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Paul Barbara

Unfortunately: ‘The Medical Journals’ Sell-Out — Getting Paid to Play’: getting-paid-to-play/
Re Roundup, they knew the test was not reliable for such amounts, but used it to demand full spectrum tests – fair enough, I should say, given the health stakes of children.
You seem to give the benefit of the doubt to Big Pharma, I to the parents.
‘…The toxicity of mercury occurs because it is not easily excreted and therefore can accumulate in the body. The major toxicity is that can cause a dermatitis, inflammation of the skin and some neurological toxicity. ..’
You seem to be very blase about the ‘dangers’ of mercury (and it has not been removed from all vaccines in the West – the flu jab, for example), but not as bad, admittedly, as the WHO!!
I was really taken aback when I just read: ‘…Methylmercury is very different to ethylmercury. Ethylmercury is used as a preservative in some vaccines and does not pose a health risk…’ on an official WHO website:
World HEALTH Organisation?? Is their statement on the safety of ethylmercury based on science?
‘…Of course there have been some very high profile scandals concerning medication and there is considerable sharp practice by big pharma, but their aim is to make money and one way of ensuring that this making of money is continued is to produce good products, not products that will kill the customer…’
Sure, they don’t want to kill the customer, but they don’t want to cure him either. They want him as a recurring source of profit. I believe the Ancient Chinese had a system where people paid the doctor when they were well, and ceased when sick, so the doctor’s self-interest meant he would try to keep them well, thus getting income. Present day ghouls (obviously not all) aim to keep as many people sick and dependent as possible.