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Paul Barbara

@ Clark August 13, 2019 at 09:00
You largely agree with my position re Big Pharma’s lack of interest in curing, and desire to rather have the walking-dead coming back for repeat prescriptions (more lovely loot).
I don’t know if you read the GcMAF article about that cancer cure, which is avoided like the plague by Big Pharma, who use their tremendous clout to lean on regulatory and enforcement agencies to come down like a ton of bricks on doctors or others who try to use and distribute it.
Considering it’s phenomenal record in cases everyone has totally given up on, don’t you believe this is unconscionable?
And re one an antacid scam not proving vaccines are a scam, it all points to the possibility that vaccines COULD be, given the lack of honesty, morality and transparency.
My position is the possibility is there, and because of my knowledge of their previous criminality, I accept the worst interpretation given by Big Pharma’s detractors.
You seem to agree with me that Big Pharma are unprincipled, but give them the benefit of the doubt re vaccines.
Would you agree?