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Turned out not to be so superior after all. It is sometimes hard to remember it is always wrong to be glad when someone dies. Must stop smiling about Terre Blanche (was that his real name? Too good to be true).

If I have to refrain from smiling about the death of Terre Blanche, I do hope nobody kills Tony Blair, or I shall have to refraiin from peals of laughter and dancing for joy.

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  • Craig

    sadly there is no chance of the original inhabitants gaining political control in America or Australia. Africa is different. I don’t mind white people living there – I do myself, much of the time – but Africans should take back control of their land and heir mineral resources.

  • mark

    Craig: “I know South Africa very well, thank you.”

    Then you know that E.T is a very marginal, extreme, buffoon-like figure. Both black and white have chuckled at him – and been horrified by him – in equal measure.

    If you know South Africa very well, you know the bigger issue is the way Mandela and Co sold SA to liberal Western corporate interests, in lieu of providing adequate housing, medicine and educational facilities for the poorest of the poor.

    Tony Blair swanned in to SA as soon as Mandela was released, trailing a bevy of British businessmen and a dirty arms deal.

    The poorest of the poor have been badly let down in SA – but you cannot blame “the white farmers” for that. They are a small, threatened and powerless bunch.

  • alan campbell

    It’s good when bad people die. I doubt that’s Nick Clegg’s policy though.

  • technicolour

    Mark; South Africa got sewn into the ‘golden straitjacket’ of the IMF, leaving the government, by its own admission, relatively powerless to help the poorest. Not sure it was Mandela’s fault, at least, South Africa is hardly alone in being suckered/bulled by the World Bank.

    This murder was a murder, wasn’t it? I don’t see how it’s something to smile about, either.

  • MJ

    I feel no pleasure at the passing of Terreblanche, nor do I feel sadness. The man was a poisonous buffoon, whose organisation’s symbol was a three-legged version of the swastika. When apartheid came to end he and his supporters did not participate in the important Peace and Reconciliation initiatives. His ever-dwindling band of pathetic bigots retreated to their homesteads and kept their loveless creed alive as best they could.

    He died in the brutal manner that countless, nameless others died at the hands of his supporters. His murderers will no doubt be properly punished as the law prescribes. My only regret is that he and many of his supporters will not also face justice.

  • angrysoba

    “If the white farmers gave back the land that was stolen from black people, they would have very little to worry about.”

    Really? I wonder if the Zimbabweans fleeing to South Africa with nothing at all and getting necklaced when they arrive would agree.

    I’m sure there are better ways of land reform than making it open season for whoever’s prepared to be most brutal!

  • mark

    technicolour: “Not sure it was Mandela’s fault, at least, South Africa is hardly alone in being suckered/bulled by the World Bank.”

    It was the ANC group that was suckered, not Mandela alone, but it saddened many of us (I am a white South African by the way) that Mandela was so quickly seduced by Bill and Hilary Clinton, Tony Blair, Coca Cola and BP executives, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Bono who all raced to SA after his release to get a foot in the door. What followed was the frantic construction of exclusive, luxury safari lodges and golf course estates – instead of the construction of basic housing for the poor.

    Western elites rushed for photo-opportunities with Mandela – hoping some of his sincerity and moral principle would rub off on their tarnished coats. Mandela – after 27 years of incarceration – was naive and ill-advised in currying their favour.

    He forgot his own people.

    The poorest of the poor have laboured to build beautiful First World structures and magnificent white elephant Soccer Cup stadiums for corporate, profiteering FIFA, and are now being thrown on the street without jobs.People are angry, let down. Terreblanche’s worker killed him over a 32 Quid wage he refused to pay.

  • Arsalan

    Angry, are the Zimbabweans leaving because their white masters have left and they miss them or the poverty that comes with the sanctions?

    Mark I believe if land was stolen and not paid for, it should be given back. And this goes especially for what they call Israel and Palestinine where the original owners still have their leases and land deeds.

  • mary

    And their keys Arsalan.

    To all the sanctimonious types defending white SA, get stuffed. I have seen and heard the Afrikaaners, some of them mercenaries in Angola, and their vile jokes about kaffirs, simians, etc.

  • technicolour

    Well, I have seen and heard white south Africans who fought alongside Mandela and Biko, who fought apartheid, who risked their lives and families to do so. Bully for me, eh?

    Mark, thanks, it must have been quite terrible to see.

  • craig


    oh come on. Slovo et al were absolutely hated by the vast majority of their white compatriots. they can’t redeem them all.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    The hysterical screams of ‘white earth’ have been silenced. In the same way the lies of Blair will ‘come around’ and like Judas he will meet a lingering end, justice for the orphans and the disabled children of Iraq who he murdered in an illegal war based on lies.

    Dedicated to Iman Rasheed (9yrs) severely disabled by pollution, who crawls round and round on the floor in a circle, screaming uncontrollably every day.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Yeah, its money, the ‘noble metals’, specifically, gold, that is at the centre of South Africa’s dynamic – and indeed the lust for minerals were the core of Africa’s colonisation (largely undertaken during the single decade of 1880-1890) in the first place.

    Europe (and by extension, America) was built on African, Indian and South American metal and on the backs, bones and blood of the inhabitants of those regions.

    Eugene TB was simply a single diseased cell in a body – the human planet – festering with a plague called The World Banking System.

    The global organised white-collar criminals (IMF and the arms dealers who enforce its diktat) are the ones who ought – to draw for a moment on writerman’s graphic and impassioned reverie – to swing.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Here is a poem, this Easter Monday, entitled, ‘The Oracle of Easter Monday’, commissioned to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa. It would apply more generally though:


    Listen to the oracle, Kuru, listen, where there is no sound!

    Though we never met, my friend, yet perhaps

    Through the sorceress’s gin charms

    In the song of the weaver-bird

    One day, we shall meet

    But now is the night of fire – listen!

    Beyond the cliff’s ninth edge, by the smile of the big, black river

    They tossed you into a lizard’s grave,

    To lie beneath the hooves of goat and antelope, the sting of alligator peppercorns

    For a thousand years the stars will fall into your tomb of concrete and lime

    How dare they? They, who raped their mothers

    And gave their souls, all seven, to darkness

    They have many names, a hundred, turning heads

    Like chameleons, they change their skins,

    Black, white, green, blue, yellow

    But their names, deeds, thoughts all

    Rhyme only with Hell

    Listen to the oracle, Kuru, listen, where there is no sound!

    On the day before the end of time

    When the yams will sprout seven leaves

    And the harvest will yield only yoori

    The lizards, grown fat, will slip from their holes

    And will dance at midnight around the iroko tree

    And will speak through their noses:

    We will sear the land black like the tortoise-back

    We will burn eyes into bone, one-by-one,

    We will take over your homes!

    Listen, then, to the oracle, Kuru, listen, where there is no sound!

    Hear the whisper of the mangrove swamp

    Stand steady amidst the last field of ripening plantain

    At the river’s mouth, cup in your palms

    The blood of the rocks, the bones of wafered creatures

    Cast back your singing head and drink full of the Black King’s breath

    Mix cassava with crayfish and peppercorns

    Mould the paste of the pear tree into the form of a human being

    Feed her light and set her dancing like the First One, the Queen of the Moon

    And in her dance the fish will rise from the rivers,

    Imo, Orashi, Dijla

    And will drink kegs of palm wine

    And with red mouths shall they sing!

    Listen to the oracle, Kuru, listen, where there is no sound!

    One day, my friend, we will meet

    And together, our bodies glistening with raw cocoyam,

    We will brush the lands between the rivers

    Free of bush rats and lizards

    And we will make the music of drum, horn and gere-gere

    And day and night we shall sip wine from raffia palm

    Until from the land shall rise magical trees, dragonflies, a thousand golden insects

    And the tassles of the maize cobs will dance with a joy that flies higher and higher

    Even unto the streams of the moon

    Listen to the oracle, Kuru, listen, where there is no sound!

    Deezian, Deebom, Deemura, Deekor, Deesan,

    On that dawn, my friend Kuru, at second cockcrow

    Your spirit shall rise from your people, no tomb shall hold them

    And all the lizards will lower their brows in humility, in respect

    For the children, the land, the dreams

    They will heave great bags of cowrie

    And will prostrate themselves before the black river

    In their broken shells they will cower

    On that day, my friend,

    The people of fish, farm and forest, of port, village, metropolis

    From Ramallah to Harcourt, from Wounded Knee to Chiapas Mountain

    Will rejoice and breathe again,

    In Khana, Gokana, Eleme, in all tongues

    And their songs shall fill the sky!

    Listen to the oracle, Kuru, listen, where there is no sound!

    From the shell of your death, arise, O murdered Wise One

    Lift your arms above your head, stretch your fingers beyond the bone

    Rise up into the river of rivers, the sky’s burning mantle,

    Tear your face into the skin of a crazy man

    Ascend, dear friend, ascend…

    Your spirit is our spirit, the ink of our pens flows from your dreams

    Take us high into the river of light! Let us see!

    Then, at last, through the pebbles of your stories

    Like the stars, like the moon, like the living dust

    We all will be free

  • E.Randall

    I stumbled onto your site by accident and I can honestly say I have never been this disgusted by a group of people as you lot. I am a white South African Male and I live out in the rural areas of KZN. Have any of you seen a person hacked to death??? Or even bludgeond with a steel pipe. No matter who or what you are NO ONE deserves to die like that. How on earth can you even try to call yourself a human rights activist but yet you get pleasure out of a fellow human beings death. I have a black girlfriend and I face a lot of remarks not only from the white community but also from the black community. So no, I don’t agree with Mr Terre’blanches politics but he was a father,a husband to some a leader and as such a human.

    On the point of white land owners, we don’t drive around and decide, hmmm.. I like that piece of land, I will chase all off of it and take it for myself. We actually BUY it, we go to the bank apply for a loan and buy it,if its for sale.

    If you didn’t like the man or agree with him thats your right, but don’t find joy in anothers pain and suffering and still portry yourself as a human rights activist.

  • angry

    You fucking CUNT!

    3000+ dead farmers in SA. They don’t really matter though do they cause their white!

    You don’t know who I am but I know what you look like. Expect a kicking from a saffer soon.

  • MJ

    E. Randall and angry:

    Please calm down. There are a range of nuanced views expressed here. Those that you object to most are clearly based on memories of the apartheid regime, when it was those who stood up for liberty, equality and fraternity who were most likely to be imprisoned, tortured or hacked to death. Expect a little moral ambiguity when the tables are turned.

  • angrysoba

    “You don’t know who I am but I know what you look like. Expect a kicking from a saffer soon.”

    Alright, calm down!

    Threatening to beat someone up is hardly a morally righteous response to someone who made silly remarks about another person who was beaten (in this case to death).

    And don’t take half of my moniker. People will think you’re me.

  • angrysoba

    Arsalan: “Angry, are the Zimbabweans leaving because their white masters have left and they miss them or the poverty that comes with the sanctions?”

    Neither. They’re leaving because of the wanton and demented destruction of their country by their corrupt and demented “leader”.

  • angry

    Sorry I was only trolling!

    I would never hurt a fly, and certainly am no threat to Mr Murray.

    Doesn’t change the fact that he is a CUNT though!

  • ingo

    Not exactly the Sharpville massaker, more like a labour dispute gone wrong. Malema’s words should be challenged by the ANC and his youthwing.

    Malema should retarct his words and the law should take its course.

    That said, I will not be weeping for this ET gone home.

  • JimmyGiro

    “I do myself, much of the time – but Africans should take back control of their land and heir mineral resources.”

    Does this tally with the BNP, when they want the same in kind?

    Another problem here is the term “their mineral resources”. When exactly does a mineral become a ‘resource’? When does the dog make use of the hay in the manger?

    If killing the interloper is right, then who says stop; Ex-diplomats?

    The only reason that one tribe calls their land ‘theirs’, is because of their successful genocide of all others.

    Either you accept multiculturalism or you do not. If you qualify it for blacks, but not whites, you must do so from general principles. If whites are bad because of their ancestral conquests, what are blacks who are committing the same today?

  • Craig


    It’s a false parallel. I am not sure if a figure is available, but I am sure that black people own a negligible proportion of the wealth of the UK. Whereas white pople still comfortably own most of the wealth of South Africa.

    Immigration and colonisation are not identical.

  • B

    All the farmers(boere) I know are good people that provide for their country and that bought their own land. I guess you want it to be given to black people that can burn it down so nothing can be produced and what will follow is death by hunger and deceases. With nothing in their way countries like britain and america can than just strole in to get the upper hand on the minerals. It is so evident in the recent past.

    I live in britain at the moment but cant wait to go back to SA to buy my own farm to produce for a country I love, and to get away from a country full of people like you Graig, a country that think they have the right to say white South Africans are in the wrong, after you tried to rule the world by killing all over the face of the earth, as well as in South-Africa. A country that killed black and white people of South-Africa, brutally killing tens of thousands woman and children, while their husbands and fathers were at war.

    You dont have to look that far into the history of SA to see what happened when the white settelers wanted to come to an agreement with the blacks over land. They were dragged out of the black people’s city and murdered. I do not belong to the AWB and am angry for some of the stupid things they did. Like the Brittish media say he never really achieved anything. All I can say is that he predicted what will happen to the white people of SA and he was right. Some British people I work with was so shocked to hear of all the farm murders thats been happening in the past 15 years, because the only thing that ever get shown by the media is poor hungry black people, to make other countries believe its due to the white people and they are the only people to feel sorry for. Start showing the pictures of white babies that was rapped in news paper and set on fire, so the world can see the bigger picture.

    I am a Christian and with God lay all answers and one day we will see who’s the real enemies of his planet.

    Graig you need to pull your head out of Mugabe’s backside and wake up!

  • JimmyGiro

    “Immigration and colonisation are not identical.”

    I’m sure Jack Straw would agree, sitting in his Blackburn Caliphate.

    “It’s a false parallel. I am not sure if a figure is available, but I am sure that black people own a negligible proportion of the wealth of the UK. Whereas white pople still comfortably own most of the wealth of South Africa.”

    So the ‘general principle’ you have chosen to resolve the quandary is essentially communistic!?

    Fight, fight and fight, until we are all equally miserable.

  • Japie

    All you funny people overseas giving comments about South Africans, Yes I agree come and live here see how you like it living in fear of what might happen to youre family every day. NOW the funny part, Strong Americans what did you do in the history to slaves and indians, English how many countries did you try to take over and how did you put people in concentration camps and kill people here in south africa ?

  • anno

    Does anyone not want to exploit Africa?

    Europeans, Jews, US, Chinese and modern Arabs have all followed the gravy train.

    They all want Something for Nothing. Why is it Africa in particular, which has decreased in wealth as much as the rest of the world has increased in wealth, over the last fifty years, that is always expected to give everyone a free ride?

    Hot climates make people patient, and Africa’s Islam embodies more patience than all. There isn’t any force on earth that can contain the human lust for wealth, except Islam and its promise of the reward in the hereafter. I find South Africans who I meet here, curiously brain-washed as if they have been disappointed in a promise, maybe the promise of a Christian fantasy promised land?

    Craig is right to defend the Africans’ right to defend their rights and their property. It’s always assumed that Africans are alone in not having them. Why? There’s no such thing as free lunch. It’s just become a tradition in the world community that the bill is always on Africa. Shock, gasp, horror, when anybody takes a stand.

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