Daily archives: April 17, 2008

The London Elections and Strategic Voting

The London elections loom. On 1 May 2008 people will be voting for the Mayor of London and the London Assembly, which has both constituency and London-wide members.

London Strategic Voter is an website not linked to any single political party. It claims to provide independent advice to voters looking for a progressive alternative to New Labour and the Tories, but who are frustrated by the unrepresentative first-past-the-post system we are currently saddled with. And there are more of you than you might think. According to LSV, in the 2004 elections 48% of Londoners voted for parties other than Tory or New Labour.

This site gives ward-by-ward information on how the 2004 London elections went, which can be accessed by postcode. The project aims to build a strong base of London progressive voters ready, willing and enabled to vote strategically at the next General Election to target a hung parliament by getting rid of pro-war, anti-environment and pro-privatisation New Labour MPs across London.

You can check out their advice and perspectives at: http://www.strategicvoter.org.uk/

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