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Paul, you linked to and embedded an extract from “Scientists in Canada Being Censored from Covering Dangers of Aluminum in Vaccines”.

I have now had the chance to read that article more carefully, and it really is dreadful. It doesn’t even establish its central claim of censorship, despite the big red “CENSORED” banner above the article. On the contrary, it reports the publication of a paper by researchers at the University of British Columbia. Neither does it establish its other sensational claim of an attempt to “destroy [the] credibility” of the authors of the paper. And it clearly has some political axes to grind.

I could go through the article you linked to point by point, but it would take considerable time and I have reasons for suspecting that I’d be wasting my effort; I am sure that you harbour suspicions that I’m some sort of “agent for the forces of evil”, and as a consequence you’d use any excuse to dismiss each point out of hand. In any case, my experience is that you’d then just pick a different example of such nonsense and throw that one at me instead; rinse and repeat ad infinitum, as has already happened several times on this thread alone. It is simply impossible to keep pace with this technique; there are thousands of such articles that you can pick from and post a link to in a matter of seconds, but each requires a response that takes me an hour to write. So you win, but not by science.

This is why specific procedures apply within the scientific community, and why scientific disagreements should be debated in the scientific literature, and NOT presented directly to the public in the ‘mainstream’ media, as the article you linked to argues.

Maybe you can suggest a way to proceed? I certainly can’t think of any more than I have already suggested.