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Paul, look, I’m sorry, but it’s just impossible to hold any reasoned, technical discussion with you; you just don’t have the background. What you do seem to have is oodles of self-righteous zeal. You believe that you know and understand, and that you’re doing the ignorant masses a great favour, but you don’t even have sufficient knowledge to assess your own lack of understanding.

This is called the Dunning-Kruger effect, it is common, and it has been studied:

“the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from the inability of people to recognize their lack of ability. Without the self-awareness of metacognition, people cannot objectively evaluate their competence or incompetence”

It is closely related to illusory superiority, but the impression it gives is that of arrogance.

Really, the best way to make progress would be for you to read Bad Science.