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Ok, I’m back.

Re. Hitler’s politics, the most important feature of then existing Poland was – it was a remnant of former Russain Empire, holding at her posession the territories of “черта оседлости” -> “border of permanent residence of Jews” established as far as 1791 by Catherine II and existed till 1917.
It included (*I copy it from wiki)
– all ten provinces of the Kingdom of Poland,
+ Bessarabian, Vilna, Vitebsk, Volyn, Grodno, Ekaterinoslav, Kiev, Kovno, Minsk, Mogilev, Podolsk, Poltava, Taurida, Kherson, Chernigov.
In short, now it is parts of Poland, Ukraine, Belorussia, Latvia and Moldova.

here is the map from the wiki article “The “Pale of Settlement” with “Congress Poland” in Tsarist Russia with percentages of Jewish population in the governorates, 1905.”

so, when they say “Hitler invaded Poland” I always turn it into “Hitler attacked the places of Jewish settlements” inside my mind.