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My last, flippant post on the death of Eugene Terre Blanche brought an interesting comment thread, in which not only did we attract some new South African commentators, we started up interesting disagreements along unusual fault lines between regular commentators. So I thought I might probe further with something less flippant.

I am not actually in favour of hacking people to death as a form of political action. But I am unrepentant at failing to be moved by the death of an out and out Nazi, who thrived in apartheid times in a system in which he was able to put his ideas of racial dominance into practice over his staff and black neighbours.

The apartheid regime killed many thousands, and dispossessed, disenfranchised and enslaved millions. Almost all white South Africans were implicated in it and enjoyed its benefits. Never forget that.

Through colonialism, apartheid and neo-colonialism, white people took control of Africa’s best farming land – in areas where white men could survive the climate – and its amazing mineral resources. Throughout Africa white people still reap the great majority of the economic benefit from African oil, gold, diamonds, rutile, bauxite, uranium etc. The backbreaking labour falls to black people and so does the pollution. That benefit that does come to Africans largely falls to tiny corrupt white-educated post-colonial elites.

In South Africa it is still the case that the large majority of the wealth of the nation. the controlling interest in the gold and other mineral resources and much of the best farmland still lies with white people.

There are some white South Africans who had a genuine moral abhorrence of apartheid and yet become unfortunate victims of violence whose root cause lies in massive disparity of wealth. There are however not many white South Africans lining up to shed their wealth meaningfully to black South Africans.

White dominance over African resources has been maintained brutally and often with the use of mercenaries – officered by the British upper classes and with South Africans doing the actual killing.

That is not to excuse corrupt African elites and misgovernment by the Mugabes of this world. But Mugabe being a dreadful old tyrant does not justify the continued white ownership of land stolen by force from the indigenous peoples. Indeed some of the worst white farmers are close to Mugabe, like Prince Harry’s appalling girlfriend’s family.

Even in a country like Kenya, the recent ethnic conflicts can be traced back to colonial land grabs by white farmers dispossessing one tribe into another tribes’ lands.

I cover all of this with vastly more depth and subtlety in The Catholic Orangemen of Togo. I do hope those commenting will read it.

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  • Stephen


    Just to help with your sorely needed education.

    cod – a joke or hoax – origin Old Danish

    Justification- origin Latin/French

    for – origin Old Frisian

    war – origin Old Northern French/Norman

    As you can see English is pretty mongrel enough without having to resort to other languages which everyone may not necessarily understand.

    BTW the OED has the origin of “fuck” as unknown (fokken in Dutch and ficken in German or only thought to be cognates) – so another bit of cod knowledge I fear, and I suspect quite a few Middle Dutch would deny being Germanic.

    Not sure why the great Commissar Straw has upset you so much – did he upset you or one or your friends (Pinochet?)

    It’s very rude to not answer questions when others are so open with you.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    “English is a mongrel tongue”…


    Woof-woof, bow-wow, grrr…

    Woof-woof: from Norman French, it was how William the Conqueror announced the invasion of England.

    Bow-wow: from Upper Dutch. Introduced by King William III (of Orange). The Masonic alternative to a double curtsey.

    Grrr: Me, on a Monday morning.

    Aoooo!: It is a full moon tonight!

    Sorry, people, I’m miffed that Richard (Robinson) beat me to the horse and that therefore I will go down in history (as penned by that propagandist for the yokel Tudors) as a baddie.

  • Richard Robinson

    Oh noes ! [ lurches past backwards ] My braces have got caught on a convenient plot device ! [ boing ] Sorry, Suhayl, you want a lift out ? [ confused-horse noises ]

  • honest man

    Peace people,

    Have any of these people with the autism cases who ended up been the nazi alcolics find peace doing all this yet?

    I am starting wonder now how many titles you can come up with for a lie and cover up for your cases of autism, talk about bad genes and primitive brains, we must lock up people on the streets who are violent and later take there crappy university education and utilize like a process, any restarted person can do that, and with all that evidence your a bunch of cowards who believe your security will come from another mans sweat and tears.

    studies also show that autism rebounds when anyone experiences oppression, so not only did these retards with autism cases go to south africa or join hitler who utilized theodore hurzl’s zionist propaganda machine or the roman empire to mention a few, they went there, ruined other places and people but blame them for it with lies using his story instead of history, its what i read on this thread, YOUR RETARDS lol,

    if you morons where simply honest, put the bottle down and grew up all this crap would of never happened if you just used your brains but your so primitive you believe your apes, and you are the closest thing to a ape to allow autism to run your life as a grown up., get a life and stop taking others lives morons.

    and BTW, jewish, muslim and been british citizen is not a race., its the hypocrites here with more serious cases of autism that use alcohol to pacify it and stand by a bible or religions opinions when in the books itself it points to this very desease,

    Jews, thou shalt not kill

    Christians, never harm a child,

    Muslims are an exceptional argument becuase you can not be a Muslim and do things like have slaves at the same time, arabs wear white becuase its hot, muslism started to dress like that only becuase of saudi arabia, a perfect example of a ape here is the guy who said muslims transgressed all their religions boundaries by allowing slavery.

    The united states does not any longer use slavery in public, just in prisons now, yes you too can be put in jail for stealing a 100 dollar tv set if your black and work for nicky shoes 40 years while a person with a case of autism raised in a fearful mentally unstable society like the UK with alcohal as a pacifier gets off the hook while been a skin head.

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