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Thanks for bringing it here, John.

This day, September 1-st 1939, 80 years ago, the World War II started with the invasion of Nazi Germany into Poland.
Today, September 1-st 2019, Poland ceased to exist for me as an independent state with sane population.

They announced “celebrations” of the event, not “commemoration events” as one could expect. They invited Germany as if forgetting who invaded their country. They invited Ukraine, as if forgetting Volyn massacre. They refused to invite Russia, as if 600 000 russian lifes sacrificed to liberate Poland just do not matter.

Shame on them!

Thank you dear presidents of Belosussia and president of Armenia, who were invited, but refused to participate!
Every family in Russia is affected by the war.

This is my grandfather, Kravtsov Vasiliy Ivanovich (left)
This is my grandmother, Vorobtsova Tatyana Michailovna
please see them and say a couple of kind words, they no longer live with us