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The debate in Ghana over my article on corruption has become very fierce. Zakhem International are threatening legal action. The Minister of Energy and Moses Asaga have said things which are broadly supportive of me.

I outlined today that I had been raising the Zakhem contract with both NPP and NDC governments at the highest levels. I was so concerned at serial payments being made to Zakhem with no work undertaken that I took Kwadwo Mpiani, then Chief of Staff to the President, to the site. He indicated to me that he was very disappointed with progress and that he had been told the foundations were finished, when in fact they were not started.

Kwadwo’s brother Sarpong came on air in a radio interview today and said that Kwadwo did not say that. I am sure that he did (and there were other witnesses), but I don’t quite understand Sarpong’s point. It was plain from this and other conversations with Kwadwo that Kwadwo was not involved in any corruption. Equally I found John Kuffour not well informed on the issue but disappointed with the lack of progress.

I then raised it with the new government, with Vice President John Mahama, and with Energy Minister Joe Oteng Adjei. They initiated an investigation which I believe is ongoing.

Zakhem have put out a statement in which they claim they had received only $39 million. That is contrary to my information, which I believe to be well sourced. They also give a breakdown of how $39 million was spent. If I find it, I will post a link.

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8 thoughts on “Ghana Corruption

  • Isaac

    cross check your files or people will not take you mentioned that the picture used by citifm was a false one however,they took that shot from kpone in Ghana.who should be believed?


    Zachem is a corrupt vampires instead of seeking to honour its part of the contract and stopping duping nations Zachem is threatening court action to cover its cannibalistic behaviour. I hope they now realise the anger of Ghanaians have directed at them. Thieves who make profit when they have not done any work. The politicians (Kuffour included) who sold the nation to Zachem must be arrested and put on trial and if found guilty should be sentenced to a minimum of 25 years for collaborating with corrupt entities to defraud the nation of tens of millions of dollars. And to Zachem the government must abrogate the contract immediately and seize its assets for defrauding Ghanaians and for failing to hoour its part of the contract. We should not allow these corrupt vampires to steal from us . Never. Thank you Mr. Murray for standing with the poor people of Ghana.

  • Kojoe

    Mr.Mpiani says you were virtually on your knees begging Mr. Kufour and his Government to approve your contract and that you had a record of “knocking peoples head against each other,” and “talks ill about everybody,”.

  • Anonymous

    Please Kwadwo’s brother was not on the FM stations.. IT was Kwadwo himself!! Stop misleading people you hooligan!!!

  • Naana Cann

    The corrupt companies should refund what they owe the Ghana Government and leave our country immediately. In addition, the SFO Ghana and the SFO UK should be sent a report and asked to commence investigations immediately. Heads will have to roll on this issue. Enough of the pussy-footing.

  • Craig


    they have taken a number of photos of the Sunon Asogli power plany and of the VRA storeyard. None of them are of the Zakhem site.

    Where do you live? Why don’t you go to Kpone and look for yourself, if you live around Accra?

  • Kweku

    Sincerely, President Mill has all what it takes as a person to curb corruptions then and now. But the institutional structures to assist him are quite weak. Some of us have worked for gov’t and we already know the mind set of the former regime: Just to use state resources for private gains.

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