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Paul Barbara

@ Clark September 6, 2019 at 17:55
That was why I wanted to get each to answer to the other’s claims – because there was such a big gap. But even Cochrane admits the MSM testing is inadequate, as you pointed out. Given the 14,000,000-odd children they seemed to claim ere included altogether, why do they say the testing is inadequate?
No testing was done with placebos – and contrary to what you claimed, that kind of testing would NOT require the testers to lie to parents – they would be told the truth – that it was a vaccine v placebo, but would not be told which their child had been administered. The one test the agencies and Big Pharma fear like the Devil is supposed to fear ‘Holy Water’ (I believe that is baloney) is a large test of vaccinated children versus completely unvaccinated children, because just because some children may not have had the MMR vaccine, they could have had others which had adjuvants or where harmful in their own right.
So there we go again – where there is a discrepancy, you assume Del’s statement to be untrue, whereas I believe it is Big Pharma, the government and their ‘Regulatory Agents’ and the media and other propagandists who are lying and/or covering up.
That the PTB and the Corporations have no compunction in killing or poisoning us with pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, lead (known as a danger long before it was removed from household water pipes and petrol, and toothpaste tubes – remember the black ring round the top of the toothpaste? They quietly switched to plastic tubes, without an explanation), Climate Change, killing us and others in wars based on lies or False Flag operations, spending vast amounts on arms and neglecting health, social services and so on you probably agree, yet you persist in having a misplaced trust in a Big Pharma and Regulatory Agencies you admit are crooked. I really don’t understand it.