The Incredible Disappearance of Shai Masot 345

A Google news search reveals that not one single mainstream media outlet has mentioned Shai Masot in 2019. Not even once.

Yet the main political news story the last two days has been the suspension of Labour’s Peter Willsman for “anti-semitism” for making the suggestion that the “anti-semitism” witch-hunt is promoted by the Israeli-Embassy. This has been demonstrably a massive story:

The overwhelming majority of the tens of thousands who will read this article know who Shai Masot is and know why his activities are absolutely central to the Willsman story.

And here is the truly terrifying thing.

The overwhelming majority of the mainstream media “journalists” who produced those scores of stories about Willsman also know exactly who Shai Masot is and why his activities are central to the Willsman narrative. And every single one of those journalists chose to self-censor the crucial information that casts a shade over the “Willsman is an anti-semite” line. Every single one. Their self-censorship is not necessarily a conscious and singular act, though in many cases it will be. They are simply imbued with the line they are supposed to adopt, the facts they are supposed to ignore, to forward their career and remain accepted in their social group.

Because the plain truth is that the Al Jazeera documentary The Lobby (part 1 below) showed to the entire political world that Mr Willsman’s thesis about the involvement of the Israeli Embassy in British politics and its objectives is broadly true. It says something about the current dystopia that is the UK, that this truly shocking documentary did not result in any official action against Joan Ryan (who has thankfully since hurtled herself into the political abyss), but that pointing out the undeniable truth about Israeli Embassy interference in British politics is an expulsion offence.

I should be very happy to go on the BBC and say this and so would many other people. Yet the mainstream media have been unable to quote this point of view from a single person. Yesterday’s 12 noon news on the BBC had Willsman as the top story with interviews with first Charlie Falconer, calling for Mr Willsman’s expulsion, then a six minute live rant from extreme zionist John Mann, calling for Mr Willsman’s expulsion. There was no attempt to balance this at all with a remotely sane guest. To be fair, the presenter did baulk at some of Mr Mann’s more frothy mouthed utterances, but the BBC knew precisely what they would get when they invited him, and the decision to have a major news item with only two intervewees, both from the same side of the argument, was a quite deliberate one.

This was a much worse example of lack of balance than those for which Russia Today is routinely censured by Ofcom and threatened with closure. But doubtless as it was a pro-Israel and anti-Corbyn lack of balance (Corbyn was condemned by both interviewees) Ofcom will take no action whatsoever. I am however putting in a complaint to Ofcom about this specific news item and I urge you to do the same.

Al Jazeera’s exposure of Shai Masot led to his quietly being removed from the UK, however he was but the tip of the iceberg. With my FCO inside knowledge I could show that the Israeli Embassy has an extraordinary and disproportionate number of “technical and administrative staff” like Masot, and that there was a mystery over what kind of visa he had to live in the UK. The FCO refused to answer my questions and no mainstream media “journalist” was willing to pursue the case.

The readership of this blog has grown fast over the last two years. I therefore do recommend that you read this blog post which ties in Masot’s activities to the Mossad collaboration of Liam Fox and Adam Werritty – which was the real story behind the Werritty scandal, again completely hidden by the mainstream media. I should mark my debt to the late Paul Flynn MP in helping me prove that fact beyond dispute, as you will see if you read the article. Not one of the media and political hypocrites who so recently eulogised Paul was willing to support him in this or even mention the facts that he had winkled out. Jeremy Corbyn also helped me expose the Werritty/Israel links in his pre-leadership days by asking parliamentary questions.

I do blame Jeremy for not taking a more robust line. Genuine anti-semitism should always be called out and condemned, and it plainly exists, even in the Labour Party. But the open attempt to stifle all criticism of Israel, and in effect to make adherence to zionism a pre-condition for membership of the Labour Party – or indeed acceptance in wider society – is a vicious form of authoritarianism that should have been repudiated robustly from day one.


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345 thoughts on “The Incredible Disappearance of Shai Masot

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  • Peter

    So true, so troubling and so much to get your head round here.

    Willsman’s comments (those we’ve heard) were quite clumsily and inarticulately made, however, as far as I’m aware, not one single msm journalist has questioned or enquired about the validity of or evidence for his views.

    Lord (Baron/Charlie) Falconer, former Lord Chancellor and the first Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs, and later Secretary of State for Justice no less, was on R4’s Any Questions yesterday claiming that Willsman’s comments amounted to stating that every single allegation of antisemitism in the Labour Party has been orchestrated by the Israeli embassy and as such is antisemitic and he therefore should be expelled from the Party.

    Clearly, that is not what Willsman was stating, is a deliberate distortion of his views, and indeed Willsman would have to be virtually clinically insane to believe such a thing. Yet here was this person, of high legal professional standing, throwing objectivity to the wind and making these distorted accusations.

    The election to leadership of Corbyn has (to me at least) revealed the shocking levels of corruption and moral bankruptcy in Labour’s right wing. The above situation is part and parcel no doubt of attempts to take down Corbyn along with the current attempts to remove Milne (one of the Guardian’s former finest I thought) and Murphy from Corbyn’s inner team.

    It is also most certainly involved with Israel’s international PR and propaganda programme. See Greg Philo’s instructive comments on this here:

    And Peter Oborne’s C4 Dispatches programme on the Israeli Lobby here:

    I got both of those references from Media Lens’ excellent book ‘Propaganda Blitz’ from the chapter subtitled “We Wait in Fear for the Phone Call from the Israelis” the sentence which begins Philo’s piece.

  • giyane

    The question is , will Corbyn like Trump refuse to prosecute the liars in his own and the Tory Party when his sensible plans for Norway + win him the next election?

    Of one thing I am certain . We have not seen the last bomb under a policeman’s car if we get a hard border in Northern Ireland. And yet these liars will blame terrorists when they break international treaties.


  • jmg

    If you oppose Netanyahu’s politics, you are labeled as an anti-semite. This means half the population of Israel is comprised of anti-semites.

  • Dungroanin

    The Obsessive Groan appears to have gone cold on the allegations by Wilssman and instead onto full NuLab pandering as it has got its narratives in a twist.
    Blunkett, Me & Mrs Campbell, ‘Ridiculous’ Rawnsley AND another of their dodgy polls …
    If they are so certain Labour would lose any General Election – why not just call it?

    Good to be reminded of the full Werrity/Fox sordidness, helps to have a laugh with the egg soldiers – happy sunday y’all.

  • michael norton

    The Israelis are complaining the Syria is bombing their facilities at Mount Hermon, which is in Syria, not far from Damascaus.
    The Israelis have responded by killing some Syrian troops, after taking The Golan are they now moving nearer to Damascus, was the whole Syrian “Civil” War
    just a ruse to gain more land from Syria?

  • Rob Pettitt

    Exactly. The danger is that pointing out such things will mean you also evaporate from the discussion. My great hope is that the #expelmetoo operation becomes the final shooting in the foot for the likes of Tom Watson and his cronies. I really love the person who follows Tom with an Israeli flag whenever the BBC/Channel4 etc cameras follow him. It’s all bad news for the Lib Dems. Not only do they have Change UK reluctantly insisting on joining them, but the Blairite war criminals will come along too and spoil their party. Corbyn would be better advised to find where he has common ground with Farage!

  • Jeff Riley

    Thanks Craig, despite the amount of air time the issue has been given, both now and on the occasion of the first time he was secretly recorded I have never seen an interview with Pete Wilsman where he has been given a chance to tell his side of the story

  • MJ

    “It says something about the current dystopia that is the UK, that this truly shocking documentary did not result in any official action against Joan Ryan”

    Yes. Taking bribes from a foreign power is a serious criminal offence for a public servant.

    • Casual Observer

      I thought her local party held a vote of no confidence in her ? With the resulting certainty of her being De selected no doubt influencing her jump to the Change crowd ?

      Probably fairly certain that she will be an ex MP whenever the next bunfight comes around, which may be much sooner than she’d hope ?

  • Andyoldlabour

    Big thanks to Craig for pointing this out, because in my opinion it is deliberate, as any media outlet highlighting the Masot affair, would be proving Mr Willsman’s point and comments were not anti-Semitic, but a clear, proven matter of fact.
    I have posted about Masot on other forums since the news about Mr Willsman broke, and I have to admit there are more than a few people questioning the veracity of my links.
    This is again worrying, because we are seeing people’s personal views, agendas and prejudices outweighing the truth.

    • Muscleguy

      “This is again worrying, because we are seeing people’s personal views, agendas and prejudices outweighing the truth.”

      This is how they are, very unfortunately, taught to think by some in the Social Sciences who think all is relative and there are no demonstrable, verifiable truths. It’s also the line being driven by trans rights activists asserting that a self declaration magically makes you a member of the opposite sex negating your gonads and pudenda, your hormones, your build and hairiness (or lack thereof) and most definitely your chromosomal makeup.

      The shade of George Orwell will wake and tell us 1984 was a warning, not an instruction manual.

  • MJ

    The following video is entitled “Iran reveals huge underground missile armory”. If you pause it at 0.04 however and look at the ground you could be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t filmed in Iran at all. By way of deception thou shalt do war and all that.

  • Johnny Rottenborough

    This quote from Joseph Sobran’s 1996 article, ‘In Our Hands’, refers to the United States but applies equally to Britain:

    ‘Charges of anti-Semitism and a quiet but very effective boycott will be the reward of any journalist who calls attention to his own government’s—and his own profession’s—servitude to Israeli interests.’

    Sobran spoke from bitter personal experience.

  • Republicofscotland

    I think like in the US the infiltration of Westminster is complete. Although Corbyn has been slow at times to call out any anti-Semitism in the Labour party. It hasn’t been as anywhere as disproportionate as the biased media have made out.

    There is a campaign backed by the media to discredit Corbyn and the Labour party using anything that it said by them in reference to Israel that isn’t favourable. Anything that is said no matter how innocuous, is pounced on by the completely bias media and twisted to fit the narrative, which is one of discrediting and labelling Corbyn and Labour as a bigoted organisation.

    • Shatnersrug

      But it isn’t just labour is it? It sends a message to all the other parties, and it appears that it’s across the EU too. But it also shows how paranoid Israel are that they are losing the propaganda war against BDS. It’s to be expected that the more threatened the Israeli elite are the more extreme their propaganda efforts will be.

      What I find utterly depressing is just how sheep like British journalists are.

      Especially imbeciles like Owen Jones and others on the celebrity Corbyn left.

      On that note, John Lansman tried to get Pete Wilsman removed from the NEC left slate, which completely backfired, increased Wilsman’s vote and left momentum members demanding John stand down.
      Now he has got his own way.

      Lansman needs to go.

      • Republicofscotland

        No its not just Labour, Israeli influence is spread right across Europe. Influence that is reinforced by American influence in Europe.

        As John Pilger said in his interview on RT with regards to the unlawful persecution of Julian Assange, any genuine journalists linked to Assange will be on the radar as well. This scenario is also alive and kicking with regards to those who question Israeli actions and their inordinate amounts of influence around Europe to surpress any criticism.

        Other than US clout, why are European nations excessively compliant, when it comes to holding Israel to account.

  • Loftwork

    Perhaps Mr. Masot is helping to debrief Sergei Skripal? Interagency skulking seems to be trending these days.

  • Laguerre

    Good piece. Even the Graun has stopped moderating comments pointing out that what Willsman said was in no way anti-semitic, but rather a political point about Israel. I suppose because it was so evidently the truth. Normally they’ll moderate any anti-Israeli comment, at least in their most recent policy, which has been variable over the years.

  • Hatuey

    I remember 25 years ago thinking most debate on Israel was badly rigged in the MSM, purely on the basis that they gave equal weight to both sides of the Israeli-Palestine division. I argued back then that that sort of balance was bias because Israel was the all powerful aggressor and transgressor where Palestinians were the occupied victims.

    Would we give equal weight to both sides of the debate if a team of thugs attacked a weakly pensioner in the street? If she managed to hit one with her handbag as she fell, would we define that as a fight? A provoked attack perhaps? These are the games they played with the Palestinian issue, so that a few fireworks fired in protest were defined as deadly rockets, etc., despite having killed virtually nobody ever.

    When the ratio of Palestinians to Israelis killed is around 1200 to 1, let’s not pretend we are talking about a fight or a conflict.

    But the debate has changed today so that any reference at all today to the Palestinian position is considered proof that you are probably anti Semitic. Criticism of Israeli war crimes or policy in terroritories that, let’s not forget, are illegally occupied, is proof that you’re anti Semitic. Only one side of the debate is to be heard today and that’s quite uniformly true across the MSM with very few exceptions.

    If you want to see where your MP stands on this, go an look at signatories to Early Day Motions in the Commons expressing support and solidarity with Israel. It’s very easy to do that. And you’ll be surprised to see the extent of the cowardice, complicity, and corruption of your politics and politicians.

    • Dungroanin

      Yup my MP is an Israeli fanboi and JC hater too.

      What also needs bringing out into public domain (anyone have any idea?) is how many of elected and unelected public servants and military two or more citizenships and what they are?

      For instance we have soldiers from Nepal and Pacific Islands and Ireland.

      How many masters can be served at the same time? Which one gets fealty? How can national confidentiality and interest be ably served by such chameleons?

      Infact why are they allowed in the public services?

    • Johny Conspiranoid

      Where can I find a handy way of finding out which MP voted for what or which early day motions they signed?

  • Jack

    The left throughout the west have lost it on their former ability to condemn Israel and its influence groups in the western sphere.

    Just of today: Syrian air defenses confront Israeli attacks: State media

    Meanwhile they are so afraid of the right-wing pro-israel troll factories in the west that spin 247 that jews are under attack, antisemitism is everywhere, all while the same people support israeli racism, wars and other nasty actions against palestinians, arabs.
    Enough of this tip-toeing for these groups!

  • Je

    Their biggest success story was providing the fraudulent WMD intelligence and other pressure pushing the UK/US into the invasion of Iraq. They escaped unscathed as the ‘mainstream media’ largely didn’t want to know. The 80+% of Tory MPs who were in Conservative Friends of Israel and voted for the invasion almost to a man seem incapable of realising when they’ve been suckered. As is Trump – the same ploys are being used to steer the US into attacks on Iran.

    • Jack

      Indeed, here we have a solid case for interference in western nations. But no – our media, intelligence services do not see this as a threat of some dumb reason, after all, its not israeli soliders that die in Iraq but british, americans and other western nations.

  • Goose

    I’m not a Labour party member(not a member of any political party, as they’re increasingly oppressive outfits in terms of permitted free speech), but I do see Corbyn and his team of advisers plus the likes of shadow ministers McDonnell, Abbott + Chris Williamson as people with a long history of opposing the darker parts of the British state and the grubbier chapters in British foreign policy. They’re the only real hope for meaningful reform/change to the way we do things. However, so many snakes in Labour’s PLP, people who aren’t what they appear to be; people with ulterior motives/ agendas and secret patrons who they answer to.

    The battle over Willsman is clearly another attempt by the so-called moderates(Blairites) to steal back NEC representation. They want Willsman hanged,drawn and quartered for simply expressing an opinion on where the AS allegations are coming from. Expressed to a individual on the understanding the conversation would remain private. Margaret Hodge MP tried a similar sting with Corbyn – secretly recording a conversation with him when there was an understanding the conversation would be private. Isn’t the fact that the people pushing this ‘endemic antisemitism within Labour’ narrative have to resort to stunts and attempted entrapment techniques like secret recordings, just to create the flimsiest evidence of AS, proof, if it were needed there ‘s very little actual antisemitism.

  • Tony

    The powerful are often outraged when somebody says something that challenges them even when they have evidence.

    Some years ago, there was massive outrage from some quarters when The History Channel broadcast a programme which put forward the idea that Vice President Johnson ordered the assassination of President Kennedy.

    But there is absolutely no shortage of evidence for this. I think The History Channel even gave in to the demand that they should not show it again.

    You can see the programme here:

  • Goose

    Clearly the real problem Corbyn and co face is from within. Defeating these scurrilous allegations is impossible when spokespeople like the ‘orrible Tom Watson and New Labour era MPs keep exaggerating and amplifying them. Pro Corbyn people i.e., those who recognise Corbynism as a different ideology- it being the antithesis of New Labour – number but a tiny fraction of the PLP. This is why I’m so pessimistic for Corbyn’s future chances, not so much winning an election(eminently possible) but remaining in No.10 for any length of time. Only Chris Williamson MP (currently suspended), with his energetic campaign for Open Selection( think US primaries-lite) seems to grasp how difficult the PLP will make things for Corbyn in power. Open Selection and MPs having to answer to their pro-Corbynism CLPs and having run against alternative candidates to be Labour’s official candidate, is the only viable means Corbyn has of applying some control over these New Labour red Tories.

  • Sharp Ears

    Some MEPS are ‘Friends of Israel’ too.

    There is EIPA (Europe Israel Public Affairs) who gave the Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, the accolade of MEP of the Month.

    Their website – ‘Connecting Europe with Israel’. They must have felt so successsful with Eurovision in Tel Aviv.

    It is all part of the CAMERA project,

    Then there is the European Friends of Israel.

    It is easy to lose track. There are so many similar.

    This one is probably historic. Aznar. Bolton.Havel, HJS and Halfon!

  • Sharp Ears

    It’s a shame that Jeremy Corbyn seems to have rolled over to the ‘lobby’ led by Hodge and Smeeth. He probably thinks that creating a stink about the malign influence of this lobby will adversely affect his chances of getting elected.

    RT covered the Masot exposure in 2017 but have not mentioned him since.

    Jonathan Cook has tweeted:

    Ex-UK ambassador Craig Murray notes that the corporate media has forced into the memory hole revelations about Israeli embassy spy Shai Masot that are critical to proper coverage of Peter Willsman’s suspension from Labour on ‘anti-semitism’ allegations…
    3 hours ago

    Good on him and Craig.

    • Republicofscotland


      This guy a Iggy Ostanin a freelance journalist, and Bellincat contributor spends his time trawling through Labour media accounts. I’m sure I dont need to add why.

  • Harry Law

    One of the top legal brains in the country [no don’t laugh] calling for the expulsion of Peter Willsman, has Falconer not heard of ‘due process’ ?….
    “The right to a fair hearing requires that individuals should not be penalized by decisions affecting their rights or legitimate expectations unless they have been given prior notice of the case, a fair opportunity to answer it, and the opportunity to present their own case. The mere fact that a decision affects rights or interests is sufficient to subject the decision to the procedures required by natural justice. the right to a fair hearing is guaranteed by Article 6(1) of the European Convention on Human Rights, which is said to complement the common law rather than replace it”.
    To make matters worse in the case of the Campbell expulsion Lord Falconer said “it was not an offence to vote for another party, as long as Mr Campbell didn’t campaign for or promote a rival during an election”.

    What planet did Falconer arrive from, the rules are plain… ‘any LP member who “supports” [i.e. votes for] any candidate against an official Labour candidate shall be “automatically be ineligible to remain a party member”. Of course Campbell should also be given due process.

    Chapter 2. 4 B. “A member of the Party who joins and/ or supports a political organisation other than an official Labour group or other unit of the Party, or supports any candidate who stands against an official Labour candidate, or publicly declares their intent to stand against a Labour candidate, shall automatically be ineligible to be or remain a Party member, subject to the provisions of Chapter 6.I.2 below of the disciplinary rules”.

    • Goose

      Indeed. A
      fundamental principle of natural justice is “No man should be condemned unheard”, a principle which as a Barrister and QC no less, Falconer will be all too well aware of.

      Why Corbyn kept Blair’s old flatmate Falconer and people ultra Blairite Liam Byrne heavily involved at the top of the party, is a complete mystery. You may have noticed when Falconer was considering heading the inquiry into antisemitism there was a huge backlash against him doing so from Jewish Labour MPs and others in the LFI group who’d been demanding an inquiry. They dreaded the likelihood of a known Corbyn sceptic, Blairite giving the party the all clear, as it would completely undermine their pernicious narrative of widespread antisemitism.

    • jmg

      Tony wrote: “This is Off-Guardian’s take on this. I have no idea who these people are …”

      They say:

      “OffGuardian was launched in February 2015 and takes its name from the fact its five founders had all been censored on and/or banned from the Guardian’s ‘Comment is Free’ sections.

      “Our remit, as we see it, is to provide a home for the comment – & the facts – you no longer find in the MSM.”

  • Harry Law

    Falconers attitude to Peter Willsman could be summed up in that quote from Karl Malden to Marlon Brando in the film ‘One eyed jacks’ “Sure, kid, you’ll get a trial, a fair trial. And then I’m gonna hang you—personally”.

    • Goose

      Because of the understandable disgust in liberal circles for any and all discrimination and huge exaggeration that’s underway, some in the US and elsewhere, think the UK Labour party is a hotbed of antisemitism. They don’t realise that most of the accusations are about the usual everyday online trolling and many of those alleged cases turn out to be people on the right or people with no connection to the Labour party. And worst of all, Labour MPs are actively encouraging this misperception, because it suits their anti-Corbyn agenda. You get the impression some don’t give a damn about antisemitism or the Labour party’s image, they just want to use any means available to discredit Corbyn because they hate the left.

  • N_

    Good piece, @Craig.

    Those who want to chip away at the current position should insist on the relevance of the term “Jewish racism”. Peter Willsman is right in what he says. He is also naive – or at least he was, because I imagine he is learning now that the actual position is even worse than he thought.

    Another example of across-the-board cowardice among the British journalistic fraternity is how not a single one of them has mentioned that perhaps the British monarch might choose NOT to associate publicly with a deranged billionaire foreign president who is openly interfering in British politics. They haven’t got the guts to criticise the British billionaire head of state about anything. What creeps!

    • N_

      Incidentally, you know that well-known story about Nathan Rothschild receiving news of the result of the battle of Waterloo before the British government and using it to pull of a massive coup at the London Stock Exchange? That has now been consigned to a bin marked “anti-Semitic canards”. Never mind that it was promulgated in the Oscar-nominated 1934 US film “The House of Rothschild”, one of the biggest hits for United Artists that year. Never mind that the family really did have an amazingly fast courier network that outclassed the government’s. Never mind the truth at all. Put in the box mark “Elvis Presley married Princess Diana on the moon”.

        • N_

          The Rothschild family business certainly had an excellent courier network for taking messages between Britain and the European continent, as an acquaintance with the history of the county of Kent will confirm. It’s not simply that I “saw it in a film” (although I know that poor-quality sarcasm using run-on sentences is popular on the internet.) It’s that the family were fine with it being said until very recently. There has been a recent change in what is allowed to be said. That’s why it is relevant to this thread.

          Similarly until quite recently the United Nations took the official line that Zionism was a form of racism (“Z equals R”), which indeed it is. That policy was overturned at Durban, to a chorus of most of the western media insisting that those who wished to maintain the existing policy were themselves racists. (Although as far as I know the UN Secretary-General did not issue a tearful apology to that effect.) So for 40 years or so the United Nations was anti-Jewish? Only a crazy person would believe that.

          I have also heard the BBC suggest that criticism of billionaire George Soros for acting behind the scenes is necessarily anti-Semitic. I am not particularly interested in George Soros and I doubt he’s in the top 100 most powerful people in the world, but the line being taken by the BBC is totally absurd. Look at it properly and the message is that any criticism of a powerful Jew must be racist, a position which is not adopted in regard to powerful gentile businessmen of any ethnicity, be they white, black, Chinese, Malaysian, Arabic, or whatever. Once again this is highly relevant to how the media speak (or now, do not speak) of Shai Masot. Imagine if he had been Russian or Chinese or Iranian.

          Want another example of the British acceptance of Israeli exceptionalism? Take the case of billionaire “with unknown sources of wealth” (i.e. crook) Roman Abramovich. The Foreign Office told him he was no longer welcome in Britain. So what did he do? He got himself an Israeli passport and swanned back into Britain, no questions asked. What kind of crap is this? The man is not a British citizen. Since when did a foreign country’s passport give one of its citizens the right to enter Britain even if the British government considers the person’s presence to be undesirable? There has never been such a right. And what is more, pretty much everybody knew that fact. It was considered obvious. Even some citizens of the United States have been refused entry to Britain, including some who are on the left and others who are on the far right! What’s so special about Israel that a foreign undesirable suddenly becomes a desired visitor when he holds that country’s passport? Because that’s exactly what has happened in the case of Abramovich.

  • pretzelattack

    speaking of lack of balance, according to caitlin johnstone, sky news and the bbc both interviewed nils meltzer, and then hid the interviews.

  • Trevor Hoyle

    You ask us to complain to Ofcom, Craig, and even include a link — but Ofcom will not register the complaint until it has been first made to the BBC and the complaints process completed. And as anyone knows who has complained to the BBC, this can take weeks and months for the process to be “completed” and the upshot is rarely satisfactory.

    Are you going to slog through that debilitating process, by which time the original news items will be long forgotten. Or have you any other tips?

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