Freedom of Speech is Worth More Than Money 14

My former publisher, Mainstream, have finally pulled out of publishing The Catholic Orangemen of Togo, intimidated by libel threats made by notorious mercenary commander Tim Spicer.

I have therefore decided to release the full text free on the internet on 12 January 2009. I do hope more people will learn about the truth about Spicer that way, than they would if Schillings had not intervened. I am very much hoping that I will be able to make some copies of an actual book available at the same time. But you should of course be aware that if you read it you will cause Tim Spicer “profound anxiety and distress”, according to Schillings. Possibly less, however, than that caused to the families of those killed by his mercenaries over the years.

Meantime, here is the epilogue to the book. You don’t get the full force of it unless you have read the history of British involvement in Sierra Leone in the book, but you still might find it interesting.

Download file“>Download file

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14 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech is Worth More Than Money

  • ruth

    I think you'll have to be careful that people will actually be able to download your book. The last time you published an article about Spicer I wasn't able to make a comment and I tried repeatedly. It seemed obvious to me that access had been deliberately denied. I have a feeling that your knowledge of Sierra Leone married together with that of other people's could be a very sensitive issue for the government.

  • Leo

    You could allow people to pay/donate for the book even if you make it freely available online.

    It must have taken a lot of time & effort (and thus money, one way or another) to make so you deserve something back in return, even if getting the truth out there is the most important thing.

    I guess you've already considered this but I thought I'd say it just in case you hadn't. Lots of us are happy to pay for stuff even if it's a non-physical download that we have to print ourselves.

  • Paul Jakma


    Look forward to reading the book. Hope you can still get it published in paper form at some stage though (easier to read in bed and looks better on the book shelf 😉 ).

    FWIW, you have a problem with the HTML. It looks you have a hyperlink inside a hyperlink. (It's screwing up the RSS).

  • owen

    Well I hope that soem other publisher sees this and steps in, but if not I shall be reading the book on the 12th!

    You could also consider offering hardopies via an on-demand printing service like lulu (I'll buy one!). If not then I'd suggest looking at some fo the innovative Creative Commons licences that have become popular for free content.

  • reverend wright

    Make sure to provide ways for us to be able to send donations to you, through paypal or other means. I am sure a lot of us are willing to pay something for the privilege of reading your book for free.

  • geomannie

    Very sorry that your publisher has taken fright. Make sure that you put a donations button on the downloads page.

    Best regards

  • David Salgado

    I concur about the donations button.

    Freedom of speech *is* more important than money. But, that way there is at least a possibility of limiting the financial damage to you from the legal bullying of Spicer et al.

  • Terry

    Sorry, clumsy me. The agreed was with the comment that the racist killer cops who shot Jean Charles should spend time eating her Maj's porridge.

    Also would it be possible to do a counter like the Iraq death toll ( horrible ) for those millions who are going to die of western capitalist banker's and traders's greed ? ONE BILLION face daily threat of starvation now !

  • Ron Sizely

    That letter is hard to take seriously. It's packed with a lot of silly threats, but the answer is, before we take seriously your request that we jump through a lot of hoops, please tell us on what basis you make these bizarre allegations, since you haven'tseen the book yourselves. Is it simply that Ms Spicer knows that it's impossible to say anything good about her and therefore any book which mentions her wil necessarily upset her?

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