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The media onslaught has moved past the attack in Salisbury by a “weapon of mass destruction” (quoting Theresa May) which could only be Russian, except that was untrue, and was extremely deadly, except that was untrue too. It now focuses on an attack by chemical weapons in Douma which “could only be” by the Russian-backed Assad regime, except there is no evidence of that either, and indeed neutral verified evidence from Douma is non-existent. The combination of the two events is supposed to have the British population revved up by jingoism, and indeed does have Tony Blair and assorted Tories revved up, to attack Syria and potentially to enter conflict with Russia in Syria.

The “Russian” attack in Salisbury is supposed to negate the “not our war” argument, particularly as a British policeman was unwell for a while. Precisely what is meant to negate the “why on earth are we entering armed confrontation with a nuclear power” argument, I do not know.

Saudi Arabia has naturally offered facilities to support the UK, US and France in their attempt to turn the military tide in Syria in favour of the Saudi sponsored jihadists whom Assad had come close to defeating. That the Skripal and Douma incidents were preceded by extremely intense diplomatic activity between Saudi Arabia, Washington, Paris and London this year, with multiple top level visits between capitals, is presumably supposed to be coincidence.

I am not a fan of Assad any more than I was a fan of Saddam Hussein. But the public now understand that wars for regime change in Muslim lands have disastrous effects in dead and maimed adults and children and in destroyed infrastructure; our attacks unleash huge refugee waves and directly cause terrorist attacks here at home. There is no purpose in a military attack on Syria other than to attempt to help the jihadists overthrow Assad. There is a reckless disregard for evidence base on the pretexts for all this. Indeed, the more the evidence is scrutinised, the dodgier it seems. Finally there is a massive difference between mainstream media narrative around these events and a deeply sceptical public, as shown in social media and in comments sections of corporate media websites.

The notion that Britain will take part in military action against Syria with neither investigation of the evidence nor a parliamentary vote is worrying indeed. Without Security Council authorisation, any such action is illegal in any event. It is worth noting that the many commentators who attempt to portray Russia’s veto of a Syria resolution as invalid, fail to note that last week, in two separate 14 against 1 votes, the USA vetoed security council resolutions condemning Israeli killings of unarmed demonstrators in Gaza.

The lesson the neo-cons learnt from the Iraq war is not that it was disastrous. It was only disastrous for the dead and maimed Iraqis, our own dead and maimed servicemen, and those whose country was returned to medievalism. It was a great success for the neo-cons, they made loads of money on armaments and oil. The lesson the neo-cons learned was not to give the public in the West any time to mount and organise opposition. Hence the destruction of Libya was predicated on an entirely false “we have 48 hours to prevent the massacre of the population of Benghazi” narrative. Similarly this latest orchestrated “crisis” is being followed through into military action at a blistering pace, as the four horsemen sweep by, scything down reason and justice on the way.

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457 thoughts on “The Four Horsemen Gallop By

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  • Spencer Eagle

    Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzea address to the UN Security Counsel on Sunday. An interesting read especially with regard the April 7, 2017 strike against the Shayrat (T4) airfield. Nebenzea alleges the US ships missile stores were configured in such a way that the US knew a chemical attack would occur at Khan Sheikhoun last year.

    Video and transcript

  • frankywiggles

    May appalled by civilian deaths in select parts of the Middle East. Meantime the conveyor belt of British bombs being dropped on Yemeni civilians keeps rolling. British hypocrisy ascending new heights, unremarked by British media.

    • Republicofscotland

      Well according to reports semnt to Wiki the Saudi’s are alleged to have used chemical weapons in Yemen.

      Why hasn’t the west intervened and bombed Riyadh, afterall, the Saudi’s are well known for publicly beheading people, and oppressing them?

      Of course we are all well aware of the answer to those questions, the Saudi’s spend billions on British weapons, and are therefore untouchable, so much so that Prince Charles placates the Saudi elite dancing like a punchinello with a scimitar in his hand, when he visits the Saudi state.

      It all reeks of hypocrisy, a blind eye is turned to Saudi and Israeli nefarious actions, whilst Saddam, Assad and Gaddafi, and made targets.

  • N_

    The Ilyushin Il-76 transport aircraft that crashed in Algeria – was it brought down by cyber?

    • Alexander Reid

      So you are in for a strike?
      I tell you there is not going no strike.
      As said-you are being asked to watch your leg.

  • Fwl

    Picot Sykes
    these days
    Crown Prince MBS & PM Bibi.
    Easy to see their potential gains but what about the others – the tail coaters?

    US maybe get to keep up the fight for the Oil$, sell weapons, maintain status as no 1 military force in the world, something in the mix when it comes to trade wars, a major distraction to coincide with financial readjustments, interest rate hikes and market falls, paying off debt under the benefit of inflation, frustrating Russian geo political objectives, and even oil prices increases maybe good now that there is so much shale at home.

    What about us? Sell weapons, distraction from Brexit, keep in with the Nato alliance when we adrift away from the EU, similar financial readjustments to US (as above).

    France? New boy doing what he is told?

    Germany? They can’t be too pleased with these events.

    What have we got to lose? Ehm

    Quite a lot. Soul, life…..

  • N_

    The Tory BBC reports that “well-placed sources”, who may be the same as the “government insiders” to whom it also refers, possibly meaning the Number 10 Press Office, have said that Theresa May plans to attack Syria without seeking parliamentary consent. It comes across so clearly here how the BBC plays its role. When a government communications desk says “here’s some info but don’t identify us”, what’s to stop the BBC saying “say it on the record or shove it”? I mean this is only about an act of aggression, “justified” by fake accusations, which seems likely to trigger WW3. In theory, nothing stops the BBC from responding in such a fashion, from holding the government – including the government’s communications scum – to account. In practice, a hell of a lot stops it and it won’t happen. The BBC brass themselves are among the government’s propaganda scum. One part of a company or mafia organisation doesn’t undermine another part of it in such a way. Meanwhile the fact that attacking Syria will be unlawful even if it receives parliamentary consent, since the British parliament is only “sovereign” in Britain, gets ignored.

    • Ophelia Ball

      on a slightly different topic, now that MI5 have decided that she;s turned her back on her family, will Yulia Skripal have to pay income tax on her income-for-life, or, like other Russian emigres, will this be waived the moment she agrees to become an “opponent” of Putin?

      • Los

        The trouble is that without seeing her free to make a statement in person herself, we don’t know it’s the police saying she said that when she didn’t, or if that she did genuinely say it.

        If they were making the statement, they would say that anyway, because anything contrary to that would cause problems for the government, so we just don’t know. You would only know for certain if it was genuine if they said she said that she did want consular access.

        So toss a coin to determine what you should believe.

        • Steve R

          Don’t believe, belief is a sign of mental weakness. If you do not know something you don’t have the right to make it up – look where organised religion has got us.

          Come to think of it maybe Vlad would be doing the rest of life on Earth a big favour if he knocked the whole planet back to the Stone Age, most of the useless monoculture wouldn’t survive the first few weeks.

    • Alexander Reid

      No ,the sYrians dont have no fault///
      It is you who keep repeating the what we know .
      Why you people sitting at this place talking obvious things?

    • Don't Bomb Syria

      Whilst criticism of BBC editorial is an internal matter, I’d think that enough of us complaining about that very issue on your cogent grounds would be a great idea.

    • Hieroglyph

      She can’t seek parliamentary consent – she wouldn’t get it, and she knows it. I wonder what she’ll do when Trump calls off the jackals? I think he will, after some stupid ‘limited’ attack, leaving PM May with a war-woodie, and nowhere to satisfy it. Ms May is a wrong-un, and no mistake.

      • Stu

        I get the impression she doesn’t want war.

        Yougov puts support for strikes at 22%. That is for the fantastical punitive strikes which destroy only Syrian military infrastructure. Support for what will actually happen should the US and UK armed forces gain consent to strike the Syrian government would be far lower.

        Given that the local elections are coming up any military action without parliamentary consent will see many of her councils wiped out. Councillors and their families make up the majority of the Tory Party membership and would not take this well. Tory MPs are already beginning to get edgy about their prospects in the next General Election as they see the capabilities of the Labour mass membership on the street and on social media.

        She already has a massive task on her plate in delivering Brexit without bringing down her government and keeping Corbyn out of number 10. Taking on a war now would be madness.

  • Basil Fawlty

    For those that haven’t been following it – here is a link to the latest Qanon posts. I’m hoping that Trump is just going along with the war hawks for now and will just bomb another empty airfield in Syria…after giving them lots of notice..

  • GoAwayAndShutUp

    We should stop wasting time looking for logic and asking for proof. There was none in Salisbury nor is any in Douma. And US/UK know it very well.

    Clearly, the plan is to eliminate any Russia/China competition in world affairs. Despite all MSM lies, if Western countries are even half successful in controlling their local population’s reaction, that’s Ok for them. And, believe me, they have more than that.

    Clearing the way for Israel to expand its territory in the new Syrian Caliphate would be just a plus not a goal per se.

    Russia/China resurgence plus Eurasia integration is a dead sentence for US/UK hegemony so they have to stop it at any cost. We, at this and other tiny blogs, can scream all we can but reality will not change and MSM will not come to its senses.

    The next chapter of this nasty story will be written for us soon. It will depend on US action and Russia/China reaction. At this point, given US’s and Russia’s statements, even NO action will have severe impact in the future. We can just hope that, in case of a violent development, it would be a localized war. Not that I do not care of the poor people in the Levant but at least humanity will have another chance.

    • fwl

      Yup, this makes sense.

      Whether regional Israeli / Saudi gains is local raiding ancillary to real purpose and not the driver? I’m not so sure. Think about how MBS came to be recognised as Crown Prince. I don’t know much about that but if you read Wolff’s book on Trump there is something interesting there, not stated clearly but there is a question there waiting to be asked as to how and why US under Trump and JK came to recognise bona fides of MSB as opposed to another 3rd generation contender.

      Yes, tho hegemony is what its about, and in a particular economic context. How do you end QE and maintain hegemony?

  • Tatyana

    Chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria

    Russian Federation put an enquiry to World Health Organization regarding 500 people suffering gas attack in Douma.
    The WHO representatives answered they do not themselves have data on the use of chemical weapons in the Douma, and that all this information is based on sources located far outside Syria, in the Turkish Gaziantep.
    Therefore we have very serious questions to this organization, russians said.
    I remind you, russians asked for OPCW to arrive and investigate as soon as possible. Trump and Macron are ready to unleash missiles on Assad.

    • Spencer Eagle

      It’s odd that only days ago Hitchens accepted the Russians were to blame for Salisbury, despite the lack of evidence. Now he is on the other side of the evidence fence regarding Syria?

      • Steve R

        It is a case of ‘when the facts change, I change my mind, what do you do?’ maybe.

  • Sharp Ears

    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump · Apr 10

    Last night, it was my great honor to host America’s senior defense and military leaders for dinner at the White House. America’s military is the GREATEST fighting force in the history of the world. They all have my pledge of unwavering commitment to our men and women in uniform!

    • Tatyana

      I wish they all take off their uniform under-pants, put in row on the table whatever they have there, and make a great photo for Trump to share on Twitter! May be this act would calm him down for a while!

    • Steve R

      And the thing they all have in common, is that none of them will have to lay down their precious existence because of the stupid decisions they make, and the other is that they will all be deep in their bunkers when WWIII kicks off. Cowards the lot of them.

  • Ophelia Ball

    Skripal, a Russian citizen, said that she has been given contacts at the Russian Embassy in the UK, but said that at “the moment I do not wish to avail myself of their services,”

    ‘avail’, eh. Her English is better than I expected

    • Ophelia Ball

      She specifically asked her cousin, Viktoria, who has appeared extensively on Russian television and requested to see Yulia through diplomatic channels, “not to visit me or try to contact me,”

      wow, so there you have it Viktoria. You’d better stop phoning her! Oh, wait a minute, didn’t SHE phone Viktoria? No, can’t be – shome mishtake, surely – nothing to see here, move on, let’s talk about the cat instead

  • Ottomanboi

    It seems Erdoğan’s Turkey is moving into Russo-Iranian camp. Curbing American influence in the Near East is the mood.
    Time to chuck Trump in the White House pond?

  • Dan

    Today’s “statement from Yulia Skripal” is hilarious:

    “…I have specially trained officers available to me, who are helping to take care of me and to explain the investigative processes that are being undertaken. I have access to friends and family, and I have been made aware of my specific contacts at the Russian embassy, who have kindly offered me their assistance in any way they can. At the moment I do not wish to avail myself of their services, but if I change my mind, I know how to contact them. Most importantly, I am safe and feeling better as time goes by, but I am not yet strong enough to give a full interview to the media, as I one day hope to do. Until that time, I want to stress that no one speaks for me, or for my father, but ourselves. I thank my cousin Viktoria for her concern for us, but ask that she does not visit me or try to contact me for the time being. Her opinions and assertions are not mine and they are not my father’s. For the moment I do not wish to speak to the press or the media, and ask for their understanding and patience whilst I try to come to terms with my current situation.”

    I particularly liked the second sentence here – “I thank my cousin Viktoria for her concern for us, but ask that she does not visit me or try to contact me for the time being. Her opinions and assertions are not mine and they are not my father’s.”

    I would also suggest that the “opinions and assertions” contained in this entire statement are not Yulia’s either…the whole text appears to have been composed specifically to rebut all the theories and allegations that are proliferating online.

    • SA

      But this has been a characteristic of the whole thing. Very little actual information given through official channels and all those that have been are somewhat detached from reality. Some information is leaked via the press to try and give them some bait and at the same time to be able to deny later. The whole process has been reactive and appears like an evolving story made up as we go along.
      In any case the story has now fulfilled its purpose which is to isolate Russia and prepare for an attack on Syria.

    • Tatyana

      it is so unnatural, I just can’t decide what to begin with!
      first – I realised what was so obviously unnatural in her phone call to Viktoria. It is the phrase “все все контролируют”. I have no idea if it is OK for a British woman to say ‘everything is under control”, because literally it was said “everybody is controlling everything” – it is just so unnatural for russian mentality to state someone controls something about you, especially under these surcumstances.

      as to this statement above –
      “…specially trained officers available to me…” – not a russian phrase at all, she could at least say simply “officers”
      “… who have kindly offered me their assistance…” – kindly is a word ommited by natural russian
      “…At the moment I do not wish to avail myself of their services…” – someone interpreted Julia’s words (if any) rather freely
      “…Her opinions and assertions are not mine and they are not my father’s…” – so she must council her father, if he agree with Viktoria?
      “…Most importantly, I am safe…” – last thing for real russian to care of personal safety under these surcumstances.
      “…I want to stress that no one speaks for me, or for my father, but ourselves…” – again, so she has access to her father or the phrase is sucked off a finger
      “… I thank my cousin Viktoria for her concern for us, but ask that she does not visit me …” – and here we are!

      So, a young russian woman, looking forward to get married, having hired people to fulfil a renovation in her appartment, and who went to visit her father before her British visa expires, and put her beloved pet dog in vet hotel for this term, knowing her cousin Viktoria is housing and taking care of her 90-years old granny (Sergei Skripal’s mother) – this young woman just says Viktoria shouldn’t visit me???? Denying any consular help???

      To make it clear for – Russian family is something like Italian family, very close and taking care of members.

  • Dave Edwards

    Dear Donald, Emmanual, Theresa,

    You are all seriously pissing us off.

    It’s Easter. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of us are on holiday. My wife and I are in Budapest. I think all of us would like a few weeks notice to prepare before you risk starting WW3. It’s dam f******g inconvenient being in another country if this were to kick off, your kids are away at university and your pets are in the kennels.
    We would like a couple of weeks notice to get home, get our families and pets together, stock up with supplies, standby generators and lots of alcohol and brush up on our make shift nuclear fall out shelter skills
    Then if you want to go ahead and risk murdering us all, go ahead, and may future generations judge you harshly.
    You should, as a bare minimum, now be instructing people how to prepare for a nuclear attack if you intend waging war on Russia. Suggest you watch the BBC drama “Threads” if you need some basic guidelines or e-mail me for advice.
    I can understand all the geo-political, protect Israel at all costs, new silk road, commodities, settling old scores, gas pipelines, growing and collapsing empires and numerous other reasons for your stupid wars BUT what I don’t understand is…… if you people have children, grand children, close relations and friends….. Why would you want them wiped out in a nuclear war? Pretty evil and heartless I would conclude and you haven’t fooled many of us that we US/UK/Israel are the good guys.

    Kind regards,
    Dave Edwards

  • Hefaistos

    Jaysh al-Islam is the jihadist group that was in Ghouta when the chemical attack happened. They have previously been known to use chemical weapons in Aleppo, Syria. Here’s what a director at CIA has to say about them:

    “The Jaysh al-Islam militant group should be excluded from Syria peace talks because a group which uses chemical warfare should not be at the table and be treated as civilized, said retired CIA and State Department official Larry Johnson.
    A toxic gas attack was perpetrated by the Jaysh al-Islam militant group against Kurdish YPG forces and civilians in the city of Aleppo on April 7. The group admitted using “forbidden” weapons against the Kurdish militia.”

    So, these known perpetrators of chemical attacks are the partners of the USA/alliance, it’s these terrorists that the West wants to protect.

    • Abulhaq

      Many on ‘the Arab street’ believe that Da3ish aka Islamic State was an American-Israeli confection designed to bring down the Shi’a government in Baghdad, the pro-Iran government in Syria and destabilise further Lebanon. Da3ish had links to some Sa3udi secular and religious leaders and access to considerable finance. Its anti-Iran outlook chimed with that of the Wahhâbis. It used American social media without restraint.
      Neither Israel nor America did much to impede Da3ish progress.
      The fact is that Russia and Iran now have more ‘clout’ in the region.
      The Anericans buy their allies.

  • P Sued-O'Nymne

    The four horsemen gallop by? Can they not stop for a cuppa or are they too a bit preoccupied, the poor dears?

  • Sharp Ears

    Q. Why was Theresa rattling her sabre in an empty stadium today?

    Stadium makeover will be legacy beyond Commonwealth Games, PM says

    The photographs are interesting.

    Theresa May talks with young athletes during her visit to Alexander Stadium …
    Theresa May throws a beanbag as children practise shot put in Birmingham’s Alexander Stadium…
    Prime Minister Theresa May throws a bean bag…
    Theresa May (centre) talks with young athletes during her visit to Alexander Stadium in Perry Park in Perry Barr, Birmingham ….

    One minute she is threatening to incinerate, shred and burn Syrian people including children and the next she is throwing bean bags with British children.

    The banality of evil personified.

  • David Haines

    Oh, for more voices of reason in forums that can reach mass audiences, but the mass media and even “trusted” sources like the BBC and ABC in Australia are more interested in “bread and circuses” for the masses. The disinterest shown by most people is frightening.

    • Node

      “An Iraqi child asks Tony Blair and George Bush: Are you happy now?”

      … to which Blair’s answer would be “No. It was a good start, but I won’t be happy till we do the same to Libya, Syria, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Ch ….”

  • Canexpat

    Interesting. There were two comments this morning about the relevance of a certain scheme put forward by dedO noniY which might explain an awful lot of the last couple of decade’s geopolitics. Apparently, mentioning the scheme and its proponents results in posts being memory holed. I’d love an explanation.

  • Dave G

    Given his thought processes over the trade war with China, Trump probably thinks that because America has more nukes than Russia, they would win if it came to a global nuclear holocaust.

    • Canexpat

      I can’t help wondering what the psycho war-hawks have on Trump. Reading his statements on Syria before his election make it clear that he fully understands the Neocon agenda there. It must be some powerful blackmail material that is persuading him to follow their insane schemes. I suspect Stormy Daniels is just a reminder of what will happen if he steps out of line. I can’t help wondering whether Trump is another victim of the Ghislaine/Epstein honeypot.

      • Salford Lads

        Catherine Austin-Fitts has a good explanation of how they control politicians and the Washington bureaucracy. There is first a filter system and then a Control Dossier, which collects all the little peccadilloes and scandals in a targets life. These Control Dossiers are then used to ‘persuade’ the politicians and the supporting Govt Bureaucrats to stay in line. Hoover at the FBI was the Master of this system.
        Of course if a target is as pure as the driven snow, they use threats against nearest and dearest or just fabricate ‘evidence’. The House of Commons Whips are adepts at this practise . Blackmail, bribery and access to privilege are all part of the System.
        Attorney Genr Jeff Sessions is a prime example. Not a pipsqueak against Hillary since his appointment and he has hung Trump out to dry.

  • patrick kerrigan

    The neocons must be neutralised before they destroy us all.Israel and neocons must be brought under control NOW.

    • Canexpat

      I agree Patrick, but the problem is, who can control them? Operation Talipot has ensured that anyone with the power to interrupt their insane schemes is compromised. It would appear that the entire MSM, (with very few honourable exceptions like Peter Hitchens and Tucker Carlson) are similarly either on-side or compromised.

  • Paul Barbara

    For those within striking distance of London, there is a ‘Stop the War’ Demo this Friday 13th April at 17:00 outside Downing Street against attacking Syria.

    • Dave54

      Funny how 4 weeks ago, the news channels were saturated with non-stop NHS waiting lists, Grenfell tower fire, Brexit going badly, Bad opinion polls, Corbyn the jew hater, immigrants… now that’s all gone (except the bit about Corbyn, neutralise him on the anti-russian hysteria) and replaced by everything bad about russia…

  • Aslangeo

    comment from ambassador MK Bhadrakumar – I feel very optimistic but i sure hope he is right

    “In reality, Trump finds himself in an unenviable situation. Russia has made it abundantly clear that it will counter any US attack on Syria and, God forbid, if there is any loss of Russian lives in the American attack, all hell will break loose. On the other hand, if Trump backtracks, it will dent his credibility. This is not like calling Kim Jong Un a “Little Rocket Man” and getting away with it.

    Is there an exit door available for Trump? Yes, there is. The US Defense Secretary James Mattis said today that the work to assess the intelligence on the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria’s Douma is still in progress. To quote him, “We’re still assessing the intelligence – ourselves and our allies. We’re still working on this.” Mattis said this when asked pointedly whether there is sufficient evidence to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical agents in Douma.”

    However I feel that Trumps large and fragile ego, egged on by Emmanuel Napoleon and the Maybot may not be able to take a way out. I am really not sure that Trump is capable of having the maturity of Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis when the US was aware of the peril the world was in and wanted to have a negotiated solution

    • Hieroglyph

      Is there an exit door available for Trump?

      Yup, and it’s marked ‘Facts’. Assad didn’t go it, nor did he order anyone in his regime to do it – unless proven otherwise. Some neocons bouncing up and down with pics of dying children, whilst tragic, ain’t proof of shit.

      I now just ignore the MSM. They love war, always will, and lie routinely. Calmer heads will prevail, I’ve no doubt. And if they don’t, nice knowing you all, because we’re fucked.

      • Aslangeo

        I hope that you are right about calmer heads but unfortunately we live in a post fact world based on narrative. I hope cooler heads will prevail but unfortunately the Anglos have been infected by hubris to an extent that the British and American politicians are not capable of imagining of a threat to the homelands. The establishment are also not capable of seeing what people from other cultures think and are not even aware of this, looking at Anglo think tanks one shudders to think

        this might be worth showing to any politicians you know –

        I do not know what sort of warning the Russians can give which demonstrates the peril that we are in. The MSM went doolally over some North Korean Missile tests – maybe time for a demostration

  • DiggerUK

    Did anybody else see Peter Ford, who’s was the UK Ambassador to Syria from 2003 – 2006, on BBC Breakfast News.
    Talk about throwing a bucket of cold sick on the allegations of a chemical attack in Douma. Can anybody link to the interview. My capabilities in that respect are zilch…_

    • DiggerUK

      Now we have Frank Gardener being very cautious with the lack of any confirmation that Yulia wrote her statement. Almost sounds like a journalist.

      Frank Gardener is BBC Security Corespondent…_

      • DiggerUK

        Many thanks Paul Barbara. I shall link this far and wide……..I wonder if there is a secret cabal of former U.K. Ambassadors in the pay of the Kremlin!!!…_

  • Paul Barbara


    ‘…When she was asked to comment on Russia’s assertion that the alleged chemical attack was staged by the White Helmets organization, Sanders claimed that the US intelligence reports do not support this accusation.

    Furthermore, Sanders revealed that the US does not rule out strikes on Russian forces in Syria:

    “Once again, all options are on the table, and I don’t have any further announcements about,” she said answering to a question about President Trump’s April 11 tweet threatening Russia and Syria.
    In a related development, US news outlet reported that US Army Central Command (CENTCOM) commander, General Joe Votel has cancelled a scheduled public appearance in New York state on April 12.
    Sanders’ statements and Gen. Votel’s decision suggest that Trumps may be only hours away from approving a military action against the pro-government forces in Syria.’

    So we look to be the nearest to WWIII we’ve been since the False Flag attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, when Egypt was going to be nuked in ‘retaliation’ for I*rael’s murderous attack on the virtually unarmed USS spy ship.
    US nuke armed planes were on the way, and just 3 minutes from their Egyptian targets, when they were recalled, due to the Liberty not sinking, and so the survivors were witness to who actually attacked their ship.
    Whilst very few people know of that attack, in fact that was closer than the Cuban Missile Crisis to WWIII,

  • Michael Tucker

    This, in The Guardian.

    “…But something else was killing the people, and doctors had no idea how to treat it….”

    “Something was working on the nervous system,” said a doctor who asked not to be named. “Chlorine doesn’t do that. While there was clearly chlorine on some of the people we treated, there was also something else.”

    Could it be Novichoks? But where did they find the door handle? And does this mean all the victims will have to be taken to a secure place? It looks as if the door is being left open for a finding of something special, which finding will precede and obviate the need for anything the OPCW visitors could find, It might even be that fighting or shelling in the area prevents access for the OPCW. Let’s see.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Michael Tucker April 12, 2018 at 08:44
      If they try to pull the Novichocks in Syria, that will prove that the Skripol business was indeed a False Flag poisoning/hoax by the Brits to further the planned False Flag CW attack/hoax in Syria.
      As for ‘fighting preventing OPCW investigating scene, no chance of that:

      Would the PTB risk bringing on WWIII with a False Flag attack/hoax? Yes, they have done it before, as I explained a few comments ago, re the 1967 US/IS coordinated plan to attack and sink the USS Liberty, leave no survivors, and nuke Egypt, which Russia was supporting. That was LBJ for you, who also gave the world the Gulf of Tonkin lie, which he used to massively escalate the Vietnam war, in which the US ‘accidentally’ attacked a Russian cargo ship in a North Vietnamese port.

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