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17 thoughts on “Ramsgate Again

  • Paul

    There is an Avaaz campaign urging recognition of Palestine at the link below (as 120 states have already said they will). It seems the EU might sway the balance.
    They are looking to reach 1,000,000 as soon as possible. (There is a decision on UK support imminent.) They are also asking people in the UK to call the Foreign and Commonwealth Office directly:
    020 7008 1500.
    Or William Hague’s Parliamentary office:
    020 7219 4611

  • Clark

    Welcome back to ‘orrible England, Craig. Please pass on my congratulations to all the cast and crew of Medea, especially Nadira. I hope you all had an excellent final performance and a fine after-show party.

  • OldMark

    Welcome back Craig; just in time for southern England’s brief version of the Polish ‘babie lato’- which must be welcome after the conditions last month, especially in Edinburgh!

  • Jon

    No link for this, it’s a BBC website “breaking news”. Worth keeping an eye on, especially if we thought the Coalition was going to be more liberal than New Labour!
    “Government planning emergency powers to forcibly relocate terror suspects, after earlier pledging to scrap similar measures”

  • mary

    Linked now Jon. Cleggover is Cameron’s poodle right enough. Should be called Rollover. Most of his pre-election promises were not worth the autocue they were printed on.
    1 September 2011 Last updated at 17:43
    Ministers plan emergency law to move terror suspects
    By Dominic Casciani Home affairs correspondent

    Control orders were introduced under the former Labour government in 2005
    Ministers have revealed draft emergency measures to relocate terror suspects months after pledging to scrap a similar power known as control orders.
    Ministers have published a draft bill to use relocation or other restrictions in exceptional circumstances.
    The power to move a suspect to a new home was ditched folllowing a review by the coalition government.
    Critics say the incoming Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (Tpims) are weak.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Next time they tell you that the toothpaste will explode on board Flight XXX, think about who might have supplied the toothbrush (and the brusher). And what goes for the FBI is likely also to apply to MI5 et al.
    As with Algeria and Pakistan, it seems likely that the vast majority of terrorist plots are actually state terrorist plots. It serves their agenda of international uber-militarism and the kettling of civil liberties/human rights, as well as the disruption of any oppositional forces there might be.

  • mark_golding

    Exactly the scenario Suhayl and SIS have to keep one step ahead of us (the intelligent ‘knowing’ public). We are the ‘internal affairs’ and as such need more ‘inside’ information. Thankfully many writers here are getting very clever at putting the pieces of a jig-saw together.

  • writerman

    Welcome back, Craig. The last Liberal standing. In your absence I’ve been wandering over to a place called New Left Review, which supposedly is a debate forum for sensible and educated people of the ‘new left’, academics who are ‘credible’, I, being a bit of wag, thought ‘incredible’, in it’s negative meaning, was more accurate.

    I’ve, so it appears, finally be censored away for commenting too much and attempting to demolish the argument of Prof. Gilbert Achcar, a leading Trotskiest, that what we are seeing in Libya is a ‘genuine, people’s revolution’ and that the ‘genocide’ in Benghazi was real, along with thousands and thousands of black, African, mercenaries that Gaddafi, in his ‘frenzy’ set loose on the Libyan people. And that Nato, though a thoroughly ‘imperialist’ organisation, it was, this time, doing what was right, portecting civilians from harm and helping the ‘revoluionary’ civilians, (with a light touch, and almost without realizing it), in their fight for genuine socialism and democracy, and that Libya’s oil wealth had precious little to do with anything.

  • ingo

    Hope you have recovered from the nightly chaws in Edinburgh, Craig, holding glasses and talking to young producers, actors and pundits must come hard, although the FCO must have been a good training for it. My best to Nadira, she must be shattered after this parcour course.

    Yep the horse traders were meeting in Paris, with fresh swiss bank accounts at the ready, alledgedly, a horse for a cause.
    This mornings ‘show’ on Radio 4, whith young Evans hitting on the PM, was priceless, he threw the question, PM diverted them in his answer and….. no follow up, it was akin to a game of ‘it’ Cameron says that he’s all for tough love now, but, that he was once young too, when questioned about Bullington club hooligans.
    Tough love is also the message from our Magistrates courts, currently in a myopic and self satisfying feeding frenzy, never felt it so good answering his clarion call for pious justice, so it seems, except, when it comes to themselves.
    Except Lowestoft Magistrates so it seems, a haven of leniency, well, at least when they judged the riotous behaviour of this violent, community loving ‘champion of youth’. (emoticon of a sick parrot)

    Here is the latest installment of ex Tory councillor Draper, by now through the tabloid mill of slap happy journalism , in need of some TOUGH LOVE, Dave!

    You could not make it up, word has it, that Cllr. Law and his merry men on Waveny council let him know that he must not resign in any case because the Tories would loose their majority, which, listen to this, is only guaranteed by the casting vote of the outgoing chair of the council, also a Conservative.

    They are hanging on to power by a barely visible scintilla of a thread.
    Apparently ex Cons., now Independent cllr. Draper was pepper sprayed in the back of the police car, but he failed to say what for, just wildly kicked out at the police inspector.

    As he is not in the Conservative party anymore, a side step he should have to explain in full council meeting, resignation should come easier.
    Without announcing a coalition with the conservative group on his council, he will not be bale to sit in on group meetings, etc. He is also the only Independent on the council and can’t form a group himself.

    There are rumours of a petition by a constituent, which would get support of Labour and Greens on the council, both aghast at this blatant gerrymandering of rules., they are fed up with Draper making Waveney council into a laughing stock, so watch this space.

    The EDP is a rural tabloid with a Tory heart, it supports incinerators, GMO’s and anything WW2 or military, yawn…

  • mary

    I too heard the gross hypocrisy of Cameron, referring to ‘unspeakable crimes’.
    This is how the police can identify rioters and troublwe makes ysuing HD advanced technology. Don’t think of hiding yuourself amongst thousands. This is why the ConDems are enacting legislation allowing the policer to enforce removal of face coverings such as balaclavas.
    Uses the same technology as Google Earth to track you.
    You can zero in on any one specific single face. The clarity is unbelievable. This is the crowd before the riots in Vancouver.
    Put your cursor anywhere in the crowd and double-click a couple of times. Zero in on any one specific single face. The clarity is incredible.

  • ingo

    Thats is an astonishig resolution Mary, exactly the sort of technology the Norwegian police could bring to bear on the crowd that visited Pamela Gellers 2009 Hate rally in Oslo, they soon find whether Anders Breivig was at the rally.

    Pamela Geller and Melanie Phillips, both mentioned for their views by Breivig, indeed Ms. geller hid his moniker for fear of reprisals to that man, these two sirens have yet to talk to Norway’s police.

    So Israel has now managed to argue that the laws fo the sea did not apply because?
    they declared war on Ghaza? No they did not!
    because the ships carried arms? they did not and were inspected and searched before they left.
    because they were in Israely territorial waters? No they were in international waters and approaching Ghaza, not Israel.

    So what was the legal right Israel had and how come the UN agreed, is this a case of more armtwisting? has the US threatened to withold its annual contribution to the UN? what is it that stymies the UN when it matters?
    Such long winded reports not only hurt the UN’s legitamicy it also sets us back 50 years with regards to trust and Human rights.
    What human rights did these dead Turkish peace activists have?

  • Roderick Russell

    @ Mary re “YOU CAN BE VERY EASILY DETECTED & IDENTIFIED” Truly astonishing!! I had no idea that these security cameras are quite as intrusive as that. I would urge everybody to look at the URL you have posted. The degree to which we are under permanent surveillance on a day to day basis should bother every citizen. It’s all very familiar to me. Incidentally, I used to work in downtown Vancouver and must have been in half the buildings in that picture.

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