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Tonight I am appearing at a panel discussion following the screening of the long-awaited film by George Galloway, The Killings of Tony Blair. I shall have the dubious pleasure of debating with John McTernan, who has never lacked brass neck but does deserve some credit for appearing to represent the forces of darkness before what I imagine will be a very hostile audience. The other panel members are Michael Mansfield and Lauren Booth.


The film has been predictably lambasted by the mainstream media. But it does include some very essential first hand evidence – myself apart, two other British Ambassadors tell what they themselves witnessed, as do Cabinet members. Noam Chomsky adds some important perceptions. This cannot just be dismissed by cries of “Oh look! George Galloway’s in a hat!! Remember when he was on Big Brother!!” The mainstream media’s response to this film has been unanimously puerile.

The Blair-loving Guardian gave the film two stars and called it “sanctimonious”. If one cannot express moral condemnation of a man who forced through an aggressive war, directly killing hundreds of thousands and destabilising both the Middle East and communities in Europe, and who then went on to make multiple millions of pounds promoting vicious dictatorships, then are we to suspend the very idea of ethics itself?

The Guardian subscribes to the world view propounded weekly by Nick Cohen, that to appear on an Iranian government TV channel is a far greater sin than to promote a war which killed and maimed countless thousands of small children. None of the many contributors appeared in the film under a mistaken belief that George Galloway is perfect. That George (whom I first met in Dundee in 1977) is not perfect in no way detracts from the evidence stated against Tony Blair. On Iraq, George was both right and brave. I would add that I did not for one moment consider refusing to take part on the grounds that George is a unionist.

Getting cinema screenings for an independent documentary film is extremely difficult. This is what is available so far.

Screenshot (80)

I assume there are plans to make it available on wider platforms later.

The Killing$ Of Tony Blair – Official Trailer from The Killing of Tony Blair – Film on Vimeo.

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  • RobG

    Well, the Beatles now seem to be off limits in this fascist lunatic asylum that we now find ourselves in, so instead Ralph Vaughan Williams and ‘The Lark Ascending’…

    Large parts of this piece were composed by Williams as he sat on the cliffs of Dover during the First World War, watching ships taking troops across the Channel to be slaughtered. Williams himself was an ambulance driver during the war, and some say that his horrific experiences led to a nervous breakdown.

  • bevin

    The question `why do we post here`is easily answered. We post here because we visit regularly to see what Craig has to say, and then, if there is nothing new we exchange information, opinions and ideas among ourselves.
    It is, in short, normal human behaviour modified slightly by the capacity of the internet and computers.
    For example, this news. from recently released US files, confirms what many on the `left`have been saying for half a century and many on the `right`have denounced as conspiracy theorising:

  • Loony

    Here is a terrorist, outlining his recommendations for acts of terror. Oddly he provides no justification for his proposed terrorist actions. He does not have a beard, he does not speak with a funny accent and he is dressed smartly. He is also a very well connected gentleman and so presumably there is every chance that his proposals for terrorism will receive careful consideration.

    • Alan

      Not another Yank crying his eyes out?

      “The Iranians were making us pay a price. We need to make the Iranians pay a price in Syria. We need to make the Russians pay a price. Blub! Blub! Blub!”

      I remember when the Yanks claimed that they loved the smell of napalm in the morning, just as long as it is them dropping the napalm on somebody else. Poor pathetic Yankees!

  • RobG

    You have the arrogance of power, which means that you are unable to understand that you will be held to account.

    • glenn_uk

      Not _quite_ sure who you’re talking to, RobG – but I hope it’s the right people.

      In which case, I’ll sleep easy tonight. Thought they’d get away with it, for a moment there.

  • YKMN

    This is wrong on so many levels, it repeats the bullsh!t about who started the most recent Crimean War ( which if you ever read the RFE/RL website you’ll realize is still continuing today with troops always amassing on the (their) borders and putative invasions every week )

    It says that the British Army is outgunned, woe-is-us, ( based upon a single training exercise! )

    It mention the pesky russkie hybrid-warfare use of FB & Twitter, without considering how JTRIG and the other UK secret squirrel departments are regularly deployed in hybrid information war fratricide against UK civilians

    and it mentions secret weapons!

    At least the UK can do secret weapons, Ha! …Biggles! Fetch…the cushions!
    (angrily hurling away the cushions) Hm! She is made of harder stuff! Cardinal Fang – fetch…the comfy chair!

    Is the full context of this ‘leak’ disinformation to make Putin nervous, or is this the UK NATO playing tiddlywinks whilst Putin is still playing Chess? Perhaps a troll or three could mention the hybrid war and tell us how they are regularly outgunned in the Radio-Times comments section. . . at least Theresa can threaten Putin with one of those very special British cups of tea!

    Put him in the Comfy Chair! (Biggles roughly pushed him into the comfy chair) Now. You will stay in the Comfy Chair until lunch time, with only a cup of tea at eleven…

    British secret weapons modified slightly by RVJones at

    • mark golding

      Thankyou YKMN a rather succinct and amusing post.

      I note:

      The report also recommended that soldiers were made more aware of manipulative online tactics used on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and should leave electrical devices at home while on exercises. – Has somebody else discovered the power of intention?

    • deepgreenpuddock

      I too noticed that article and to be honest it raised my eyebrows in incredulity. If disinformation- what is the point if it is so readily identifiable as such (or is the intention to make people believe it is disinformation, presumably- so that they will believe the opposite-that the UK secretly has lots of secret weapons up its secret sleeves,even if it secretly doesn’t.
      No -the name that caught my eye was that of the late professor RV Jones-erstwhile professor of Physics at Aberdeen University, who was prone to beginning his lectures: ‘Winston and I were discussing ……’

  • Republicofscotland

    Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell, wants the American government to kill Russians, and Syrians in Syria. He states that intention very clearly in the clip, on the Charlie Rose show.

    “After he retired from the CIA in August 2013, Morrell took a job at Beacon Global Strategies, a Washington, DC consultancy founded by Clinton aides Philippe Reines and Andrew Shapiro. There he worked with Leon Panetta, another Clinton aide and his predecessor at the helm of the CIA, who also spoke in support of Clinton at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia last month.”

    Morell is obviously a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton, and her war hawk foreign policies.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      Lei’s face it, Morrill and Panetta have been assassinating even Americans for years.

      Morrill was CIADD when leaker John Wheeler was brutally murdered in Wilmington, Delware. in the hope of making it look like the Iranians had done it. only a mistake in the plot – his body falling out from the dumpster where it was put to start with rather than ending up ins landfill.

      And they both have added to the Clintons’ body count many times, hopefully even me on several occasions, though they failed because of the complexity of the plots, my exceedingly good health, and a lot of good luck

  • Republicofscotland

    So it’s been claimed that British Special forces are working in Syria, even though Britain doesn’t have a legal right to be active in Syria, come to think of it nor does America or France, however the latter nations interventions in Syria are based on perceived grievances back home, that lead to Iraq or Syria.

    Russia, however has been welcomed into Syria to defend the nation from aggressors, both foreign and domestic, and along with Iranian backed fighters, Assad has so far managed to hold on.

    Yes Assad is a dictator, so were Gaddafi and Saddam, both at one time useful to the Great Satan (consecutive US governments) and their ever present sidekick Westminster. Now a regime change has been duly orchestrated and Assad is in the crosshairs of the Great Satan and its obedient minions. Of which at least one, more than likely, had to orchestra it’s own events, to gain public approval to enter the fray untethered.

    But one has to ask themselves, if, the allegation is true that British Special forces are working in Syria. Why are they their? What if benefits if any does that bring to the British public at large?

    Looking at the bigger picture, one can see that the permanently repeated loop of the threat of terrorism, in Western nations must be pushed. The strategy of tension and fear, is one that works very effectively. Again we must ask effectively for whom? And too who’s benefit?

    One has to wonder, if governments govern for the benefit of the few, and not the many.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Don;t you love The Guardian’s coverage of Dilma’s impeachment in Brazil. It’s as clear as what it said about Erdogan’s attempted assassination.

    Dilma is history as she is bound to lose as 80 of the Senate’s 91 members have voted 59-21 for her impeachment.

    And why no mention of what she used the kickbacks and bribery for?

    Eduardo Campos is getting his revenge?

    • bevin

      No mention of ‘kickbacks and bribery’ because she is not accused of either. The ‘charges’ are entirely technical and involve her alleged approval of deficit spending on welfare.
      Glenn Greenwald, who lives in Brazil is a source worth following on this subject.
      It is a tribute to your interest in Lord Brougham that you so readily smear the embattled Workers Party, without concern that your obvious fictions will be discovered.
      Get a grip.

        • Republicofscotland


          Thank you for that very interesting link, Mr Rich was shot twice, but wasn’t robbed according to the link.

          Wikileaks then puts up a $20,000 dollar reward, for information. The question must be why would Wikileaks put up a reward for information over the death of a DNC staffer?

          Did Mr Rich leak the DNC’s e-mails? And did that act, if indeed it was him, cost him his life?

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        Just your usual crap, bevin, as even The Guardian stated that the deepening crisis was started by the massive kickbacks and bribery, involving those state oil funds.

        Sorry but I don’t trust Glenn Greenwald , as he has steered completely away from what happened to leaker Gareth Williams et al.

        Certainly trust Lord Brougham more.

        Still looking for my fictions.

        I’ve got my grip on things.

    • michael norton

      It’s nearly as bad in the murky Brazil politics as it is in NULABOUR politics

  • Republicofscotland

    This one’s for Rob-G.

    “A French MP created a storm around the topic of a safe internet when he argued it should be more “controlled,” while proposing Facebook ID cards. The measure has been branded “idiotic” and “dangerous” by an internet rights group.”

    “Facebook and Twitter are widely used by jihadists – that is the main rationale used by Eric Ciotti, who represents the department of Alpes-Maritimes in the National Assembly.”

    “In an interview to Nice Matin, Ciotti explains that one of the steps on the way to combating crime is to have an increasingly “controlled” internet.”

    “I propose it be made compulsory for social networks to verify members’ identities. So if anyone wants to open an account on Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat, they would have to show some form of identity to the site while signing up,” he said.”

    It hasn’t taken long for someone to tout the idea in France of internet restrictions. A tentative and measured approach is needed to persuade the public that, it’s for their own saftey, that we need to restrict your right of anonymity. That inevitably, will lead to comment restrictions and Big Brother consequences.

    I do believe that it’s the first step, if implimented of doing blog mods out of a job, well in France anyway.

  • Njegos

    Anywhere on Youtube we can see Craig’s panel discussion on The Killings of Tony Blair?

    Apologies if this has been asked already.

  • michael norton

    The U.K. Ministry of Defence is facing extra costs of up to £700m a year following the UK’s Brexit vote, experts warn.

    The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) says this is due to the fall in sterling where military equipment purchases have been made in US dollars.

    After the referendum, the pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar in more than 30 years, making imports from the US more expensive.

    The MoD said real terms spending on defence was rising year on year.

    Why not make stuff in the U.K.

    • michael norton

      Why don’t we tell The FRENCH to get stuffed.
      We have the ability to make everything in the United Kingdom to construct coal fired power stations and we have all the coal under our own feet, we will ever need, we can transport the British coal on British made trains to a British made and British owned coal-fired power station.
      We can make the pylons out of steel made in Briton.

  • Dave

    When it happened there was a gasp “of oh my God” and the narrative of “Muslims to blame” was immediately promoted and sat easily with a growing prejudice against Muslims due to mass immigration and a need “to defend ourselves”.

    And who dare say anything different, because “treason never prospers, because it prospered, none dare call it treason”. That is if the lunatics are in charge, who dare call them lunatics?

    But once you take an interest in the technical details and what was need to carry it out, it becomes an obvious inside job, and due to the planning required all the world’s secret services must have known, but couldn’t officially say a thing, because if the cabal in charge of US were prepared to commit such a crime against “their own people”, best to go along with it and hope for the best!

    The staged/false flag events since 9/11 have also been obvious to any basic inspection, which has raised the question of why, why so obvious, why no real attempt to make it look real?

    I think the answer is to let everyone who matters know who is really responsible, so they don’t “by mistake” launch an official investigation that will deliver the truth. That follows Bush’s comment “you are either with us, or against us”. In other words if you are a truth seeker you will portrayed as an enemy of US/Israel and suffer the consequences. Blog martyrs spread the message, hopefully not in the wilderness, but Governments know they should, but can’t, in the public interest!

    • Johnstone

      You have a very interesting theory and personally I agree with it but theres plenty of evidence on this blog to demonstrate that an overwhelming majority of people are not interested in the technical details. Seemingly there is something very compelling about the ‘primary evidence’ so to speak. By this I mean the initial narrative and ‘visuals’ in the media. Most people can or will not overcome these first impressions and perceptions which become etched on their consciousness. Denial of alternative world views and constancy theories … as not to rock their interlectual complacency.

  • Doug Scorgie

    August 9, 2016 at 14:43

    “Palestine – Internet giant Google has come under fire from around the world this week, after removing the name Palestine from Google Maps and replacing it with Israel.”

    Google have denied removing Palestine from their Maps.

    They may be telling the truth; if they never included it in the first place!

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      If the Brazilian Senate decides to remove Dilma from office, which seems most likely, that’s the end of it, and Bernie and Glenn can go chase their tails for trying to dictate the outcome.

      Still waiting for Glenn to disclose why Snowden fled to Moscow,

      • Njegos

        I can tell you why he fled to Moscow – because Moscow promised not to extradite him to the United States.

        If you had a choice of a life sentence in a US penitentiary or living freely in Russia, which would you choose?

  • michael norton

    Note to Nicola
    either put up or shut up.
    Jonathan Arnott, who is vying to replace Nigel Farage as leader of the anti-Brussels party, took aim at the First Minister during a hustings meeting in Falkirk.

    The MEP told supporters: “The SNP have a terrible record on referendums: played two, lost two. Now Nicola Sturgeon is demanding a third.

    “If Sturgeon gets her way and loses a third referendum, then the issue needs to be off the table for the next 30 years at least.”

  • RobG

    I’m sure many here have seen this. It’s been the headline on the Guardian site all day (following yesterday’s piece), The article is propaganda garbage. The reader’s comments are priceless…

    How can the vermin stop popular/real public opinion..? By ending reader’s comments and closing down the internet, of course.

    Welcome to the police state, which a large number of you egits have voted for.

  • michael norton

    Both Russia and the United Kingdom have to deal with fighting ISIS and the threat of terrorism and it’s about time they understood it’s better to do it united, says journalist and author John Wight commenting on a possible thaw in Moscow-London ties.
    Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet Britain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May at the G20 summit in China next month. In their first phone conversation since Islamaphobic Theresa May took office, the two leaders agreed Russia and the U.K. need to work together – meaning a stronger economic partnership, and closer dialogue between the two countries’ security agencies. RT: President Putin met the Turkish President on Tuesday trying to repair a severely damaged relationship. Now a meeting is lined up with Theresa May. Are we seeing a realignment of Russia’s relations with key powers?

    John Wight: It certainly looks that way. Putin can be proud of his achievement this week in effect in a rapprochement of relations with Turkey vis-à-vis his meeting with Recep Erdogan in Saint Petersburg. So it is very encouraging for him and also it looks like there can be better relations on the way between the UK and Russia.

    It is very important if it happens. It is very important for Britain in the sense that Theresa May has assumed the reins of government in Downing Street at a time of deep economic and political uncertainty in the UK in light of the Brexit vote. She will be under no illusions with regard to the significance of Turkey moving closer to Russia again, given the state of their relations over the past nine months since the shooting down of the Russian aircraft by a Turkish aircraft. So there is a lot to play for.

    Also Putin will be keen to establish a closer relationship with the UK, given that a new US President is on the way in November.

    I’d be quite happy for Islamaphobic Theresa to put herself in the way of doing more business with Russia.

  • Dave

    Yes its intriguing what’s really going on, because “fighting the IS bogeyman” is now the cover story for everyone’s different competing objectives.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘British special forces ‘operating inside Syria alongside rebels’ :

    Not only ‘assisting’ them, but keeping them safe from Russian and Syrian attack. Plus ca change…’How Thatcher helped Pol Pot’:

    They were also on the ground, training (and leading) ‘Rebel’ forces against Qaddafi in Libya

    They are in Syria illegally, of course, unlike the Russians. And they have helped many other brutal, tyrannical regimes.
    As well, of course, of reputably spearheading the ‘crash’ of Princess Di’s car in the Alma Tunell (though she was finished off in the French ambulance).

  • John Goss

    It’s not just ‘The Killing$ of Tony Blair’ but the killings of the Clintons for which justice should be sought. I speculated 10 days ago that murdered Seth Rich was the source of the email leaks for which Hillary Clinton decided to ‘Blame Russia’ even though she probably knew. Today it is looking like I was right since Wikileaks has revealed he was the source of the leaks. You cannot believe a thing our media tell us.

    Here is the full list of suspected Clinton-induced murders. If the link does not work keep trying. The site is apparently under attack.

    • michael norton

      People think Hilda was the evil one but she was just a child of innocence compared to the clinton woman

    • Hieroglyph

      WL put out a statement, saying they haven’t ‘admitted’ Rich was the source. The comment from Assange in that link is hugely suggestive of course. Not sure what others think, but I don’t think the Assange comment is a full on admission. A hint, perhaps?

      As it happens, Seth Rich is dead in mysterious circumstances. I can well believe he was the source. Of course, he may have been having ‘discussions’ with the Feds, too, making him a source of another kind.

      Those Clintons. It’s almost unbelievable one or both isn’t in jail … for something. Take your pick.

      • Paul Barbara

        They could occupy a special ‘Presidential Suite’ in the local Penitentiary, along with the Bushes and Obomba.

  • michael norton

    Ms. Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister, has said another independence referendum is “highly likely”

    A COASTAL town just three miles from the Scottish border could become “The New CALAIS” if Ms. Nicola Sturgeon pushes ahead with plans for independence, UKIP has warned.
    David Coburn, the UKIP leader in Scotland, has accused the SNP leader of trying to import voters for the next independence bid – claiming she is using migrants to support the plans as Scottish people will not.

    He also claimed the UK will need to erect “a barbed-wire frontier” at Berwick-upon-Tweed, in Northumberland, in a bid to stem the flow of migrants trying to cross the border into England.
    Sturgeon, the First Minister, has said another independence referendum is “highly likely” after the UK voted to leave the European Union – despite Scotland voting to remain.
    But unionists have slammed the proposals, claiming the Scottish Government is
    “desperate to keep the refugees or the immigrants in Scotland” to “import voters”.

    Mr Coburn claims the move would mean strict border controls would have to be enforced, as he believes many migrants were “keen to leave” for jobs in England.

    He said: “We would have to have a barbed-wire frontier at Berwick-upon-Tweed.

    • OAP

      “Scotsmen” playing dervish bagpipes wearing Fez caps, its a possibility when the only 5m Scots are overwhelmed by some of the 30m EU Kurds & Alevis fleeing a Turkish civil war that will be the payback for interfering in Syria.

  • michael norton

    Nuclear espionage charge for CHINA firm with one-third stake in Somerset’s Hinkley Point C

    The Chinese company with a major stake in the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station has been charged by the US government over nuclear espionage, according to the US justice department.
    In a 17-page indictment, the US government said nuclear engineer Allen Ho, employed by the China General Nuclear Power Company, and the company itself had unlawfully conspired to develop nuclear material in China without US approval and “with the intent to secure an advantage to the People’s Republic of China”.
    CGNPC has a 33% stake in the £18bn Hinkley Point project in Somerset, which Theresa May has delayed partly because of concerns over China’s involvement. The delay prompted a warning earlier this week from the Chinese ambassador to the UK, who said that relations between the two countries are at a “crucial historical juncture”.

    May be Islamaphobic Theresa May was correct to delay the project on several grounds.

    Let’s hope the other members of the government don’t turn her.

  • Doug Scorgie

    “Hinkley Point nuclear deal: Theresa May demanded national security checks on Chinese investors, says Vince Cable”

    “Australia blocks Chinese firm from stake in electricity grid”

    “In a statement to the media, the Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison has said the foreign investment proposals from Chinese and Hong Kong bidders “were contrary to the national interest.”

    “China General Nuclear Power, and engineer Allen Ho, allegedly conspired to develop nuclear material without US approval”
    “The Chinese company with a major stake in the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station has been charged by the US government over nuclear espionage, according to the US justice department.”

    It looks like its China’s turn to be considered a threat to the west.

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