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Germany: Challenge to Ruling on Uzbek Ex-Minister

“The decision also failed to acknowledge that a number of prominent individuals, including Theo van Boven, the former United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture who visited Uzbekistan in late 2002, and Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to Tashkent, had made clear their willingness to serve as witnesses in the case.”

From Human Rights Watch

(Berlin, June 22, 2006) ‘ Germany’s new federal prosecutor should reverse a decision not to open a criminal investigation into former Uzbek Interior Minister Zokir Almatov’s responsibility for crimes against humanity, Human Rights Watch said in a legal brief challenging the refusal. The new federal prosecutor, Monika Harms, took office this month, succeeding Kay Nehm.

‘This is a unique opportunity to correct an unconscionable decision and show the world that Germany pays more than lip service to international justice,’ said Holly Cartner, Europe and Central Asia director at Human Rights Watch. ‘The Uzbek victims deserve their day in court, and the new prosecutor can ensure they get it in Germany.’

Prosecutor Nehm’s refusal to investigate came in response to a complaint filed in December 2005 by Uzbek victims of torture and survivors of the May 2005 massacre of unarmed civilians in the Uzbek city of Andijan. Assisted by Human Rights Watch, they asked Germany to invoke its universal jurisdiction laws and pursue a criminal investigation into Almatov’s responsibility for these crimes.


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Titanic Express published today

Titanic Express, a book about the search for truth following a brutal murder in Burundi is published today. Written by Richard Wilson, a long time supporter of the Craig Murray campaign and contributor to this web site, it details his personal experinces following the loss of his sister and his quest to track down her killers.

The book has been reviewed in the Times, Telegraph, and (with a hatfull of errors) the Daily Mail.

For a synopsis and information on online ordering go here.

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‘Why is my sister’s killer feted at peace talks?’

The newly published Titanic Express has been reviewed by a number of papers. We post below a piece from The Telegraph.

By Thomas Harding

The brother of a British voluntary worker killed in an ethnic cleansing campaign in Africa has accused the authorities of appeasing the organisation that he claims was behind the attack.

Charlotte Wilson was among 21 bus passengers who were lined up alongside a road in Burundi in December 2000 and casually raked with gunfire by the Forces for National Liberation, an extremist Christian group.

Agathon Rwasa, the FNL’s leader, is not only at liberty but has been feted in peace talks in neighbouring Tanzania despite leading an organisation whose members have allegedly massacred thousands, including Miss Wilson.

Richard Wilson accused the Foreign Office of “washing its hands” of his sister’s killing and has called for an international arrest warrant to be issued for Rwasa.


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