The Killings of Tony Blair 1732

Tonight I am appearing at a panel discussion following the screening of the long-awaited film by George Galloway, The Killings of Tony Blair. I shall have the dubious pleasure of debating with John McTernan, who has never lacked brass neck but does deserve some credit for appearing to represent the forces of darkness before what I imagine will be a very hostile audience. The other panel members are Michael Mansfield and Lauren Booth.


The film has been predictably lambasted by the mainstream media. But it does include some very essential first hand evidence – myself apart, two other British Ambassadors tell what they themselves witnessed, as do Cabinet members. Noam Chomsky adds some important perceptions. This cannot just be dismissed by cries of “Oh look! George Galloway’s in a hat!! Remember when he was on Big Brother!!” The mainstream media’s response to this film has been unanimously puerile.

The Blair-loving Guardian gave the film two stars and called it “sanctimonious”. If one cannot express moral condemnation of a man who forced through an aggressive war, directly killing hundreds of thousands and destabilising both the Middle East and communities in Europe, and who then went on to make multiple millions of pounds promoting vicious dictatorships, then are we to suspend the very idea of ethics itself?

The Guardian subscribes to the world view propounded weekly by Nick Cohen, that to appear on an Iranian government TV channel is a far greater sin than to promote a war which killed and maimed countless thousands of small children. None of the many contributors appeared in the film under a mistaken belief that George Galloway is perfect. That George (whom I first met in Dundee in 1977) is not perfect in no way detracts from the evidence stated against Tony Blair. On Iraq, George was both right and brave. I would add that I did not for one moment consider refusing to take part on the grounds that George is a unionist.

Getting cinema screenings for an independent documentary film is extremely difficult. This is what is available so far.

Screenshot (80)

I assume there are plans to make it available on wider platforms later.

The Killing$ Of Tony Blair – Official Trailer from The Killing of Tony Blair – Film on Vimeo.

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1,732 thoughts on “The Killings of Tony Blair

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  • YKMN

    It’s that time of year again when the BBC gloss over Lizzie’s non-drug abuse ( should’ve been banned according to the FRENCH. . .

    . . .mostly cos the beeb is busy putting together the ‘slebs for our autumnal entertainments – would Craig consider dancing alongside Mr. Yvette Cooper of Harvard (

    • Alcyone

      Jeremy Corbyn and supporters keep doing the right thing.

      Which trick in the book have they not yet tried? The NEC and the rebel MPs should be ashamed of themselves. Still, I reckon some more desperate tricks yet to be aired.

      Here’s a list of MPs who continue to support Corbyn, who have a moral compass and know a little bit about right and wrong, imho:

      Hats off to Andy Burnham, I’m tempted to say. If i read him right, this man will go far. Let’s see.

    • Alcyone

      Btw, this legal victory was financed through crowd justice.

      Meantime, the appeal for legal funds to pursue Blair after the Chilcot report has exceeded its Pounds 150,000 goal. It’s a shoe-string of a budget compared to the war-chest that Blair has accumulated. Regardless, this country still has an effective legal system, despite the self-hating Westerners. And this case has legs; tribute to the plaintiffs who are hell-bent on taking this to its logical conclusion.

    • Alcyone

      IOW, the NEC has managed to put Corbyn in the HEADLINES as the Good Guy, and shot itself in the foot to be proclaimed as the Bad Guys with illegal malintent.

      Even the MSM cannot ignore this!

  • Mark Golding

    Yesterday President Obama said Washington is defeating ISIL in Iraq, but Russia and Assad are defeating the Syrian people in Syria. Obama denounced Russia and the Syrian government as barbaric.

    Clearly Washington remains intent on overthrowing President Assad and turn Syria into another Libya and another Iraq, formerly stable and prosperous countries where war now rages continually.

    Subjugating Russia and China is a problem for Washington because both possess viable WMD that can reach and destroy segments of America within 20 minutes.

    SECRET NATO EYES ONLY – British and American commanders in a joint session at Northwoods have reached a consensus whereby a nuclear war against both countries has a 68% chance of succeeding with the presence of anti-ballistic missile systems in Europe and a sprawling U.S. THAAD anti-missile battery in Seongju, South Korea.

  • Alcyone

    ‘The Land of Pure’ Denial, Pakistan remains Saudi Arabia’s right testicle!

    Another 63 people killed in a bomb blast, willy nilly.

    Religion of Peace, indeed!

    • Alcyone: 62 of the richest billionaires own what the bottom half of the World does!

      The news to blase to receive mention in the 1o’clock news!

      Meantime to the BBC, some olympic medal win or the other was more important to lead with than the High Court judgment on an illegal, whimsical, poorly thought out, undemocratic, disgusting ‘rule’ by Labour’s NEC. Could someone please name and shame every single NEC member who voted for this sleight of hand?

      • Alan

        Isn’t that always the way with the BBC? “Give them bread and circuses so they won’t worry about what’s really going on” must be written into the BBC’s constitution.

  • michael norton

    BRITAIN should not pay any money into the European Union’s budget once the U.K. has ditched Brussels, Iain Duncan Smith has claimed.

    “I completely agree Ian Duncan Smith.” michael norton
    Britain paid a net contribution of around £8.5billion last year to Brussels.

    I.D.S. told the Times: “ When the British public voted to take back control,
    it was pretty clear that means control of their laws, their money and their borders.”

    Trade Secretary Liam Fox has suggested he wants Britain to leave the customs union to allow for more flexibility in striking trade deals.

    Mr Ian Duncan Smith said: “The British people didn’t vote to be part of a customs union.”

    Good, let’s just to them
    “we have left.” michael norton

    • nevermind

      Britain, as you so say, owes the EU 29 billion, so Ian Duncan Smith can sit on his umbrella for all we should care.

      • nevermind

        it will be motorcycle helmets next, node, anything to keep the narrative going.

        Thanks for that 68% warning from NATO, Mark, so at what percentage will Mrs. May be able to exercise her quivering finger? 72%/ 80?

        There must be some very desperate arms dealers about.

      • fred

        “Why would you like to ban wearing face veils in public?”

        And I think bee keepers might object to that.

        • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)

          I think that might depend on what is meant by “in public”, Fred.

          Beekeepers might well only wear their masks while on their own property (where the hives presumably are); in that sense they would not be wearing them in public.

          On the other hand, said beekeepers might be observable by people on the public highway, public footpath or other public space, in which case it might be claimed that they are wearing the masks in public.

          See what I mean?

  • RobG

    Meanwhile, the now CIA controlled Guardian newspaper continues to pump out childish propaganda like this…

    And teams of people in Langley, Cheltenham and Tel Aviv, none of whom have been democratically elected, and all of whom are totally poncing off tax payer’s money, continue with their best efforts to destroy the likes of Jeremy Corbyn…

    Here’s another planet: can all you vermin please feck off to it.

    Because if you stay here on planet Earth there’s going to be a reckoning; make no mistake about that.

  • Alcyone

    “shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, tweeting: “We are appalled by possibility of an unnecessary & costly appeal. It’s unacceptable to use members’ money to stop members from voting,”
    The Guardian

    So now, the NEC wants to ensure that the ass they have made of themselves is total, by appealing against Mr Kickinbottom’s decision. 😉

    Can anyone in the know, please list here for us the names of the NEC members who voted for freezing the membership date in order to qualify to vote. Where is JSD when you need him?

      • Alcyone

        Thanks NM but you really are a dummy if you don’t get my drift, and rather like the NEC you seem to be bent on proving it!

        I say: Labour NEC members who voted for the resolution to freeze the membership joining date are asses and should be widely named and shamed.

        There is a Movement for Change in the Labour Party. The Old Guard that can’t keep up, should be kicked out.

          • Alcyone

            Hi Node, I will tell you, revert. Distracted by some important work. Meantime, are they required to wear head scarfs, face veils etc by their religion? What does the Koran say? Or is their an interpretation issue there too?

          • Suhayl Saadi

            Alcyone, yes, there is an interpretation issue. I am against religious schools, sharia and the hijab. I would not ban the hijab in its various forms, though. I do not think faith schools should be supported by the state; I think it was a terrible ‘mistake’ of Blair to endorse this tendency. I do not think sharia should be used in the UK and indeed I am against its application anywhere. And I think that will find that a not inconsiderable number of people in majority Muslim countries and in countries where Muslim people comprise minorities agree with me. Many more do not, of course wrt one or other of these three things. sadly, Saudi/UAE propaganda since the mid-1970s and especially since the siege of the Great Mosque in Mecca in 1979 which marked a definitive shift/acceleration in Saudi policy, has been very successful.

            Now we shall await the descent of the same-old, same-old.

            But tonight, lawyers in Pakistan – most, though not all, of whom will be Muslim – mourn their dead – murdered in in a Muslim country in the name of Islam.

          • Node

            Meantime, are they required to wear head scarfs, face veils etc by their religion? What does the Koran say? Or is their an interpretation issue there too?

            What? You want face-veils banned but you don’t know why? You suspect it might be something to do with religion and you’d like me to come up with a justification for you?

          • Alcyone

            Suhayl, apologies for not responding earlier and thanks very much for your answer and comment. Absolutely appalling, the carnage in Quetta today. I’m afraid it appears that Pakistan is lost, perhaps irretrievably so. It will soon begin its 70th year as an independent state, with a resounding sense of miserable failure. Pitiable country. The Army and ISI have ensured that it is completely and truly fucked. Saudi Arabia, the USA and to that extent its poodle, the UK and the corrupt politicians have made absolutely sure of it. Best to pack it in and start again.

          • Alcyone

            Node, it’s a complex issue. Rest assured it will be my pleasure to answer you. Just don’t get so excited please.

    • Esclavo

      Hickinbottom granted the NEC leave to appeal, although he said he was doing so reluctantly.

      “I have taken the firm decision that the rules do not give NEC the power to restrict the voting rights of members as it purported to do,” he said. “I am not sure I am convinced that the contrary is arguable.”

      The NEC would be wise to have a look at Justice Hickinbottom’s biography before attempting to have a decision of his reversed (“The prospect of sitting in court every day comes to me as a complete joy,” he explains). –

  • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)

    About 24 hours ago I asked a couple of simple, inoffensive, even public-interest questions of the handful of commenters who have been dominating this thread with their numerous and often lengthy posts.

    The questions were:

    “What are your reasons for spending so much time and effort posting on this blog? What are you hoping to achieve?”

    and the addressees were Republicofscotland, Bevin, Alan, Michael Norton, RobG and Paul Barbara.

    Let it be noted that of those six usually vociferous commenters only Alan has replied, giving as his answer to the “reasons” question ( I paraphrase) “to pass the time as I get older”.

    Non-commenting readers of this blog (the vast majority of visitors) will have taken note and would be forgiven for thinking that the other five usually vociferous commenters either (1) haven’t a clue why they are posting and what they hope to achieve by posting or (2) do know but – for some unfathomable reason – do not wish to share their reasons and objectives with those whom they bombard with their daily outpourings.

    • Alan

      “reasons” question ( I paraphrase) “to pass the time as I get older”.

      Hey Habba, how about if your old lady had died of cancer, considering her dad was on a US battleship at Bikini Atoll, he having served 17 years in the US navy, thus giving all his family the right to go live in the USA, but she chose to come live where she could be “free” in the UK, and she dies of cancer… is that a coincidence?

      F*ck America, and all it stands for, I hope all Americans die in the same pain my old lady died in.

      Is that plain enough for you?

      • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)

        I sympathise, Alan.

        But, as a matter on interest, what is the connection between choosing to live in the UK and dying of cancer and what is the connection between both of those and posting interminably and off-topic on Craig’s blog?

        • Alan

          Well once America has “liberated” your country, the only way to earn a decent living is either to work in the US Military, as a prostitute at a US military base, or emigrate elsewhere. It’s so good to be “liberated” by America, dontchaknow. And if you die in service, your widow gets an American flag. Wow! Golly Gee!

          Anyway the connection is that as my wife is deceased, and our children grown up with children of their own, the choice of an evening often comes down to watch TV or post on Craig’s blog where there are nice intelligent and friendly people, and you, to chat with.

      • Alan

        And Habba, I recommend that you do not reply with one of your smarmy answers. cos..

        Hey this is Bikini Atoll:

        Commemorating 62 years of the largest weapon the
        United States has ever tested, the March 1, 1954 Bravo Hydrogen Bomb on Bikini Atoll. At 15 megatons, the blast vaporized 3 islands and was 1,000 times the magnitude of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear weapons dropped on Japan in World War II.

        The fallout from this weapon has forever devestated the lives and the lands of the people of the Northern Marshall Islands.

        2016 marks 70 years that the people of Bikini Atoll have lived in exile away from their beloved homeland.

        Please feel free to read on Habbakook.

      • Alcyone

        May I add my sympathy too!

        Time for reflection:
        “This extraordinary question of the nature of death

        Then we come again to this extraordinary question of the nature of death. That must be answered, neither with fear, nor by escaping from that absolute fact, nor by belief, nor hope. There is an answer, the right answer, but to find the right answer one has to put the right question. But you cannot possibly put the right question if you are merely seeking a way out of it, if the question is born of fear, of despair and of loneliness. Then if you do put the right question with regard to reality, with regard to man’s relationship to man, and what that thing called love is, and also this immense question of death, then out of the right question will come the right answer. From that answer comes right action. Right action is in the answer itself. And we are responsible. Don’t fool yourself by saying ‘What can I do? What can I, an individual, living a shoddy little life, with all its confusion and ignorance, what can I do?’ Ignorance exists only when you don’t know yourself. Self-knowing is wisdom. You may be ignorant of all the books in the world (and I hope you are), of all the latest theories, but that is not ignorance. Not knowing oneself deeply, profoundly, is ignorance; and you cannot know yourself if you cannot look at yourself, see yourself actually as you are, without any distortion, without any wish to change. Then what you see is transformed because the distance between the observer and the observed is removed and hence there is no conflict.”
        K 1968

    • RobG

      Here we go: the trolls know that latest comments are displayed beneath Craig’s blog posts, so we get this quelle horreur! spiel every time a new comment page is added; even though, if you scroll back through the posts, you’ll see that the trolls are the largest commenters.

      The spooks these days are amateurs; absolute amateurs – and all on tax payer’s money, don’t you know.

      • Habbabkuk

        MODS – keep clear of this, please:I have the right to correct a mis-statement by another commenter!


        Michael Norton

        I have checked the above statement and the comment you reference was about the al-Hallili killings.

        That is not an answer to the two questions I put to you (and others), which were:

        “What are your reasons for spending so much time and effort posting on this blog? What are you hoping to achieve?”

        • michael norton

          O.K. I’ll try again.
          I have spent a couple of years thinking about and contributing on the al-Hilli thread.
          Those murders happened almost four years ago.
          The “Investigation” seems to have come to an end a year ago, so while we are waiting for it to regenerate into something with more meat, I am spending some time on other topics.
          I hope that helps.

          • michael norton

            I am not expecting to achieve anything whatsoever other than a means of amusing myself, sort of a pointless pastime, like doing a crossword.

    • bevin

      “…Let it be noted that of those six usually vociferous commenters only Alan has replied, giving as his answer to the “reasons” question ( I paraphrase) “to pass the time as I get older”.”

      This is not true.
      Though whether it be a lie, or the consequence of inattention and mental idleness I cannot tell.
      I replied to the effect that those listed were individuals with widely differing views on many topics and various world views.
      The notion that anyone is being ‘bombarded’ is laughable. The only bombardments on this blog come from trolls unable to cope with a civilised exchange of opinions from occasional visitors, such as myself, who check daily to see whether Craig has anything new. And then catch up with the general conversation.
      As to bombardments, of which HabbaBandera has nothing but praise, for the past weeks neo-nazi militias, supported by the US and NATO, have been bombarding the population of the Don Basin for refusing to submit to the rule of death squads and racists.

      • Loony

        Perhaps if you read the New Testament you may stumble across Mathew 7:5. From memory it carries the entreaty to “Take the mote from thine own eye”

        As your own question appears to difficult for you, please allow me to help. You spend time posting on this blog with the express intention of disrupting any line of argument that you have not been trained to agree with. You ordinarily seek to achieve this aim by posting borderline ad-hominem responses in the hope or expectation that you will provoke an ill considered response. Occasionally you resort to outright offensive remarks presumably in order to provoke ever more extreme responses.

        Should such an ill considered response be forthcoming you then parse this to infinity with the aim of discrediting each and every opinion ever offered by the person you have entrapped into causing you manufactured outrage.

        Only a very narrow set of opinions appear acceptable to your fully “trained” mind. Consequently you have no real understanding of the dynamics now working on society – for example the morphing of the corporate world into outright criminality, the impossibility of avoiding a full spectrum economic collapse as a consequence of excess debt and the consequent systemic insolvency of the financial sector.

        Ignorance of these matters leaves you unable to understand that your masters do not hate people like Putin because of his policies but because he represents a country against which you can launch a major war. War is needed because if it works western society (i.e. the US) can recapitalize itself with plundered Russian resources. If it does not work then people like you can be paid to try and convince any people that are left that their plight is all the fault of Russians.

      • Habbabkuk

        MODS – keep clear of this please: I have the right to reply to a lie by another commenter!



        Sorry, but I’m afraid it is true.

        The questions I addressed to you (and others) were:

        “What are your reasons for spending so much time and effort posting on this blog? What are you hoping to achieve?”

        and your “reply ” was:

        “.. those listed were individuals with widely differing views on many topics and various world views.”

        That, in my opinion, was not a reply to either of my questions.

  • lysias

    New platform of the Black Lives Matter in the U.S. labels Israel an “apartheid state” and excoriates the United States for its alliance with a country it alleges systemically perpetrates a “genocide” against the Palestinians.

    • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)

      Pleased to see that the link provided by the Faker has put the word genocide in inverted commas.

  • lysias

    The odious snitch chooses to ignore the fact that many commenters here choose not to answer his questions because they are following the wise policy of not feeding trolls.

    • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)

      That may be the explanation for the strange reluctance of the vociferous ones to reveal their motives and objectives but many readers will be forgiven for doubting it.

      • bevin

        See above. How many others have replied and been the victims of trolling misrepresentations is unclear. As the estimable Lysias points out, decent folk are rarely tempted to feed trolls.

  • John Goss

    I completed my charity cycle-ride today. Well above 100 cyclists converged on the drone-engine company UAV Engines. As well as being accompanied by a group of friendly, smiling and helpful people it was good to listen to the speeches from organisers, including Dermot, an MEP and Dr Mona El Fazza, Most moving of all was photographs of many of those children killed by the drones, poor kids who never got to grow into adults, who only ever knew their parents’ love and not the love of a husband, who never got to achieve their ambitions or dreams. These children were killed by the trade England does with apartheid Israel and other nasty countries.

    You can still donate should you wish.

    • RobG

      Many congrats, John. You’re a good bloke and you’ve done an amazing job (I’m a little bit younger than you and quite fit, yet I don’t think I could have handled the cycle ride you did).

      Have a cyber pint of beer from me, or whatever your favourite tipple is.


      • John Goss

        I’ll try a drop of your French wine, a nice drop of Benjamin Darnault’s St Chinian (2012) would not go amiss, or something of that quality. Next time I’m round your neck of the woods I’ll pop in for a drop. на здоровье. 🙂

        • RobG

          John, you’re always welcome and the wine flows freely; and you might even join the revolution that’s presently happening here in France, about which there’s a complete black-out in the western media.

          On second thoughts, we also need a revolution in the UK, and as an Englishman, if it happens, I’ll be there by your side, along with our brothers and sisters in Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

          These vermin have had their day and need to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

        • Paul Barbara

          Nazarovya! I’ll get by with Sainsbury’s Wollemi Shiraz, £3.75. It beats meths!

    • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)

      It should be noted that drones are used for many purpose other than military ones. With that in mind, I wonder whether Mr Goss and his 99 colleagues would consider converging on the makers of LandRover engines on the basis that LandRover engines are also fitted to certain military vehicles?

      • Komodo

        If anyone does get him into court, I’m terribly afraid he’ll get off on the grounds of insanity. Those pics say it all.

        • Alcyone

          I’m afraid that someone gets him, before getting him into court! Life is long, Tony. Don’t worry, be happy. Is just a song, you avaricious fool.

      • Alcyone

        Oh no it’s not over yet. Not until The Fat Lady Sings. In his case, the Ugly Fat Lady. He still seems to be managing his life a little better than her. Isn’t she just gross?

    • Komodo

      Also available under Blair Miles….

      This is in complete contrast to his descent on Croatia on the 30th July, however. Complete and utter invisibility, and staying in a hotel which although only launched three weeks before, appears to have been closed for his benefit. The selfconscious posturing may just be diversion. BTW, would you say he’s a C cup or a D?

      • Alcyone

        LOL, that was my first impression too! In fairness, I’d say he’s a B-cup definitely prospering towards a C-cup. Uggghhh, UGLY, UGLY, UGLY…the pair of them. And cargo shorts? Really, the man has no class; perhaps they are a gift from that famous artist-painter, George W(hatever) Bush.

        And then, that wife of his, good Lord she really has gone to seed. She is Ugly as Sin, only his Sins are Uglier.

        One thing, being a student of Life and a student of the Mind, I can assure you friends: Blair suffers. He’s a bloody good actor, but he suffers, just like if not more so than any average human being. He suffers when he has to look at his wife, he suffers when for appearances he has to sleep in the same bed, he suffers when he sees his pics here, he suffers when he realises how exposed he is, he suffers when he thinks they are coming for him, he suffers when he looks at his successor the other JC, he suffers when he kneels down to pray to JC the Superstar, he suffers when he wonders whether there is really anyone up there, he suffers when he realises how alone he really is, he suffers when he goes to bed in the silence of the night, he suffers when his pills don’t work, he suffers when he thinks of how simple and easy his life COULD’ve been had he been a good boy, he suffers because he knows that he is bad; if he weren’t suffering, he wouldn’t be wearing a cross around his neck like medieval man looking for salvation.

        • Node

          Talking of ugly minds, you still haven’t explained why you believe that face-veils should be banned.

          Up here in the Highlands we sometimes wear midge veils. Is that all right with you? How about bridal veils? Beekeeping veils? Nuns’ veils? Would you ban them? Or just hijabs?

          • Alcyone

            Sorry Node, I got distracted by reading all the juicy stuff around Wendi Deng Murdoch and her affair with our dashing Tony.

            Do you think Blair suffers when he thinks that Murdoch might be vindictive? Do you think when he goes to bed at night, or even has to look at his wife’s legs, in the middle of the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, realising that Cherie from her legs looks like she has elephantiasis (pronounced elephant-isis), that he suffers?

            I think Parliament should immediately pass a law to force Cherie to wear a veil! Do you agree?

          • Brianfujisan

            a group of us went camping at east shores of Lomond.. i had three midge veils, and gave them all away to friends Clawing their Faces, heads…… BIG Mistake… if they ban it.. I will declare Scotland’s independence just the very next day

            But Good Points on All Node

          • John Goss

            “Do you think Blair suffers when he thinks that Murdoch might be vindictive? Do you think when he goes to bed at night, or even has to look at his wife’s legs, in the middle of the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, realising that Cherie from her legs looks like she has elephantiasis (pronounced elephant-isis), that he suffers?”

            Does it matter? It might appear the injured party in this affair is Ms, Mrs, Miss Deng (Murdoch) who may, who knows, have prostituted herself by having the ugly mogul toad bouncing up and down on her and putting his amphibian fly-trap tongue in her mouth. After that even war-criminal toady Blair might look appealing.

          • Node

            But you refuse to explain why you would ban Muslims wearing face-veils in public. I conclude that you cannot contrive a reasonable justification for your spiteful bigoted comment but you’re too petty to retract it.

        • Komodo

          No. He’s certainly an actor – though a complete ham – but he’s a conman. Whatever he does is right. Whatever he believes is true. The laughter of fools like me is as the crackling of thorns under the pot. (He thinks in cliches). Regrets, he’s had a few, but then again, too few to mention. One of them, true, is probably Cherie…. I really would like to know what he was doing in the Brown Beach House Hotel on Ciovo, and with whom.

      • Mick McNulty

        For all his death-dealing servitude Blair is just a minor elite. I wouldn’t be surprised if his place in a nuclear bunker is taken by some serf who’s there to bathe Murdoch or some such cad. I don’t think Blair fears people like us so much, we can’t get near him, but he must fear his friends who can. With friends like the Bush family, the CIA, Mossad, MI5 and 6, the British establishment, the British and Saudi royal families, multi-billion dollar conglomerates and private armies etc, it only takes one outfit to want to silence you, or just one to use your murder as a false flag to target someone else, and it’s basically all over for you. He is lowly-born after all.

        When he hears those odd unexplained noises at night we all hear from time to time, it’s not some team of mercenary vegan hippies trying to make a citizen’s arrest he’s worried about, it’s somebody with a more sinister intent who’s going to get away with it.

        • J

          I’s rather an open an honest trial, because it’s more than his victims received. It’s why we’re not Blair.

        • paul

          I think former pms’ personal security should be means tested using the same clawback rate as social security payments.

    • Alcyone

      We should thank you YKMN, before calling it a night, for bringing us back on topic!

    • Paul Barbara

      Wonder why Bliar’s ‘minders’ faces are bathed in shadow? What’s the Mail trying to hide?

  • John Goss

    Special thanks to Brian Fujisan and Node, and anonymous donors who read this blog, for their generous contributions to my ride.

    • nevermind

      well done John Goss, these outposts of death should be paint sprayed blood red from a helicopter via barrels full of red gloss, no pun intended.

      I do not care about Cherie Blairs legs, the dynasty child bearer par excellence, she and Mrs. Duffy can be a fat as they like, but his has nowt to do with banning veils.

      might as well go the whole hog and ban religious education at school, crosses, trinkets anything that does not fit the colour of the freely distributed jackboots.

      And black lives do matter.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita e' bella)

    In a point of infirmation, Mr Blair is wearing Vilebrequin bathing shorts in those Daily Mail snaps.

    The longer version.

    They cost around 175 euros and are therefore somewhat cheaper than those worn by Mr Cameron.

    • Komodo

      Also more migraine-inducing, and no more practical. But then Cameron isn’t a houveau.

    • Bright Eyes

      Good ‘infirmation’. It’s nice to know what beachwear war criminals are wearing this year and now much they’re spending. Blair should really get a bikini top though.

  • Dave

    Following Suez there was a national establishment decision to act in concert with US foreign policy, as acting independently of US was no longer an option. But enthusiasm for playing second fiddle varied with Wilson refusing to get involved in Vietnam. So a neutral independence was still possible.

    So really there was no need for UK to support the Iraq war and many reasons in the national interest not to, so Blair’s desperation to ingratiate himself with the US President and neo-con agenda has to be completely self-serving – as the way to make money on leaving office. Unless there were US threats to UK that have not been revealed!

    Interesting though whether the Iraq war would have happened without UK support, because US foreign policy is so insane it can only be progressed with useful idiots supporting the neo-con and 9/11 cover story. That is UK provided the vital moral rather than military support needed for the adventure. If Blair had gone to US and said it was a bad idea it probably wouldn’t have happened and ironically would have definitely got the glory, at least in UK, if not the money he craved.

    But his physiological problem was/is he thinks its the money that makes him glorious.

    • Alan

      “Unless there were US threats to UK that have not been revealed!”

      There were some allegations of such back then on Buzzfeed, I think it was. Something about a threat to crash the economy.

  • Dave

    You will never be prosecuted for stealing from the Queen, because you could call Her Majesty as a witness in any trial and that would never be allowed. So as with Paul Burrell you will be left hanging with dire warnings about your fate, but if you don’t back down, the prosecution will and the case will be dropped. Although you may get done for something else!

    I think the same brinkmanship applies over the US neo-co agenda. Its an insanity on behalf of Israel, but who dares defy the US? But if you do, the US backs down, because if it went to ‘court of American public opinion’ the true agenda would be exposed, so it wont be allowed to go to ‘court’!

    For example when Cameron lost the vote to bomb Syria (Assad), Obama called off the US attack, because without UK backing the US neo-con insanity is exposed. Alas Cameron and US adjusted their bomb sights and won the vote to bomb, the western franchise, ‘Islamic State’ instead, as the cover story to bomb Assad.

    But the point is the American public, although it appears they are seeing through it, are told a fictional story that military action is in the American and International interest against “people who don’t like our way of life/hamburgers”, not its a nihilistic policy to destroy the real/imagined enemies of Israel, so they don’t have to make peace with the Palestinians and a nice little earner for arms dealers.

  • Republicofscotland

    So China has subtly warned the British government, that their relationship (by that I take it to mean, Westminster grovelling for Chinese investment) could be seriously damaged if, the humungus “white elephant” Hinckley power station, and its construction doesn’t go ahead.

    One wonders if Theresa May is flexing her punitive muscles so to speak, in a feeble manner, with the thoughts of “look we’re the British Empire we’ll decide when the Hinckley power station is built, or not.”

    Of course, I can understand to a degree, why May appears reluctant to let China go ahead. China could quite easily built back doors, or weaknesses into Hinckley’s hard or software.

    Still like HRH Dobbie, aka Prince Charles, who was sent to Saudi Arabia, to appease his masters, as a dancing court jester. May will eventually bow to the Chinese, and their investments, of course, it will be the taxpayer and future generations of taxpayers, that will be left to pay-off May’s incompetence. Though one cannot blame all of Westminster’s failings on May.

  • Republicofscotland

    Well, well, well, former AIPAC official Greg Slabodkin, says that Israel should receive no further aid, until the building of “illegal settlements” in the West Bank, and Jerusalem are halted.

    “Slabodkin is for the two-state solution, but he repeatedly slams the “occupation.” Recall that the Democratic Party was incapable of even mentioning the occupation in its party platform.”

    Yet Obama’s adminstration has agreed to to give Israel aid, of over $40 billion, the biggest US aid package, ever given to another country, by the USA.

    Slabodkin, goes on to say, that’s it’s disgraceful that the USA, are giving so much aid to Israel, without imposing any kind of restrictions on their destructive activities towards the Palestinian people.

    The Great Satan (US government) turns a blind eye, whilst rewarding oppression. Does anyone still believe that the USA, brings democracy and freedom around the world?

  • Republicofscotland

    What do we think of this? Should it come as a surprise? Or not?

    “Palestine – Internet giant Google has come under fire from around the world this week, after removing the name Palestine from Google Maps and replacing it with Israel. Interestingly, international mainstream corporate media has completely blacked out any coverage of the incident or the international outrage it has sparked.”

    • Habbabkuk


      3 posts and 39 lines of comment within the hour.

      Try and find a little time to answer the two questions I asked of you yesterday, there’s a good boy:

      “What are your reasons for spending so much time and effort posting on this blog? What are you hoping to achieve?”

      • Republicofscotland

        Oh Habb, I know you are compelled to ask your repetitive questions, but there’s no need for the boys at the BSU to worry. Even though the department at MI5 has doubled in size since the “Lee Rigby” event.

        Anyway, I’m not trying to acheive anything old boy, (Scottish independence aside), I merely comment on historical and topical events, it’s up to others to take from my comments what they will.

        There I hope that suffices, and it leaves you free (in a manner of speaking) to post shall we say more interesting comments. ?

      • Alan

        “3 posts and 39 lines of comment within the hour.”

        Hey RoS, it sounds like you have a stalker 🙂

        • lysias

          Said he when he had something like 5 of the last 6 most recent comments. (He still has 3 of them.)

        • Republicofscotland


          Habb, has an agenda to follow, he’s compelled by (whom?) To assess and evaluate why we comment in here, and if we comment for a body other than ourselves.

          When he reads posts like this.

          He and his handlers are interested for the reasons that we post them, basically he wants to know, if we’re spreading propaganda for lets call them opposing teams.

          Habb, is also looking to assess if a “talker” someone who makes threats online, could at a later stage become, a “walker” someone who goes on to carry out the earlier threat.

          • Alan

            Habba is stupid, because normal people know that if you spend your time looking for enemies, you sure as hell are going to find some.

      • Alan

        “What are your reasons for spending so much time and effort posting on this blog? What are you hoping to achieve?”

        Perhaps it is our destiny to be here Habba?

        • Alan

          Hey Habba, have you ever noticed that Abraham and his wife Sarah of the monotheistic Judeo-Christian and Moslem religions are nearly identical in name to Brahma and his wife Saraswati of the Hindu religion?

  • YKMN

    news from the Daily Mail You Couldn’t Make This Up department. . .

    Seems some German families have been seeking safety & asylum in Russia since December, due “the American wars,” and their feeling that Germany/Europe is becoming unsafe!

    That’s what the intelli-agents (secret squirrels) get as blowback for pushing the Isis-crisis at the west for too long!

    Russian society is much better, and Putin is a much better example of a leader. The German state is corrupt, so he is much more democratic than Merkel.

    ‘They are inviting all the immigrants over so they can stir up trouble in the country and start the war the government wants.

    ‘No country but Germany wants so many foreigners in their country.

    ‘The Americans’ wars, the Syrian war, Germany helps pay for all of this stupidity.


  • Anon1

    27 years minimum for the RoP fanatic who, before professing his loyalty to Muhammed, brutally stabbed to death the Ahmadi, Asad Shah, for greeting his customers with “Happy Easter”. Members of the Ahmadiyya reportedly no longer feel safe in Scotland and are leaving in droves.

    The ‘severity’ of the sentence surely reflects an establishment fear of RoP fanaticism taking hold in the UK, as it has done in every Muslim and increasingly non-Muslim country, while the same establishment continues to flood the country with Muslim immigrants and labels all those who oppose it as “racist”.

    • Komodo

      The BBC story is that the reason given for the murder was that the victim had claimed, on social media, to be a prophet of Islam. ‘Happy Easter’ would have been a weak motive even by salafist standards. Jesus was a prophet in Islam , after all. This was rather more fundamentally blasphemy.

      I’d say that the sentence reflects the application of the law against murder irrespective of the religion of either party, though. And that’s fine by me.

    • RobG

      The famous 1967 live performance of this song by the Beatles is no longer available anywhere online (welcome to the neo-con world), so instead a short clip…

      This was part of the first live satellite broadcast that went all across the world.

      I’ve got the Beatles full performance somewhere on my hard drives, and if I can find it I’ll upload to one of the video sites.

    • Republicofscotland


      On this occasion I tend to agree with you, watching the murderers friends and family speak to reporters after the trial, they appeared defiant, and claimed Tanveer Ahmed was right to kill Mr Shah. That kind of religious fanaticism has no place in modern society, and needs to be rooted out.

    • Habbabkuk

      Russian interventions – as those of the USSR before – are always “principled” in the eyes of the far-left, West-hating propagandists and useful idiots.

      • Alan

        Samuel Johnson once said “”Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” He also said:

        “Still less does the true patriot circulate opinions which he knows to be false.” That’s false as in “reds under the bed”, “weapons of mass destruction”, etc, etc, which your Yankee mates are so good at whining about.

          • Alan

            Yes, but we British are only required to be patriotic to HM, nobody else, not to the Government, not to the Yanks, and not to any countries in the ME.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            We’re not required to be patriotic to anyone. Patriotism only means allegiance to one’s country, and it’s perfectly possible to be a patriotic republican – a position with which I have personal sympathy. Because some of our patriots identify the UK with the UK elite – as some do – is no more and no less contemptible than Putin’s use of patriotism as a tool to reinforce Russia’s elite.

            Actually, in neither camp is the elite sincerely patriotic. Its prime concern is the maintenance and improvement of its very comfortable position, and this is now a global arrangement, transcending national boundaries and cultures. If you are seriously arguing that Putin’s ‘patriotism’ is in any way better than our ‘patriotism’, follow the money. Much of which has been offshored to the UK, incidentally.

            I don’t suppose you’ll believe me when I suggest that Putin’s oligarchy occasionally utters opinions which it knows to be false, and hence isn’t truly patriotic – though should you ever doubt that Putin is the champion of liberty and the individual, you may care to return to that idea – so I won’t even try. But there’s a faint chance that one day you may apply your high principles to what’s going on in Russia, as much as to the UK. You may need to be slightly more sceptical of Russian media first, though.

          • Alan

            I was merely pointing out to our wailing prophet that we owe no allegiance in the slightest to “The West” and that the laws of treason merely state:

            “Under the law of the United Kingdom, high treason is the crime of disloyalty to the Crown”


            I was stating a point of law, nothing more, nothing less. Putin is Russia’s problem, not mine. Neither have I made any comment for or against the crown.

    • Hieroglyph

      The neocon crazies were crazy under Bush (both), and didn’t improve under Obama. Clinton will give them a free pass to crazy town, all areas.

      Also, these neocons – uhm, long-lived aren’t they? Head nut case, Kissenger is 93. Cheney should be long dead, heart problems but isn’t.. Brzezinski – possibly the craziest of them all – is 88. Murdoch is oddly sprightly for a man his age. A more conspiracy minded individual might be curious about this. I merely contend they get the best healthcare …

  • mike

    Erodgan and Putin play nice. What will the Empire do now?

    An uptick on the home front? Or will Libya yet be the second prize? Another Turkish coup?

    Looks like the Empire’s on the ropes in Syria. Maybe Killary will give it a shot in the arm.

    Long live the lions of Syria !

  • fwl

    In response to the question Why People Post Here?

    Could it be that because we are a free country with democratic institutions and a free press yet with political parties that fail to represent and a media that is corralled into a mono rolling message some posters bear in mind that with freedom comes responsibility.

    It would not be appropriate to be grateful for freedoms but scared to use them. The gratitude is to those who fought for freedom not for those who threaten the freedoms.

    Some countries (including states idolised by some) curtail freedoms. If you have freedoms use them to speak out. Heaven knows there will be enough voices being rewarded for staying on message.

    We should appreciate the thorns, those who cry out like old testament prophets and yet accept that there will be much idiocy in the mix. Lets tolerate the trolls too. We all need some resistance.

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