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Paul Barbara

Sure, the anti-vaxxers might also be corrupt. But where the major money is, there you will find the major crooks. In this case, the multi-billion dollar vaccine market.
Here is another link: ‘Fully Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Part 3’ by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense
‘…Thimerosal Containing Hepatitis B Vaccines—When Compared to Children Vaccinated Without Thimerosal—Increased Odds of ADHD 1.9X;
Highest Levels of Thimerosal Exposure Increase Autism Risk 11.35X;
Two H1N1-Containing Influenza Vaccines Prior to and During Pregnancy Increases Miscarriage Odds by 7.7X;
H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Increases Risks of Bell’s Palsy (1.34X), Paraesthesia (1.25X) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (1.25X) in High Risk Patients;
HPV Vaccination Increases Odds of Memory Impairment (1.23X) and Involuntary Movement (1.53X);
Thimerosal Containing Triple HepB Series in the First Six Months of Life Increases Odds of Emotional Disturbances by 2.37X;
HPV Vaccine Increases the Risk of Celiac Disease by 1.56X;
The H1N1 and Seasonal Influenza Vaccines Both Given During Pregnancy Increase Fetal Loss by 11.4% Compared to the Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Only….’
The CDC, FDA, EPA and so forth are crooks, first and foremost, not guardians of the Nation’s health. As in this article, instead of acting on new evidence in defence of the people’s health, they simply block the information. It’s their forte.
Re Goldacre, no I have too much on my plate to read the book, though I’m sure it might add a little to my discernment.
Sorry I didn’t reply sooner – I only just found your comment.
And now the PTB are pushing 5G, despite industry spokesmen admitting their are no studies showing it’s safe, and lots of scientists and doctors etc. saying it most definitely is not.