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Criticism of the Morales government and its return to pursuing extractivism and other environmentally destructive practices is not new or exclusive to XR. One of the reasons we’ve got to this point is that large sections of the left, including socialist governments, have been slow to wake up to the existential threat of climate change and environmental destruction, or have been coerced to return to a ‘business-as-usual’ model (just sharing the spoils a bit more equitably). Yes, Morales came to power with a lot of promise and some significant changes were made to the constitution with regard to protecting the environment and indigenous rights. But being an uncritical cheerleader does no-one any favours and masks what has happened since. A lot of this is documented in Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything. And note she is a signatory to the following link (from 2017) and critic of the Bolivian government.
Also to suggest XR have somehow let Bolsonaro off the hook is demonstrably wrong. No doubt you would also criticise XR for having a critical presence at the Labour Party conference. Labour have been doing anything but ‘leading the way’ (as JC recently put it) but they are catching up fast, thanks to XR among others.