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The media onslaught has moved past the attack in Salisbury by a “weapon of mass destruction” (quoting Theresa May) which could only be Russian, except that was untrue, and was extremely deadly, except that was untrue too. It now focuses on an attack by chemical weapons in Douma which “could only be” by the Russian-backed Assad regime, except there is no evidence of that either, and indeed neutral verified evidence from Douma is non-existent. The combination of the two events is supposed to have the British population revved up by jingoism, and indeed does have Tony Blair and assorted Tories revved up, to attack Syria and potentially to enter conflict with Russia in Syria.

The “Russian” attack in Salisbury is supposed to negate the “not our war” argument, particularly as a British policeman was unwell for a while. Precisely what is meant to negate the “why on earth are we entering armed confrontation with a nuclear power” argument, I do not know.

Saudi Arabia has naturally offered facilities to support the UK, US and France in their attempt to turn the military tide in Syria in favour of the Saudi sponsored jihadists whom Assad had come close to defeating. That the Skripal and Douma incidents were preceded by extremely intense diplomatic activity between Saudi Arabia, Washington, Paris and London this year, with multiple top level visits between capitals, is presumably supposed to be coincidence.

I am not a fan of Assad any more than I was a fan of Saddam Hussein. But the public now understand that wars for regime change in Muslim lands have disastrous effects in dead and maimed adults and children and in destroyed infrastructure; our attacks unleash huge refugee waves and directly cause terrorist attacks here at home. There is no purpose in a military attack on Syria other than to attempt to help the jihadists overthrow Assad. There is a reckless disregard for evidence base on the pretexts for all this. Indeed, the more the evidence is scrutinised, the dodgier it seems. Finally there is a massive difference between mainstream media narrative around these events and a deeply sceptical public, as shown in social media and in comments sections of corporate media websites.

The notion that Britain will take part in military action against Syria with neither investigation of the evidence nor a parliamentary vote is worrying indeed. Without Security Council authorisation, any such action is illegal in any event. It is worth noting that the many commentators who attempt to portray Russia’s veto of a Syria resolution as invalid, fail to note that last week, in two separate 14 against 1 votes, the USA vetoed security council resolutions condemning Israeli killings of unarmed demonstrators in Gaza.

The lesson the neo-cons learnt from the Iraq war is not that it was disastrous. It was only disastrous for the dead and maimed Iraqis, our own dead and maimed servicemen, and those whose country was returned to medievalism. It was a great success for the neo-cons, they made loads of money on armaments and oil. The lesson the neo-cons learned was not to give the public in the West any time to mount and organise opposition. Hence the destruction of Libya was predicated on an entirely false “we have 48 hours to prevent the massacre of the population of Benghazi” narrative. Similarly this latest orchestrated “crisis” is being followed through into military action at a blistering pace, as the four horsemen sweep by, scything down reason and justice on the way.

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457 thoughts on “The Four Horsemen Gallop By

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  • franck

    Join the dots. Bank of England founded with Rothschild money after the Napoleonic wars, Macron of France ex Rothschild banquer, these two countries want war, these two countries puppet of master Rothschild. these two countries have their actual MP’s ready to back the war, know printing money for war is not a problem but these MP’s cry bankrupcy if people ask money for public services they disseminated throughout the years.

  • Clive

    A proxy war that could soon lead to the real thing. The most obvious evidence for this, is that the league of Arab Nations is not taking action (again), instead sitting by and allowing US coalition to yet again wreak havoc in this part of the world. Not only is it becoming increasingly clear through, both ancient and recent history that regime change is NOT a good idea, no matter how much we may detest the current regime. Invariably the instability that follows is equally as bad, and in some cases worse. It is also becoming clear in this enlightened age of digital information, and self education via the net, that business and not political ideology appears to have more than a hand in these very dangerous and strange political decisions that are being taken in more recent decades.

  • Clive

    Tony Blairs stance on this matter is equally puzzling and for a man of such obvious intelligence, he seems intent on making the same mistake over and over. Middle East Peace Envoy, who it appears is always in a rush to war!? How incredibly odd. One can only conclude that he enjoys killing people!

    • DiggerUK

      No, he is not making a mistake. He only makes a mistake if he suffers.
      It is obvious to me that the globalisation posse have an agenda that won’t be halted, no matter what the price.
      It’s a policy best called ‘Kowtow or regime change, you choose’…_

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Russia suddenly puts troops on full combat alert – Defence Blog’:

    ‘…Russian defence officials refused to comment on any moving of troops.

    Some experts attribute this to the fear of a possible US and NATO invasion of Syria after an alleged chemical attack on a Syrian rebel-held town.

    It should be reminded that Ukraine’s Defenсe Minister Stepan Poltorak said in an interview that Russia has concentrated 19 battalion tactical groups of more than 77,000 troops near the Ukrainian. At the moment, the government in Kyiv is ramping up its fight to reclaim Ukraine’s restive eastern regions, at the same time Russia has deployed 77,000 troops along its border with Ukraine, included modern main battle tanks. missile systems and combat aircraft.’

    ‘Trump says ‘missiles coming’ against Syria, ‘new and smart’:

    ‘…”Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria,” Trump tweeted. “Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!’ You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!”

    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, however, indicated that evidence of what happened in Saturday’s suspected attack near Damascus is still being studied. At a photo-taking session during a meeting with his Dutch counterpart, Mattis was asked by a reporter whether he had seen enough evidence to blame the Syrian government.

    “We’re still assessing the intelligence, ourselves and our allies,” Mattis said. “We’re still working on this.”

    Asked whether the U.S. military was ready to conduct an attack in Syria if ordered, Mattis replied, “We stand ready to provide military options if they’re appropriate, as the president determines.”

    ‘…”We’re still assessing the intelligence, ourselves and our allies,” Mattis said. “We’re still working on this.”
    Yet all the threats and military movements are already taking place. Are he general public so thick and brainwashed they are going to sit back and accept this, after all the previous lies that have been told for the launching of aggressive wars and interventions?

    • Buz

      Yes.Great to contrast with White Helmets films.You can actually see real people in real locations,no clouds of smoke,wobbly camera shots,.It’s out in the open ,not in a windowless room or studio.Looks genuine.
      Doubt if any of this will be shown on BBC,Ch4,Sky they’re still showing the children being pushed around and sprayed with water and so on.Are we supposed to accept these as true by repeated showings? I’m more and more surprised people think they are genuine the more I see them

    • Buz

      There is a 1m46sec clip on the Daily Mail website.Its in an article headlined “Never said WHEN attack on Syria would take place” Donald Trump.
      Is there still hope the truth will come out in time to prevent further death and misery?

  • duplicitousdemocracy

    I hope i’m wrong but there are rumours of RAF build up in Cyprus and if they are going to bomb Syria, I fear it’s not going to be 59 Tomahawks. Corbyn is putting as much pressure as he can on May, to give parliament a vote (which wouldn’t guarantee a no vote, with all the traitors in his party). The attack, if it’s coming has already taken longer than Trump took in his previous assault on Assad forces. If anything is going to happen, I would expect it to be before weekend so that there is no chance of the public expressing their view. Are there any anti-war protests planned?

    • Stu

      There is a protest planned in London tomorrow.

      Any Labour MP voting for war against the whip should be subject to deselection. I’m not sure how many right wing Labour MPs would vote for war. Woodcock and Mann are obvious war mongers but the likes of Ummuna have to retain a veneer of progressiveness.

  • Jimbo

    I’d guess at this juncture in geopolitics Vladput has his biggest and best warhead trained on #10 Downing St. ..What critical thinker would blame him for it?

  • Paul Barbara


    It will be very difficult for Russia to step down now, virtually impossible. But it is easy for Trump & cronies to step down – they can say the tests (which are likely from an OPCW team planning to visit Douma, having been requested by Syria and Russia and to which the OPCW have agreed) are ‘inconclusive’, negative, or the perps cannot be identified.
    So are the Western warmongering a**holes going to preempt the OPCW report?
    If so, the world will know who to blame for the catastrophe that would follow.

  • Aslangeo

    Interesting article on the war gap – in the diplomat website

    key points – the Americans in particular but also the Brits have been shielded from the consequences of war and therefore see it as a solution
    1. geographical distance has shield civilian populations – no home civilian casualties caused by a foreign military ( apart from victims of terrorism)
    2 . Because of geography no attacks on civilian or military infrastructure at home
    3. Expeditionary warfare by professional troops (who are normally on short deployments) shields society from the psychological effects of war- use of special operations forces leads the public to expect swift victories
    4. Technological solutions such as drones further shield Anglos from wars grizzly effects. The wunderwaffe means that we don’t need strategy or tactics

    “As a result of the four distinctions outlined above, American policymakers and military leaders, despite continuously waging war, paradoxically have a more “benign” and “cleaner” understanding of war, contributing to what I call the “War Gap.” Almost by definition, war for Americans now denotes conflict in a faraway country where only American troops and foreign combatants and civilians are killed. No American homes are ransacked or bombed and no foreign occupational regime (if only temporarily) is imposed. American citizens remain physically removed from mayhem and death. This is in stark contrast to the Mainland European, African, Asian, and Middle Eastern experience of war in the same context”.

  • Paul Barbara


    ‘..He also complained that Russia and Syria had allegedly opposed the investigation.

    The Defense Secretary said that the US “will not know from this investigating team that goes in, if we can get them in, if the regime will let them in, we will not know who did it.”

    “They can only say that they found evidence or did not, and each day that goes by as you know it is a non-persistent gas so it becomes more and more difficult to confirm. So that is where we are at right now.”

    It looks that the Defense Secretary accidentally forgot that Russia and Syria had been first to suggest an independent investigation of the Dmoua incident and to invite OPCW investigators that are set to arrive Syria this week.

    Furthermore, Mattis’ statements are in contrast to a public attitude of the US diplomacy. Over the last few days, US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley and US President Donald Trump have repeatedly accused the Assad government of being behind the attack. The US President has repeatedly threatened to strike Syria. A White House Press Secretary has claimed that the US does not rule out striking Russian forces in Syria.

    Now, Mattis says that the US still needs evidence. So, what changed?’

    Exactly; all this war talk and accusations, yet no hard evidence there even was a CW attack, never mind who did it.
    Same as the Skripal case, which I believe was a deliberate False Flag poisoning or hoax in preparation for the latest False Flag in Syria.

    Anyhow, a reminder: there is a Stop the War Demo tomorrow against any attack on Syria, outside Downing Street at 17:00, and another next Monday 16th April at 17:30 in Parliament Square.

  • Hieroglyph

    Actually, we appear to be in the position where May is much more bloodthirsty than Donald Trump. She’s set to go to war, but I’m certain Trump isn’t having any of it. POTUS will be given a ‘suite’ of options, and he’ll pick one at the lower end of the scale. May on the other hand has universally decided that boots on the ground are necessary. She’ll look like an idiot soon when the US backs off. I think I’m going to go on a political betting site, and put money on her being out by Xmas. She’s just too useless, even by Tory standards.

    Imagine it. Compared to ‘Mad Dog Matthis’, our own Prime Minister is actually a hawk. Whoever thought Mad Dog was a flower-child after all? Fuck off May, your time is done.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Hieroglyph April 12, 2018 at 23:36
      Whilst I have no time for May, I hope she clings on to the Tory leadership. Just like I detested Margaret Thatcher, I was sorry she lost the leadership of the Tory Party, on the basis that she would be a gigantic liability at the next general election – ditto with May.

  • Konrad E. Wolter

    Date: Friday 13 April 2018

    Time: 1700

    Location: Downing Street, London, SW1.

    Detail: VFP members will be attending the Don’t Bomb Syria protest at Downing Street.

    Statement: The British Government is once again considering the use of military force against Syria.

    Since 2001 we have attacked; Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

    We have carried out covert operations in Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan and numerous other countries.

    Our attacks have failed, leading to the deaths of thousands, injury to thousands more, the destruction of homes and the destruction of infrastructure.

    Our attacks have fueled a cycle of violence that will only be accelerated through further intervention.

    Bombing Syria is not the solution to the problems we face in the 21st Century.

  • Thorvid

    Unable to get to protests due to health issues so comment and post support as many places as I can. Have also written to all the so called politicians who supposedly represent me….

    Dear Sirs,

    There is currently not enough ‘evidence’ to attack a sovereign country that is not directly threatening the UK. Killing innocent civilians, (what President Assad is being accused of), on the basis of ‘if’, ‘we believe’, ‘there is no other explanation’, ‘highly likely’ is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE, to do so would make us just as bad as those we accuse.

    The OPCW FFM will be arriving in Syria tomorrow, (13-Apr-2018), they need to do there investigation and report. Indeed Defense Secretary James Mattis told Congress, ONLY YESTERDAY, (11-Apr-2018), that “I believe there was a chemical attack. We’re looking for the actual evidence”, he then when on to acknowledge the OPCW FFM, AND that even if they find evidence that there was a CW attack, that “we will not know who did it — they can only say they found evidence or they did not.”
    See here: – See from 51:20 on the Video.

    Please consider we have the major NATO partner saying we still need evidence, and to figure out who is responsible if/when we get the said evidence….
    So how come President Macron and the UK security services had not bothered to shared all the evidence they say they have, with the US, and the NATO allies preparing to take illegal action?

    Once evidence has been found, guilt needs to be established, not just assigned as we see fit, and unfortunately due to Geo-political power games, currently there is no mechanism to do that as the UN vetoed the TWO proposals to setup such a body, Draft resolutions S/2018/321 (Swedish/American draft) and S/2018/175 (Russian draft).

    Our Prime Minister, Theresa May, has stated on numerous occasions, we uphold Domestic and International Law, so it should be noted that this group of international law experts have issued a joint statement warning that strike on Syria would be illegal, if not in self-defense or with UN Security Council authorization. (

    Please consider all this before giving your support to what would be an illegal action against a sovereign state, and understand that you DO NOT ACT IN MY NAME, if you support ANY action with out the full proper and correct legal ‘due process’ being carried out, with respect to Domestic and International law.

    Yours sincerely,

    Would like to recommend that more do the same 🙂


    • Lydia

      thank you,you’ve just restored my faith in humanity and I am relieved there is somebody out there in the UK (seems only Switzerland and Germany has some sane voices even journalist so far)expressing exactly the way I feel. I shall take up your recommendation and pass it on.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Thorvid April 13, 2018 at 10:15
      I am unable to fully appreciate your post, due to inebriation and the late hour, but Bravo! I get the gist.
      !A Luta Continua!

  • Mary Paul

    Rather busy at present so apologies if this has already been posted . The ex UK ambassador to Syria has been giving interviews doubting chemical e
    weapons used there recently by the regime. Suggests any attack was staged
    by rebels.

  • Buz

    BBC propaganda
    Anyone interested can see another good example on BBC news channel Victoria Derbshire show from 0915.
    Intro video supplied by rebel groups and unverified ,admitted this time by the BBC ,but who edited it and added the musical soundtrack they don’t say.
    At 0919 Four guests. One in New York, one in Paris.two in the studio.
    Paris guy .Has pre-scripted atrocity stories.Advocates revenge on Assad.
    NY woman advocates military strikes to bring about a political solution
    Studio guy 1.advocates military strikes to remove Assad
    Studio guy 2.asserts rebels almost totally defeated.Violence now reduced. Jaysh al-Aslam known to have carried out gas attacks in Aleppo and elsewhere.Cut off water supply to Damascus.7million without water for a month so govt had to go into East Ghouta.
    Around 0933 BBC start to panic. Presenter cuts him off saying we have to move on. The whole discussion lasts less than 15minutes
    Interestingly the following interview with one man,after news headlines and sport and a trailer lasts about ten minutes.
    Another example Radio4 Today prog.Top interrogator Nick Robinson ,backed up by heavyweight John Pinar,
    repeatedly demand her to describe a scenario in which Jeremy Corbyn would back a military option. Then she is forced to answer who is the greater threat to world peace USA or Russia. Eventually she breaks down and gives the correct answer – after Salisbury it must be Russia.So they let her go.
    I’d like to hear NR and JP interrogate a member of the government until they gave an answer to
    1. Do you support Regime Change in Syria?
    2.Have you any plans for post-war reconstruction?
    3.How many civilians are you prepared to sacrifice in revenge for the Syrian government defeating Jaysh al Islam in E Ghouta and liberating Douma?
    I have complained to the BBC but is there any point?

  • Juergen Schulz

    When the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die.
    Sartre must have foreseen the refugee ‘problem’, which seems to have inspired some politicians on how to solve it…

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Juergen Schulz April 13, 2018 at 12:36
      ‘All wars are Bankster’s wars’. ‘For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.’
      Jesus never lied.

  • Adam Harris

    Here’s a thought – oil and gas exports and imports – all currently traded globally in US dollars, and the UK £ sterling and the European Euro € are both loosely pegged to the dollar.

    Whilst China is not a massive gas importer, Europe is (the largest) but it is a massive oil importer (second) with Europe being the largest. Russia is by far the largest gas producer (outside of the US, and therefore globally tradeable) by a very large margin, and literally controls the flow of gas to all Eurasian countries except America.

    Russia and the Middle East are also the largest oil producers, and again, outside of the US they control the flows (with a lot going to China presumably) China has been largely unheard in the recent events, but you can bet your bottom Yuan that they are politicking behind the scenes in a big way.

    If current events are a long term strategic game, where the US, UK and western Europe are largely excluded, there is a very real chance that the whole machinery of global economic trade could change almost overnight … if the biggest customers/sellers for fossil fuels decide that they wish to trade in their own currencies, such as the Yuan and the Rouble, then the global dollar dominance could crumble in a matter of weeks or months.

    Sure, the west would survive the initial collapse, maybe even for a decade or so, but ultimately if the global currency changes then they will either have to change with it or become a third world trading partner.

    Just a thought … and here are the data pages from Wikipedia for reference:

  • claude

    Merci pour une explication, claire, nette et précise sur sujet pareil.
    Montréal, Qc.

  • Helen Croft

    This makes an interesting view on the false flag skripal poisoning case. Posted youtube 6th April. Its 10 minutes and seems to predict events now abound in Syria. Plus he calls TM & BJ stupid! (worth the watch just for that)…..
    Hope this link works

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