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Conan the Librarian cheers me up a lot. His parodies of The Scotsman are much less rabid than the real thing.

I can best explain how bad the Scotsman now is, by saying that Andrew Neil was but a step in its decline. Those of us who thought it could only get better after Neil left, were proven astonishingly wrong. We should make more use of the phrase “self-hating Scots”.

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18 thoughts on “The 4.45pm Link

  • Ishmael

    How does Andrew Neil get paid for his work. I mean who in their right mind would pay for that talentless wigwearer. His tussle with Scott Bell first brought him to my attention and nothing can make me throw up quicker than his articles, or shows. Scott Bell did not fare better after the event either. After winning the keep Standard Life mutual campaign, he visited some of those highly dedicated teams and paid lip service to their achievement. He disliked his employees very much. In short they were both useless.

  • Solomon Adeleye

    Congratulations most of this was because you dared to go only where Eagles dare.

    You should be well proud of yourself

    May God continue to favour you.

    Mr Murray i sent you an important email at your address: [email protected]

  • Richard Robinson

    “a wig-wearing rottweiler?”

    Eww. Keep away from that, it’s got to be going to bite someone.

  • Vronsky

    Unfortunately for Conan, the Scotsman is rapidly moving beyond the reach of satire (recent headline: SNP TO RECYCLE FOOD). They are just a nose ahead of the Glasgow Herald, still manfully trying to drop the ‘Glasgow’ bit of its title in an attempt to present itself as an international organ of some gravity. As their actual editorial brief is to function as pamphleteers for the Glasgow crime syndicate known as the Labour Party, their efforts in pursuit of this aspiration is – as Terry Pratchett would put it – an immediate cure for melancholy.

  • Neil Barker

    Let me start by saying that I agree with many of Craig’s views, and that I disagree with most of the Daily Mail’s output. (Brit newspaper)

    However, in my (very long) life I have come to see certain similarities between disaffected nutters from all over the spectrum of disaffected nutterdom.

    I see a resemblance between this Daily Mail article, quoted below, and Craig’s blog. No offence intended, but not many words need to be changed in order to describe Craig. A prize of a free copy of “Murder in Samarkand”, signed, goes to the reader who can make the changes most economically.

    Here you go:

    Inside the twisted mind of a maniac Raoul Moat hand wrote a 49-page ‘murder statement’

    by David Wilson

    The saga of the killer fugitive is a chilling tale of one man’s destructive, egotistical, paranoid rage against society.

    Raoul Moat is a classic case of a violent narcissist with a dangerously twisted view of humanity and a childish determination to impose his will on the world around him.

    Typical of his eagerness to remain the centre of attention was the 49-page letter he sent to the police, trying to explain his monstrous actions.

    This rambling document, full of dark threats and shallow self-pity, provides a graphic insight into his mentality in all its explosive fury.

    As a criminologist, I receive missives like this all the time from prisoners. At least once a week a letter will arrive from a macho thug like Moat, with incoherent passages in which blame-passing is mixed with righteous indignation.

    A strong streak of sentimentality usually shines through the text, as the brute declares his devotion to his children or his ex-girlfriend. But these self-obsessed maniacs have no genuine concern for others. All that matters to them is their own impulses.

    This cocktail of cruelty and sentimentality certainly

    Read more:

  • Neil Barker

    Solomon, did that important email have anything to do with an unpaid Nigerian inheritance or bank transfer?

  • Jon

    Neil – undoubtedly the gentleman referred to in your article is suffering from a mental illness. But the meanness of the piece, and the tabloid friendly analysis (“brute”, “killer fugitive”, “macho thug”), makes this “criminologist” perspective not worth the tawdry rag it is written on. No-one worth their salt in the field of mental health would, I trust, write like that.

    I wonder if his spell-checker prefers “demonization” or “demonisation”?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Neil Barker, that is a heinous and horrible thing to say about Craig. To compare him with a mass murderer who is still on the loose not only demonstrates gross disrespect to the families of those killed by the shooter while the killer remains at large, it also is the antithesis of what Craig has done. This guy lost his job and career, and risked life and limb, because he wanted to save people’s lives. There is absolutely no comparison. It is disingenuous and facile and only goes to prove that you are here simply in order to attack the reputation of this honourable and decent man. This is cod psychology – and poor cod psychology at that! And your use of it totally out of context and inappropriately says far more about you than it does about Craig Murray. This has been the case with every single one of your posts.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Anyway, where are you, Neil Barker and who are you? Are you 954 years old and living in the Democratic Republic of Congo? You seem to agree with absolutely nothing Craig Murray says – at least, you’ve not said so before now – so don’t try to disarm the reader by beginning by stating that you do. It’s very transparent, you know. Your textual incarnation is very easy to deconstruct. Your statement here that “No offence [is] intended” is also a manifestation of fundamental hypocrisy.

  • Richard Robinson

    “where are you, Neil Barker”

    Somewhere completely unspeakable, obviously.

  • Subrosa

    I too am a fan of Conan’s and he’s brightened my day many a time.

    Completely agree about the Scotsman Craig, it’s worse than the Daily Record these days.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Andrew Neil was fired by Murdoch as editor of the Times for publishing a report alleging Thatcher accepted bribes as part of the Pergau Dam deal. That makes him ok in my book, even if i disagree with him on most things.

    Neil Barker – Let me start of by saying that i agree with the first sentence of your post.

    Having said that the rest of your post reads much like most Daily Mail editorials – e.g the ones in which they compared Gordon Brown to Stalin or Pol Pot.

    Even Craig’s harshest critics would have to concede you’d have to remove the words “killer”, “violent”, “threats”, “fugitive” , “twisted maniac” , “macho thug” , “blame passing” and “monstrous actions” at the least.

    In your own vein of ridiculous hyperbole i’ll now call you a new Hitler and leave it at that.

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