Beating the Mainstream Propaganda 31

My Ferguslie Park article is currently being read by 20,000 people per hour, excluding bots. This is obviously putting a huge strain on our resources, so forgive any slow loading. If you are able to take any of the load by copying and posting it elsewhere I would be grateful; that includes major sites, but everything helps. All my blog is always free to copy and re-use.

The good news is that we are finally reaching a stage where the people’s media can start to compete on numbers with the media barons and the state narrative. Here are 20 new readers arriving during a random 5 seconds I just snapped.

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31 thoughts on “Beating the Mainstream Propaganda

  • John Spencer-Davis

    “How 26% is a great triumph, and 28% an abject defeat, no doubt the current GCHQ shift will explain below.” (Which is the Charlatan? 05/05/2018)

    Is that a serious observation or a joke, Craig? If it is a serious observation, are you speaking from knowledge or assumption? I think this is on topic, as “the current GCHQ shift” comments on every posting.

    Thanks. John

  • Republicofscotland

    I’m pleased for you Craig, that your readership is increasing, you deserve it, you’ve posted some fantastic articles of late, including the Ferguslie Park one, long may it continue.

    • Harry Vimes


      Just an observation. It always pays to take advice on a specific matter from a recognised expert in that field.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Here is an interesting and even-handed article on the independent left reporting on line such as Evolve, The Canary, Skwawkbox, Another Angry Voice.

    It’s a shame it does not mention at least three other sites: Craig Murray, Mike Sivier over at Vox Political, and Tom Pride of Pride’s Purge.

  • Clydebuilt

    Hardly ever see an SNP representative taking on Media lies. I reckon they are not well informed… Should spend more time checking out pro Indy sites ….. This one , WoS, Talking Up Scotland etc.

    The SNP should see to it that people put forward for interview are up on current Unionist media attack lines / lies…. That would be a job for one person. The cause is just etc. ….. The ducking and diving aint!

  • giyane

    Rhetorical question: I know it’s lawful for UK corporations to share information gleaned by spying amongst themselves, but is it lawful for you to share privileged information from your website logs with us?

    • Harry Vimes

      If it helps get you through the day Fred I have a whole packet of straws at the back of my kitchen cupboard you can clutch at to your hearts content.

      • Alcyone

        Sounds like your straws are exactly where you need ’em.

        Anon/anybody, what are the odds for Independence not happening in the 2-5 yrs timeframe?

        • fred

          The people are sending a clear message to the SNP that they do not want another referendum. the SNP are ignoring the wishes of the people and intend to do what they want regardless. Disregard for the wishes of the people is the hallmark of the Fascist dictator.

          I think we have a duty to resist Fascism.

          • defo

            The mask slips.
            Hi Ruth. Any word on that ermine cloak you so covet ?

            “Clear message” “Strong ‘n’ Stable”
            What’s next ? “It’s for your own good” ?

            “Disregard for the wishes of the people is the hallmark of the Fascist dictator.”
            Apart from being factually incorrect, unless using the Fred method of calculating, what is pandering to the likes of the Orange Lodge mob in order to garner votes called ?

            “Wishes of the people.” Lolz

          • defo

            And… Isn’t it funny how suggestible some are.

            “I think we have a duty to resist Fascism.” as timed above.

            Craigs post “A duty to resist Fascism” circa 10pm May 6th.

            Either great minds do think alike, or…

            What time do you open your first bottle each day kid ?