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Ghost Plane – CIA flight logs and new narrative published online

By Stephen Grey, author of Ghost Plane

For the first time, I’ve now posted on the Internet all available flight logs I have of the CIA’s alleged fleet of aircraft. Compiled from aviation sources it is a searchable database (by country, date, airport etc) that gives a portrait not only of renditions but wider CIA activity since September 11. Have also posted a timeline, including details of new renditions, that helps interpret what the flight logs show.

Also posted ‘

A CIA rendition in documents ‘ the aviation documents and Spanish records that show proof of the pilots and the companies responsible, including a private subsidiary of Boeing, for organising the rendition of Khaled el Masri, the German citizen, from Macedonia to Afghanistan.

My rendition and torture ‘ the story of Abu Omar, the Islamist kidnapped in Milan in February 2003 by the CIA, according to Italian prosecutors ‘ his story in full as told in an account (translated from Arabic, original also posted) smuggled out of Egypt’s infamous Torah prison. His account of his interrogation is chilling.

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Real Weapons – Not Muslim – No Story

While the national media are only too keen to relay scare stories about Muslim terrorists who turn out to have no explosives or physical evidence of terrorism, the biggest actual, real world find of terrorist weapons went completely unreported by TV or national newspapers.

Why? It wasn’t a Muslim but an apparent supporter of the white supremacist British National Party. So that’s OK then.”

From Northwest Evening Mail

Rocket launcher ‘found at dentist’s house’

Published on 06/10/2006

A RETIRED Grange dentist is accused of being part of a bomb plot after a record number of explosives were seized in a Lancashire town.

David Bolais Jackson, 62, of Trent Road, Nelson, was arrested on Friday in the Lancaster area after leaving his Grange practice for the last time.

Jackson was charged with being in possession of an explosive substance for an unlawful purpose.

However, it is unclear who or what the intended target might have been.

Police found rocket launchers, chemicals, British National Party literature and a nuclear or biological suit at his home.

The find came shortly after they had recovered 22 chemical components from the house of his alleged accomplice, Robert Cottage, a former BNP election candidate, who lives in Colne.

The haul is thought to be the largest ever found at a house in this country.

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