Ghost Plane – CIA flight logs and new narrative published online

By Stephen Grey, author of Ghost Plane

For the first time, I’ve now posted on the Internet all available flight logs I have of the CIA’s alleged fleet of aircraft. Compiled from aviation sources it is a searchable database (by country, date, airport etc) that gives a portrait not only of renditions but wider CIA activity since September 11. Have also posted a timeline, including details of new renditions, that helps interpret what the flight logs show.

Also posted ‘

A CIA rendition in documents ‘ the aviation documents and Spanish records that show proof of the pilots and the companies responsible, including a private subsidiary of Boeing, for organising the rendition of Khaled el Masri, the German citizen, from Macedonia to Afghanistan.

My rendition and torture ‘ the story of Abu Omar, the Islamist kidnapped in Milan in February 2003 by the CIA, according to Italian prosecutors ‘ his story in full as told in an account (translated from Arabic, original also posted) smuggled out of Egypt’s infamous Torah prison. His account of his interrogation is chilling.