The London Elections and Strategic Voting 3

The London elections loom. On 1 May 2008 people will be voting for the Mayor of London and the London Assembly, which has both constituency and London-wide members.

London Strategic Voter is an website not linked to any single political party. It claims to provide independent advice to voters looking for a progressive alternative to New Labour and the Tories, but who are frustrated by the unrepresentative first-past-the-post system we are currently saddled with. And there are more of you than you might think. According to LSV, in the 2004 elections 48% of Londoners voted for parties other than Tory or New Labour.

This site gives ward-by-ward information on how the 2004 London elections went, which can be accessed by postcode. The project aims to build a strong base of London progressive voters ready, willing and enabled to vote strategically at the next General Election to target a hung parliament by getting rid of pro-war, anti-environment and pro-privatisation New Labour MPs across London.

You can check out their advice and perspectives at:

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3 thoughts on “The London Elections and Strategic Voting

  • grogipher

    Hi there Craig, I must laud your efforts at getting folks' votes being used as wisely as possible in London.

    Remember us though, up in Dundee?

    Our DUSA executive continues to spew forth New Labour spin, no matter how factually false it is. What can we do?

  • Strategist

    Jim, there is no claim that it is "unbiased", merely that it is independent of any particular political party, and offers "independent advice to voters looking for a progressive alternative to New Labour and the Tories".

    It is very definitely biased against Boris Johnson, who is a desperately right wing, pro-war figure, surrounded by vicious neo-con acolytes, who would be a disaster and disgrace to London as its Mayor.

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