The Incredible Disappearance of Shai Masot 345

A Google news search reveals that not one single mainstream media outlet has mentioned Shai Masot in 2019. Not even once.

Yet the main political news story the last two days has been the suspension of Labour’s Peter Willsman for “anti-semitism” for making the suggestion that the “anti-semitism” witch-hunt is promoted by the Israeli-Embassy. This has been demonstrably a massive story:

The overwhelming majority of the tens of thousands who will read this article know who Shai Masot is and know why his activities are absolutely central to the Willsman story.

And here is the truly terrifying thing.

The overwhelming majority of the mainstream media “journalists” who produced those scores of stories about Willsman also know exactly who Shai Masot is and why his activities are central to the Willsman narrative. And every single one of those journalists chose to self-censor the crucial information that casts a shade over the “Willsman is an anti-semite” line. Every single one. Their self-censorship is not necessarily a conscious and singular act, though in many cases it will be. They are simply imbued with the line they are supposed to adopt, the facts they are supposed to ignore, to forward their career and remain accepted in their social group.

Because the plain truth is that the Al Jazeera documentary The Lobby (part 1 below) showed to the entire political world that Mr Willsman’s thesis about the involvement of the Israeli Embassy in British politics and its objectives is broadly true. It says something about the current dystopia that is the UK, that this truly shocking documentary did not result in any official action against Joan Ryan (who has thankfully since hurtled herself into the political abyss), but that pointing out the undeniable truth about Israeli Embassy interference in British politics is an expulsion offence.

I should be very happy to go on the BBC and say this and so would many other people. Yet the mainstream media have been unable to quote this point of view from a single person. Yesterday’s 12 noon news on the BBC had Willsman as the top story with interviews with first Charlie Falconer, calling for Mr Willsman’s expulsion, then a six minute live rant from extreme zionist John Mann, calling for Mr Willsman’s expulsion. There was no attempt to balance this at all with a remotely sane guest. To be fair, the presenter did baulk at some of Mr Mann’s more frothy mouthed utterances, but the BBC knew precisely what they would get when they invited him, and the decision to have a major news item with only two intervewees, both from the same side of the argument, was a quite deliberate one.

This was a much worse example of lack of balance than those for which Russia Today is routinely censured by Ofcom and threatened with closure. But doubtless as it was a pro-Israel and anti-Corbyn lack of balance (Corbyn was condemned by both interviewees) Ofcom will take no action whatsoever. I am however putting in a complaint to Ofcom about this specific news item and I urge you to do the same.

Al Jazeera’s exposure of Shai Masot led to his quietly being removed from the UK, however he was but the tip of the iceberg. With my FCO inside knowledge I could show that the Israeli Embassy has an extraordinary and disproportionate number of “technical and administrative staff” like Masot, and that there was a mystery over what kind of visa he had to live in the UK. The FCO refused to answer my questions and no mainstream media “journalist” was willing to pursue the case.

The readership of this blog has grown fast over the last two years. I therefore do recommend that you read this blog post which ties in Masot’s activities to the Mossad collaboration of Liam Fox and Adam Werritty – which was the real story behind the Werritty scandal, again completely hidden by the mainstream media. I should mark my debt to the late Paul Flynn MP in helping me prove that fact beyond dispute, as you will see if you read the article. Not one of the media and political hypocrites who so recently eulogised Paul was willing to support him in this or even mention the facts that he had winkled out. Jeremy Corbyn also helped me expose the Werritty/Israel links in his pre-leadership days by asking parliamentary questions.

I do blame Jeremy for not taking a more robust line. Genuine anti-semitism should always be called out and condemned, and it plainly exists, even in the Labour Party. But the open attempt to stifle all criticism of Israel, and in effect to make adherence to zionism a pre-condition for membership of the Labour Party – or indeed acceptance in wider society – is a vicious form of authoritarianism that should have been repudiated robustly from day one.


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345 thoughts on “The Incredible Disappearance of Shai Masot

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  • Loony

    Ah yes the Labour Party.

    A party that long ago abandoned any notion of representing the indigenous working classes so as to free up time to represent more noble causes. So as to cover their transfer of allegiance they blew a lot of identity politics smoke as as to confuse and bother all those enveloped in its cloying fog of confusion.

    Perhaps inevitably the wind has changed direction and it is now the Labour Party itself being enveloped in the smoke of identity politics. They say you reap what you sow – and so by their own measure the Labour Party is institutionally anti-Semetic. It is obviously incapable of reforming itself and so there should be a clear pathway to declaring the Labour Party a proscribed organization.

    • Goose

      What and have a one party state: The National Security party?

      Replete with a permanent state of war justifying constant surveillance and censorship; plenty of military uniforms on display; corporal and capital punishment reintroduced, human rights – binned; curfews and those adjudged to be ‘troublemakers’ being ‘disappeared’.

      I bet you’d like that. Sadly, so would many other authoritarians too.

      • Ash

        We already have that model across the pond, although oddly most citizens still haven’t noticed. All are welcome to come try it out, but we don’t recommend this system.

        • Johny Conspiranoid

          Given the size of the security state apparatus, how does class struggle play out internaly? I,m thinking about the employees terms and conditions. It must be America’s largest employer by now.

      • Loony

        Maybe I’m confused. I always thought that it was the Labour Party that sucked up to their US masters and deployed UK forces to launch a devastating war of aggression against Iraq.

        I was under the impression that it was the Labour Party that was in power when Dr. David Kelly decided to commit suicide, I thought that it was the Labour Party that was in power when it decided to co-opt the power of the state to defenestrate the BBC and to destroy all opposition – for example to smear and destroy the career of the host of is blog.

        Still as you say you would.t want to run any risk of creating a National Security party, because obviously only the Labour Party can protect against that risk. Perhaps you remember the Labour Party politician (Hillary Benn) who made such an impassioned speech regarding the necessity of killing foreign people in order to ensure that a National Security party never arose in the UK.

        Now, back to anti-Semitism….absolutely necessary to criticize the policies of Israel so as to ensure that ex-miners and ex-shipbuilders in the Newcastle can live lives of dignity.

        • Goose

          You’ll find that was Blair and Straw and New Labour. Most LP members don’t have fond memories of New Labour beyond the first term 1997-2001. From 2001-2010 New Labour were little better than Tories.

          Corbyn was seen as the best hope by members of avoiding a return to the frustration of those Blair/Brown years.

        • Johny Conspiranoid

          Loony, that’s the other part of the Labour Party, the Tony Blair part. All the shipbuilders and miners are retired now.

    • Ian

      You don’t know much about British politics, do you? Just a smattering of what you have read in the press, but enough to mount your high horse and fire off some clichéd generalised memes which prevail across alt right social media.

  • remember kronstadt

    Answer to the two state problem – heaven and hell.
    At least one state won’t be worse off.

  • Sharp Ears

    For tomorrow evening:

    Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Eid, warmed with love, happiness and joy! Eid Mubarak!

  • SA

    Not nescessarily. The Swedish case is a fall back and is more desirable for the U.K. than the US to try andshdt the political fallout so it would be UKG that would be on the phone to Sweden.

    • Courtenay Barnett


      Fight goes on.

      Assange’s best approach ( and the best support for all his myriad supporters) is to keep the flood lights focused on the courts and each Judge’s decison as the saga unfolds.

      This is a classic case of what Professor J.A.G. Griffiths famous book, “The politics of the judicary” , so ably and competently exposed.

  • Ort

    Farce and travesty indeed! I am interested in Craig’s view on this latest twist. My own view is that it is simply the latest twist.

    Yes, on the surface it’s a “positive” development. But I wonder how many people familiar with the expression “a cat and mouse game” have ever seen the way a cat cruelly (from a compassionate human perspective) toys with a trapped mouse. In this grim feline recreation, the cat periodically sets its beleaguered and injured captive “free”– momentarily.

    Sweden’s on-again, off-again, zero-accommodation, grudging-accommodation relationship with Assange seems remarkably like a sadistic psychological operation to maximize pernicious uncertainty and stress upon an already weary victim.

    I expect that those who style themselves as sober adults familiar with the vicissitudes of complex legal questions will pooh-pooh such “conspiratorial” thinking, and optimistically take this as a sign that Swedish officials actually wish to bring their role in Assange’s persecution to an end– and vindicate Assange in the bargain.

    • Courtenay Barnett


      In a very simple way I ask:-

      1. The Time of London published his info.

      2. The New York Times published his info.

      3. The Washington Post published his info.

      Etc. etc. etc.

      And – where are they all now?

  • Ron

    Should have google it in Hebrew. He was actually on the candidates list for the last Israeli Knest elections for what is ironically called the “Labour Party” at the 86 position.

  • Laguerre

    Vanunu is another case of someone who offended against the community for telling the truth (not ‘a truth’). He will never be forgiven. That’s the way Israelis are, you have to correspond to their ideology, or you’re in prison for life.

    • giyane


      Most organisations need you to correspond to their ideology or more accurately their unacceptable bias.
      One places the problem on hold and subverts the organisation with humour.
      E.g Craig’s ” frothy mouthed utterances ” jibe at Mann above.

      Unfortunately the use of humour about illegal and violent actions is likely to be interpreted as condoning them or worse.
      Does any journalist or politician have a choice as a communicator to protest against Zionist violence and racism?

      If you work for the Zionists you keep your mouth shut. If you work for the rich they stick their hand up your backside when you shut the boot of the car.

  • Wikikettle

    I am surprised they let George Galloway’s radio show on Talk Radio on Fridays at 19:00, carry on as long as they did. His was the only radio talk show that was radical and invited guests like Craig. I used to look forward to his opening blistering monologue on the topic of the day. We needed a strong articulate assault on the governments policies, as only he could deliver. He was never the person to walk on by and has very powerful enemies that he was not scared of. Another voice silenced, at least on national DAB radio.

    • Shatnersrug

      George is a bit of a difficult one. His heart is in the right place but he has a large ego, and needs to be at the centre of everything. The problem with that is that is that he often undermines the cause he’s fighting for.

      He should never been working for Rupert Murdoch in the first place. It was quite surprising and a testament to his impressive oratory powers that folks would tune in knowing he worked for the dirty digger when they were demanding John Mann’s resignation for the same.

      George also makes terrible political predictions that almost never come true but people still think he’s a sage and that, I believe, is down to his quite amazing charisma. He would have made quite the character actor or musician(he is a double bassist of some skill) should he have turned his hand to that.

      • Ken Kenn

        I stopped listening to George a long time ago as he was beginning to sound too much like British Patriot.

        He’s been knocking around with an English Patriot pushing for a bad Brexit for too long and it’s rubbed off.

        He’ll bounce back as he knows a lot of history of the Middle East and is always worth listening to on those issue.

        Unfortunately he is not as hot on UK issues and as you say his predictions are not always accurate.

        p.s Anyone got any polling figures on the Peterborough By Election?

        The best propaganda is the stuff we never get to see or hear.

        I would have thought the MSM would be all over this with the ” surges ” of the two minor parties.

        The latest GE Polls (3) look like a right mess too.

        • N_

          @Ken – Curiously there doesn’t seem to have been much polling in Peterborough of the kind for which the results are made public. Many big names have been going to the constituency though. (I have no idea what the effect of Boris Johnson’s visit will be.) Bettors have backed the Brexit Party’s candidate Mike Greene to be the heavy favourite, with an implied probability of 87%.

          Greene is connected with a Cambridge-based company called Allia (he is the “entrepreneur in residence” at their “Future Business Centre” in Peterborough), which is extending its tentacles by lending lots of money to charities involved in “social enterprise”. “We work with entrepreneurs and businesses that aim to make positive change for people, planet and place,” they say.

          “Entrepreneur” is such a c***’s word! I mean seriously who would want to get stuck in a lift with an “entrepreneur”?

          Is Allia a front for Triodos Bank, I wondered? “People, planet and profit” would certainly indicate that – that would be about as clear a reference to Steinerite rubbish as you can get. But Allia’s logo has four leaves, not three. My guess is that the leaves represent people, planet, profit, and “place”. They published a shiny document on “social investment” which unsurprisingly is full of bullshit-talk from cover to cover. There will be a cult connection for sure.

          Allia’s guy Phil Caroe has an MPhil in Psychology and Theology. It wouldn’t surprise me if links from Allia go to some US-based Protestant outfit or other. (That said, the Steinerites also run Christian fronts in some countries.)

          Could you imagine a Brexit Party-Green coalition? Five minutes after the Greens first got their arses into government in Germany, German airforce spotter planes flew over Serbia to identify targets which were then bombed.

          • Ken Kenn

            It is very curious that the chattering classes are not chatting about this important By Election.

            Where the Tories could be obliterated – losing 22k ‘s worth of votes and where Labour ( read Corbyn for the chattering classes ) could be damaged.

            The Lib Dems got about 1500 and the Greens got around 800 plus last time.

            For the Brexit party to win big that would be a mighty achievement andas you say they are about 2/9 to win.

            But based on what?

            Very strange behaviour from the MSM.

            I agree the German Greens are very dodgy.

            The UK greens are much better but when power beckons all sorts of principles can be lost.

          • N_

            I would love to read British government propagandists’ or their agents’ accounts of the influence of the BBC’s “Years and Years” series (episodes currently coming out every Tuesday) on political party preferences and voting intentions. Unfortunately such documents will not be released under FOI. They will claim it’s “art” and ask “who would break a butterfly on wheel?”

            The price of a “No Deal” Brexit at Betfair is currently 3.4, implied probability 29%. Only a few weeks ago, the centrally decided party line “consensus” among all the opinion channellers was that “the House of Commons will never allow No Deal”. In one version, it said “they will never allow No Deal to be put on the ballot sheet in a second referendum”. That was before the Brexit party won the EU election, and before this coming Friday when it will stomp home in Peterborough.

            Friday will also be the day that Theresa May resigns.

            Talk about amplifying the message!

            Friday’s news programmes will show the Brexit Party candidate winning in Peterborough to mass cheering, and Theresa May’s few words of resignation, perhaps with tears of sadness.

            Nigel Farage will say this is the start of something big. No more faffing about, and the British people’s views weren’t heard, and now if necessary, led by his Partei, they will take over and implement their views if they have to. True white power democracy in action.

            Got to wonder whether he will actually give the “OK” (“WP”) hand signal.

            The Tory leaders will go “Well we must respect the British people. That’s what we love most of all. Every time we look down from aeroplanes at poor areas of Oldham or London or wherever, we wet ourselves with emotion as we think about how much we love the white British working class. So yes, lovely dear darling proles, we’ll give you exactly what you want”.

          • N_


            I’ve been thinking about this. The reason for so little national media coverage and so few published polling results for Peterborough may be that they want to keep turnout low, ecause that helps the Brexit Party.

            This is assuming that people are more likely to vote if they see national coverage of the by-election, which is surely the case. Whether the group who otherwise won’t vote but who would vote if they were exposed to greater national media coverage is skewed towards those who would vote Remain I am not so sure, but I think it is. This is given that Leave types are more motivated, which itself is a result of how they believe they are being betrayed, or at best ignored by a bunch of incompetents led by Theresa May. “Let’s send the message again, and ruder the second time” plays well.

            Which is not to say that the actual level of national or web coverage relating to the Brexit Party won’t have an effect in Peterborough, even if it isn’t focusing on the by-election. There are “experts” from the universities who love to say that if there were a general election tomorrow the Brexit Party would sweep to power or at least win a very large number of Commons seats. In a schizoid way, that actually tells people to vote for the Brexit Party in Peterborough perceiving their decision to be just a protest vote. If there is a general election in the near future, people may then do the same thing across the country. Yes, vote for a newly created far-right party “for kicks”, almost. Like sticking two fingers up or shouting.

            And to think that Nigel Farage was going to settle in the US…

            It says a lot about Britain that Farage isn’t already prime minister. In most other countries, he probably would have led a party that swept to power around the same time that he won the referendum. Britain is so schizoid that his movement won the referendum with 52% while his party only had one seat in the Commons, and then in the general election the following year it got less than 2% of the vote and no seats at all.

            If Farage talked and came across like David Cameron, he would be prime minister already. That said, if he did talk like that he wouldn’t have won the referendum! What a f***ed up country!

      • Wikikettle

        George Galloway has not made political decisions that have destroyed whole countries and killed millions. He has been an elected MP for decades. If you watch George Galloway vs The US Senate on you tube you will see how, under oath he made the US Senate and neo con war mongers look like the lying war criminals they are. He has achieved so much and will carry on. When working people hear him, they know he is from their/our working roots. They will never silence him. Go for it George. Give them hell.

      • Goose

        Can’t weigh Galloway up at all.

        He’s very anti-Scottish independence and anti-SNP, and was even before Sturgeon became a bit New Labour-ish. Yet he’s very pro-Brexit (or Lexitas he’d have it) and indeed strangely pro-Farage(definitely not Lexit). He talks seriously about the UK forging new trading relations with : Russia; Syria; Iran; Venezuela and Cuba, when we’re outside the EU. Basically not just binning the special relationship, but antagonising the US in every way possible. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if he’s mucking around trying to steal Alex Jone’s crown for silliness.

        However, that all said, the HoC misses his blistering speeches, especially regarding military interventions and the ME more generally. His speech scolding Cameron’s plans for massive UK intervention in Syria in 2013 undoubtedly played a part in that crazy idea being defeated in the commons.

        • Shatnersrug

          George believes that Scottish Indy is an impossibility that is whipped up by the snp and encouraged by the tories to keep Scotland divided and socialism out of power, and I’m inclined to agree with him on that. I just cannot see how with the British state as malevolent as it is that Scotland would survive 5 mins outside of the uk without becoming a puppet state, I think Scotland would become a 5 million people version of Julian assange

          • Goose

            Well, it’s clearly not an impossibility.

            He just has to look at other similar sized populations in Scandinavia. Scotland is well educated, has world class companies and universities, a stable, modern proportionate democratic infrastructure and more natural resources than many of those Scandi countries eg. oil, wind turbine power and coastal fishing. Unless he thinks Scots are uniquely inferior or incapable somehow? In which case he’s an idiot.

          • Hatuey

            Shatnersug, like Galloway you seem to advocate independence for everyone except Scotland. In your case the reasons are quite unique, though, I’ll give you that.

            Do you think Palestine would have more rights vis a vis Israel if it was formally and legally recognised as a state? How about Catalonia vis a vis Spain? Hell, why not go back and try applying your argument to the US in 1775 and all the rest who escaped the clutches of Britain?

            Statehood is a shield. It doesn’t protect against everything but Scotland without that shield is much more vulnerable to malevolence than it would be if it was independent.

        • N_

          George Galloway’s supporting Brexit is one thing. I have always respected Dennis Skinner even though I disagree with him about Brexit. But supporting the Brexit Party, as Galloway has done, is another matter entirely. A bit of a giveaway!

          Part of it may be that Gorgeous is so in love with himself and his image that he seriously thought he could be the Brexit Party’s candidate in Peterborough. But only a small part of it.

        • Shatnersrug

          Goose, you miss my point. The British establishment with all the evil of mi5 and mi6 will tear Scotland apart. They will install a puppet regime who passes the oil revenue on to BP and with the imf inflict austerity that makes the current fuck-show look like Shangri-la

          • Goose

            Even were there such intent (highly unlikely imho, since Scots would have their own v.capable, independent intel service(s)) Interference in true multi-party, proportionate electoral systems , systems which frequently produce coalitions and post-election horse trading, is very, very difficult. One of the reasons we need PR for Westminster elections is to clean out the democratic stables and prevent any hidden vested interest(s); whether it be ‘big money ‘lobbyists’ l; foreign govts – mainly US; aristocrats ,or our own overreaching agency and military top brass involving themselves in politics.

          • N_

            @Goose – Where will an independent Scotland get the senior officers in this “very capable” intelligence service from?

            Will they include many Scots who have served in MI6 or in some other British service? And who will forget their former loyalty in a flash? Are you sure you will be able to trust them? Are there any of the 14 republics of the former USSR other than Russia that you might cite?

            Or will they be trained up fast from within the ranks of Scots who have never had anything to do with the British state (so what jobs have they been doing?) and who display highly developed skills of understanding other people’s points of view, a necessary requirement of being an effective intelligence officer?

            Just asking. You are talking about a new regime setting up a “very capable” and “independent” intelligence service. Another question would be how you would ensure it is “independent” of the Scottish National Party. I’m assuming that’s something you’d want.

          • N_

            On the matter of the intelligence service of an independent Scotland…

            If Scotland becomes independent it will not be the first country that becomes independent and so recent cases of independence are worth considering.

            Let’s look at the USSR.

            Constituent republics of that union other than Russia had their own KGBs, e.g. there was an Estonian KGB, a Georgian KGB, etc. In Estonia that organisation faded away, to be replaced by a scene which included “forest brothers” (or should that be “foreSSt brothers”?), whose network had been strong mainly in the diaspora for many decades.

            Georgia was a more complicated case.

            But first, Scotland hasn’t got any “forest brothers” in its diaspora. And second, around 1990 the central KGB had loads of information on all the up-and-coming politicians and criminal figures in Estonia, everywhere else in the USSR, and outside of Soviet borders too in places such as Hungary and Poland and Bulgaria and East Germany, which explains why the departures from the Warsaw Treaty Organisation weren’t the slightest bit of a problem for the Kremlin. Some would be surprised if they knew just what strength the FSB and SVR continue to enjoy in many countries today, nearly 30 years later, including in several NATO member states.

            I am waiting to hear how a highly capable and very independent Scottish intelligence service will actually be set up. There would be different models available, but MI6 operates mainly outside of Britain (that’s its job) so there’s not exactly a Scottish-based chunk of it that could be taken over, as there is with the police and MI5, although an ethnic appeal could be made to senior officers who are Scottish to “come home”. How many will? How many will heed the call of the heather and the thistles rather than stay living within a train journey of a Clarendon school? And of those who do, how many will dump their previous loyalty?

            Will a third country be called in to help, the way the dictatorship in Singapore called in the Israelis to build up their armed forces in the 1960s? A person can’t become a great intelligence officer simply by wanting to or because they know they’re as clever as the people in the neighbouring country any day of the week.

            What’s the plan, @Goose?

        • Dungroanin

          Agreed. Used like a lightening conductor.
          Can’t take him or anyone, seriously for taking the Murdoch Shilling.
          That is not principled.

          • Shatnersrug

            He (wrongly as usual) predicted Corbyn was finished and Tom Watson was going to take over a couple of months ago. I told him that was preposterous, now bare in mind that I’ve donated to his David Kelly film(which I’m sure will be great) and offered help with various things over the years and had plenty of emails back and forth. I suggested that it was such a preposterous idea that the only person it would please would be his employer, the dirty digger. In response he blocked me immediately and I’ve not heard another word from him. George’s narcissism is his Achilles Heel. It’s made him wealthy but it has made him untrustworthy.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Shatnersrug June 4, 2019 at 23:23
            Galloway used to be my MP. I have always been wary of him, believing he was just too friendly with Saddam Hussein (I know Rumsfeld and the Brits were too), but my main concern with him was his inability to tackle the 9/11 issue.
            Not, repeat NOT, his disagreement, but in his unwillingness to discuss the issue.
            I had been writing to him for well over eighteen months, re 9/11, with no response, and on 17th January ’08 I wrote again, telling him a Japanese Councillor of the Japanese Diet had vocally raised the issue in their Diet, about the veracity of the Bushco ‘narrative’ and the true fate of Japanese victims killed in the Twin Tower collapses. I then forwarded the email to him again on 8 February, as per usual he had not responded. On 17 February ’08 he replied, with just four words: ‘This is all bunkum’, and signed George Galloway.
            But I admire his excellent support for the Palestinians.

      • Christopher Dale Rogers


        I think it a bit rich to claim that GG was working directly for Murdoch, rather, GG originally worked for TalKSport, this became Talk Radio, which only recently was acquired by Holdings owned by Murdoch, which is quite different to being employed directly by Murdoch and accepting his dirty coin. Indeed, GG has not be paid by TalkRadio for his weekly 3hr broadcast for 2 months and his fellow co-workers on the Show were also dismissed, two of whom, like Craig, I know personally.

  • Glasshopper

    LBC have been running the antisemitism story for 3 years now. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. It is their biggest news story since 9/11.
    Often the entire list of presenters from Ferrari to O’Brien to Dale will run the story from 7am till ten at night. I have never known a campaign like it.
    Meanwhile, follow ups to the Douma “chemical weapons attack” that dominated LBC for weeks at the time, never came.

    I still enjoy the station, but you do have to wonder who owns this “news” outlet.

    • David

      LBC is an excellent ‘Global’ news station, with serious journalists who cover the news of the day, usually far better than their beeb equivalents. Until that particular “narrative” story of the day/week appears, then they are resolutely in line with authority. Could be self-censorship?, except like you mention on the made up AS trope, they are pushing that story for removing the “Corbyn threat”.
      LBC further allows much short telephonic input from the man/woman on the Clapham Omnibus, this again is much more open than the beeb, but as I’m listening, I’m trying to work out which callers •might• just be calling from a secretive government bunker just outside Milton Keynes, say. If I was running a major psyop organisation, as Jack Straw once informed us, then I’d employ hundreds of “Jim in Barnet” regional accent types to amuse the population, and LBC would really be “Leading Britain’s Conversation” ….

    • Sharp Ears

      Global Radio is owned by the Tabor family Bookmaking and racehorse ownership. I agree that any opportunity is taken to bring up the subject of anti semitism and to smear Corbyn while they’re at it. All done with subtlety. Global is well embedded in the UK show business world, charity and the like.

      Ashley did not succeed with the Westminster planners.

    • Dungroanin

      LBC has been shilling Farage with a daily prime evening slot daily.
      They even dragged in the shameless Eddie Mair from BBC radio 4 PM news slot to be the Fartages warm up act, bringing his so called ‘liberal’ listeners ears to the great sage.

      The propaganda is ‘full spectrum’.

    • N_

      LBC used to be owned by Tory heiress Zionist criminal and former leader of Westminster Council Shirley Porter who ran off to Israel rather than pay the huge surcharge a court had ordered her to pay, which soon came to £42 million. Somehow or other she managed to “settle” for less than a third of that figure. (Has anyone reading this been fined for anything recently? Try saying you’ll only pay a third of the amount and tell us how you get on.) Now she is back in Britain and her arse has never served a single day in jail.

    • nevermind

      Just read through your policy framework Pete, can you point me to the specific policy which ends the incessant FoI memes and proclaims an FoAll nations that obide by UN rules and human rights charters Labour will sign up to?
      It is the steady undermining of elected MP’s that, contrary to their constituency causes and needs, are lobbied with monies for elections and all paid for trips to a country without declared borders, a morphing entity that has never had a friendly relationship with its neighbours, steals sovereign territories and attacks people on the high seas.
      Friendship should preclude that both sides get on well with their immediate neighbours, imho.
      I am tempted to join you bar this vital point.

    • Harry Law

      From Pete Gregsons link “They [the JLM] must be disaffiliated from the Labour Party and replaced with Jewish Voice for Labour, whose anti-racist aims and values truly reflect Labour’s social justice philosophy”.
      Whereas the JVL do have many good points, any non Jewish person could not join this group as a full member because they are not racially qualified [see 3 and 4 below] which rather makes a mockery of their anti-racial aims.
      JVL Constitution
      1. Purpose: Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) is an organisation dedicated to representing Jewish members of the British Labour Party.
      2. Statement of Principles: This is the Statement of Principles adopted on 28 July 2017 or as subsequently amended under the procedure outlined in Para 9 below.
      3. Membership: Membership is open to Jewish members of the Labour Party who accept the JVL Statement of Principles, agree to act within its spirit, and pay any membership fee that may be set by the Steering Group.
      4. Supporters’ Network: The Steering Group is authorised to set up a network of non-Jewish Labour party members who support the statement of principles and wish to be associated with the work of JVL. They will be designated Associate Members, but will not have voting rights.

      • Harry Law

        Many people of Jewish origin are members of [indeed leading members of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign] what would they [the PSC] be called if they excluded people of Jewish origin from full membership with no voting rights?

        • nevermind

          Thanks for your head up Harry, my questions exactly. Lanour is either Friends to everyone, an open commitment, or it is picking favours.

          Too many favours in the past dont necessarily make for progress today. Memories of the past can stifle.

  • Peter

    Nick Robinson, speaking on R4’s Today just now, without qualification and unchallenged or questioned, referred to Pete Willsman as a racist because of his taped comments.

    Anyone planning to complain to Ofcom about the BBC’s handling of this matter may wish to add this to their complaint.

    Indeed Mr Willsman himself may wish to consider suing the BBC. I know I would if I was in his place.

    • nevermind

      I feel a liitle what ires Willsman, for to mention that Zionists are inflicting on the Palestinians^the world, what was done to them during WW2.
      Howard Zinn had it anout right when he proclaims that the problem is civil obedience by those who benefit from a western hegemony, be it the media or Governments of all shades controlling the narrative.

      Feel free to delete this post as well, it has the Z word in it.

      • michael norton

        Any perceived anti-semitism in the Labour party is illusory.

        From the Zionist narrative, it is about harming anyone who does not share the intent of a Greater Israel.

        • michael norton

          If you go on Wiki it tells you that “The modern state of Israel, is the end goal of the Zionist movement”.
          They give you a view of Israel that does not include The Golan.
          The picture does not include the West Bank.

          This means that Wiki is not up to date with the goings on.

          • Jimmeh

            Wikipedia has a cadre of senior admins that take a very strong pro-Israel line. Jimmy Wales himself supports this line. It’s impossible to use Jonathan Cook or Robert Fisk as a reliable source; these people revert any such edit immediately, saying that these two reporters are “fringe”.

            The pro-Israel group Campaign for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (“CAMERA”) notoriously launched an off-wiki group to manipulate Wikipedia elections, and take over Wikipedia admin structures. Eventually they were banned, for violating the rule against organizing off-wiki.

            Wikipedia remains totally unreliable on the Middle East. It still insists that the Douma attack was a gas attack perpetrated by Syria, rather than a fake, set up by Islamist fascists; and that the White Helmets are an authentic aid organization, rather than an ally of those same Islamists. Any attempt to correct these misrepresentations is promptly reverted.

    • Sharp Ears

      Robinson on Twitter in 2017. He was challenged (and asked for a correction) when he said it had been stated that it was controversial to call Hebron a Palestinian World Heritage Site. ”In interview with UNESCO re US/Israel quitting I quoted controversy re designating Hebron old city as ‘Palestinian World Heritage Site’
      4:55 am – 13 Oct 2017
      Note he did not respond to the request.

      Hebron contains Israeli settlers who are still making the lives of the Palestinian residents hellish. I attended a talk recenty given by a Palestinian woman who has a business in Hebron, selling beautiful woven, embroidered and decorative clothing items made by local Palestinian women. Her account of her daily life there was chilling.

      This account of his time in Hebron with the IDF was written by Yehuda Shaul who was an IDF commander during the second intifada and what his orders were that he had to carry out. He is a founding member of Breaking the Silence.

      Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ hasn’t a hope of bringing peace
      Nothing short of ending ending legal discrimination will make a difference to Israel and Palestine


      • BrianFujisan

        The Independence movement will Never forgive Robinson..After his Lies in the 2014 ref..

        Alex had spent around 12 mins answering Robinson, then the Dick went on bbC news at six..Saying Alex Salmond didn’t answer his question. There was a Large protest outside bbc in Glasgow over it.

        ” I attended a talk recenty given by a Palestinian woman who has a business in Hebron, selling beautiful woven, embroidered and decorative clothing items made by local Palestinian women ”

        Do you know if there is a website for her business Sharp Ears.

  • Jack

    Labour should raise the this issue, why is it that israeli interefence is ok in brittish politics? Is it, because Tory, intelligence services are benefitting from it in various ways?

    • Sharp Ears

      How about Labour Friends of Israel? Their members, such as Ellman and Ryan, always pop up to defend Israel whenever the subject of Gaza/Palestine crops up in the HoC. Ryan is the most strident and vociferous. Mann too but he is not listed as a LFoI member. ‘Working towards a two state solution’.
      ‘LFI supports new grassroots initiative
      28 May, 2019
      Labour Friends of Israel is launching ‘Speakers for a Two-State Solution,’ a grassroots initiative for l activists to lead discussions in the Labour party and centre-left groups about how to bring a peaceful end to the conflict in the Middle East.’
      Are they having a laugh? Gaza and the West Bank as bantustans, South African style?

      It is not a ‘conflict’. It is resistance to an illegal Occupation.

      • N_

        Interesting – so LFI, which as we know is a means by which the Zionist machine pays and controls many Labour MPs, is paying for speakers, presumably mainly young ones, to advocate a “two-state solution”. And they’re oh so “grassroots”. There’s a big message there.

        • Goose

          But Israel no longer wants a two state solution, at least Netanyahu and Likud don’t, and Israel has moved very much to the hard militaristic right more generally.

          It’s sad how formerly reasonable Jewish voices here in the UK have moved rightwards as if taking their cue from what’s happened in Israel.

          • Hatuey

            A two state solution is impossible now. Palestine has been reduced to a spattering of blood-like dots on a map. Israel will forever be a monument to ethnic cleansing, butchery, and crimes against humanity, assuming it lasts.

          • N_

            Israel has never wanted a two-state solution. The division between Likud and Labour is exaggerated. The PFLP were right to oppose the Oslo agreement. You only have to consider what the Zionists have done on the West Bank since that time. They have repeatedly pressed forward. They haven’t even tried to “justify” their actions on the basis of the firing of a few little rockets by the occupied.

            What I’m saying is that they want an “opposition” that supports a two-state solution.

            But this shouldn’t be viewed only in terms of final goals, i.e. two-state versus one-state. They do NOT want an opposition that calls for BDS. BDS does not especially push for this or that “final goal”. But it could be a growing and unifying practice among anti-fascists. No more going to Starbucks. No more allowing Group 4 to read electricity meters. No more shopping at Marks and Spencer’s.

            Anti-BDS is a big (sometimes unspoken) element of the push in many countries to criminalise or delete certain kinds of criticism of Israel, to tar them falsely with the label of “anti-Semitism”. “Don’t single Israel out”, “What about this other country?”, “You’ve got a special hatred of the Jewish state because it’s Jewish and you hate the Jews”, and so on.

            All anti-fascists should support BDS, even those who don’t understand that a two-state solution would be a form of apartheid.

      • Andyoldlabour

        Sharp Ears

        Is there any difference between “Labour friends of Israel” and “Conservative friends of Israel”, “Liberal Democrat friends of Israel” and all the other “friends of Israel”?
        They are all organised via the Israeli embassy in London, they all have the same agenda.
        It is clear interference in UK politics by a foreign state.
        What an amazing influence they have in the UK, considering that they represent 0.5% of the population.

        • N_

          Israel shouldn’t be viewed as representing ANY percentage of the British population.

          It was sickmaking to watch Francois Hollande in the audience in a Parisian synagogue (supposedly French territory, not Israeli) listening appreciatively to Benyamin Netanyahu saying that the interests of French Jews were protected by Israel and if they get into any trouble they can flee to Israel. France should protect all its citizens, of all ethnic and religious backgrounds, and all visitors to its territory too.

          Have you ever looked at the Shomrim, @Andy? Imagine if there was a uniformed Jamaican police force patrolling Brixton (or a uniformed Romanian Gypsy police force patrolling Oxford Street), boasting that it responded faster than the British police and benefited from better access to shop video footage too.

  • Bill Boggia

    Is this modern dictatorship in Britain a new thing – or is it just getting more transparent with the easier access to information ?

    It seems as if it’s getting worse with such things as accepting torture evidence as evidence, and with the absalute and very obvious total control of all our MSM (whose journalism is dead) – but back in the 50s under Churchils leadership our forces were roasting Kenyans alive over fires.

    It’s a sorry mess whichever way you look at it – and in many ways – as well as being a rogue state – the UK – or more fairly Westminster (because most UK citixens I think are decent people as individuals) is a Vampire state (worls second largest dealer in death for profit).

    How to drive a stake through its heart ?

    • Rhys Jaggar

      We have always been a dictatorship behind the scenes, you get promoted by being a good two-faced actor, a fellating sycophant upwards and a Gauleiter bully downwards.

      You accept the rules or you are out. You accept the disgusting spying apparatus and culture or you are out.

      Look at our history: absolute monarchy, then hereditary oligarchy and after 60 odd years post votes for women when democracy won several victories, globalisation is now being promoted to disenfranchise everyone again. Slavery is making a big comeback, people trafficking is big business and the largest market for cocaine in Europe is in London.

      Billionaires are almost universally anti-democratic and see freedom solely as defined by their freedom to make money and remain rich in perpetuity. Most of them are very dictatorial when judged by their actions. Laws of the jungle I guess: if you were nice some scoundrel would steal everything from you.

      • N_

        “Laws of the jungle”…”survival of the fittest”… The latter was a phrase coined by Herbert Spencer. Never mind that he was a “liberal”. The notion is still intrinsic to what the British right wing really believes – to the private school system, to the inherited wealth that they love so much, and so on.

        Donald Trump today insisted there will be no trade “deal” between the US and Britain after Brexit unless the British government hands over the remains of the NHS to US big insurance business.

        This is surely an absolutely knockout argument in favour of Britain remaining in the EU. It made me more optimistic that if there is a second referendum, Remain could possibly win. I doubt that will happen: the BBC has been pushing hard for a crashout Brexit, which indicates that the ruling elite has already chosen its path. But that’s no reason to give up the fight to prevent the Big Cull.

        Was the British government involved in planning the Trump NHS reference? I am not sure of the answer to that question. Certainly during Trump’s presidential campaign he supposedly said things off the cuff or that were “embarrassing”, such as in effect calling for Hillary Clinton to be assassinated, which were delivered with such perfection, and which helped his message so much, that I can’t believe they weren’t planned in detail and rehearsed. This is how the “envelope” gets moved – and it’s already been moved a lot, and only in one direction.

        But perhaps he is even more insane now than in 2016. He certainly doesn’t seem able to give an interview without insulting people, using phrases out of any serious context (e.g. he called today’s protests “fake news”), and saying how “great” he is, and how “great” anything is that he wants to flatter into helping him get what he wants. Never mind the guy’s tiny vocabulary – that’s also known as being a sick f***er

        That said, the composition of the audience has changed, so it’s not the whole story to talk of how he “comes across”.

        If it were all only theatre, I could imagine Theresa May not whispering to him “The NHS means the state health service, Donald” (although what else could he have thought it meant?), but rather “I told you not to reveal the plan”, or even “I told you not to reveal the agreement we’ve already made”.

        • Tarla

          The Tories were the biggest cheerleaders for TTIP which had NHS ownership and contracts at the heart of UK’s involvement. The Tories refused to exempt the NHS from TTIP trade talks.

          “National right
          He added that TTIP had the potential to generate wealth for the UK which, in turn, could then be used to pay for a ‘strong NHS’.

          Mr Hunt said: ‘The Government is absolutely clear that we will not allow TTIP to change the way that the decisions about NHS services are contracted in the public or private sector which is a matter for local CCGs.’

          Easington Labour MP Grahame Morris asked Mr Hunt whether the Government would exclude health services from the treaty in the same way that France had moved to exclude its national film industry from TTIP.

          Mr Hunt responded by reiterating that the areas of concern within the health service were protected.

          He said: ‘The NHS is excluded from TTIP if it comes to the critical decision as to whether or not services are contracted to the private sector or not … If a service has been contracted to the private sector and a national Government wishes to bring it back into the public sector, TTIP will not stop that – you can rest assured on that matter.’

          Mr Hunt was also quizzed by MPs on issues such as recent additional funding for the NHS, staffing shortages and Foundation Trust deficits”.

          “Unite claimed that the deal between the European Union and the United States, known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), is the result of “secret” negotiations between US officials and the European Commission.

          Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “David Cameron has shown that he’s willing to go to Europe to defend bankers’ bonuses, now he must use his powers to defend our cherished NHS.

          “US health companies will even have the right to sue a future UK government in secret courts if politicians try to reverse privatisation.

          “The most significant effect will be felt in health, enabling US healthcare multinationals and Wall Street investors to sue the UK government in secret courts if it attempts to reverse privatisation.

          “David Cameron can exempt the NHS from these trade negotiations. Unless the Prime Minister acts, bureaucrats in Brussels and Washington will make the sell-off of our NHS irreversible.”

          All the Tory candidates came out and said the NHS is ‘not for sale’. Pull the other one it’s always for sale with the Tories and the Blairite Labourites who accelerated the privatisation of the NHS.

          • N_

            @Tarla – Yes you are right. This needs to be the central message of a Remain movement, and if it’s done right it could achieve far more than keeping Britain in the EU.

            The problem is that the enemy are far better organised. Could the big cull start this autumn?

            Out of interest, do you think Trump’s words were deliberate or accidental?

    • Tarla

      The UK has always had a dictatorship of capital which gets more and more hostile at times of crisis like now. The aggressive fascism being displayed on the streets, in studios, in the MSM, in parliament is a sign of what is to come. Just as it did in the 1930s with the Mosleyites, 1970s with the NF, the BNP in numerous occasions, the response in Liverpool to the far right etc. which were all defeated by strong action on the streets. But the really issue is that capitalism is in crisis and will lead to further inter imperialist trade wars and shooting wars. And as has been shown in 1917 and 1945, the only way to defeat crisis ridden warmongering reactionary imperialism is for the working class to impose its dictatorship and take power like in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, China, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea etc. The dictatorship of the working class is the cornerstone of Leninism and is the only way to solve the problems of human kind.

      • N_

        But here you are wrong, @Tarla. Leninist regimes and the social conditions they help administer are as capitalist as bourgeois regimes. Bolshevik governmental power in Russia smashed the working class movement. Have a look at writers such as Sylvia Pankhurst and Anton Pannekoek for inspiration.

        • N_

          I won’t say stuff about Kronstadt even. Just look at how your ideas lead you to praise the regime in North Korea, a horrendous and deeply fascist regime if ever there was one. You need to recalibrate!

          • Tarla

            Fascism is a dictatorship imposed by decaying capitalism to keep capitalism going. As any study of the rise of fascism in the 1920s and 1930s would show . North Korea got rid of capitalism in 1945 with the assistance of the USSR and is a workers state.

        • Tarla

          Capitalism was overthrown in Russia in 1917 and the imposed dictatorship of the working class allowed the Soviet Union to flourish economically, politically and socially, in the fields of science, engineering etc. etc..It was this development since 1917 that was the cornerstone of the defeat of fascism in 1945 in Europe by the Soviet Union..Fascism would not have been defeated in Europe, and kept a firm grip of until 1989, since whence it has come out of the woodwork in Russia, Poland, Hungary, East Germany etc.without the sacrifice of the Soviet people. Capitalism was restored in Russia and Eastern Europe, after Gorbachev’s liquidated and gave up the steady building of communism. Who suffered? The Soviet working class. Capitalism has had its day and is a hindrance on humankind’s development, it is a stain on the world that is hurtling fast towards aggressive fascism, trade war, slump.and shooting war between the same imperial powers as it was before the First and Second World wars The only way to stop this happening is for the working class to take power.

          • N_

            @Tarla – So wage-labour and the commodity economy and money were got rid of in Russia in 1917, were they?

            I strongly encourage you to think about this some more, and about how you actually define capitalism. German capitalism didn’t develop much between 1918 and 1933 and then it developed quite a bit after the Nazis came to power. I’m not sure what the “decay” was that you mention.

            Are you excluding Francoism and Salazarism from your definition of fascism? Both reigned in parts of Europe and neither was defeated in 1945. They weren’t even involved in any wars in Europe against any other powers in 1945. They continued until the 1970s.

  • Harry Law

    When Al Jazeera broadcast The Lobby in detailing Israeli subversion of British politics, the Zionist attack machine was fired up. They submitted five separate complaints to the media watchdog, Ofcom, alleging antisemitism, bias and invasion of privacy.
    Ofcom undertook a detailed examination of the claims and published their 60 page findings on 9 October. On every aspect of each claim they found that Al Jazeera had conducted themselves with professional rigour and had breached neither broadcasting rules nor the IHRA (mis)definition of antisemitism. Each and every item of the lengthy allegations was rejected.
    Pete Willsman needs to reference this important undercover investigation and the Ofcom report as material and compelling evidence in his defence.

    • Goose

      Willsman will be hung out to dry.

      Reality and the truth don’t matter unfortunately. It was always about public perception for those who want Corbyn out; creating so-called bad optics for those around Corbyn. Nothing about this is ‘fair’ as Craig points out. John Mann wasn’t invited on to offer a balanced opinion and call for a fair assessment of the facts. News outlets postface their articles by stating they have sought comment from Mr.Willsman on the matters mentioned, but have they really? I doubt it.

      • Harry Law

        If he allows himself to be hung out to dry, then he deserves to be hung out to dry, he must use every legal device open to him, in other words, put the Labour Party in the dock from a legal and public opinion point of view, for capitulating once more to the lobby. In my opinion he has an excellent case since it is based on purely political opinions.

        • Goose

          But that’s what some want.

          They’d love a legal fight because it feeds the whole false narrative of Labour being embroiled in a huge antisemitic ruckus, that’s “tearing the party apart” – they aren’t obviously. I’d guess one of the reasons Hodge and Ian Austin weren’t disciplined over alleged sweary abuse directed at Corbyn, was due to fears they’d embroil the party in a big legal row; replete with chasing cameras and endless statements and interviews on the BBC, Sky and ITV news about how they were fighting against injustice and antisemitism.

        • Peter

          Ken Livingstone wasn’t expelled from the Labour Party for his comments about Zionism, despite the high pitched demands of numerous Blairites, Umunna’s scurrilous performance in a Select Committee and Mann’s histrionics, because he threatened legal action and most people realised he would win.

          He did, of course, decide to resign and bow out gracefully to bring an end to the hysteria.

          There is, of course, no chance of the hysteria coming to an end while Corbyn is still leader unless he or those around him choose to turn around, face the accusers and take them head on – as Livingstone threatened to do.

          • Goose

            I do think Willsman should have realised he was potentially being set up.

            But it’s revealing that people are resorting to secret recording techniques and tricking people into saying something that can then be construed as vaguely controversial when played back with bad audio on the news, because real evidence of AS is lacking. The fact this Willsman story led the BBC news all day is bizarre, the guy asked Willsman where he thought it was coming from and he simply gave his honest opinion.

            Whatever next, a secret recording replete with bad audio of a Labour MP saying he refuses to eat avocados grown in the occupied territories, leading the news all day? This is the sort of absurd ‘gotcha-ism’ point we’re approaching.

  • Dave

    I was in a pub and someone said I was sitting on their seat! Being a reasonable chap I said sorry and moved to another seat. Same thing happened again and again and again, so what was I supposed to do in response? Would it be OK to get angry and swear or insult the person or merely leave the pub.

    Probably best to leave the pub, I mean if all the seats are reserved by a loudmouth, best find another pub! Or you could say the person has made an elementary mistake, as all the seats belong to you, and expect a fight, which may not happen.

    What to do about repeated vexatious claims of “anti-Semitism” without offending those making the claims. Its a difficulty that has to be faced, or you have to leave the subject of Israel entirely and let the loudmouths win, which isn’t in this case really an option, as opposing wars is more important than where you drink and so you could decide to denounce those making the complaints as “anti-Semitic” and report them for suspension under investigation.

    The problem to be faced is those making the complaints are just acting as if they own the word when in fact its pretty obvious they are the “anti-Semites” and encouraging offense with the repeated false claims which they then claim is evidence they are right.

    In other words when they repeatedly de facto swear at you, don’t confuse it with an honest misunderstanding, swear back. I think Corbyn wants to keep the party united and thinks if he repeatedly assures his tormentors he’s not “anti-Semitic” the madness will end, but it wont as its ancestral.

  • Blair Paterson

    I have been banned from phoning in on L.B.C they have not said so but they do not answer my calls or say if they can fit me in they will call back they never do they do not like the truth and I can drive a coach through there topics just by stating the facts and telling the whole truth . they ask you to phone in and then deny you your say to me this is fraud I have been consulting a solicisiter with a view of suing them for fraud and as for those who phone in and say thanks for taking my call , they should be thanking you for keeping them in a job it is all part of the brain washing msm only the gullable will believe them

  • michael norton

    The Changelings are changing again.
    The smart money is on the Brexit Party candidate to win the by-election on Thursday, no money on Change U.K. to win anything, a recent poll ( before they cleaved in half) has put then on one percent at the next General Election.

  • Peter

    Great news.

    The disappearance of the smug grin from Chuka Umunna’s face is one of the few political highlights of the year.

  • Terry Phillips

    Agree with sentiments. Too long, poorly written. If you want to get message across it has to be better than this.

    • Tony

      Terry, I assume you’re referring to the OP? It’s about ten paragraphs long. Can you give us a clue about how such an article can be shortened? And could you kindly provide a template for getting this important message across in a better way?

      • Dave

        The difficulty for the “Left” is they are genuinely (for the sake of argument) “anti-racist” and therefore think its OK to keep calling opinions and people they don’t like “racist” and so recoil from being called “racist” aka “anti-Semitic” themselves.

        But if they concede “racism and anti-Semitism” have become just weaponised swear words against them, then it follows people will say they’re just weaponised swear words when used by the “left” aka they are being hung by their own petard.

        • Dom

          I think Alexei Sayle more accurately summed up what is going on when he said, “It’s absurd to see people who’ve spent a lifetime standing against racism being accused of racism by racists.”

        • George

          Your article contradicts itself in the parenthesis of:

          “The difficulty for the “Left” is they are genuinely (for the sake of argument) “anti-racist””

          If the Left are genuinely anti-racist then it would not be a matter of them “calling opinions and people they don’t like “racist””

          Nor would they “concede “racism and anti-Semitism” have become just weaponised swear words” and they are certainly not “being hung by their own petard”.

  • Willie

    Now we know what Regime Change and the removal of democracy nakedly looks like withTrump walking in declaring who the next a Prime Minister should be whilst sidelining and or bad mouthing opposition leaders ( Corbyn, Khan et al )

    With Prime Minister May standing on the podium like a trembling jelly Trum then proceeds to say how our NHS should be privatised in a trade deal that he’s going to give us.

    Looking like a latter day Mussolini, one couldn’t think that this state visit had all the hallmarks of the 1940s French Vichy Government – with all the pomp that Her Majesty’s Royal stamp of approval could grant.

  • different frank

    The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.

    –Frank Zappa

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    Who is going to negotiate this fantastic new Free trade deal with the US of A? The same cretins that told you that negotiating a favourable trade deal with the EU would be “the easiest thing ever”, that the UK “held all the cards”.
    Johnson, Gove, #unt et al will say anything to be Head boy and will sell the working class of the UK down the river for the lucrative post PM directorships.
    Negotiating a mutually beneficial trade deal with the great exceptionalist in Washington, don’t make me larf. Remember, the EU forced Mexico to desist from importing “Parmesan” cheese from Wisconsin. Italy on its own didn’t have the muscle to sway Mexico’s hand and the EU didn’t have the muscle to prevent the great exceptionalists from breaching accepted norms of international product protection.
    How long before American distillers start labelling their product as “Scotch whiskey” and selling to the growing Asian market? Think a lowly little British Prime Minister is going to stop the gangsters in the White House from such a practice? Think the leaders in Beijing, Delhi or Seoul will take the side of a washed up European has been against the global hegemon?

  • N_

    Tory leadership contender and “health” secretary Matt Hancock says that if Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister he will be “the first antisemitic leader of a western nation since the second world war”.

    Careful, Matt! The embassy might think you’re condoning Charles de Gaulle’s famous words “elite and domineering”. Wouldn’t want to be in the firing line, eh, Matty?

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