Eugene Terre Blanche 131

Turned out not to be so superior after all. It is sometimes hard to remember it is always wrong to be glad when someone dies. Must stop smiling about Terre Blanche (was that his real name? Too good to be true).

If I have to refrain from smiling about the death of Terre Blanche, I do hope nobody kills Tony Blair, or I shall have to refraiin from peals of laughter and dancing for joy.

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131 thoughts on “Eugene Terre Blanche

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  • Suhayl Saadi

    “My point is though that no-one “kicked” anyone off of their land. All through most of history, people fought for land, and the winner took it, end of story.” Ben, on the other #South African’ thread.

    Can’t have it both ways, people. Either it’s right – natural, perhaps – for the whites to have fought for the land and kicked the blacks off it, in which case it’s right for the reverse to be happening now. Or both acts were and are wrong.

  • Richard Robinson

    Genghis ? I’m not taking him anywhere, I had enough trouble getting him out last time. Kept telling me to take him to Kabul.

  • Arsalan

    You Clog wearing Nazi!

    You make fun of our sandals, I’ll make fun of you clogs!!!!

  • MJ Bekker

    I have just read through all the comments, as if I have the time!

    Many, including Graig live in the past. The past is only memories and tomorow is our dreams. To those living in the present – good for you!

    Some ‘pastists’ rely on 2 wrongs making a right. ET knew the justice system in SA worked – negative for him, but it worked. Why did these two idiots not take him to court?

    Becuase it’s not the way Africa operates!

    I lived there for more than 40 years. I was a Detective Sargeant in the SAP during the 80’s. I attended to complaints in black areas – alone and I white and alive. I found more than often black people executed the African way in hese townships. No jails no extra tax in this Afican system of justice! Graig, for every farmer or white person murdered, 10 to 20 blacks are murdered. When the politically (African way) motivated killing of whites end, they’ll focus on other blacks, such a sthe Zulu’s.

    Rememeber that there is just the present, if we dwell in the past on this issue we’ll have to go back 200-400 years before whites came to Africa. When the ‘native’ blacks invaded the Southern part of Africa, displacing the Khoisan and Bushmen. Shouldn’t they be the rightful owners of Africa.

    All we have is the present, we have to stay focussed, so that the future will not be the same old paterns we see in our memories – the past.

    People of all races are suffering more than even in the years of Seperate DEVELOPMENT* years. {Apartheid is a wrong translation of the policies of the time)

    Graig, you might live in SA, maybe in a extremely well guarded house in a posh Cape Town suburb, but you don’t no anything about what is actually happening.

  • Richard Robinson

    “What have you got against Sandals?”

    Speaking for myself, “the weather”.

  • Richard Robinson

    “I don’t wear [sandals]. But I would like to if it upsets right wingers.”

    That’s the spirit. But let’s not pick on “right wingers” – if _anyone_’s so easily upset by something so irrelevant, they need reminding that their opinions on it don’t matter.

    But, wear socks with them, it’s cold.

  • Pissed off

    Fuck, I have never seen a website with such a bunch of sick wankers. A discussion over a murder in SA (one of thousands a year black, white yellow and brown) brings out the best of racists, anti semites etc etc.

    The issue here is extremely simple. The SA gov has BILLIONS of DOLLARS to spend on arms deals, private jets, world cup stadiums etc. It is also totally corrupt awarding tenders worth millions of dollars to build houses for the poor that never get built and the money just dissapears. Yet, the poor are getting poorer (black and white) while the country gets raped. I read an interesting article how a 16 year old girl was sent home to die because the SA health system is such a disaster that she could not get dialysis. Besides the health system that is a disaster, the crime rate is totally out of control.

    This is unfortunately a pattern in Africa and no one can deny it.

    I thought SA would be a shining light in Africa, yet it is going the same way as Zim and the rest of Africa.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Detective Sergeant Bekker, tell me, I’m intrigued, why do call refer to ‘Craig’ as ‘Graig’?

    ‘Pissed’ (their own pseudonym) makes some a very good point of which I think many people are aware.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    I mentioned earlier that Tutu and Andre Brink – among many others – both have been shouting about this for awhile. There are real problems.

  • Stuart Brown

    The words of a Public Enemy song spring to mind “Chop them down and move them along”

    Live by the sword die by the sword I believe is the European phrase. Let Terre Blanches death be a warning, to all awp members and Nazis world wide. ps I am A black Scot

    The Africans now how to deal with Nazis.

    This is the begining of blowback for the crimes of all white’s throughout Africa, lord delamere, et al/ and others.

    The fact that america’s president is black will not prevent the the blowback that has affected America continuing.

    To The AWP, ZIONIST and NAZIS welcome !

    To Africa we know just how to deal with you all.

    Craig Murray you are a good man. but I am sure you realise that what goes around comes around and there are many more exploiters who are due for the chop !

    So if you are an exploiter then this is the risk you take !

    Other than that welcome to south Africa !

    Behave or you will get chopped up !


    HELL IS TO GOOD FOR YOU, it is your family who should leave Africa for their own safety !

    You will find a nazi at the wrong end of my gun ! My Granded hunted Nazis and so do I.

    So I applaud this Noble action by the locals and serve warning on all suppressors !

    This is your collective fate, death. At the hands of your victim’s.

    The choice is yours to make make peace or choose war 🙂

  • Arsalan

    Every body needs to be reminded he wasn’t chopped up by a action hero, for his crimes against humanity.

    He was chopped up because he was a cheep bastard who didn’t pay his workers what they were owed, he was chopped up by a worker who had just completed hard work to feed himself and his family and found out that the man who hired him was going back on his word and is refusing to pay him.

    The fact that he was a Nazi is incidental, what matters in this case was that he was a dishonest cheap bastard who didn’t pay what he owed.

  • B

    Arsalan did you personaly know the attackers, or do you trust the media. Nevermind, for you to think its right to murder because of money, who knows what someone like you are capable of.

    ( wonder if I should go and hack my employer to death, as he has not given me the raise he promised me three years ago )

    You are one sick puppy arsalan

  • Arsalan

    I said:

    “he wasn’t chopped up by a action hero, for his crimes against humanity.”

    Do you know the difference between the words “was” and “wasn’t”.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Look, people, the basic fact that needs to be understood is that transnational corporate capitalism is colour-blind.

    The local military-economic elites in Africa and much of western and southern Asia are corrupt brown and black international capitalist elites who maintain the dominant hegemony. A switch of ruling cadre – from white to black in S. Africa; from French to West African; from British to Idi Amin/ Milton Obote in Uganda; from British to the Army and feudal landowners in Pakistan (and on…) serves only to perpetuate the gross injustics of the world economy and the often engineered, or at least exacerbated, tribalisms that keep people divided and deluded.

    As I’ve said before, and as others on this platform have made clear, the problems in S. Africa/ Pakistan/ Iraq/ Colombia stem from an agglomeration of historical and contemporary economic dynamics which, while develving into local variants, essentially derive from one root cause: the economic colonialism that underpins and defines cartel capitalism.

  • Cindy South Africa

    Dear Non-South Africans

    Wait until your a white SA farmer!!! We are all scared to death of being murdered!! But farming is our only income, and we cannot just pack up our stuff and leave. And contrary what you stupid fools believe, not all BOERE are racists.

    To Ngele (probably a black racist!!)Afrikaanersare NOT a horrible bunch of evil primitive bastards.

  • mark

    Suhayl Saadi – you are right.

    Apartheid has now been sanitised, camouflaged and globalised. Economic apartheid – with neo-liberal economic elites moving through revolving doors. South Africa’s richest man is black billionaire Patrice Motsepe. He smokes in the same cigar lounge as Afrikaner billionaire Anton Rupert, who owns Swiss-based behemoth Richemont. The two of them dine with the Clintons,Blairs and other Western elite figures when they’re in town. President Jacob Zuma was flown over to Washington by Stratfor (a CIA-linked outfit) BEFORE his election. He got the Washington-London stamp of approval: a corrupt and malleable buffoon is easier to keep on a leash within the parameters of the ‘Washington consensus’.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Thanks, Mark. Much appreciated.

    Very interesting – and, I guess, maddening – about the CIA-flight, cigar lounge, etc. Yeah, these type of people of the Washington Consensus and IMF, etc. have no shame because they just don’t give a damn. Whatever, their origins or supposed provenance, they all possess, to quote novelist and intellectual, Allan Cameron, a ‘Berlusconi Bonus’, a pass – and I use that word very deliberately in the S. African context though it applies everywhere – a pass to amorality.

  • Roderick Russell

    At April 6, 2010 11:42 AM, Cindy South Africa posted “We are all scared to death of being murdered!”

    If I may just help to explain to others with a brief story what this issue is — About 10 years ago, I attended some business meetings in Kenya with three white South Africans present. On the second day one of them got a telephone call telling him that his aged parents had been attacked the previous night in their house in Johannesburg. They escaped because one of them managed to break free and get hold of a gun. The 2nd South African (at the meeting) had had an even worse experience ?” 2 years before he had been at a family gathering at his parent’s farm. The farm was raided in broad daylight, and his father shot to death in front of the family. The 3rd South African had not had a personal experience, but when he returned to Johannesburg he found that his house had been broken into and every stick of furniture stolen.

    Cindy, You are quit right. Us Non?”South Africans have no idea what is happening since our media and human rights industry doesn’t report on issues like yours. It does seem to me that you are being denied that most basic of all human rights – “rule of law”. With the World Cup the media spotlight will turn on South Africa. Along with the many other “non football” (human rights) issues that should come up, I do hope that yours will be discussed as well.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Thanks, Mark. Much appreciated.

    Very interesting – and, I guess, maddening – about the CIA-flight, cigar lounge, etc. Yeah, these type of people of the Washington Consensus and IMF, etc. have no shame because they just don’t give a damn. They all possess, to quote my pal, novelist and thinker, Allan Cameron, a ‘Berlusconi Bonus’, a pass – and I use that word very deliberately in the S. African context though it applies everywhere – a pass to amorality.

  • James

    Craig, naive would be stating it lightly. Oh and please don’t even attempt to gain sympathy or even, god forbid, pity for having been in a dangerous situation in your life. You probably spent hours telling people how traumatised you were….pathetic. You epitomise the incessant boring member of public who thinks he can make the tears disappear for the poor mistreated nations of the world. It is a matter of observing the obvious, if you cannot cut the mustard then you won’t be in control. Not one nation in africa has ever produced anything other than a void which is contantly being filled by western countries being made to feel bad by wannabe Ghandi’s like yourself. And to whoever you were writing about Nazi’s and Zionists and Boers being primitive – I bet you are from that background that prides themselves to be famous only because of famine, genocide and disease. Yes, Africa has all the resources that would make any other average western nation rich, yet africa is still nowhere on the map. Do you even realise that in the 17th century when european settlers arrived in SA the locals were more or less in the iron age? Talk about primitive…and I wonder who at that point oppressed them so badly that they did not even have a wheelbarrow to collect their wood? You and all your fellow short sighted leftist communists is the reason for a sick, weak and spineless society. I am sure when you allegedly had a gun pointed at you, you wet yourself and offered the ‘nasty man’ everything he wanted, then on afterthought blamed everyone else for his behaviour. Your types won’t last for very much longer – time is getting close; evidence of the weak link ‘you’ represent in society is becoming more and more evident.

  • Mindboggled

    Wow, hate for Israel and SA is unbelievable.

    Israel – The Kingdom of Israel – roughly 3500 years old – and thats being conservative.

    Jerusalem – 3000 years old.

    Islam (a great religion, but some not so great followers) – 1800 years old at a very hard push.

    We cant expect the liberal dummies here to do the maths – that would be asking too much.

    So, lets look at South Africa,

    Colonialism / Apartheid? What of the countries in Africa that never witnessed Colarpheid and there are a number – These, my dear dumb friends are some of the most backward and violent areas on earth – but you wackheads give the violence in these areas a different name – Tribalism.

    Fact is Colonialism brought slightly more good than bad. The ‘big bad British’ ended slavery they did not start it – there was plenty brutal slavery – oops sorry – romantic tribalism – long before white men got to the shores of Africa – even Black historians have stated this – ooo but we shall just kill those ones shall – the great African way.

    You just dont get it dummies.

    The whites in South Africa are in the way of a few barbarians gaining ultimate power and control over their own people – the last places on earth where one can gain complete and utter power.

    Magabe looked after the white farmers in Zimbabwe VERY WELL until Until they got in his way of cleaning out the ‘Rubbish’ he called them.

    Who were they / the them? People exiled by black Shaka Zulu – fled into Zimbabwe for their lives – long before the white Boers were in the picture.

    So the real question you dumb liberals must ask yourselves.

    Is why have you been brainwashed and misled – You must do this for your own good.

    Not for us South Africans and Jews – we are very adept at survival and adversity – we will be just fine – with only a few fallen here and there.

    The way people go about doing things when they are passionate is always questionable.

    But, Eugene knew something you DON’T – and I didnt know it until I met him.

    I am a very different person to the one I was dancing in the street for the end of Apartheid 20 years ago. I learnt stuff!

    If you truly care about your children you will start learning NOW.

    Have you any idea how many people and groups want the crumbs from the plates of the despots in Africa – Especially those who will come to power in South Africa (one of the the most powerful and resource rich countries in the Southern Hemisphere) when the white is gone from that land.

    And how much they will assist these dictators to get to power.

    With your blind help.

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing my friends – and at present you have little knowledge.

    And you wonder why powerful Governments and organisations have little regard for you – is it any surprise????

  • Suhayl Saadi

    “But, Eugene knew something you DON’T – and I didn’t know it until I met him.” mindboggled

    Okay, mindboggled, tell us what he showed/ told you. I’m being serious, not facetious.

    “Not one nation in africa has ever produced anything other than a void.”


    Are you talking of all time? You go back to C17th…

    Egypt (along with Sumer and later the Indus Valley civilsation) began human civilisation itself, when those living in Europe were in the… Stone Age (Paleolithic). In fact, after the collapse of the Roman Empire, those living in Europe went back to living in the… Stone Age (Neolithic). Until the north African ‘Moors’ arrived to deliver civilisation back to the unwilling, unwashed and primitive tribes of Europe.

    James, to take just one example, do you know the recent history of Portuguese and French colonialism and neocolonialism in parts of Africa? The way Africa was ‘reverse developed’ (this was somewhat different from ‘separate development’, but had the same end? The cultivation of ‘native elites’ to continue filling the coffers?

    Yeah, obviously the problems of the world are not all down to ‘the white man’, anyone who argues that is seriously deluded, but you seem to be equally extreme in the opposite direction. Neither attitude seems emblematic of vertebral – or cerebral – strength.

    Mindboggled, I agree that some of the comments on this thread are not really analytical but more emotional. You allude to the powerful interests who used to back the white nationalist regime now backing despotic black African corrupt elites (across Africa). I agree. Where’s the argument? But I for one would be very interested in learning more – please explicate. Tell us more, for example, about the insights you gained from the subject of this thread.

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