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Paul Barbara

@ Clark September 3, 2019 at 13:32
“I have presented so many examples that there must be corruption. As corruption has been proven, all my examples are almost certainly true”.
That is broadly my position – I give so many examples that it hopefully becomes apparent that these big corporations are corrupt and evil – any exception (if you can find any) will prove the rule.
And these same evil, corrupt corporations, as well as foreign governments, bribe and/or blackmail the eminently corruptible politicians who rule us. So they easily gain effective control of ‘Regulatory Agencies’, which are often infiltrated by ‘revolving door’ corporation plants, or emasculated by corporation lobbying of the government.
Yesterday, I more-or-less politely declined the kind offer of electric and gas ‘Smart’ meters, another killer.
When asked why, I replied ‘Because I’m not stupid’. 5G, Fracking, GMO’s, Regime Change wars – when are people going to wise up?