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Happy Easter everybody.

I am no longer a church-goer, so I can’t remember the answer to this one. If Christ was crucified on Good Friday and rose again on Easter Sunday, surely that’s two days not three? Especially as he had vanished during the night as Mary Magdalen discovered when she turned up in the morning. He was crucified pretty late on Friday as there were a series of events that day beforehand, then rose again on saturday night/sunday morning? Isn’t that the next day rather than three days?

Speaking of timing, I told a friend a week ago that if the Tory lead increased to ten points (as it now has) then I didn’t think Brown would go for May 6 but rather wait till 3 June in case something turned up. New Labour would keep their money in store and not hold a national campaign for the May 6 elections, letting the Tories spend some of their powder. There are obvious disadvantages to letting the Tories build up momentum, but also the hope that Tory triumphalism after the council elections might put people off. There is nothing more unpleasant than a braying toff,

Don’t get me wrong – I think New Labour are toast, and good riddance. But I don’t think they’ll walk manfully to their doom. I think they’ll kick, scream, wet themselves and try to buy a few more seconds in the ministerial limousines.

Finally, I confess I do not share the outrage at Chris Graylings’ comments. I don’t think in general it is useful for the state to try to co-erce tolerance, except in preventing extreme and harmful intolerance. I am not sure where the line comes, but I am not really sure you increase tolerance by forcing bigots to give bed and breakfast to gay people. I think the ancient right of the publican, for example, to refuse to serve people without reason had something going for it. It’s his pub. I once got sacked as a barman for selling someone who ordered a Talisker and coke to fuck off.

On the other hand, if Christian establishments are gay free, where will paedophile priests stay on holiday? (Am I wrong, or were the Catholic priests concerned nearly all after little boys rather than little girls?) Maybe christian establishments should be allowed to ban gays, but only on condition that they erect a large sign saying “A Narrow Minded Joyless Bigot Establishment”. They could display an Ian Paisley mark, and be awarded from one to five Paisleys depending on just how bigoted they are.

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95 thoughts on “Christ, Brown and Gay Breakfasts

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  • Polo

    A gender analysis of clerical child abuse survivors makes it clear that it was not only little boys.

  • Woody

    “Craig, there are gremlins in the works…etc”

    THAT post was not from me! Nobody has interpreted my dream, but nevertheless, I’m coming to realize that my obsession with the details of male homosexual behavior, (while not getting worked up about the female equivalent at all), is symptomatic of unresolved psychological issues which I’ve been concealing, even from myself.

  • Woody

    There’s seems to be a confusion of identities here, but it’s hardly surprising as we share an extremely common name. By way of illustration, once, after an evening of heavy drinking, I staggered home with a nameless stranger. When I awoke the next morning I was amazed to discover the bald pink head protruding from the sheets was actually that of another Woody.

    P.S. If it was you, I apologize for never phoning, Woody.

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