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Paul Barbara

@ Clark August 22, 2019 at 23:21
You are jumping to conclusions – I have never said I am against all vaccinations. I assume when vaccines were first tried, they were for good medical reasons. It was only later they became viewed as money-spinners and covert birth control scams.
RFK Jr. is not anti-vaccine, just some, and adjuvants like mercury and aluminium, and also the age at which they are administered.
As I’m not about to read Goldacre (he obviously won’t have the specific answer to that particular conundrum in his book, anyway), why don’t you tell me how the two conflicting recommendations can be reconciled?
The only way you can maintain your pro-vaccine argument seems to be by refusing to deal with contrary evidence.
Many instances of gross manipulation and fraud by the ‘Regulatory Authorities’ has been quoted by me, you even agree in part that there is corruption on their part, yet you still use their statistics and statements to back your stance.