Titanic Express published today 1

Titanic Express, a book about the search for truth following a brutal murder in Burundi is published today. Written by Richard Wilson, a long time supporter of the Craig Murray campaign and contributor to this web site, it details his personal experinces following the loss of his sister and his quest to track down her killers.

The book has been reviewed in the Times, Telegraph, and (with a hatfull of errors) the Daily Mail.

For a synopsis and information on online ordering go here.

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One thought on “Titanic Express published today

  • Chuck Unsworth

    Well it's good to see that all three reviews are, at the least, favourable. The Mail has never been a byword for accuracy but I can not think of any current newspaper which takes much care over its reporting.

    I hope the book is a resounding success but, more importantly, that the guilty may be brought to justice – and that includes those in the FCO and elsewhere who would seek to obstruct and hinder Richard's perfectly legitimate actions.

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