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Happy Easter everybody.

I am no longer a church-goer, so I can’t remember the answer to this one. If Christ was crucified on Good Friday and rose again on Easter Sunday, surely that’s two days not three? Especially as he had vanished during the night as Mary Magdalen discovered when she turned up in the morning. He was crucified pretty late on Friday as there were a series of events that day beforehand, then rose again on saturday night/sunday morning? Isn’t that the next day rather than three days?

Speaking of timing, I told a friend a week ago that if the Tory lead increased to ten points (as it now has) then I didn’t think Brown would go for May 6 but rather wait till 3 June in case something turned up. New Labour would keep their money in store and not hold a national campaign for the May 6 elections, letting the Tories spend some of their powder. There are obvious disadvantages to letting the Tories build up momentum, but also the hope that Tory triumphalism after the council elections might put people off. There is nothing more unpleasant than a braying toff,

Don’t get me wrong – I think New Labour are toast, and good riddance. But I don’t think they’ll walk manfully to their doom. I think they’ll kick, scream, wet themselves and try to buy a few more seconds in the ministerial limousines.

Finally, I confess I do not share the outrage at Chris Graylings’ comments. I don’t think in general it is useful for the state to try to co-erce tolerance, except in preventing extreme and harmful intolerance. I am not sure where the line comes, but I am not really sure you increase tolerance by forcing bigots to give bed and breakfast to gay people. I think the ancient right of the publican, for example, to refuse to serve people without reason had something going for it. It’s his pub. I once got sacked as a barman for selling someone who ordered a Talisker and coke to fuck off.

On the other hand, if Christian establishments are gay free, where will paedophile priests stay on holiday? (Am I wrong, or were the Catholic priests concerned nearly all after little boys rather than little girls?) Maybe christian establishments should be allowed to ban gays, but only on condition that they erect a large sign saying “A Narrow Minded Joyless Bigot Establishment”. They could display an Ian Paisley mark, and be awarded from one to five Paisleys depending on just how bigoted they are.

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95 thoughts on “Christ, Brown and Gay Breakfasts

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  • MJ

    “Where was that ?”

    Cambridge. Part of a (smallish) national tour. More the ‘classic’ line-up (Angel’s Egg, Flying Teapot) ie Steve Hillage on guitar, Allen, Smyth etc. They were excellent. There are probably some YouTube clips around.

  • Arsalan

    Richard Robinson

    “”I think it’s unfair to Judas. Because, if the whole thing was any more than gruesome and meaningless, it needed him to make it happen, he must have been part of the plan.””

    According to the Gospel of Judas, he was!

    It is a Gospel written in coptic found in a cave with many other banned Gospels, it was carbon dated to the third century.

    But since it was found many pages were sold or damaged due to poor handling.

  • MJ

    “According to the Gospel of Judas”

    You must understand that the gnostic gospels are not and are not meant to be historical accounts. They are imagined spiritual journeys, for want of a better way of putting it.

  • James Chater


    The Creed says that Christ rose again “on the third day”, not “three days later”.


    James Chater

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Richard: Gong: Daevid Allen: fantastic, a bit like Amon Dull (not Amon Dull II, but the original loose commune Amon Duul)! ‘Feelin, Reelin, Squealin’, the first Soft Machine single: weird and brilliant:

    “I play your soft guitaaaaar…”

  • Owen Lee Hugh-Mann

    No Blacks

    No Irish

    No Dogs

    The above sign was fairly common on boarding houses at one time. If such discrimination based on personal prejudice is wrong, (and has rightly been made illegal), why should bigotry about sexual orientation be considered any less offensive and culpable? Sexual orientation is no more a choice than race. Are some forms of equality more equal in your eyes than others Craig? You condemned the insinuations made by Jan Moir in the Mail after Stephen Gately’s death, and the racism of Eugene Terreblanche, so why should the form of discrimination supported by Grayling be thought in any way acceptable? Pink triangle or yellow star, it’s all the same in a concentration camp.

  • angrysoba

    “why should bigotry about sexual orientation be considered any less offensive and culpable?”

    There never was an answer to this except a bit of handwaving about the Confederate states which didn’t make any sense.

  • angrysoba

    “Talisker and coke? You should have been given a pay rise.”

    I know. Everyone knows it should be with ginger ale. No way I’d raise my kids on anything different.

  • Woody

    In my concentration camp, Owen, there’s a cooler specially reserved for fascists who target nice little ladies sharing their nice homes with paying guests and bully them into putting up with “disagreeable” conduct under their own roof whether they like it or not.

    And fascists who say give a room to male gays or find another way of making a living.

    And what’s wrong with ‘no dogs’? Simply avoiding another behaviour problem and protecting other guests.

  • Owen Lee Hugh-Mann

    “I see the gay mafia are working overtime this Bank Holiday.”

    The anonymous person who wrote this assumes that anyone opposed to prejudice and discrimination must belong to the group whose oppression they object to. I marched in protest against the invasion of Iraq, but that doesn’t make me an Iraqi. Obviously this person has projected his/her own self-interested view on to others’ motivations.

  • Owen Lee Hugh-Mann

    Anyone surprised that Woody fantasizes about running a concentration camp?

  • Richard Robinson

    “bully them into putting up with “disagreeable” conduct under their own roof whether they like it or not.”

    Well, actually I guess they don’t like it.

  • Richard Robinson

    Maybe I’m just not keeping up, but … does this arise out of an actual case ? Were any real people turned away from any real B&Bs, to give rise to it at this particular time ? Or is it “don’t you know there’s an election on ?”

  • technicolour

    Richard, I bet you’re right. If I have time, which I don’t, I’ll try & chase the story down.

    Woody, Woody. With a name like Woody, do you really think you should be posting on this subject? It means a ‘hard on’ or a ‘stiffy’, you know. Are you sure you’re real?

    Anyway, it’s truly bizarre, all these high-minded, pure people dwelling on and getting exercised about gay sex. Nay, even as Glenn said (sshhh) anal sex. Is there nothing on telly?

    Otherwise, Owen, absolutely right. Bad moves, bad vibes, and crass (surely illegal) behaviour making the news as though it was normal, possibly in an attempt, as Richard says, to normalise it. Time to send money to Stonewall, I think.

  • Richard Robinson

    “Richard, I bet you’re right. If I have time, which I don’t, I’ll try & chase the story down.”

    I just found myself taking it for granted something must have happened, but as soon as I noticed that, I realised I hadn’t got a clue what, except that looking for what it was starts from the name of a politician, and doesn’t seem to throw up anything immediately obvious …

    But I haven’t spent very long on it, I have other things I should be doing, too.

  • techniciolour

    Ring the House of Commons & ask to talk to the politician? Come on, 5 minutes?

  • Woody

    Got time to post dumb comments but no time to check the story, eh?

    Richard Robinson, you and technicolor seem so excited by the prospect of enforcing gay male high jinks in every B&B in the land that one wonders if you’re an item like the LibDem duo in the story you haven’t time to “chase down”? Try googling.

  • technicolour

    Woody, the story being questioned is the story you are currently swallowing (no pun intended). There is a suspicion, Woody, that your kneejerk reaction is being cold-bloodedly orchestrated for quite evil political purposes, do you see?

    The principle, however, remains the same. What matters is if people love each other & behave accordingly. Why don’t you agree?

  • technicolour

    oh, and also legality, and humanity. and a general distate for mucking about in or judging other people’s private lives. those are the principles too.

  • Richard Robinson

    Woody, why does my speculating that this story might be merely a bit of whipped-up media froth in the run-up to an election get you so embarrassingly overheated ?

  • technicolour

    comment approving previous comment as a better comment than previous commenter’s comment (always supposing that no-one else has commented in the meantime)

  • Woody

    I dream every night I’m being chased by seamen with oiled torsos and bulging tattooed muscles but just as they catch me I wake up. What can it all mean?

  • Woody

    Craig, there are gremlins in the works… How come that last post, which was NOT from me, got through?

    Meanwhile, the only thing that’s ‘concerted’ around here is the Technicolor-Robinson duet. The poor darlings don’t understand that you can’t make people love you if you bully them and disgust them.

    As for the story, go to Huntingdon and check it out before dismissing it.

    Anyway, considering some of the language you’ve been using let’s stop defiling Craig’s website with this, er, disagreeable subject.

  • technicolour

    I’ve just re-read the original post, which seems to equate paedophiles with gay men. I suppose there’s no hoping for quality debate after that.

    What I also find extraordinary is the sight of ‘straight’ men feeling they have any right or need to comment adversely on gay men’s behaviour or love life. What’s ridiculous (and rather touching) is the idea that anyone who objects to this intolerant self-righteous ill-informed prurience must be in some kind of gay cabal.

  • Richard Robinson

    “What’s ridiculous (and rather touching) is the idea that anyone who objects to this intolerant self-righteous ill-informed prurience must be in some kind of gay cabal.”

    It’s time to borrow from Douglas Adams :- Excuse me, but there’s this infinite number of monkeys outside, with a really big pile of absolute gibberish they’d like to take up your time with.

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