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You are right that the response was written by Alan Challoner MA (Phil) MChS, retired; I apologise, I had failed to notice the author’s name at the top right. However, “Father of vaccine damaged daughter” is not one of the references; Alan Challoner seems to have included it as a “competing interest” as part of his letter, with the BMJ adding “No competing interests” as defined by them.

The letter seems a good one for 2004. Nothing it contains justifies your insistence upon spreading irrational fear and lies about vaccinations, doctors and medical institutions. If you really cared about such matters and children’s health you would undertake the discipline of academic study, but since you are motivated only by feelings of superiority you won’t even read the books I recommend.

I do not know enough to comment about ethylmercury in vaccines. Clearly you know even less than me, but you won’t let that stop you. Far from conspiring to cull the human population the WHO are working to eradicate polio, but the sort of irrationality you insist upon promoting may well defeat them; bully for you and your ilk, Paul.