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      dedicate to:

      • the possible war [between the US and China]
      • the ongoing economic war (including the forced decoupling of Europe)

      Today a conversation on THE DURAN:

      “WSJ: US actively preparing for war with China”

      The WSJ-article mentioned:

      “America’s New Island Fighters Are Preparing for Conflict—a Stone’s Throw From Taiwan
      The Wall Street Journal flew out with U.S. Marines to remote locations from where they might one day fight China
      U.S. Marines took part in a joint military exercise in the northern Philippines earlier this month.”
      May 26th 2024

      Craig had a post on China one year ago (March 21st 2023):

      “Why Would China Be An Enemy?”

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        I’ll help your new thread – it is apt. The Collective West vs China is as old as the European Imperialism and attempt to take EurAsia (The World) by Sea – not having much success by land. The ability of land based invasion of that large land mass on which Europe is but a peninsula on the west of EurAsia, is that of logistics. Supply lines for War by land are vulnerable just by the mere facts of mind boggling distance and weather variations. It’s been a dream of the Silk Road Red Shielder Slave and Spice Traders to always own the actual producers of Wealth. The Ancient civilisations, creators and their resources.

        It ended up in multiple Euro imperial reinventions and ultimately the North American contingent being thankfully the last attempt, with the few danglers hanging out of its arse, Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine.

        Having failed to subdue China through Opium and attempts at invasion with the proxy pacific Nazis – Japan. They attempted with taking over the French franchise – IndoChina post WW2. Keeping the ‘independent’ subcontinent divided and subdued as the possible proxy ‘boots on the ground’ that could invade from its not-so-soft underbelly…

        The Chinese resisted, Korea turned into a quagmire and Vietnam was another attempt. Cambodia and the insane bombing of Laos. Various attempts around the Golden Triangle using Thailand as the base and currently the attempt to use Myanmar and Taiwan.

        Kissinger and Nixon and their lauded Opening with China was a new strategy based on that failure to subdue Mao’s China. Having failed with the KMT and the supposed ‘real China’ in Taiwan.

        The rest is current ‘history in the making’ wonderfully summarised by this post:

        ‘🅰pocalypsis 🅰pocalypseos 🇷🇺 🇨🇳 🅉
        Tiananmen Square was a CIA color revolution by Wall Street stooge, former CIA Director, and former US President, George HW Bush, to privatize China’s banking system and loot China’s economy. It failed.

        In 1989, ten years after China had opened its economy, the US used legitimate student protests in Beijing to send the CIA and Gene Sharp, the inventor of “color revolutions,” to instigate a violent uprising against the Chinese government.

        Zhao Ziyang was meant to be installed as a Yeltsin-type figure in China to privatize everything in China and loot their economy for a one-world “rules-based” order which would bring about a new dark age of coercion, blackmail, threats, wars, deindustrialization, brutality, theft, and genocide worldwide for any group that doesn’t want to go along with it including in the United States and Europe.

        They would threaten the Middle East or cut off everything. They would cut off everything in Africa and starve them to death. Latin America would have far right-wing US puppets and death squads who would impoverish all the people.

        Open Society Foundations, founded by George Soros, are meant to loot nations.

        They were willing to use China to destroy the US until Xi Jinping began the Belt and Road Initiative, raised wages, and began an industrial revolution in China. China also crushed the Islamic fundamentalists being recruited by the CIA in Xinjiang.

        Destroying the US economy was always the plan of the City of London and Wall Street. Thatcher and Reagan accelerated the decline of the West with the financialization of the economy.

        Hitler and the Nazis were funded by the Bush family, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and the Bank of England. NATO has the same backers today.

        One of the most intimate collaborations among world leaders in history is now underway involving Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin to put an end to the old system but those who own the old system do not want to give it up.

        Jun 5, 2024 · 12:27 AM UTC

        Interesting Times indeed are upon us, thanks for the Topic, I hope it doesn’t get infested with the usual neo-religionists, faithful that seem to believe they know it all based on EuroCentric dogma.

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          I have the impression that most threads here have been working rather well (the ones I have looked into.)
          It might become an important source in the future.

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            Ann Wright
            (retired United States Army colonel and retired U.S. State Department official, resigned the day before US invasion of Iraq started, member of CodePink)

            “Is NATO Taking Over the Pacific?”

            “(…) 30% of Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) Naval Forces are from NATO Europe (…)
            29 countries are participating in the 2024 Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) naval war practice that will bring 40 ships, 3 submarines, over 150 aircraft, 14 national land forces and 25,000 personnel to the island of Oahu and the waters off Hawaii. Incredibly, one-third of the countries bringing ships, submarines and aircraft to the middle of the Pacific are not from Asia and the Pacific, but are from Europe–all members of the North ATLANTIC Treaty Organization (NATO).
            European NATO members Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and the United Kingdom are joining the United States and Canada as the full NATO members in RIMPAC

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