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Here is Clark’s ‘Julian Assange’ post, which is nothing more than an offtopic advertorial for Extinction Rebellion with a hamfisted attempt to appear to keep it ontopic by quickly namechecking Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning:

Craig wrote: “Who will take a stand against authoritarianism and for the freedom to publish?”

“I take that stand. Yesterday, with the other members of Extinction Rebellion Chelmsford, I recommitted to my Declaration of Rebellion against our governments. Without doubt, the social contract with the people has been broken by governments worldwide, including that of the UK, by their support, encouragement and enforcement of an economic trajectory towards human extinction.

“Tell the Truth” is Extinction Rebellion’s first demand, and that demands that truth-telling be protected. Julian Assange is imprisoned because he facilitated exposure of the truth about direct, deliberate extinction of countless human lives. He posted on-line the personal extinction of Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Eldeen.

The toxic system is psychopathic. It pretends to be benign while it holds Manning and Assange by their necks to intimidate all truth-tellers, yet it is itself clearly based on deception in every form. This is part of why I have to rebel. Please join me in London in October.”

Instead of asking posters to self-moderate, how about you do your job and delete such sneaky offtopic posts, instead of leaving them up and deleting any replies which challenge them? Or, if you want such posts to be discussed in the discussion forum, how about moving the OP’s here as well?