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Turned out not to be so superior after all. It is sometimes hard to remember it is always wrong to be glad when someone dies. Must stop smiling about Terre Blanche (was that his real name? Too good to be true).

If I have to refrain from smiling about the death of Terre Blanche, I do hope nobody kills Tony Blair, or I shall have to refraiin from peals of laughter and dancing for joy.

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  • Yobo

    Craig. You state the white man raped Africa’s resources. Where do you think Britain’s resources come from? It’s because of that you can live in you protected little world. And smiling about someone getting brutally murdered makes you a murderer!

  • Proudly South African

    You are a truly sick person smiling at the death of any person. If you are not willing to live in a country and put your life at risk just because of the colour of your skin and understand that under no circumstance the death of any human being in excusable including deaths committed in the so-call apartheid era and the apartheid struggle I pity your end as in the end we will all be held responsible for our heart attitudes.

    It was after all the British causing all the hell in South Agfrica and Africa and getting rich from what did not belong to them.. you…

  • Lusinda

    Well Craig, its now 6 days since the death and murder. When I read your comment, I truly hope with my whole heart that you are so stupid that you do not realize what you are saying, and if Im mistaken, I hope you will get your fair share in life. Only what you deserve, no less no more, because of the way you see things and feel about them. There is a war coming, and I hope you realize that you are smiling at a whole nations misery, pain and suffering, not only white or black, but both will suffer because of this. Do you think this is justifyable that children have to suffer because of the fact that their elders made mistakes? Be raped? Hurt? KILLED???? You will answer for your actions, just like the people who wronged against others will be punished and held accountable, I just pray that you open your eyes and your heart, before it is to late.

    Proudly South African!!!

  • me

    Posted by: Abe Rene at April 5, 2010 12:09 PM

    just so that you know, I have something to say to you about this comment you posted. That is the story the two murderers are saying happened, how do we know its even true? there were no whitnesses, and surely you have to take into consideration that they are murderers?? The two of them, God and Terreblanche are the only persons to know the truth, and it would be so easy for them to say anything, to try and cover themselves, or who ever wouldnt want to be involved? you ever think about that?

    P.S. Im not a Terreblanche fan, just a concerned citizen, that also knows of poverty, oh … and by the way, black people arent the only people in south africa, if thats what you people think, your making a mistake, coz Im white, and I have seen it. The black population is the majority, therefore it seems like they are the only ones that suffer.

  • Mindboggled

    What did Eugene show me?

    Eugene spoke in riddles sometimes and he was very patient, but he expected you to understand what he was on about even if he was not explaining himself well (English was not his first language)

    He taught me to be a separatist (not a white separatist) just a separatist.

    At the end of the day, what is happening in South Africa is a battle of mind sets as old as life itself.

    At this point I will lose many people, because it becomes philosophy – and it is.

    This ‘thing’ going on in South Africa is going on in many other parts of the world – it is not a black / white thing – although you can make rough distinction along these lines.

    Because certain people generally adopt certain mind sets at certain times and at certain times in their lives. You cannot force these mind sets to be cohesive in one vessel.

    That is why I will fight for separateness for Palestine, But not at the expense of Israel – Israel is an ‘old power’ and old power is the best predicament for ongoing stability, even if that old power is taken out of the top position in the kitchen and placed tightly into a jar and put at the back of a cupboard down the hall. To remove it completely, to dissolve it in new power leads to anarchy, collapse, disarray and GREAT opportunity for the ‘feeders’

    Iraq is a prime example.

    Avoiding this situation will be the greatest new skill learned by politics in the future.

    If we dont learn it Wars are guaranteed for ever!

    Eugene wanted separation from all groups of people not just blacks, but with interaction and contact, but with out one group having power over the other.

    We cant forget that Apartheid was guilty of one having power over another by any means.

    But, if you are going to replace something that rates as 6 on the scale of bad – dont replace it with something that rates 8 and is creeping up fast.

    When a young baby is raped in South Africa because it is traditionally believed that this ‘act’ will rid someone of AIDS we know that it is also an isolated case and not all black South Africans do this (by far most dont)

    How do people like Eugene and now me then draw lines between race and become separatists so easily?

    Because, most black South Africans are not horrified enough about this and some not at all.

    Its called apathy sometimes.

    Its just normal some will think – if they think about it at all.

    And, some will switch in their brains to reward thoughts / about ‘me’ – what can I get today.

    Understanding the brain and human development and the state people are in at different times on their lives and different situations expands more on this.

    Fact is you can’t live with people or under people that don,t care, are apathetic (and I use the word loosely and with broad general envelopment)

    and thus have low standards.

    To punish or suppress these sorts of people is wrong – Eugene and myself have once been in these states I am sure.

    But, you cant live with them or under them – you must fight to be away from them.

    For every white brutally killed in South Africa – roughly 20 – 30 black people are brutally killed. (Tribalism – around long before Apartheid and ‘evil’ whites)

    Why is it that only white people are concerned about this.

    And then, ask why is it that they only want to be concerned about themselves.

    Answer! No one else cares and no one else understands.

    But they will,

    You want to understand what it is that Eugene showed me along with many other white Afrikaans people.

    Watch the UK as an example – remember this is not a black and white thing – this is a mind thing.

    It has started here in the UK

    Children killing each other effortless and we don’t here about the adults.

    Murders may not be up much yet, but they are different – that,s what is worrying.

    And for all you fucks that think things have always been this way and nothing has changed! Stay well away from me – I want to be very separate from you.

    You are the disease that destroys societies, your embracing of apathy and debauchery is despicable – you are cancer!

    Carry on ingesting the spins and fiddles of governments and their statistics – you will make them happy – they LOVE apathy.

    Rest in Peace Eugene – I am glad I understood you.

    Rest in Peace also, all those who fought for freedom from Apartheid and lost their lives and all other strugglers who fight to be separate from those who suppress them.

    The problem, though, is there would not be enough land for the Afrikaans homeland – the amount of black, British, Russian, Iraqi…. the list goes on who would want to share in the success of their society would be overwhelming.

    During ‘terrible’ Apartheid.

    I just need to repeat that!

    During TERRIBLE Apartheid,

    one more time – it takes a lot for some.

    DURING TERRIBLE APARTHEID, over a period of nearly 50 years hundreds of thousands THATS 100s of 1000s of black people from countries as far a field as central and north Africa,attempted to get in this horrid white ruled land – some successful, many not – their bodies removed from the biggest electric fence on earth in the mornings by border patrols.

    This is a guarded secret liberal press never mention.

    Why? exactly! many would ask the question WHY

    If you plan to go to another country, no matter how uneducated you are or desperate you will find a little out about it.

    And every one knew the fence could kill

    Problem is – to save electricity it sometimes got turned off.

    Incidentally, the fences were also designed to keep the flourishing wild life in. Over the border lay Africa were most great animals were being hunted and pouched to extinction.

    So much sacrifice to get into a white supremacist country where black people were so brutally treated?

    Wow, the plot thickens – and it is thick.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Mindboggled, at the heart of what you’re depicting, I think, is brutalisation and atomisation, the disintegration of society into chaos, a Conradian dystopia. So Eugene TB was, or had become, a survivalist, without pursuing the analogy too far, a kind of Colonel Kurtz, is that what you’re saying?

  • Mindboggled

    Suhayl Saadi,

    thank you for being wise and open to the plight of South Africans.

    I am aware of the the contribution of some African countries, especially, where Islam has had an influence.

    I disagree solemnly with racism, but I am a placid separatist, but also sympathiser of some extreme groups.

    We cannot make a distinction between the Dark Ages and Tribalistic Africa – its a period that has to be negotiated.

    That does not mean that some groups of Europeans did not have the right to protest and seek separatism from the status quo of the time during the Dark Ages and same.

    Further more,

    And this is for Craig – journalism attracts a type of person – like all professions.

    This type is super myopic and over emotional – the one causing the other.

    You are typical.

    What history books did they make you read at school you poor thing.

    Do you honestly think things were peaceful and balanced before the colonial countries pulled in.

    Seriously, you real dumb if you think that.

    I apologise for being crude – but really, the response fits your posture.

    Craig, my dear friend, Avatar – just a film mate, its not real.

    You clearly express your disdain for the war in Iraq / Afghanistan and blame Little Tony Blair for the mess – yet it is your kind that puts weak dangerous puppets like him into power.

    How do you change a regime like the Taliban or Sadam?

    Whether you bomb, or cause a change in government from within a country the blood still flows.

    You think the change in South Africa has not resulted in blood!

    There has not been war as such but something far more painful and bloody and simmers far longer than the aftermath of war would. This is why those who sanction an evoke war are not that mad, as sad and ugly as that is.

    When the white man is gone, it will still be there and it has little to do with Apartheid.

    It has to do with universal laws.

    The universe seeks imbalance contrary to the idea that it seeks balance.

    Balance is merely a temporary state achieved during the course of the universe asserting imbalance.

    Imbalance is thus always addressed (so to speak) by way of compensation – never equalisation.

    This in itself is what may create energy.

    Simply put, what you caused in South Africa is simply a reversal dynamic of what you were against.

    The reason I am mind boggle is why anyone would want to do that.

    Either you are myopic or you are evil[sic].

    I am hoping myopic, because if you are evil [sic] then we are in trouble.

    Then, one starts to think of Christian fundamentalism in the US, expansion of the KLU KLUX KLAN globally, not just in the Mid Atlantic states of the US among white Christian communities who believe they are being disenfranchised.

    Now remember this is not a black white thing – it is a mind set.

    The line easily drawn between liberal America and Conservatives.

    Bares not relation to white farmers in South African and Zimbabwe does it, until you start to look closely at the thin threads joining these people and how quickly they can turn to rope.

    Did you know the klan operates in South Africa now.

    I am not even going to look at Europe.

    Seems you wanted change in South Africa but not Iraqistan.

    It smacks of the interesting hypocrisy anomaly that is the British guilt for British colonialism.

    Any atrocity is kind of ok except where it is perpetrated by a white toward a black person.

    Craig, please trust me, its over, you are out. Out in the real world and doing ok from the sounds of things.

    Away from the brain washing of the modern British schooling system.

    Your lecturers arnt there to make you feel bad if you are not with the hegemony. You are out in the real world, the lecturers are not, they would not cope with the real world.

    They so often peddle their twisted bitterness backed ideas of reality to the most susceptible – you, in the protected confines of educational institutions who depend, for their very survival (money, approbation, acknowledgement and everything)on aaaah foreigners and their over inflated university tuition fees.

    Who would want any questioning and debate of culture and race in such a lucrative arrangement lest we scare them away.

    If you have any intelligent retort on this – most particularly how you would go about dealing with the extreme regime

    in Afghanistan please reply.

    If you wanted SA to change you would want Iraq or Afghanistan to as well!

    Or would you?

    Careful its a test trap – answer carefully

    I am all ears and humbly yours.

  • SA Citizen

    Hi Craig, and everyone else…

    As a South African citizen, and white one for that matter, i feel obligated to post a message on this site.

    Let me start by saying that I am 29 years old, part of the socalled post-apartheid era. What does that mean? It means that I was born outside of that era ( I, and everybody else my age, had nothing to do with apartheid ). Yet, you guys keep nailing the average white person in South Africa as being racist, murderous, etc. Get your facts straight!

    South Africa is in a difficult time right now, for ALL different ethnic groups, white, black, coloured, indian. You name it. Our biggest problem is not racism as everybody thinks, it is CRIME. Unfortunately, thanks to certain extremist groups (both black and white groups), this crime is always blamed on some political and racial agendas. Yes, we do have a lot of racism, but we’ve got MORE crime…

    I agree with previous posts. Come and live in South Africa, just for a month! Better still, come live on a farm in South Africa… Then comment on our situation. You will most definately see that the fear of crime, violence and death is a reality that every single person has to face; whether you are white, black, a businessman, a farm worker, a policeman, the president, male, female… It does not matter! You WILL be affected by crime.

    Don’t blame us, the post-apartheid era, for the sins of those before us. The majority of SA youth has accepted the fact that apartheid is over. It is time that you guys abroad do the same.

    Every Sunday, I sit in church. Around me are sitting people of many different ethnic groups. Afterwards, we have coffee, we talk, we laugh. During the week, we work together. In times of difficulty, we stand together. When a husband, brother and father is murdered, we mourn together. Do you still call us racist?

    Craig, get a life, get a dictionary, and get lost!!!

  • KC

    Eugene Terre’Blanche did not deserve to be murdered. He did not deserve to die the way he did. No one deserves to die like that. There can be no justification and no rationalisation for this murder any more than there can be for hundreds others. Like many in this country ?” black and white ?” I was appalled by and opposed to the politics of Terre’Blanche. But there is no reason under the sun for a man to be attacked and killed in his own home. Not for who he is. Not for his views. Not for his possessions. Not for his deeds. Not even for his debts. There is no excuse for murder.

    What kind of a country is this where even churches, homes and bedrooms have become murder sites? What kind of country is this where life itself has become so cheap?

    The first and most important thing for all of us to do at this time is to extend our deepest condolences to the immediate and extended family of Terre’Blanche ?” and that includes the AWB. That should be the starting point of all comment on this tragic death of a man who was seen by some as leader and hero while others saw him as a man stuck in and hankering after a past of racial hatred and division. At this time it is important that we see Terre’Blanche as a fellow human being, as a father, brother, uncle and grandfather. Though tempting, we should all seek to avoid extracting political mileage out of this death ?” whether in glee or in anger.

  • Another SA Citizen

    Hi everyone,

    I also want to start by saying that I am a SA citizen. I would like to thank everyone who commented in support of SA, and South African citizens (including whites). I am a black citizen from Xhosa background.

    Craig, please do your homework before trying to voice your oppinions on other countries and their people. Some quick facts and then a point to ponder:

    Eugene Terre’Blanche was an ex-policeman, turned political leader. Yes, he had certain extremist and racist views, and was regarded as a right-winger… Blood on hist hands? Yes. People died in a clash between the AWB and police in Ventersdorp in the AWB’s early days… Recieved amnessty? Yes. For storming the WTC in Kempton Park, SA (lol), for the Ventersdorp clash with police and a few more ‘acts’ not worth mentioning. I definately have to say, not a scary fellow at all!. Convictions? Only one! For assault and attempted murder…

    ET believed he was fighting for a better SA, and people died in the ‘struggle’. The ANC, (current government), was fighting for what they believed to be a better SA, and yes many people died. So do they also need to be brutally murdered? NO!

    Craig, you say white afrikaner south africans must suffer for what they believed and did during the apartheid era? Specifically linked to your views of Eugene Terre’Blanche and the AWB… And ET deserved to die they way he did? Remember, he has blood on his hands for a few people (mostly indirectly I should add). Think about this (and remember, you are a WHITE BRITTISH CITIZEN).

    During the early 1900’s, Lord Kitchener (Brittish) led a campaign through SA, called the “Scorched Earth” policy, where they marched through SA, destroyed the farmers’ crops, slaughtered live stock, burt down homesteads of cicilians! During that time they captured the south african women and children, and imprisoned them in what were called ‘concentration camps’… Do you know how many civilians (including women and children) died at the hands of the British in these camps? Almost 28000!!! Wow!!! Remember, these are EXCLUDING the roughly 9000 SA soldier casualties… And while we are at it, let me mention that native South African women and children from other ethnic groups were also imprisoned in similar camps, and many thousands also died at the hand of Brittish soldiers. And our men were enslaved to aid in Brittish armies and camps! Why, because the Brittish fought to keep SA under their rule!

    Now, I would say that this is a point to ponder when talking about what the South African whites deserve for apparently taking our natives’ land!

    Go back to your history books, Craig, and get your facts straight. Keep your immature, silly and un-educated comments for yourself!

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