Royal Sandringham Mystery

by craig on January 6, 2012 1:13 pm in Uncategorized

The Sandringham estate is a large expanse of countryside and easy to enter. The dumping of a body there in no sense entails any connection to the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Battenberg household. But I am baffled by the police claims that, despite repeated attempts, they cannot extract DNA from a body they say is only between one and four months old, not even from the teeth. That seems very strange. I hope news management is not at work in this delay in identification.

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  1. Hat tip to Ingo here?
    ‘Sandringham House is a country house on 8,000 hectares (20,000 acres) of land near the village of Sandringham[1] in Norfolk, England. The house is privately owned by the British Royal Family and is located on the royal Sandringham Estate, which lies within the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.’ Wikipedia
    A nice playground for the royals to practice their art of killing and blood sports.

  2. If I was writing this story, the DNA would be Diana’s.

  3. Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Battenberg,
    Cheers for the laugh,
    However, if the body has been subject to a huge temperature, then the probability of no DNA can be credible. Hence is there a body that is found, or is it ashes that have been found?
    I ask because I have not been following the case.

  4. Since DNA can successfully be extracted and analysed when it is 11,000 years old ( the time from death shouldn’t really make all that much difference. Either a cover-up or, more likely, another case of utter incompetence by the plods.

  5. The only time I have seen the queen looking emotional was when this ship was taken out of commission.
    Royal Yacht Britannia’s list begins to rectify

  6. If it contains blue blood, which the Queen actually believes in, maybe it isn’t recognised by the DNA machine. Was that santa Claus I saw whizzing past on his way back home to Greenland?

  7. oh, and when her gees gees win, she gets excited and animated.

  8. larry Levin

    6 Jan, 2012 - 5:01 pm

    why would they tell an obvious lie? no dna could be extracted, are there conditions where dna cannot be extracted ?

  9. I don’t think it’s a question of not being able to “extract DNA” – it’s being able to collect suitable samples from which a DNA profile can be constructed.
    I’m no expert here, but I had understood that it takes longer – sometimes much longer – to construct a reliable DNA profile from older tissue, decomposed bodies etc. But I don’t know what sort of timeframes you’d expect in this case, but presumably if the corpse has been in the sticks for four months, never mind the location, it’s going to take a bit longer.

  10. Larry:
    “why would they tell an obvious lie?”
    Because it makes people ask, “Why would they tell an obvious lie?”

  11. nevergiveup

    6 Jan, 2012 - 5:48 pm

    I guess that means that when Police check for DNA samples after murders, Rapes etc. they are only going through the motions die to the evidence being new?

    I suspect not.

  12. They have named two young women but there is also a 15 year old boy An Duc, who has been missing in Norfolk since Christmas. Of course being as they have named the sex of the victim it will not be An. I have done a search on corpses left in the elements for up to four months ( I really should get a life ) and unless the face has been eaten away by an animal a family member would still be able to recognize their loved one. According to the police both families have been informed..or should that be according to the propaganda put out by the British media ?

  13. Sounds like a case for Lord Peter Wimsey.

  14. KingofWelshNoir

    6 Jan, 2012 - 6:46 pm

    Why don’t they use that Instant-DNA-Analysis kit the Navy Seals used on Osama bin Laden before they threw him the sea? Oh, sorry, I forgot, it hasn’t been invented yet.

  15. Worthhwhile point. Thanks for highlighting.

    Off topic – wonder what you make of Richard Littlejohns lowdown today in The Daily Mail on cop journo relations. Up to a point its a breath of fresh air on a far from life enhancing topic and I am absolutely no R L fan.

  16. Tonights BBC local news. PC soandso said that the DNA could not be extracted as the body has badly decomposed and that they will now undertake a different terst that takes some time, no approximate date given, off course.

    A body dug into a shallow garve will decompose within 6 month, thats the experiences from bodyfarms. They have been established to do forensic research and help us undertsand how natural decomposition works.
    If this body was not buried but just placed there and it is four month old then it is of a silicose consistency, almost mud. Its down to the dental work and bone DNA to be extracted.

    Now I’m no biochemist or DNA researcher, but one of us might know someone who does know how long it takes to extract a readable DNA from a decomposing body.

    This wafflin’ sounds like media management and whence the missiles rain down on Iran, it will be shit hot news with nothing else getting airtime, or something like it.
    Wkipedia here links to Dr. Bass site and some of it might turn you off your tea…

    BTW. If you click on Mary’s google reference above and look for
    ‘commodore wood’, follow Kings lane above it to the right, you will have to click the picture once to move east, at the next crossing, two fields on the map, looking like Adolfs moustaches are just to your right hand, you turn left and some 150 yards above that junction less than 1.5 miles from the property proper, the body of this poor girl was found.
    Last news tonight is that they hope to know more in three days time.

  17. “But I am baffled by the police claims that, despite repeated attempts, they cannot extract DNA”

    You misrepresent what the police said.

    “Detective Chief Inspector Jes Fry said the decomposed state of the body had complicated efforts to compile a DNA profile.

    Samples were taken from the tooth, femur and muscle of the calf to test for a DNA profile. The first two sets of tests have not yet revealed a usable DNA Profile.

    The meaning of this is obscure. Did they sample tooth, femur and muscle twice to get two sets of samples for testing, or did they test tooth and femur samples first, i.e., two sets of tests, before testing the muscle tissue?

    But it is more difficult than you might think to isolate DNA from decomposing tissue heavily contaminated by microorganisms, which themselves have DNA, probably much more in this case than associated human tissue.

    But in any case, the Det Chf Ins Fry evidently expects to achieve identification from a bone sample. Again the meaning is obscure. Is he referring to a DNA test? Probably, and in which case his apparent expectation of success seems reasonable since relatively undecayed material can probably be isolated from the bone of a person long diceased.

    Det Chf Ins Fry said the next step was to carry out a different test on the bone, the results of which were expected back on Monday.

    Question is though, how do they match the DNA if they have a sequence, to the owner. Do they have DNA of all missing persons?

  18. KingofWelshNoir said: “….Instant-DNA-Analysis kit the Navy Seals….”,
    You just don’t want to admit, that is top secret shit, and cannot be in the hands of every Plod, Gum-shoe, and Bobbie whom have not been trained properly. Learning to clap and swallow the fish thrown at them concurrently takes a lot of training, and good solid stomach you know.
    DNA is just like anything else, and there is a polaroid for every occasion as you well know, now admit it, and fall behind your Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Battenberg, like everybody else.

  19. Really, it would never do for victims of infanticide to be shown to have royal DNA in them. Whatever would commoners think? Why, it would bring down the house of Saxophone-Battenburg and replace it by Bagpipe-Dundee or even Morris-sticks-Kipling.

  20. Abe Rene,
    You will next claim Her maj farts and shits too! Stop being so silly and fall behind your Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Battenberg, like everybody else.
    Or go and live in China where they don’t have our queen! How are you gonna scoff any Battenburg cakes then?

  21. Really, Craig? You’re “baffled”?
    Were you “baffled” as well that Henry Paul didn’t LOOK drunk, and yet…
    What a load of absolute tripe.

  22. Maybe lizard DNA degrades quickly in Norfolk 😉

  23. “in no sense entails any connection to the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Battenberg household.” Perhaps not but it’s as good a place to start as any. I’d certainly investigate a horde of blood-drinking, corrupt, criminal hobgoblins before I looked elsewhere.

  24. Someone questioning ,are the Royals above the law and raising some good points on IF it were anyone else they would be questioned.

    Good morning. xx


    Video footage ,the American’s are really excited about it !

  26. Maybe lizard DNA degrades quickly in Norfolk
    Watch out Apostoli, this place is known to be frequented by a swarthy foulsmelling dragon who is attracted by just that smell.
    The murdered body of a young girl/woman. Was she pregnant? How come this body has not been dealt with by the Norfolk coroner in order to find the cause of death and give it all the forensic attention necessarry? To make it sqeaky clear that nobody in the vicicnty of blue blood has had anything to do with it.

    Then there is facial reconstruction etc. etc. they have the hair, know its length, hair takes very long to decompose, so they should come up with a near likeness and name soon, in the near future, most likely in a few days, just to make sure, we are expecting to hear….

  27. Fedup: You sound as though you’ve had 1 2 many. That’s all right, goods ought to flow from the 1 2 the many. I prefer Dundee to Battenburg myself, so the change wouldn’t be a problem. As for going to China, I would have thought there were perfectly good Chinese restaurants in London.

  28. KingofWelshNoir

    7 Jan, 2012 - 11:47 am


    ‘Maybe lizard DNA degrades quickly in Norfolk’
    Yes, but it’s not that straightforward is it? According to David Icke the reptilians can shape-shift back into human form at critical moments, so you can never catch one. That’s how the Queen Mother managed to remain undiscovered for so long. I mean, who knew?

  29. Going back to the DNA Database. I have just found a Wikileaks leaked document. I just could not understand why the might of the British Goverment gave this group of doctors so much support going as far as to hold back a paedophile witness statement relating to two of the doctors in the group. Information I would have thought to be vital when a child is missing. Portugal never had a chance to investigate the allegations, Gordon Brown saw to that !

    The DNA database, by Jan 2007 was falling apart, by May 2007 we had an ‘alleged abduction’ and whoosh DNA database was all over the media. Gerry McCann insists to this day his daughter was taken by a paedophile ring AT the same time claiming there is no evidence she has come to any harm ! McCann ranted on that Portugal does not have a database for sex offenders. Place together the link I posted yesterday and this leaked document makes things so much clearer, I believe the McCanns are working with the Goverment .

    And the body found in Sandringham brings up once again the question of DNA !

    I don’t believe in lizards and repitles BUT I do believe the Devil is at work and we know they want ALL DNA from everyone.

  30. One more point that I also find disturbing is this . Clarence Mitchell, is he an MI5 agent because a lot of talk that he is ? Why has Mitchell spent the past four years selling propaganda fake sightings of Maddie to the British media to keep the McCanns fund afloat ?

    Also in England you are led to believe that the McCanns have been cleared, this is not true. The case has been shelved and the arguido status lifted. The McCanns can go tomorrow and ask for the case to be re-opened the reason they do not is because they will become arguido’s once more. David Cameron knows this !!!!! which is why his ‘review’ of the case is a lie…whats going on ?

    Final PJ summary report… and as you can see the McCanns are still suspects in what the Portuguese police believe to be involved in the death of Madeleine AND this was also agreed by British police who worked hand in glove.


    We believe that the main damage was caused to the McCann arguidos, who lost the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were constituted arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also disturbed, because said facts remain unclarified.

    Not a lizard or a reptile but am sure David Icke would be interested in these findings. I am just curious as to the protection of a couple who seriously need to be questioned about their missing daughter.

  31. Quote:

    In the case (recently completed appeal process) of Robert Pickton, who murdered about 50 women in Vancouver, BC – he picked them up over about 10 years, killed them then cut them up and fed them to his pigs. One news story said that most of graduating archaeology students that year had summer jobs sifting through pig manure for evidence. Apparently the pigs were too lazy too grind up the teeth. They found enough evidence with several murders from DNA inside teeth that had been through a pig intestine and buried in manure for years.

    I would be surprised if a body only 4 months old did not have useable DNA unless it had been in really interesting conditions. (What? I don’t know)

    Picked this up from a forum (ghastly sorry)…so unless this young lady was found without teeth , whats the problem ?

  32. Todays revelation, expert from the national history museum is being roped in to help with determining the death by means of the surrounding insect life.

  33. The more one reads, the more bizarre this case becomes. Able to extract from 14th century teeth BUT with a four month old corpse, zilch ! Then they go on to say we will check with the DNA DATABASE…if no match we will check items of ALL missing people, have you any idea how many people are missing ? this could take years. One final point, jewellery belonging to the victim , would this have not been shown to family members, why have these items not been shown on the news to see if a member of the public recognizes a ring, a necklace, something. Weird.

  34. Hey Ingo, what difference does it make how long she has been there ? one to four months were the early reports and they said MURDER. I hope this is not another ‘ well if we were all on the database she would have been named by now ‘ We want to know who she is and what happened to her.

    I understand that certain insects have a life span and this can detect the time of year this poor girl died, laying their eggs etc, time of month BUT unless I am missing something an insect has yet to tell forensic’s how a victim met their death. As I said weird !

  35. Abe Rene,
    Get your humour circuit reset button and push it a couple of times.
    I was trolling in the fashion of the ziobots (the format goes bla….bla… fall in line behind your leader/rabbi/prime minster/king/queen) Further reading you comment had me in stitches;
    Why, it would bring down the house of Saxophone-Battenburg and replace it by Bagpipe-Dundee or even Morris-sticks-Kipling.
    However recollecting the past, I was actually told to leave UK and go live in Russia because they don’t have a queen there, by an irate royalist/loyalist, because he felt I had slighted her maj! Now you get the drift?

  36. i used to live and work in that area and the russian mafia controlled all of it, the MP george Turner, the police and council, they had money to burn, it was a regular thing foreign girls went missing and would turn up dead , some one was having their fun with them, we said it was girls escaping one of many foregn brothels there in kings lynn,a hateful place

  37. Jack the Ripper?

  38. The Man-in-the-Bag?

  39. Yes, absolutely weird, Rocki. The MSM will see this all as perfectly normal. Move along please, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing to see.

  40. The Bone in the Sea?

  41. As long as they don’t bring Miss Marple into it. I tend to side with the screen villain whenever Miss Marple is involved.

  42. Found it was pretty “convenient” that they sent the body to a ROYAL hospital…..for the “autopsy”

    I’m sure , like David Kelly and Diana, it will be a full and conclusive report. (right)

    and they can’t find DNA? HMM, WANNA BET SHE KNEW THEM?

    But hey hats another dead body to our royal parasite overclass who mass murders and enslaves across the globe.

    Heres a DEAD WITNESS (also murdered) testimony saying the “queen” and “prince” philip took ten native canadian children on a “picnic” and they were never seen again. Along with hundreds of thousands of others who were “disappeared” in the native canadian schools but this “queen” and her vatican allies. Genocide, plain and simple, and no justice for these children who’s lives were cut short by ruthless greedy SCUM in nice clothes. (the queen is head of the masons also, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children as well – for their “rituals” and “entertainment”)

  43. Craig thank you for overcoming your squeamishness at putting your stuff up on Rense.

    I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve thought I must check out that ex-ambassador guy with all those juicy stories again, started trying to recall your details for Google then completely forgotten I was supposed to be looking for you.

  44. sorry forgot the links

    Kevin Annett – Rev. Kevin Annett – Genocide of Canadian aboriginals at 25 million; 50,000 children now missing; Key witness William Coombes assassinated by Crown and Vatican agents

    Queen Named In Child Abductions

  45. Fedup, glad you appreciated my humour in the end. I’m not against HM myself, but I wouldn’t tell Republicans to move to Russia or whatever. Still, in the unlikely event of being offered a gong, I doubt that I would reject it!

  46. Gyufyu (or is ‘Gyiftu’?), if you remove the aich-tee-tee-pee and triple double-u prefixes, you can post multiple links here. If you leave in the three w’s but take out the aich, etc., you can post two links at a time, I think.

  47. I have had a few views this morning from Vietnam on this post..missing since 2005… Thi Hai Ngyuyen

    Of course it cannot be her due to the years she has missing but it just shows family/friends never give up hope. However, the media mentioned jewellery was found and the victim has high cheekbones. Thi Hai Ngyuyen has/had both. I cannot understand why the police have not made a point of showing the jewellery on the news, something may be a gift from a loved one and recognized immediatly. Nothing in the news today except rehashed from the week.

    With missing Jo Yeates the public were asked to look for a Pizza and a missing long white sock, this case seems very cloak and dagger.

  48. Fascinating about the Royal family, will read up on that later. Thank-you.

    The illegal embalming of Diana.At the inquest we heard from THE French expert who claims he did not know the law in his own country, performing an act he was trained to do. Embalming the dead!

  49. I suppose they do want to make sure no royal genes are anywhere near, or in this murdered womans body. And off course it does not matter how long she has been dead, DNA is present, they are just taking their bloody time with it.

  50. Its not a mystery anymore. the body has been identified as the missing teenager Alisa Dmitrijeva

  51. Poor kid. RIP Alisa. Her life was very short. Why did she come here from Latvia? For a better life?

  52. Not a mystery,apparently, but I hope someone can disentangle the following :

    Samples were taken from the tooth, femur and muscle of the calf to test for a DNA profile. The first two sets of tests have not yet revealed a usable DNA Profile. (EDP 6 Jan)

    Results of the latest test, which involves DNA being extracted from a powder form of the bone, are expected on Monday and if they produce a positive DNA result could lead to the identity being revealed within hours – if the person is on the database. (EDP 7 Jan)

    ‘Following initial tests obtain a full DNA profile, identification of the victim has been made by comparing detail from her palm with records held which have been further verified by DNA from her femur (EDP 8 Jan)

    ‘DNA tests helped detectives identified the woman as Alisa Dmitrijeva, Norfolk police said in a statement.’ (CNN)

    Cops say it is unlikely they will talk to the Royals, none of whom is thought to have been in residence at Sandringham when the body was dumped months ago. (The Sun)

    Why is it never straightforward?? Palm Records???

  53. Unless the reporting by the EDP is inaccurate and speculative, I agree that there are many inconsistencies. I have obviously heard of finger prints but never palm prints but if so, why were they taken from a 17 year old foreign girl??? They said Monday to determine DNA from bone matter, yet at 2pm today, they make the identification. Has an inquest been opened?

  54. “…if the person is on the database”
    I wonder why she is on the database? Only (!) 8% of the UK population is on it according to

  55. This was news to me about palm prints. Note the Orwellian named National Policing Improvement Agency. I assume the girl had been arrested previously.
    ‘Every person arrested in England, Scotland and Wales for a recordable offence has their fingerprints, palm prints and limited nominal data taken and entered onto the database. DNA and mug-shot photographs are also obtained.
    This data is synchronised with the “arrest record” on the Police National Computer (PNC) or on the Scottish Criminal History System (CHS). In England and Wales print images are only removed in special circumstances, but Scotland removes records on acquittal.
    The technology includes an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) search engine and two principal databases, one contains the national fingerprint (tenprint) database with over 8.1 million identity records and a second holding unidentified crime scene marks. Together with PNC, it is recognised to be part of the vital national infrastructure for policing.’


  56. Hello Mari, I also unaware of palm prints. What an educational blog this is. It would appear the future is in the palm of our hand.

  57. Fascinating. so too is this:,-Update-2.html

    Why would the police be asking about the Lexus car she was last seen in being possibly in theHeacham area?? Sandringham is half-way between Kings Lynn and Heacham. This inforation came on 15 September. Last sighting (in Kings Lynn) 31 August 2010.

    And why indeed would she have had her palm prints taken? And formally identfied already, Sunday 8 January, by whom??

  58. There’s more bizarre happenings this morning. On ‘A SUNDAY’ news announced the victims identity. This morning unidentified ‘ Nude of The Nettles’ body is to be exhumed who just happened to be the same height as the latest victim for DNA tests ! Last Saturday they could not profile a four month old corpse NOW they want to check out a 30 year old case !

  59. Cancel the height, I foolishy took it from a newspaper report , I never learn. ‘Nude in the Nettles’ was 5’2.

  60. Now they want to know who was in the area on six days last Summer. As if the perpetrator is going to come forward.
    Plea to Sandringham Estate event organisers over girl’s body find
    Alisa was last seen in Norfolk in August 2011
    Body on Queen’s estate identified
    Sandringham search finishes
    Murder inquiry at Queen’s estate
    People who organised events at Sandringham in Norfolk last summer are asked to get in touch with detectives investigating the murder of a teenager.
    The remains of 17-year-old Alisa Dmitrijeva were found at Anmer on the Queen’s estate on New Year’s Day.
    Police say they are particularly keen to talk to people who organised events between 30 August and 6 September.
    Latvian-born Miss Dmitrijeva was identified by comparing detail from her palm with records.

  61. Tell this to the greedy young countess of wessex, recently given jewels by the royal Bahraini thugs. She was recently esconced at Sandringham with the in-laws.
    Her Majesty ‘Philip, aren’t we lucky that Edward found such a nice girl to marry him’.
    9 January 2012
    Bahrain unrest: policeman jailed for joining protests
    A military court in Bahrain has sentenced a policeman to more than 12 years in jail for joining protests against the royal family last year.
    Ali al-Ghanami, a 25-year-old junior police officer, had left his guard post and joined protesters on 17 February 2011 after security forces had cleared a major traffic circle in the capital Manama.
    On that day police action against peaceful demonstrators at Pearl Roundabout left two protesters dead and more than a hundred injured.
    Video footage from the day shows people being fired on with birdshot at point blank range. The footage was supplied by activists.
    His brother told the BBC Mr Ghanami witnessed dead and wounded being taken to nearby Salmaniya hospital.
    “He was very emotional. He stood in front of people in his uniform and said I cannot work for a killer institution.”

  62. The police now say it was probably murder, yet I see no mention of a post mortem. “Detectives believe Miss Dmitrijeva was murdered” (BBC)

    Any why so little interest since the beginning of September? Because she was Latvian? And why were the police also interested in Heacham, beyond Sandringham and Anmer, when the girl lived in Wisbech? Is this where the Lexus car was registered which the police no longer seem interested in? All very odd.
    The last confirmed sighting of Dmitrijeva was by two men known to have picked her up in a P-registered green Lexus on 31 August. During an interview, the men, who police describe as acquaintances of the victim, said they dropped her off later that evening at Asda in Wisbech.

    “She clearly knew these men and trusted them,” said Fry. “We believe she got into the car voluntarily,” however Fry dismissed speculation that the victim had a drug habit or worked in the sex trade.

    (Huffington Post this afternoon, 14.40 GMT)
    Officers are now investigating reports she was seen elsewhere in the town around 45 minutes later BBC

  63. Has anyone else noticed that the BBC report which included the name of the coroner who opened the inquest and that of the pathologist, Dr Nat Carey, who it was said, could not establish a cause of death, has been edited. These details are no longer available. Why would that be?

  64. Indeed, curious. And here’s another oddity:

    Same village Dr David Kelly lived in, strangely. This time no cause of death is given, not that anybody with any sense believes the official narrative that Dr Kelly committed suicide!

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