name to investigate is Luke Coffey; the Sunday Times (6 June 2010) in an article entitled ‘Minister lets US ‘mole’ roam MoD’ stated:
    LIAM FOX, the defence secretary, is facing questions after installing an American aide with links to US intelligence services in the heart of the Ministry of Defence (MoD).
    MPs have raised concerns about Luke Coffey, a former US army captain, who has been appointed to a highly sensitive role as Fox’s special adviser. He has not yet been given full security clearance.
    Coffey set up the London chapter of an American think tank, many of whose members have backgrounds in the CIA and other American military defence intelligence agencies.
    Fox, who has strong links with Washington through his Atlantic Bridge charity, has defended Coffey’s appointment and dismissed concerns of spying. He has highlighted the importance of the so-called “special relationship” between Britain and America, saying: “It’s not as if he is Russian.”

  60. Mike, why Syria first? Russia is leasing a massive naval base there, as well as taking part in NATO manouvres starting this Thursday, according to Novosti, unless they are part of the rout, this somehow does not fit.
    I think Syria is more likely goaded into some sort of action along its borders and involved by countering.

  61. Related to this thread is the farce unfolding in Syria.
    Firstly : “Western powers have grown frustrated by divisions within the Syrian opposition. Belgium’s foreign minister, Didier Reynders, held talks with rival opposition groups yesterday to seek to mend a rift that, he warned, was “playing into the hands of the Syrian regime.”
    Found towards the end in the Telegraph article : Syria: Arab League must press for UN-enforced no-fly zone, main opposition leader says.
    “Syria opposition groups fail to reach accord” is the article in FT.
    So the commercial Media are hinting at the wishy washy and tepid opposition in Syria, that is unlikely to pan out to “Benghazi uprising”. However, this does not deter the warmongers and the imperialists. This is because they have their own patsy in the race to yet another war, enter :
    Abdul-Halim Khaddam, former vice-president to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, who is viewed as an opportunist in Syria, formed the National Committee to Support the Syrian unrest in Paris back in November with as little as 65 members and is now urging British PM David Cameron to help him back into the Syrian politics.

    The opposition organization Khaddam leads wrote in a letter to Cameron that Syria is the main “tool” in the hands of an Irano-Russian coalition, which he described as risky. as carried in PressTV; “UK to make Syria another Libya?”
    So much for the new year, the status is same shit as before, but in the new time continuum.
    PS John Goss, surely everyone has noticed the various ziofuckwit agents assigned to the comments sections of the Indy, Guardian, etc. The keyboard warrior in the Independent displays classic maniacal OCD. These specimens are on a mission, and they are not pro-war, they are at war.

  62. Fedup, thanks. I thought comments relating to this blog might have been edited out at the Guardian but I’m happy to say the Havantaclu’s is there as well as mine. Excellent! Goodnight all!

  63. Sorry but i just can’t read The Grauniad anymore,it nauseates me.Something very bad has occurred there in the last year.I used to be a regular CiF commentator but i can’t visit that site now without getting very angry.
    Seems full of pro-war idiots(probably never known real war up close),sockpuppets and imported hasbara.Really bad.It was never as bad as this before,it now reads like Fox News /Torygraph.I used to link there to this site but i guess they must have the PR Search Engine Optimisation Mafia on the payroll,now employed to manipulate the Recommend button.
    Truly disturbing what’s happened there.

  64. Very pleased to see that your FOI requests have borne fruit Craig. Pretty soon after the Act became operative in 2005 Blair had ‘doubts’ about one of NuLab’s best pieces of legislation, and by the time he left office he was convinced he’d made a big mistake on this issue. Your successful probe helps explain why Blair reached such a conclusion.

    I think we should all be watching what happens to the aircraft carrier USS John Stennis (presently in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf) very carefully in the coming weeks…

  65. Jives, Since 2003, the proprietor of the Gurudian has been Liz Forgan formerly Managing Director, BBC Network Radio, which seems to explain the direction of spin.

  66. Video Footage just been posted, comments by Jamal Abdi and it’s not looking good.

    Goodnight guys. xx


  67. For those questioning no DNA found on the victim with regards the Sandringham case, there is a bizarre Goverment cover-up with the McCanns, (as if you did not know) Forensics ALSO found no DNA of Madeleine McCann even though she had spent 5 days in the apartment in Portugal, it was as though she had never been there. Gerry McCann had to return to Rothley to collect her pillowcase for DNA, now how weird is that ?

  68. Good points about the Guardian. I’ve noticed they avoid opening the comments system to Israeli stories and altogether shy away from anything to do with Israel now.

    There would be times when the comments section scheduled for 9am opening, for an article posted online at midnight, would be bombarded with neo con claptrap from one or two suspects who would submit elaborate responses that were posted 1 minute apart at exactly 9am, and of course have 300 recommends on them by 9:15am.

    Craig hinted at a likely dot to this new direction the Guardian was following that Zionist money was sprinkled in front of Rusbridger in a meeting about readership figures.

    Its the one rag I had pride in, shame.

  69. boniface goncourt

    6 Jan, 2012 - 3:20 am

    Amid all the American dick-waving, do not forget the essential – Iran has captured a U.S. predator drone. Not shot down or deflected, actually software-hacked and landed intact. Which means they have Oybama by the cyberbollox. No war.

    John Goss – ignore leo 999, one of the stupider talmudists injecting hate speech into the Goydian’s cif. In fact you might as well ignore cif altogether, as Jives suggests. It has become no more than hasbara central. All the meaningful posters including me have departed in disgust at the pro-zionist censorship.

    For a useful exposure of the Goydian and its gutless zionist hacks as the ‘thought police of the left’, see Jonathan Cook’s essay ‘The Dangerous Cult of the Guardian’, available at
    http://www.counterpunch.org or http://www.jkcook.net

  70. Good work, Craig.

  71. Even for a short time last night I saw the neocon-Zionist brigade on the Guardian comments section ticking one another’s ‘Recommend’ boxes for the most innane comments. Numbers don’t mean a thing. It’s content that matters. Half of these people can only just string a sentence together, and their collective knowledge of history is primary level.
    Soporific, try the Independent.

  72. Thank you for your continued research given the failure of the British media to investigate.

  73. ZBC and now the Zuardian.

  74. Re. The Guardian ; let’s not forget it as bailed out by Apax Partners a few years ago. They are also chasing the US market and this is reflected in their current news coverage. The CIF pages have not only been flooded with Daily Flail readers but also North Americans. Try using a little irony and you are bombarded with replies about how ill informed you are etc. There also seem to be lots of Zionist trolls pressing the Report button every time Israel, Palastine or Libya are mentioned. I think the Guardian is loathsome for purporting to represent an alternative while slavishly peddling neo-liberal, neo-zionist propaganda. Keep bombarding them with posts, preferably ones that undermine their credibility.

  75. If Gus O’Donnell had not retired I would be calling for his resignation. Let’s hope this is the last piece of nasty whitewashing he ever gets chance to do.

  76. Blast, take it all back, my comment did appear with a link to this story and some 143 approved of it. Are the journo’s fed up with being led by the nose by APAx partners?

  77. The Guardian and the likes of Nick Davies and David Leigh can no longer be trusted, (if they ever could that is ) they have no interest in publishing the truth,for if they had Craig’s story would and should be headline news . ALL mainstream media is PR , Propaganda and keeping informationn like Craig has well away from the people.

    This Video claiming Russia and China will get involved if the U.S. touch Iran. I still think this build up is in preparation for the Olymics where something horrific is planned…mainstream media will be the propaganda tool to inflame the public, Murdochs rags are good at that and ‘that’ will be the platform to hit Iran


  78. http://www.anniemachon.com/annie_machon/2011/12/the-big-dig-journalism-conference-copenhagen.html
    A good quality video of Annie Machon’s recent speech on how the secret services work. Over 1 hour.

  79. http://articles.businessinsider.com/2012-01-05/news/30592019_1_qaida-presstv-attack-iran

    Article discussing the invasion of Iran. Scroll down to the very end where you almost miss the fact a Federal Judge has signed a document claiming IRAN is responsible for 9/11.

  80. and certainly don’t ever pay for the “Zuardian or ZBC” and encourage others to do likewise.

  81. Rocki,
    Thankyou for the link. I watched John Rees early this morning on RT. John is correct in his thinking that the West is more concerned about Iran’s influence in the Middle East than it’s nuclear ambitions. To the enlightened here it is clear such concerns can be resolved peacefully around a negotiating table.
    Negotiation is however not an option to the ruling elite whose long term plan has always been to succumb Iran by force and install another puppet regime. The formula worked for Libya by aerial bombardment and empowering opposition groups. So successful was this, Obama has been forced to rule out expensive land armies. The prolonged and catastrophic Afghanistan and Iraq wars may cost two trillion and certainly created the downturn.
    Stop the War is aware that peaceful protest on it’s own does not work in persuading governments to refrain from war. Much more is needed. Consider the paradigm: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing” [Anon] and the lateral paradox of owning everything as opposed to having no rights, even the right to live. An extreme thought but one worth considering when evaluating a strategy to prevent the horrific consequences of a war with Iran and the entity that would exist after the slaughter.
    There is no excuse for our prostration. We have been shown the actions that created a holocaust in Iraq and the senseless of Afghanistan and their aftermaths; now our own reaction is in focus.
    What can we do?

  82. What can we do Mark ? Nothing we are powerless and my fears are heightened with the 2012 Olympics.

    Off topic but very much involving the British Goverment, this relates to your reader Craig who questioned DNA…I already explained that no one can understand how a person can spend time in an apartment for five days without leaving a single trace of DNA!!! So I leave you with this post and ask what the hell are the Goverment and the McCanns up to?


  83. Why wait until the Olympics? the nature of the attack would be to gain an advantage , they don’t need to wait for any pretext.

    It was me who raised the question. It is alledged by the EDP that the Body found, I mean they can extract DNA from just about every organic material, incl. bones, is made from alian material :), as it does not come up with a DNA… never heard so much codswallop.

  84. Scouse Billy

    6 Jan, 2012 - 12:32 pm

    Rocki, thank you for that link to Christopher Story’s article.

  85. email to Guardian re Obama’s proposed military spending cuts
    Posted by emersberger on January 6, 2012, 1:15 pm
    RE http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/jan/05/barack-obama-plans-leaner-military
    Dear Ed Pilkington:
    Your article stated
    “the Pentagon is under orders to slash $487bn from the resources it had expected to receive over the next 10 years, and those cuts could rise to close to $1tn if Congress fails to reach agreement on alternative reductions by January next year.”
    Why would you not add that the US military will receive about $7 trillion over the next 10 years (about $670 billion per year)? That means Obama’s proposal amounts to a 7% cut before even accounting for inflation and “off budget” funding for the military.
    I am very glad you added that
    “the defence budget would continue to be larger than it was at the end of George Bush’s term, and larger than the military spending of the next 10 countries put together.”
    However, you still could have made it much easier for readers to put Obama’s proposal in proportion.
    Joe Emersberger
    The above was on Medialens. To put these ‘cuts’ into some perspective, the US annual expenditure on prescription drugs alone is $240 billion.

  86. Gareth Porter. Obama will not be able to keep the US out of a war if Israel attacks Iran.

  87. One of the major problems when Zionists cut loose with cries of anti-semitism is that they may yet produce a self-fulfilling prophecy. If they can’t see the difference (or pretend not to) why should anyone else bother? The cancerous influence of Israel on our democratic processes is not just moving us towards another unnecessary and immoral war but steadily polarising populations. If Zionists accuse any and all who oppose them as anti-semitic, then so be it – just as long as they don’t cry in their beer when they’ve forced the whole world into choosing sides against a world Jewish community with whom they need have no quarrel (or is that Israel’s actual intent?)
    We hear occasionally from anti-Zionist Jews – of whom I suspect there are quite a lot. It’s perhaps time they were speaking out a lot more vociferously – they may not be Zionists, but not for the first time they may end up having to deal with the consequences.
    As far as Iran goes, I suspect the major problem may end up being that they’re NOT Iraq and may not be quite the military pushover armchchair warmongers expect. The USA and her vassals got it wrong about Afghanistan and about Iraq. What makes them think it might be any different this time? Assuming of course they even care.

  88. A friend of mine who happens to be black was punched severely by a mob of policemen because he was trying to open his own car by forcing a window. And he was reported by a neighbour who probably knew him.
    In Syria the Muslim citizens are the black guys, and Al-Qaida/ CIA/NATO/ US forces are the policemen. The neighbour is Israel.
    All the Muslims want is to run their own country, in peace with their fellow citizens of other beliefs and affiliations.
    Is it necessary to destroy a society in order to achieve regime change or modification? Assad like Gaddaffi is weak, but armed to the teeth by powerful nations.
    The reality is that the threat of the Arab Spring touching Syria and weakening USUKIS asset Assad is being pre-empted by UKUSIS. Better for them to impose the same as Libya, aggressive Islam with the sweet political face of Iqwan, The Muslim Brotherhood, than allow peace , justice and goodwill to all mankind to break out so close to the malicious neighbour.
    What? peace and goodwill break out in the Holy Land??!! It must be stopped immediately by whatever possible means.

  89. You never know, the nasty political face of Al-Qaida may just be for attracting the attention of our detestable leaders. Underneath, when they are in power, maybe they will change and give the Muslim countries freedom from Western hegemony and henchmen. Assets for UKUSIS, and freedom for the Muslims.
    Maybe UKUSIS are the real suckers in this complex political game.

  90. Rocki,
    Is there not enough disinformation floating around already?
    Why would US deploy to Isreal to fight Iran?

  91. Hi Craig,
    First time on your site.
    Seems that Turkey, with several US air bases, a pipeline taking Iranian oil, and planning its own reactors, would be an important asset to either side. What do you reckon it will do? And what do you base this on? Remember its senior military is plotting against the state, although in some disarray because of discovery, and may not do what the government wants it to do.
    all best Kate

  92. Very good points kate, Turkey’s reluctance to play the same game with Israel could just be a politcal opportune face saver, in which case the Palestinians will know of it first, when Turkey swings behind its NATO partners.
    If on the other hand there is a large public outcry over the prospect of going to war with a neighbour that matters much to Turkey’s economy, and the PM decides to not takle part in routing Iran, then this will play into the hand of Israel. Syria, its neighbour, most definately in the firing line of US troops moving to Israel, is tied up by internal strife, but would still mobilise a considerable force.

    Cutting off Iranian oil in Turkey would be futile and OPEC would have to guarantee Turkey supplies, so Turkey is being put on the spot.
    These troop movements point to a larger much wider flagration, one that has global implications and which will stir Far eastern voices. Strategically this was a very bad move by Obomber, to announce a shift to the far east has put the cat amongst the pidgeons.
    Turkey with its twin relationships could easily be destabilised like Pakistan. Its history and ties with Iran and Persia are as old as history itself and we will will see a cultural cataclismn, strains and break ups reflected in the coming month.

  93. @ arsalan – It’s important to have hard evidence, and this FoI material counts as fairly hard.

    Can I make a point which may will find fantastic. Nuclear weapons are probably a fraud; certainly Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not ‘nuked’. [mod: sentence struck out] Countries like Iran, Pakistan, India and China arguably are in a better position to check than the prostituted technicians in the ‘west’. Please bear all this in mind.
    [Jon/mod – I’ve removed a reference I judged to be racist. Please make your contributions without discriminatory references to people’s race/religion]

  94. @ Rerevionist…
    Yes we do find it fantastic.

  95. 60 members of Al Shabab in Southern Somalia have just been annihilated by ‘air strikes’ the Kenyan government according to this.
    Reading the words ‘sir strikes’ and finding them familiar in reports of attacks by Israel on Gaza, I googled Israel Somalia Kenya and came up with this November report.
    ‘Kenya said in a statement that Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised the East African nation help in securing its borders with Somalia.
    A statement from the Odinga’s office said Netanyahu promised to help build “a coalition against fundamentalism,” bringing together the countries Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Tanzania. Kenya said that Peres said Israel was ready to make “everything available to Kenya” for internal security.’

    The above was repeated on the BBC website and in the Telegraph. Where there’s killing, it’s often Israel involvement.

  96. And now of course warnings of threats of terrorist attacks in Kenya are being issued. The usual Israeli modus operandi. Stir up the hornet’s nest, create the chaos and obtain the desired reaction. Why is Israel interfering in Africa?

  97. “Why is Israel interfering in Africa?” Mary.

    China and Saudi Arabia.
    There is a scramble for Africa (again). That is why the US/NATO is also intensely interested in Africa again.

  98. It’s not an axis of evil, it’s a triangle of terror.

    The “Yehuda Triangle”

    New York – London – Tel Aviv

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