Beyond Irony – Tony Blair – Peace Envoy 1

An excellent article by Felicity Arbuthnot:

Arms from the US., have been flowing in to Israel, with Britain’s backing, to kill Palestinians at crossings, children going to school, families picnicking on beaches. Heavy machinery has demolished family homes, trashed municipal offices, villages, so foreign settlers or multinational businesses can ‘legally’ steal and build on ancient land, the heritage of families, handed down over generations; machinery which destroys their farms, citrus and olive groves. Where has been ‘peace envoy’ Blair’s unequivocal condemnation? Where has been even a bleat of protest? Did he read recent reports of a village where Bedouin have lived for sixty years, where Israeli forces were in such a hurry to demolish for more settlers, they allegedly even dragged babies out of homes, still in their play pens?

‘ “A true friend of the State of Israel,” said Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of his outgoing British counterpart Tony Blair “Tony Blair is a very well-appreciated figure in Israel,” said Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. According to an Israeli government statement, Israel “will provide [him] with all necessary assistance in order for him to carry out his duties.” , writes Arjan El Fassad (Electronic Intifada) You bet. Moreover: ‘In his speech at the Annual Reception of Labour Friends of Israel in September 2006, Blair said: “I have never actually found it hard to be a friend of Israel, I am proud to be a friend of Israel.” ‘ No doubt his role to ‘advise’ on ‘institutional reform’ in Palestine will provide him with a front row seat at the sort of ‘reform’ he has been party to in his invasions – destruction of life, limb and that left of Palestine’s civil society.

He should be quite at home in another invading, occupying country, which has also divided Palestine as he and Bush planned to divide Iraq – and where, like Iraq, communities are walled off from each other by the policies of ‘democracy’. The Messianic Blair, having bought lock, stock and barrel in to the neo-cons ‘crusade’, ‘clash of civlisations’, has never openly backed off from some seriously disturbing bedfellows.

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One thought on “Beyond Irony – Tony Blair – Peace Envoy

  • Sabretache

    It is pretty well beyond parody too don't you think? This was my take on it to a US list I follow a week or so ago:

    Salman Rushdie has been in the news here again recently. He of 'Satanic Verses' fame, against whom Ayatollah Khomeini issued his fatwa back in 1989. He was made a KCMG (ie 'Sir' Salman) recently, stirring up more death threats etc. Anyway, be that as it may, it has prompted much comment over here that even Rushdie with a Fatwa on his head would probably be more acceptable to the bulk of the ME population as a 'Peace Envoy' than Bliar.

    You really couldn't make this up could you. As a work of fiction it would be ridiculed as just too absurd – but not in the real 'looking glass world' we have entered at the opening of the 21st century.

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