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Please link to the Extinction Rebellion page cited by CPGBML.

I thought there was no population crisis. There are more people than ever before, and the population is expected to continue increasing for some time, but that is increasingly the result of people living longer. The birthrate has already fallen to around the replacement rate in most parts of the world, and it looks like the population will stabilise within decades. Or that’s what I thought was the mainstream view anyway.

In the Extinction Rebellion meetings I have attended, I have never heard talk of a population crisis. We have spoken about the climate crisis, and the biodiversity crisis; the ongoing mass extinction and the crisis of environmental degradation. We consider the crises of scarcity that these might cause, and we call for justice, to avert conflict. We are a non-violent movement.

I have never heard eugenics suggested, but thanks for the heads-up! Maybe check out your own local group, and I’ll keep my eye on this one.