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Turned out not to be so superior after all. It is sometimes hard to remember it is always wrong to be glad when someone dies. Must stop smiling about Terre Blanche (was that his real name? Too good to be true).

If I have to refrain from smiling about the death of Terre Blanche, I do hope nobody kills Tony Blair, or I shall have to refraiin from peals of laughter and dancing for joy.

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131 thoughts on “Eugene Terre Blanche

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  • glenn

    That’s a pretty naughty thing to say, Craig! I personally would be shocked and appalled if Blair met his end like this. Shocked that justice had actually been served, and appalled that it had not happened much earlier.

  • writerman

    Eugene Terreblanche was… was a bit of a nutcase. His movement was nostalgic for a mythcal society that never existed, except in the warped fantasies of a handful of white supremacists.

    His romanitic nationalism for the white race and its culture led him towards self-parody; wearing the uniform of a brownshirt, Nazi ritual and riding a charger down highstreets!

    He was an almost totally marginalised figure, with little influence, so it would be bizarre if he became a martyr. More powerful as a symbol, in death, than he ever was when he was alive.

    Still his brutal murder, surely there is nothing even remotely satisfying about an old man being beaten and hacked to death, no matter how much one disagrees with him, or am I missing something here? Does one really find certain murders acceptable because of the politics/ideology of the victim? Personally I deplore all senseless killing and violence.

    Whilst, in theory, in my dreams, I’d like to see many people hanging from lamposts full of bulletholes; in reality I’m opposed to state-sanctioned murder or mob violence, and would rather see the guilty put to work digging latrines for the rest of their lives. I’d make Blair, Hoon, and Straw work down the sewers, where they belong. Still, enough of such fantasies.

    What’s interesting about Terreblanche’s death, is how “normal” this kind of terrible violence is in South Africa, which is close to being the most violent country on earth, with a staggeringly high murder rate, not to mention robbery and rape.

    Something like 3,000 white farmers have been killed over the last ten or fifteen years, and Terreblanche, is just another one, and he won’t be the last. Surely this is the larger perspective one should see this lastest incident in?

  • Anonymous

    Eugene Terre Blanche

    Whose he?

    Oh you mean that south African Zionist?

    Oh sorry I meant Nazi?

    Whose, its the same shit, just different arse holes.

  • stephen

    “I do hope nobody kills Tony Blair, or I shall have to refraiin from peals of laughter and dancing for joy.”

    And you still think that it was wrong that you were sacked for your lack of diplomatic skills?

  • arsalan

    Something told me Stephen and the other Zionists will be here. Israel was apartheid south Africa’s best friend.

  • Craig


    You are looking in the wrong place for sympathy for White South African farmers – or Zimbabwean ones, for that matter.

  • Anonymous

    You truly are an idiot. You are pretty much agreeing with white farmers being brutaly murdered. What does that make you?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    While it is always instructive to see the chickens come home to roost, I do think writerman has made a good point about the endemic violence and criminality in S. Africa. The ruling factions in the ANC made a pact with the USA and the White power in S. Africa that they would maintain capitalism and the mal-distribution of wealth and this, on top of the long decades of apartheid tyranny, has contributed to the current situation. S. Africa needed a radical redistribution of wealth and a massive and sustained health programme. I’m not saying it’s easy, I don’t envy those trying to impact positively on the situation.

    Desmond Tutu actually has been very vocal in his criticism of the situation. He very graciously allowed us to publish one of his keynote speeches a few years ago in a book published to celebrate 10 years of the first free elections: ‘Freedom Spring: Ten Years On’. Andre Brink (‘A Dry White Season’) wrote the Preface – he too has been increasingly vocal in recent years.

  • Expat

    To those of you who have never lived in South Africa, but still feel they have the right to comment – go live there and THEN come back and comment!! I don’t condone what Terrblanche did or what he stood for, but you need to find out ALL the facts about SA before you go off at the pie hole! The native South African population are of a culture you could never possibly understand, you having lived in such a protected society all your life. Besides, not matter what a person believes in or stands up to, nobody deserves to be brutally slain like he was. Would any one of you like to live in a country where they chant “kill the boer” – of course, you don’t understand this statement, so let me explain. It means, kill the white farmer. I’ve at least lived there most of my life, so feel it is my place to comment of something I at least learned about at school, in between learning about British history, which is more than any of you can say. Most of you think that Zimbabwe is in South Africa – lame.

  • Craig


    “have you ever had a cold metal gun planted against your temple”?

    Yes, I have. You have picked the wrong man for a dangerous situations in foreign parts contest.

    I suggest you read The Catholic Orangemen of Togo. The stealing of land from Africans by white colonists is the root cause of many of Africa’s conflicts – as in Kemya, where the racial tensions date back to the displacement of tribes into other tribes territory by white land seizures.

    Myths of empty land and the inefficiency of African farming techniques justify this land grab.

    I know South Africa very well, thank you.

  • zim,dave

    Well said Expat, If you never been there then shut up. It is a worry what is going to happen in the future in SA. Us with Kids there worry all the time as it is, the price of human life to Africans is very cheap, A cell phone, wallet, car, whatever,

    While I think E.T. was a weirdo, Murdering someone over a wage dispute??? Or cause of a young upstart that thinks it’s a good idea to “Kill the Boer”” Just a matter of time until SA is in the same position as Zim is. I am in no hurry to be a part of that again. Mugabe was right, let African’s sort Africa out. See where they get with that, What with all the Bribery and corruption from within the Goverment???? The man in the street is doomed, he will be reduces to a life of poverty as he was as he claims to have been before Black majority rule. My heart bleeds for Africa, But I’m happy that I’m out of it..

  • Arsalan

    One thing I’ll say for the white farmers, and the Nazi that got what he paid for, they are not as bad as their Zionist alias.

  • Ngele

    Afrikaaners, like Israelis and Ulster Unionists really are a horrible bunch of evil primitive bastards.

    Funnily enough they’re all mates with eachother but with no one else.

  • Anonymous


    I’m not trying to create sympathy or excuses for white farmers in Southern Africa… but I do find your glib and flippant attitude to the brutal murder of another human being… a rather barmy and often brutal one, rather unpleasant. And this from someone who is a passionate believer in human rights and is opposed to the arbetrary use of violence. Surely the right to life is the fundamental human right? These rights apply equally to people one disagrees with, no?

    Not only do you apparently see something “amusing” in the murder of a deluded, confused, racist, nutter, like Terreblanche, but you seem to have a surprisingly casual attitude to the killings of thousands of farmers in South Africa as well. How do you reconcile your belief in human rights with your lack of sympathy, or should that be empathy, for the deaths of so many people?

    I believe that every human life is precious and unique. I think the idea that some human life is less than worthy to live, is an abomination.

    Whilst I am not a pacifist, and come from a very warlike clan indeed, personally I think there has been too much killing for too long, much of it totally senseless, like the needless slaughter of white farmers in Zimbabwe and South Africa. A more sensible way of resolving the problem of land distribution in these societies is perfectly feasable, along with a more equitable distribution of the rest of society’s wealth.

  • arsalan

    Do you know what those bastards in the axis of ‘no mates’ can’t stand about us?

    Our friendship in spite of our differences.

    On our side we have communists, capitalists, ultra orthodox Jews, Islamic extremists like myself, libertarians, hippies and everyone else, we have everybody, and we all get along in spite of our differences.

    Our marches contain every colour creed, political ideology and philosophy.

    They can’t stand it, the jealousy makes them sick!

    So they say, you can you unite with them, or you and your those friends, to try and pull us apart, but it doesn’t work so they become very angry.

    Because all they can unite with is each other, to form the axis of haters.

    We have everybody, and they have no body. Our numbers are increasing while theirs are diminishing.

    They have the rulers in their pockets, so they still have the ability to do what they do. but this will not last forever, and they know it.

  • Abe Rene

    I always saw him as a sinister figure, particularly after he was jailed for an especially violent assault on someone that left his victim brain damaged.

    From the news reports it sounds like a murder case involving a dispute over wages, not a mob attack presaging a generalised racial conflict. But murder is murder and the killers should be brought to justice.

  • arsalan

    Lets get something straight about the dead Nazi. He wasn’t killed by us who hate what he stands for he was killed by his workers.

    He wasn’t killed because of his colour, his racist views or even the people he murdered, he was killed because he didn’t pay his staff for the work he hired them to do.

    This just proves, racists like him don’t just have unpleasant views, they are also very unpleasant people in each and every way.

    This man was killed because he was a thief who told people to work for him, but when the work was complete refused to pay.

    The Nazis Zionist friends and allies are no different.

  • angrysoba

    Whoah! I hadn’t realized he was hacked to death.

    I could see why someone wouldn’t be sad to see the old Nazi bigot croak but the smirking at such brutal summary justice is ill-becoming of a self-styled human rights activist.

    Certainly not surprised at Arsalan’s reaction, though.

  • Hiba

    The feeling of sympathy to any loss of life is what makes us humane and you should honestly, honestly, question yourself if you feel none. Having opinions for the sake of having opinions, is meaningless. What do you wish to achieve?

    Give me clarity



  • Craig

    Well, I am not a pacifist. And he was not a lovable old eccentric.

    If the white farmers gave back the land that was stolen fron black people, they would have very little to worry about.

  • Craig


    To use the obvious reductio ad absurdum, I don’t think there was a great deal of grief in the UK at the death of Hitler.

    The white supremacists of South Africa killed and enslaved on an incredible scale – he was not some bumbling cuddly racial theorist.

    I don’t buy the idea that black Africans should just forget all that and accept the poverty that comes from the annexation and rape of Africa’s resources by white people.

    As I say, if you are genuinely interested, read the Catholic Orangemen of Togo.

  • H

    I do not belong to the AWB or suport what they stand for. But SA does have a big problem, crime is out of control. Our president can not , or do not want to do something about Julius Marlema, which are spreding hate against white’s.

  • mark

    I also do not grieve E.T’s passing.

    Like many die-hard farmers in that north-western farmland of South Africa – raised under the all-pervading propaganda of the apartheid regime – which controlled the media and educational curriculum of the time – E.T. underpaid his workers and didn’t respect payday. He was murdered for it, by angry young hotheads. Murder is never condoned, but one should try and understand the context.

    I am a little disappointed by your glee and bloodlust, though, Craig.

    You write: “If the white farmers gave back the land that was stolen fron black people, they would have very little to worry about.”

    We could apply this to the US – which was settled by colonialists during the same century as S.A. Should white Americans not be handing back tracts of land to Native Americans, freeing them from their bantustan reservations?

    How about the way white Australians laid claim to Aboriginal land?

    How about the way Israelis conduct land grabs, occupy and build on Palestian territories?

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