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Paul, the arguments you have presented on this page are very unfocussed; first it’s Zuckerberg and Facebook, then it’s Google. Then mercury in vaccines, and then glyphosate. Then the Adkins family. Then Wikipedia. Then the “human culling” theory. Then Craig’s mods are conspiring against you (retracted, thankfully!). Next it’s the ‘suppression of GcMAF, Goldman Sachs and the ‘persecution’ of millionaire and UKIP hopeful David Noakes. Then the ‘persecution’ of Wakefield, Seralini and Pusztai.

As best I can make out, your argument goes like this:

“I have presented so many examples that there must be corruption. As corruption has been proven, all my examples are almost certainly true”.

This is not a scientific argument. Scientific arguments examine evidence relevant to a specific scientific claim, and only that; eg. “Merck covered up vioxx side effects” (which they did) is not evidence that fish oils increase intelligence.

And you have a very odd idea of what is ‘natural’ and what isn’t. Drinking colloidal silver (as advocated on about half the sites you promote) is not natural, and neither is injecting anything, let alone GcMAF. Vaccines do prime the genuinely natural immune system, yet you promote the campaign of spreading fear of them.

If you really want to know what Big Pharma get up to, you need to read Goldacre’s Bad Pharma – more than 400 pages about pharmaceutical scams with the collusion of the industry regulators. But before you could understand it you’d need to read Bad Science.